Forever - Um Amor Eterno

Forever Um Amor Eterno Depois de Shiver e Linger dois romances que emocionaram leitores de todas idades em pa ses de todo o mundo Forever abre quando Grace acaba de sair da sua muta o em loba acossada desde logo ao aperc

  • Title: Forever - Um Amor Eterno
  • Author: Maggie Stiefvater
  • ISBN: 9789722350099
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Depois de Shiver e Linger, dois romances que emocionaram leitores de todas idades em pa ses de todo o mundo, Forever abre quando Grace acaba de sair da sua muta o em loba acossada desde logo, ao aperceber se de que a comunidade humana planeia o exterm nio da alcateia a que agora pertence Sam faria tudo por ela, mas conseguir ele encontrar a cura para recuperar GraceDepois de Shiver e Linger, dois romances que emocionaram leitores de todas idades em pa ses de todo o mundo, Forever abre quando Grace acaba de sair da sua muta o em loba acossada desde logo, ao aperceber se de que a comunidade humana planeia o exterm nio da alcateia a que agora pertence Sam faria tudo por ela, mas conseguir ele encontrar a cura para recuperar Grace e ficar com ela para sempre

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    One thought on “Forever - Um Amor Eterno”

    1. This is probably the hardest review I’ve ever had to write.Shiver tears my heart in two every single time I read it. I felt Linger had its problems, mostly in the diluted narrative with the addition of two more POVs, but it was still extremely moving and I wanted to see what happened next. How strange it is, then, to read Forever and experience nothing even close to the emotions the first two books inspired. The Wolves of Mercy Falls series is love story told almost like a fairy tale. Aside fr [...]

    2. I bought Forever today. It's flowing a lot like Linger did for me. I'm bored, anxious, and not really drawn to this world in this book like I was in Shiver. I'm pretty much just reading so I can find out what ultimately happens in the end. Maggie is such a fabulous writer, but her talent is wasted on writing boring chapters for shallow characters like Cole and Isabel to whom I don't feel connected at all. ) :--I am now finished with Forever I am so utterly disappointed that I'm not sure I can or [...]

    3. Let me say this Just because I didn't like this book doesn't mean I'm telling everyone not to read it. Everyone has different tastes and different opinions. And if your opinion is to come on MY review and tell me how awesome this book is and that I got it wrong. No I'm pretty sure I read this book correctly .ice in fact. So keep to yourself, or write your own 5 star review so I can go on it and write "omg!! You are wrong this book it terrible!! You have to hate it to bc I do!"Giving it two stars [...]

    4. *** THIS IS A REREAD ***I read Forever 3 years ago. I wasn't even properly reviewing books back thenSO NATURALLY I NEEDED TO REREAD IT BECAUSE MAGGIE STEIFVATER IS MY FAVOURITE AUTHOR EVER AND I WILL PASS OUT FROM EXTREME EXCITABLE SHRIEKING IN ATTEMPTS TO GET EVERYONE TO READ HER BOOKS COPIOUSLY. *pauses for breath* I recently reread Shiver, but then skipped straight to Forever because it was lying around the library looking sad and pathetic and NEEDED ME TO ADOPT IT. So I did. I cuddled it and [...]

    5. eeeeeh.After reading the first two books, which were amazing, I have to say that this book was absolutely PAINFUL for me to read. Maggie is a poet. I will give her that. She painted pictures in my head that were so precise for me that I didn't have to fill in the blanks with my own creations. But that's about all that I'm going to give praise for.The first big thing I had an issue with was that this book was so long and drawn out that the last 15% of the book was action, and then it was over and [...]

    6. "It was a little after midnight, and I was trying to sleep mostly out of self-defense."My initial rating for this book was 4.5 stars. Then, while I was trying to write a review (I say trying because all my attempts have been pretty unsuccessful by my standards), I just went ahead and changed it to 5. It felt like the right thing to do. I suppose it would be easy enough to start pointing out flaws, complain about this and that, compare this book to Linger and especially Shiver, but I don’t want [...]

    7. YOU GUYS.With a release date of July 12, I feel that's about all I can say. So since I can't talk about the book, I'd like to take a minute to talk about the acknowledgments section, where Maggie says goodbye to Mercy Falls and the world she created there. It was one of my favorite worlds to read in over the past few years, since first picking up Shiver on a whim at Book Expo in 2009. And when she wrote about Sam and Grace's relationship, and her statement to readers who always ask how they can [...]

    8. ** SPOILERS ** ** SPOILERS ** ** SPOILERS **This is a difficult review to write, mostly due to the fact that my fists are clenched with the need to punch Ms. Stiefvater in the face. Seriously. Plus, it's actually taken me a few days to stew on and eventually digest the strange rollercoaster ride which is Forever.So what happened? Well, there were some pacing problems. Big ones. At times the story seemed to get bogged down and Ms. Stiefvater's normally melodic prose became a little heavy handed. [...]

    9. I just don't know. I feel like I'm betraying myself by not loving this book more. To say I was disappointed in this book, the conclusion to one of my favorite series (okay, really just book, as I had a really hard time with Linger), is almost giving it too much credit. Disappointment carries with it some emotion, and the problem I had with Forever--much like I did with Maggie's latest, The Scorpio Races--was that I just didn't feel much of anything from it.Sam Roth has been my number one book cr [...]

    10. "There was something vaguelyglorious about having a purpose again."I have mixed feelings about Forever. The plot is pretty awesome (the second half), and I love Cole and Isabel together, but I’m disappointed with the storyline of Sam and Grace.Maggie Stiefvater’s style is still as amazing in Forever as it was in Shiver and Linger. The story-building and the alternating viewpoints are delineated professionally.The first half of the novel basically gives a sitrep of the characters and is about [...]

    11. I wanted to start this review selfishly. I even wrote "I'm going to be selfish and begin this review by saying", but decided against it after thinking for several minutes. I realized something during that time - I still couldn't extricate myself from the characters of the book, even though it was over. And I felt bad for it.Another epiphany occurred moments later. This isn't supposed to happen. You read the book(s), you learn about the characters, you love them (or hate them), and you let them g [...]

    12. “People shouldn't have to earn kindness. They should have to earn cruelty.”I think what kept me from readingForeveryears ago, was my fear that something depressing would happen to Grace and Sam. But most of all I didn't want the series to end, because I loved it so much. Some books just make you feel happy from inside out, they give you the feeling of being home between their pages. That's whatThe Wolves of Mercy Fallsis for me. And this last part of the series, was as good as the first and [...]

    13. So, I think it is only fair to state that I had average feelings on the first book in this series and also really disliked the second book, before beginning this third instalment. Going in to this I was less than enthusiastic, which may have hindered my enjoyment before I even began. Why begin a book I was so sure I wasn't going to enjoy, you ask? Because I'm clearly a glutton for punishment with minor OCD about finishing a book series.I did find this a vast improvement from the previous book, w [...]

    14. It's a testament to how well the author can write that I am in love with this book as I have always read books about supernatural/paranormal romance, but I have always had a fastidious distaste of werewolves. I got this book by accident, and when I found out it was about werewolves, I didn't want to read it. But the cover (the uk cover) was so beautiful that I couldn't help but read it. I fell in love with the book and its fluid plot line along with the gorgeous descriptive writing from Sam's ey [...]

    15. We apparently have a different opinion on what "forever" means. :S First and foremost, To Whomever wrote that synopsis or whatever up at the top, "thrilling" is not a word that I would use to describe the first 250 pagesBasically, I did not like this installment. More often than not it was a bore and a chore to get through. And I hate typing that! Shiver is still one of my favorite novels ever, and I did enjoy Linger, though not quite as much. This whole series and its progression really got me [...]

    16. Bir seri daha bitti. Bu seri tempo açısından çok değişken bir seriydi bana göre. Ebedi'yi okurken ilk başlarda o kadar sıkıldım ki bitse de başka bir şeyler okusam, dedim. 120-130. sayfaya zor geldim açıkçası. Sonrasında kitap daha okunası bir hale geldi ve okurken sıkılmamaya başladım ama beni fazla süründürdü o kısma kadar ya. Son sayfaları hızlı geçti, neyse ki biraz heyecan yaratayım diye düşünmüş yazar fakat kitap genel anlamda "okudum, bitti, eh işte [...]

    17. DNFI don't now why I even bother with this book after the whole fiasco with Linger(book 2). These last two books are a complete change of dynamics from Shiver(book 1). It when from a sweet magical romance to a typical young-adult fantasy series with characters an plot-lines I couldn't care less about or find less interesting. The romance is what I loved so much about Shiver, it was beautiful, slow-building and tragic. That air of melancholy, that bubble of magic went away completely in the last [...]

    18. I know this series is a hit or miss series, and for most it's a miss, but for me this was a hit. I love the characters too much to hate this story. I am absolutely happy with the conclusion to this story. There are a few unanswered questions at the end but knowing Sinner exists I'm not upset about them. I just adored this trilogy and this is actually one of those series that I think about sometimes without realizing it. It makes me nostalgic for twilight since its basically the wolves story in t [...]

    19. Actual rating: 3.5 starsIn a recent Q&A discussion, Maggie Stiefvater mentioned that she loves to write books that will make you cry your little eyes out. And I didr Shiver. I'm not sure what it is, but Linger and Forever just did not string up the same emotions. Did I enjoy them? Sure. But the magic just wasn't there like it was in Shiver. Forever picks up a few weeks after the events in Linger. Sam is pretty much going through the motions until Grace shifts back into human form. The new th [...]

    20. Buddy read with Claudia <33.5I love Maggie Stiefvater, I truly do. She's not my favourite author, but she is among my favourites, and her Raven Cycle is one of my favourite series of all time. And I fell for The Scorpio Races when I read it. The Wolves of Mercy Falls isn't a disappointment, because I expected not to like it like TRC and at some point I had even decided not to read it, but I can't give it more than 3 stars. I couldn't help but notice that this Stiefvater is different than the [...]

    21. **3.5 STARS**Forever by Maggie Stiefvater is the conclusion to the Wolves of Mercy Falls series. Its always hard to review a finale because there's so much to be said about how everything turned out. Honestly, I feel like I just became a wolf like Grace and Sam and all my human thoughts have abandoned me. I can only think in short thoughts right now so I'm just going to go with it. What I Liked:1. The imagery was top notch as usual. Maggie Stiefvater has a way of describing things that makes the [...]

    22. :Spoilers:This series has been one long roller-coaster of pure emotional agony from the very first book till it hits the very last page in the third and final installment in, Forever. We have shared epic love, sorrow and an adventure with these characters that I have never had the pleasure to do with other books. The writing is truly like a piece of art work. I'm sad to see this gorgeous series go and while I had my moments, both the good and the bad, these books will always be treasured in my h [...]

    23. For me, reading this book hurt like hell.I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life. Not at funerals, not when I nearly broke my leg last winter on black ice, not when I saw the statistics of how much our music industry sucks right now---never.It was like Maggie S. stabbed a knife into my heart, and every time something bad happened, she twisted it a little more.Melodramatic, yes, but it's the best comparison I can think of for now.Sad thing is, I'm not even crying because of the plot or s [...]

    24. More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages!This is going to be an incredibly difficult review.Shiver had me interested, however it wasn't my favourite, Linger was even better and again, Maggie had me a snivelling wreck throughout the book. As for Forever? Oh, I wanted to love it, I really really did. There were bits I loved but honestly, my emotions were ALL OVER THE PLACE whilst reading that I just can't love it the way I loved Linger especially.Forever explores Isabel's and [...]

    25. As I progressed through Forever, I tried to keep an open mind that it was going to get better. I had seen the mixed reviews on GR, so I did know it probability was high that I was not going to love it.However, after that…that… “ending”, I can only cough up two stars. I really think the author was bored with this series and its characters before she attempted to write the third. This one had no emotion, and it was dare I say boring.Likes:The covers of all three are very pretty, and if you [...]

    26. FOREVER BY MAGGIE STIEFVATERThis really pains me, but I did not enjoy FOREVER. This is a book that I have been looking forward to reading for a year. One year and ten days actually. So, I should have just powered through it…loved on it, rolled within the pages and then lamented on the end of an era. Sadly though, it was not to be. I actually had a hard time finishing this one? Don’t hate me, but it’s true. Stiefvater’s token prose actually grated on me and her descriptions dragged instea [...]

    27. Why hold on tight when you know you have to say goodbye? Maggie Stiefvater’s Forever is a goodbye to the world of Mercy Falls. I am not good at goodbyes. Well…screaming-slam-the-door-in-your-face type goodbyes…those I can do. :) Saying goodbye to people I love is another story. I loved Forever, but it did not have the same power as Linger or Shiver had over me. But perhaps I did not let it get too close. I knew I had to let go. That said…let’s get to the love! All four points of view c [...]

    28. This was a DNF for me, thus no rating.I got to page 68 before deciding not to continue. The story was going nowhere for me; nothing was happening. Very slow beginning. I still needed closure so I hit up a friend and she told me what happens. Let me just say, that if I were to have actually read the entire book myself, I would have thrown the book at the wall. (view spoiler)[There is no clear-cut ending. It's left completely open. I don't get invested and read a trilogy for a non-conclusive endin [...]

    29. In a nutshell: I really liked it. Not quite as much as the first two books, but I still liked it.There were a lot of things I really appreciated about this series. I'm not a huge fan of paranormal romance because they all tend to be exactly the same, so I like that the Wolves of Mercy Falls had its unique traits. For example, Maggie Stiefvater actually bothered to create her own werewolf mythology/rules/etc. and not just, "I'm a werewolf just because." I really like the world she created and wh [...]

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