The King's Pleasure

The King s Pleasure In the kingdom of Himeros Abigail is despised for her gypsy heritage Pushed to the fringes of society she s forced to break the law in order to help feed her family When a castle guard catches her s

  • Title: The King's Pleasure
  • Author: Kitty Thomas
  • ISBN: 1230000003210
  • Page: 294
  • Format: ebook
  • In the kingdom of Himeros, Abigail is despised for her gypsy heritage Pushed to the fringes of society, she s forced to break the law in order to help feed her family When a castle guard catches her stealing bread, he intends to cut off her hand for the offense.Niall has just taken the throne and is determined to prove he isn t a monster like his father Awakened by theIn the kingdom of Himeros, Abigail is despised for her gypsy heritage Pushed to the fringes of society, she s forced to break the law in order to help feed her family When a castle guard catches her stealing bread, he intends to cut off her hand for the offense.Niall has just taken the throne and is determined to prove he isn t a monster like his father Awakened by the cries of a gypsy, he spares her from the guard s blade and takes her as his slave instead When he learns she doesn t understand the kingdom s carnal ways, he becomes determined to strip her of all inhibitions until her every desire is in service to the king s pleasure.Word Count around 21,000 Warnings This book contains master slave, group sexual activity, mild sadomasochism, oral and anal play, exhibitionism, and voyeurism.

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    One thought on “The King's Pleasure”

    1. When I first started reading romance as a wee little lass, my favorite authors to read were Beatrice Small and Victoria Holt. They wrote the naughtiest slave girl being sexually mastered by the sheik or desert ruler tales I’ve read. Well, Small was more on the erotic side, while Holt was a lot more subtle. When I saw Kitty Thomas had written her own spin on the sex slave girl being owned by a king of some alternate land where the general population is very open with their sexuality, much like [...]

    2. A decent BDSM read but I found certain things irritated me personally. I jumped to the conclusion it was set in a medieval castle with King Niall, son and ruler who had taken over from his despot father, that although he had to show ruling and strength he initially shows a compassionate and sensual but dominant side to him. Normally despised gypsies in this kingdom, (that so reflects the like in many countries today) has a mixed breed gypsy in Abigail. I liked the touch on racial acceptance show [...]

    3. Well that was pretty dark did not expect it to go there then it did.Would have liked a bit more from this story, but it definitely was raunchy, dirty and taboo.

    4. Abigail has just been spared, upon mercy of the King. Caught stealing bread from within the palace walls, punishment should be swift and merciless, an eye for an eye. Abigail’s punishment should be especially severe, since she is part-gypsy. But King Niall has intervened, desperate to show his people he’s not the tyrant his father was. But Niall has big plans for Abigail. Because he’s not sparing her life for nothing; he intends to make her his slave – the first (and quite possibly only) [...]

    5. Wow! Another spectacular showing from Kitty Thomas - she truly is a master at weaving a wicked story that leaves you pondering the lives of her characters long after you have read the final pageE KINGS PLEASURE is a fantastically sexy and erotic tale of a young and beautiful gypsy thief named Abigail who is caught stealing - as punishment, she is forced to serve her time as the new King's slave. The young king is determined to rule his kingdom differently than the previous king, his father, in w [...]

    6. Originally reviewed at AsianCocoa's Secret GardenThe King’s Pleasure is the third novella in Kitty Thomas’ erotic fairy tale collection. This novella was my favorite one out of all of them. It pushed every one of my dark, erotic, kinky buttons.I know I’m in for a sexy treat when opening up a Kitty novel. I almost always love her heroes and this story was no exception. Niall was a dominant & dangerous hero with a soft spot for his slave. Abby was a strong heroine who would endure anythi [...]

    7. Edited 06/02/2012: This novella is now available in an anthology titled "Submissive Fairy Tales." The anthology includes "The Auction," "The King's Pleasure," and "Awakening." If you are interested in at least two of these stories, it's a better deal to purchase "Submissive Fairy Tales."Rating: 2.0 stars / Grade: C-minus Disclaimer: I am not a professional reviewer, nor was I solicited for this review. My ebook was purchased at bn. I read and comprehended the entire text of this book at least 1 [...]

    8. Kitty Thomas amazes me time and time again. Her work always goes beyond simple kink to something deeper and more profound, which is why I keep reading since I'm not huge on reading a lot of work in the kink vein. THE KING'S PLEASURE proved once more that Thomas' craft is a masterful blend of using the novella form as her brilliant base, a few cups of kink, which give the story flavor instead of defining it, and a dash of fairy-tale to round out the entire experience. Read THE KING'S PLEASURE wit [...]

    9. This novella is about a young woman whose life is saved by the king and finds herself enjoying her position as his sexual submissive. The emotional movement is minimal, and she is fairly submissive from the start. The story touches on a variety of types of sexual activity, but does not have long, detailed sex scenes. The king is not a nice person, so it is hard to get a feel for him, despite his frequent moments of softness towards Abigail.

    10. It's so short! I'm SO unhappy with the ending. I felt that I was shorted five chapters. Niall gave the worst apology ever, "It won't happen again. I realize you have no reason to trust me, but in time, I hope you'll be able to." WHAT? That is it? Really? awful

    11. This isn't as dark or erotic as I was expecting. But I'm thinking I may just be more jaded than I was when I started reading Kitty. Lol I really liked this one though. Everything is so beautiful. I love that it's new world but with kings, harems, gypsies, and such.

    12. not as good as "the last girl" or "comfort food" but is still a kitty Thomas book so I still ended up drooling

    13. A somewhat dark submissive fairy tale, but it incorporates many aspects of real life BDSM play (including slavery, bondage, exhibition, and some whipping pain) into a fantasy world where the harsh play is "real."

    14. a lot like Anne Rice's sleeping beauty and I wished there was more scenes like thatally liked the Kingeded a bit more suspense but it;s a short read so that's okay.

    15. (Originally posted at keepersbookreviews)**Actual Rating**: 4 stars**Book Format**: ePub**WARNING: Adult Content**I've only read one other book by Kitty Thomas before, and while I liked most of it, there were some parts that I hated. I felt some similar emotions with this book. I actually loved the plot of the story, but the ending - that is, the part right before the ending - was so sad that it literally caused tears to well up in my eyes. I would have cried if I wasn't afraid someone would see [...]

    16. I wonder what it says about me that I didn't find anything about The King's Pleasure to be shocking? It all starts when Abigail tries to steal a loaf of bread for her starving family. The king has mercy on her, but instead of letting her return home, he keeps her as his pleasure slave. As a child, Abi was fascinated by the women surrounding the previous king, so it's almost like a dream come true. However, things at the palace are not what she thought they would be and soon her merciful king see [...]

    17. For those of you that know me and those that don't this is my little statement about short books. I do not judge short stories on the rush of their relationships, because they are just that - short stories. So, yes the relationships always could have been drawn out more, yea it seems like they fall in love to fast and of course the story could have been made longer but it is a short story. So with that said. here is my reviewI was given this book to review and give my honest thoughts, so here go [...]

    18. I picked this book up either free or for .99 on Kindle. I have seen a lot of people singing praises of Kitty Thomas and decided to find something that grabbed my interested. I choose this book because of the cover, assuming that this ‘king’ and the time period had to do with ancient Greek times, because of the name of the fictional kingdom.I am sad to say that I am a little disappointed at this book, and am skeptical to buy anymore from this author. One reason, I don’t really like a confus [...]

    19. Rated 3.5 put of 5. With any Kitty Thomas book, she takes you places not many other authors do. The third book in her erotic fairytale collection 'The King's Pleasure' is no exception. It has an 'olden day' feel to the story, despite the Kingdom having modern conveniences such as electricity and showers, I kind of liked that aspect, it made the whole slave and King relationship more plausible for me. This book plays heavily on non consensual Master and Slave acts, and as I say with all Kitty sto [...]

    20. This review was originally posted on my blog, Darkest Sins.I really admire how Kitty Thomas pushes all the right buttons in you every single time, with a power so strong and simply irresistible Dark, erotic and kinky are always the key to fall for the fascinating and unique worlds Kitty creates, and from my point of view with this novella she has created a particularly enchanted world, where the bond between the couple is sensually captivating, just like the trust Abigail has for the King.At som [...]

    21. 2 stars! Well, this was sucks. The King's Pleasure is my first read from Kitty Thomas. I expect to read some smut and hot sex. ButThis is what i found:✔ Abigail is a half gypsy woman who hate by the whole kingdom because part of her ancestry. She was found stole food and about the get punishment. The King, Niall intrigued by her. He saved her and made her to be his only harem.✔ Indirectly, it was about total submission between Master/slave relationship. But everything went too fast, i couldn [...]

    22. I did not enjoy reading this book as much as I did some of Miss KT's other books. A small part of it was because of that bit of bestiality which I did not find erotic at all, it was just gross for me, maybe it's just me but I don't see how anybody would find that fascinating. Another reason was the way the story was written/told; it just seemed too unstructured. The characters were okay. Having said that, I did still enjoy the fantastical setting; the plot was interesting enough, with slavery, p [...]

    23. I wanted more. The King is obviously enamored of Abigail from the very beginning. I don't fault him his slight insanity, he is king of Himeros which is a somewhat hedonistic society in which pleasure is paramount and death and punishment does not seem to be uncommon. To maintain his authority he must be harsh and instill fear in his followers so his leadership will not come into question. He can't afford to be weak or vulnerable, with anyone. So, when Abigail unwittingly manages to lower his gua [...]

    24. I think I would probably like these a lot more if they were full novels. This story is rather interesting, though woman are seen as mere objects and portrayed as enjoying the situation. Seems like it would be very simuler to harems, with the woman who are trained as harem girls trying to get to the top position. They don't really have anything else to dream towards but seem rather sinister in their attempts to gain the top position and in a longer novel perhaps things would get far uglier than t [...]

    25. It's stupid and doesnt make any sense. The book has a good plot device, but the author didnt use it well. I kept reading in hope that it will get better but it doesnt. The ending was abrupt. What the hell? He sent her to dungeon for a crime that she didnt make, take her back, few lines after that, BAM! she had a son, THE END. What a bullshit. Perhaps the only selling point is the BDSM thing, but it's totally cheap. I dont even know why the hell people went as far as rating it 5 stars. Or why the [...]

    26. I enjoyed Kitty Thomas new novella. The King's Pleasure is about a girl named Abigail, who was caught stealing food for her family from the Kings palace. The King is taken with her so he makes her his sexual slave instead. This story has the same feel to it as her other two novella 'Auction' and 'Awakening'. There short erotic fantasy type books. I really enjoy reading her short stories because I dont feel like the story is rushed at all even though I might wish the story was longer it doesnt la [...]

    27. This isn't exactly a "LOVE" story, more like a master-slave story. I'm good with the grope-y thingy, public display hmm ok but a dog. A farking dog?!?!?! Nah-uh nasty! Also not appreciating the sharing part. That's a bit betraying. But if it rocks some people's boat, yay? Moreover, TRUST ISSUES! I can envision the King going psycho paranoid someday and going on a killing spree. Girl shoulda just taken the out when it was offered, imo. I love me a take-charge man but I dislike women with no backb [...]

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