God of War

God of War Dando nos a conhecer mais profundamente o t o aclamado pela cr tica God of War este romance faz nos regressar ao mundo tenebroso da mitologia da Gr cia Antiga explorado na a o emocionante de God of

  • Title: God of War
  • Author: Matthew Woodring Stover Robert E. Vardeman
  • ISBN: 9789896374990
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dando nos a conhecer mais profundamente o t o aclamado pela cr tica God of War , este romance faz nos regressar ao mundo tenebroso da mitologia da Gr cia Antiga, explorado na a o emocionante de God of War, o videojogo bestseller.Como guerreiro feroz, Kratos escravo dos deuses do Olimpo Atormentado pelos pesadelos do seu passado e ansiando pela liberdade, o Fantasma deDando nos a conhecer mais profundamente o t o aclamado pela cr tica God of War , este romance faz nos regressar ao mundo tenebroso da mitologia da Gr cia Antiga, explorado na a o emocionante de God of War, o videojogo bestseller.Como guerreiro feroz, Kratos escravo dos deuses do Olimpo Atormentado pelos pesadelos do seu passado e ansiando pela liberdade, o Fantasma de Esparta tudo faria para se livrar da sua d vida aos deuses Est prestes a perder todas as esperan as quando os deuses lhe d o uma ltima tarefa para acabar com a sua escravid o tem de destruir Ares, o Deus da Guerra.Mas que hip teses tem um mero mortal de vencer um deus Armado com as mort feras L minas do Caos, que lhe foram acorrentadas, orientado pela deusa Athena e guiado pela sua pr pria sede insaci vel de vingan a, Kratos procura a nica rel quia suficientemente poderosa para matar Ares uma demanda que o levar s profundezas do misterioso templo carregado pelo Tit Cronos Das obscuras profundezas do Hades cidade de Atenas devastada pela guerra, at ao deserto perdido nos confins da capital grega, God of War oferece uma nova perspetiva brutal sobre o videojogo bestseller e sobre a lenda de Kratos.

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      233 Matthew Woodring Stover Robert E. Vardeman
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    One thought on “God of War”

    1. Quite entertained!!!A NEW KIND OF GREEK CHAMPIONMaybe I am one of the few or maybe the only one who read this novel without having played the video game whose is based this novelization.My good "ol' days" of video gaming ended in Playstation 1, but I like to keep around of video games' world, hearing from some of my friends that they are still in the exciting world of video gaming.I chose to read it since a good friend is a huge fan of this video game and of the character of Kratos, so when I fo [...]

    2. Maybe I need to start a shelf called "based on video games". I've read a few books that were based or inspired by video games. This one left me rather, meah.I suppose it's not that it's a bad book or even that's it's not particularly well written. It's just as I saidah.In short with any "spoilers" (spoilers would be hard to come by anyway if you're familiar with the game) the book is an ultimately circular experience which follows the experience of the game. I'v4e side stepped the game as it did [...]

    3. As a huge video game player and fan of the God of War series I was really looking forward to the latest adaption of the game by Matthew Stover. However, after a few chapters in I realized that I was not going to get what I was hoping for.All of the players are accounted for. We have Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and Athena as well as a few other gods. We also have the Ghost of Sparta, Kratos, our hero. with all of the Dramatis Personae accounted for this should be one rocking adaptation of God of War. H [...]

    4. O livro é claramente voltado para quem jogou God of War e quer relembrar os bons tempos do PS2. Mesmo já sabendo o que esperar, a história é repetitiva -- Kratos, o Fantasma de Esparta, mata tudo o que aparece pelo seu caminho enquanto os deuses se preocupam com as próprias intrigas e procuram um modo de manipular o espartano. O enredo aos poucos revela o passado de Kratos e as verdadeiras intenções do panteão. Pra quem já experimentou o game, nenhuma surpresa.Não gostei muito dos diá [...]

    5. I knew that movie to book adaptations were bad, but games are hardly any better. The author was even so kind so as to include practically every single battle scene and enemy encounter that could have been found in the original game itself. Thank you for making exciting battles insanely boring.I really wanted to like the book because I'm a fan of novels relating to Ancient Greek-mythology and an author's unique spin of a somewhat old concept into his new world. All the major Gods; Poseidon, Zeus, [...]

    6. I'm a huge GoW fan, and that's why I picked this book up. The game was insanely fun, and since I'm a huge greek mythology nerd, I was expecting to absolutely love this book.I couldn't be more wrong.Reading it was a pain. I can't leave a book unfinished so I had to power through pages of endless, repetitive, over descriptive scenes of Kratos either killing, beheading, impaling or whatever more he could do to all the enemies. The ammount of carnage is way too much for a single book; in a videogame [...]

    7. I am a big fan of Matthew Stover, so I had high hopes for this. Yes I know it's a video game tie-in novel, but the Infinity Blade novels prove that such books can be excellent in their own right. Unfortunately this is not. It is dire. It's just page after page of a video game protagonist slaughtering unnamed video game monsters. Sometimes there is some dialog with some other characters who are not involved in the slaughter - presumably these are the 'quest setter' characters in the game since th [...]

    8. I know, based on a video game. But come on, it's Matthew Stover!Update: giving this one up. So far there has been 5% plot, 95% fighting. The character (I want to say characters, but it feels like the others are just foils) is not only poorly developed, I can't think of a single redeeming quality except for being strong. It literally feels like a video game, and I expect more story even in my video games. When I find myself skipping whole pages of fighting to try to find dialogue or other action, [...]

    9. Nice book kratos at the ending coming the new god of war was awesome going through challenges to break his nightmares was pure awesomeness. He had face battles no mere mortal could deafeat. Know he was the new god of war.

    10. Haunted by his past of killing his family in a blind rage, the spartan warrior Kratos is now a slave to the gods having to do their bidding. Things are good for him until he finds out the truth, the truth about his past. Ares "God Of War"made a deal with Kratos but put into a rage causing him to kill his family. Now knowing this Kratos sets off to find Ares and make him pay for what he did. This book was extremely good. The book had a lot of action and a good story that I could get into.The sett [...]

    11. First came the game that obsessed millions of fans with its blood and gore and an intense and gripping plot that got players to actually identify with Kratos, a character unlike any other, but a hateful, violent and unrepentently destructive man/demigod/monster you'd normally hate to be. The plot actually required the player to use a great degree of strategy and intelligence in a lot of situations, and included a few mind-bending puzzles. Almost everyone loved it. Then came GoW II and GoW III an [...]

    12. Matthew Stover is phenomenal, but this is, after all, the novelization of a video game, and it very much reads like it.

    13. MON DIEU!!! LE SEUL ET L’UNIQUE!!!!!Je vais pas vous le cacher, mais j’ai pris 3 ans pour le lire et pour cause. Non pas que le livre ne m’intéressait pas, non loin de là, mais je jouais au jeu du même titre!!! JE SUIS UNE FAN DE KRATOS!!!! <3 . Je ne l’ai jamais caché que je suis fan du jeu GOD OF WAR sorti sur Playstation. J’ai joué et rejoué à toutes les version PS3 (pour les version HD) et PSVITA (pour les version PSP jouable sur ce modèle).Bref, je ne vais pas trop éta [...]

    14. In an Elric novel, the gods are boring and the mortals compelling. In Woodring Stover's "God of War" novel, the opposite proves true: the mortals are a little tedious, but the drama of the Greek gods proves fascinating. Kratos, the Ghost of Sparta is a pretty traditional barbarian fused with the "doomed warrior-philosopher" archetype Michael Moorcock popularized with Elric- he's even got a tragic history and vampiric blades which kill with a will of their own and give the lifeblood they take to [...]

    15. This was surprisingly better than I expected. That said, I can see through my own bias and realize that a non-fan of the game series would probably not enjoy this novel. While I did thoroughly enjoy the book, I can not give it more than 3 stars simply because the majority of the book is simply a verbatim recreation of what happens in the game. Most of the time, in fact, it's as if the author just sat next to someone who is playing the game and wrote down what was happening as it happened.The bes [...]

    16. Looks like I may need to establish a new shelfelectronic game tie-in, or maybe just game tie-in.Anyway this isn't a bad book. I haven't played the game this book is based. That said the game progression is plain in the story. take on a quest, complete the quest, gain a power or item, begin another quest.It's all there but it's handled very well (you know for a book about a video game). Kratos is sort of a depressing fellow. Understandable I suppose as in the throes of battle rage and blood lust [...]

    17. Новеллизация популярной игры God of War, эксклюзива PlayStation. В книге рассказана история спартанского война, Кратоса, который служит богам. Написана книга превосходно, язык крайне простой, из-за чего можно довольно быстро прочитать эту историю. Отличные диалоги, описания сражени [...]

    18. I don't agree with most reviews on this book. I too have played every game in the series and have the trophies to show for it. I think the book gives people the true narrative as the game gives you some, but it's focus is more on the big climaxes. I enjoyed the details and truly got into it and felt like I was over Kratos' shoulder seeing the action. I will say some parts in this book are different from the game, but it didn't take away from anything at all. I give this book 4 stars because it w [...]

    19. I didn't think it was possible to READ a videogame, but, apparently, it is. I don't know if it was because I knew it's related to the game, but I could totally picture the scenes and the fights and stuff.Kratos is too "Hulk crushes" for my tastes, but we can see him as a character with personality, not only a cold-blooded warrior.All the Greek gods act just the way I think they would if they were real. It was nice to see them portrayed exactly like I imagine them.Just ordered book 2.

    20. La idea de novelizar este juego fue buena, pero a la hora de ejecutarlo siento que puedo haber quedado mejor.Es difícil adaptar un juego de acción a un libro, pero aún así el libro empieza bastante bien y de pronto cae en picada y es aburridisimo, después mejora, se vuele a tornar aburrido, mejora y acaba.Se volvió muy aburrido en cuanto comenzó a relatar los enigmas en el templo de Pandora en incluso durante algunas batallas pero a fin de cuentas es un libro más o menos entretenido.

    21. I was really let down by this book. I have been a fan of God of War since its inception, and I was hoping the Novel would be delving into a lot of detailed backstory into the character of Kratos and his struggles. Unfortunately, the book is a lot of Kratos running around with the blades of chaos. That isn't to say it is bad, bute book is literally just what you have done in the gamewritten. It adds no real depth and that is unfortunate.

    22. There was some background intrigue as the Gods of Olympus maneuver and mold Kratos into a man worthy of killing a god. The author mercifully skipped a lot of tedious puzzles and substituted more traps and obstacles more worthy of the written word. His explanation of how Kratos can access the powers given to him (Medusa gaze, Zeus's thunderbolt, etc. ) struck me as a bit cheesy, but it got the job done. I would say this is more for fans of the series.

    23. I played God of War 2 and 3 but didn't take too much notice of the first game so the story was quite fresh to me which is why I enjoyed this book. Had I played the game myself then I'm not sure it would have been as good and even at that, there were some points where I could imagine the game in my head and what buttons were being pressed at that point. Not that original but still a good quick summer read.

    24. If you've played the video game you won't be surprised by anything in this. Yes, some parts have changed but it is mostly a gore-fest when the focus is on Kratos.The main interest is the banter with Athena-Zeus and Ares.If you like the game you will find it is a decent read kind of like a mindless action movie.

    25. I've always been a lover of Greek Mythology and the 'God of War' franchise plots. When I learned a novel had been written based on the first game I was interested in reading it. The novel followed the plot of the game accurately and I loved how it went into more detail than the game did and really did it justice. I really loved the book.

    26. Finished reading The God Of War storyline. Many would have played the game already. Kratos makes a deal wif Ares but things don't go according to plan instead he is plague by his nightmares & sins. Kratos goes on a journey to seek revenge on those who have deceived him. One of the best video game God of War series. A great read

    27. Nothing new here if you have played the game. A good way to burn a few hours seeing as how this is a super easy read. For anyone interested, but hasn't gotten around to playing the game, or has no interest in doing so, then this is simply a story of vengeance geared towards the gods with tons of battles and gore.

    28. Firstly as most of this books readers I love the video game. It's one of my favorites but the book was not what I expected.At All! It was only about fighting, I like books with blood that also combine mythology but i found this one too much,it didn't concentrate on the plot but only in these scenes.For me it was boring only repeating the same and the same. I couldn't wait for it to end.

    29. There was one man name Kratos. Kratos is a strong man and he is the son of the mighty god Zeus.His brother Ares trick him if kill his family he will be stronger in battle. Then Kratos is taking revenge on the olympian

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