The Bat

The Bat Before Harry took on the neo Nazi gangs of Oslo before he met Rakel before The Snowman tried to take everything he held dear he went to Australia Harry Hole is sent to Sydney to investigate the mur

  • Title: The Bat
  • Author: Jo Nesbø John Lee
  • ISBN: 9780804149570
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Before Harry took on the neo Nazi gangs of Oslo, before he met Rakel, before The Snowman tried to take everything he held dear, he went to Australia Harry Hole is sent to Sydney to investigate the murder of Inger Holter, a young Norwegian girl, who was working in a bar Initially sidelined as an outsider, Harry becomes central to the Australian police investigation when tBefore Harry took on the neo Nazi gangs of Oslo, before he met Rakel, before The Snowman tried to take everything he held dear, he went to Australia Harry Hole is sent to Sydney to investigate the murder of Inger Holter, a young Norwegian girl, who was working in a bar Initially sidelined as an outsider, Harry becomes central to the Australian police investigation when they start to notice a number of unsolved rape and murder cases around the country The victims were usually young blondes Inger had a number of admirers, each with his own share of secrets, but there is no obvious suspect, and the pattern of the other crimes seems impossible to crack Then a circus performer is brutally murdered followed by yet another young woman Harry is in a race against time to stop highly intelligent killer, who is bent on total destruction.Duration 9 hours 41 minutes

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      499 Jo Nesbø John Lee
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    One thought on “The Bat”

    1. I know that the first two Harry Hole books are generally the least popular of the series, but I couldn't be persuaded to jump in at book three and altered my expectations accordingly. While I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that I've not experienced this character or series before, I actually loved THE BAT! Perhaps it was having the opportunity to learn Hole's backstory and read the books in their intended order, or maybe simply the fact that I don't know any differently, but I was i [...]

    2. ”A sudden, uncontrollable fury rose in him, and he cast around for something to smash. He snatched the whiskey bottle from the table and was about to launch it at the wall, but changed his mind at the last moment. Lifelong training in self-control, he thought, opening the bottle and putting it to his mouth.”As you read this novel you are going to realize just how much sarcasm is loaded into that statement. Harry Hole, pronounced Hoo-leh, is dispatched to Sydney Australia to investigate the m [...]

    3. Review was originally published on Through the Chapters|Blog*3,5 stars*“I have an idea for Harry’s life, for what is going to happen to him. Harry’s near future looks bleak. After that it’s getting even worse. And after that everything is going to hell”-Jo Nesbø interview, January 2010This is the major reason I’m rating the first book with 3.5 stars. The second reason, equally important, is the connection that I had with the main character from the very first page. Harry Hole, prono [...]

    4. As a huge fan of Jo Nesbo and the Harry Hole series, I waited eagerly, like many other fans, for The Bat, the first book in the Harry Hole series, to finally be translated into English. It was like waiting for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve and deliver that wonderful present that you are hoping you will get, the pure excitement of it all! Unfortunately, Santa didn’t deliver that wonderful present in the form of The Bat, instead of receiving that perfect present, Santa delivered to me (oh the [...]

    5. In my other binge-reading project of the winter, I thought that there was no better time to explore the Harry Hole series by Norwegian Jo Nesbø. I had heard much about the series, and with a keen interest in all things Scandinavian when the thriller genre is involved, I thought I could do no wrong. As the series begins, Harry Hole (that's two syllables, Holy) finds himself in Sydney, Australia where he's been sent to represent the Royal Norwegian Police Directorate to investigate the murder of [...]

    6. A very different experience this one was for me. Harry 'Hoo-ley' is an experienced detective with a story of his own to tell, bought out to Sydney, Australia to assist Australian Police in a murder of a Norwegian woman. The poor man is called Harry Holy by everyone, he's given up on correcting people. An interesting one here as this is a Norwegian writer delving strongly into Aboriginal culture, and even re-telling some dream time stories. I am not at all good at concentrating at the best of tim [...]

    7. This is the book that introduced Inspector Harry Hole of the Oslo Crime Squad--or it least it would have been had not several of the later Harry Hole novels reached the U.S. ahead of it. The wait is finally over, though, and The Bat is now at last available in a U.S. edition.It seems a bit odd that the first book in a series featuring a Norwegian police inspector would be set in Australia. Nonetheless, that's the case. A young Norwegian woman who had been something of a minor television celebrit [...]

    8. Many of my “ friends” warned me that “The Bat” was not the best book in the series. Further, they warned that I might not want to read other books in the “Harry Hole” series, if I started with this book. So, I committed to myself to read the next two (2) books in the series, even if I thought “The Bat” was a terrible read.Well, reading this book was a chore. I did not like Harry Hole, the protagonist, or any of the other characters in the first book of the series. Harry Hole a po [...]

    9. The Bat, by Norwegian author Jo Nesbo is the first of the Inspector Harry Hole (pronounced Hoo-leh) novels. Set in Australia of all places, Nesbo introduces our hero as a foreign policeman sent on a diplomatic mission to assist with the investigation of the murder of a minor Norwegian celebrity in Sydney. The novel starts slowly but builds to an exciting, if somewhat minimalistic, and troubling, ending. Nesbo does an above average job of introducing an array of characters and develops some intri [...]

    10. Ο Χάρι Χόλε βρίσκεται στην Αυστραλία για να βρει το δολοφόνο μιας νεαρής Νορβηγίδας που δολοφονήθηκε στο Σίδνεϋ… και πέρασε καταπληκτικά. Έφαγε, ήπιε, χόρεψε, σεξ έκανε, σεξ επί πληρωμή επίσης, για τους αβορίγινες έμαθε, θρύλους και μύθους τοπικούς του διηγήθηκαν, τη χλωρίδ [...]

    11. Reto #5 PopSugar 2018: Crimen negro nórdicoUn comienzo bastante digno para una serie que, por lo que he leído, mejora notablemente en sus próximas entregas. Por lo mismo, lo sentí como un libro más bien introductorio, que ocupa varias páginas en presentarnos a su personaje principal, Harry Hole, un policía noruego, que lucha permanentemente para mantener controlado su problema de alcoholismo (no siempre con mucho éxito, la verdad).Respecto de la historia, hasta la mitad del libro se sien [...]

    12. "You're a tiny bit damaged every time you unravel another murder case. Unfortunately, as a rule there are more human wrecks and sadder stories, and fewer ingenious motives, than you would imagine from reading Agatha Christie. At first I saw myself as a kind of knight dispensing justice, but at times I feel more like a refuse collector" If you are into gloomy police procedurals there's no better place to go than Scandinavia. These writers would make even sunny, laidback Australia look like a dism [...]

    13. Although I love mysteries and thrillers, and have collected the Harry Hole series, this is the first mystery in the series that I have read. My procrastination meant that I could begin with the first book in Jo Nesbø's acclaimed series -- sometimes procrastination does pay off. In this book, Harry Hole has just arrived in Sydney, Australia, after being assigned by the Oslo Crime Department to liaise with the local police department in investigating the recent death of a beautiful Norwegian citi [...]

    14. My first novel by author Jo Nesbo, left me nearly as schizophrenic as a Jim Carey character. From the beginning, I found the writing difficult to digest. Set in Australia, authored by a Norwegian, and translated into the Queen's English, my American brain sloshed through the idioms saturating the pages. But I remained engaged. With a background in law enforcement, I viewed the portrayal of protagonists and antagonist as over-the-top and not realistic. But I stayed entertained. With the same eye, [...]

    15. I love you, Harry, but--And I love this series and would highly recommend it, but--This was kind of an odd experience because although The Bat is the first book in the series, it's the 9th or 10th book published in English. When I first started the series I was most seriously disturbed that they chose to start with The Redbreast, the third book (IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT), but I read an article about the author where he said he thought the first 2 books were not well-done and he was happy the English- [...]

    16. Good for a first Harry Hole novel as it was the first in the publishing sequence in Norway, though a late arrival to these shores in translation. I had the pleasure of his background and personhood on an away game in New South Wales, where his sister was murdered in Sydney. Away games for detective characters is a common practice, but rare for a first time at bat. But it works for me as a way to know Harry without his team, a pure form so to speak. Harry turns out not to be a cold fish or totall [...]

    17. Hari Hule, nice to meet you.I guessJer ovaj pocetak ne obecava slavu koju uziva gore navedeni.Krimic je standardne radnje, nadjena mrtva devojka, serijjski ubica, cliffhanger itd. Likovi su uglavnom papirni sem Harija i detektiva Andrew Kensington-a.Kad bolje razmislim Endrju mi je bio zanimljiviji lik od Harija, zato sto je Aboridzin sa svim svojimrealnim problemima, kako privatnim, tako i problemima Aboridzinske, hmm zajednice u Australiji.Opis Sidneja i odnosi izmedju belaca i Aboridzina su m [...]

    18. I really wanted to like this first Harry Hole novel, but I'm afraid I found it rather far fetched and dull. For me the best thing about Jo Nesbo's Harry Hole novels is their dark and moody Norwegian setting, so perhaps I didn't like The Bat because it's set in Sydney. A Norwegian girl is found brutally murdered, and the Australian police send for a Norwegian policeman to pacify the country's Embassy. What follows is Australia through the eyes of a damaged, t-toal, young Norwegian policeman. Ther [...]

    19. I really enjoyed this first novel! Although Nesbo’s first novel, publishers took the decision to publish his novels from the third in the series onwards. Only in retrospect were the first two published. Apparently this first is different in tone and lighter than its sequelsme say that Nesbo has matured as a writer in later booksothers speculate that maybe the translations were better later on. Well I found this story dark enough and I thought the translation, a good one, not clunky as some tra [...]

    20. A Norwegian national is killed while working in Australia and Detective Harry Hole is sent to assist in the investigation. It’s not long before her death is linked to a string of murders and it’s believed a serial killer is on the loose. Can Harry and company track down and stop the murderer before he kills again?Like seemingly everyone on the planet, I enjoyed Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy and after I closed the book on the final novel, I began hearing that this Jo Nesbo guy was some [...]

    21. First off: If you've never read Jo Nesbo, DON'T start with this one. Nesbo's first Harry Hole book and the least accomplished. It's set in Sydney and just when I though I would lose the will to live if I had to read/hear one more Aboriginal creation myth used to explain the mysteries of life; on about pg. 168 order was restored with a spectacularly gruesome murder involving a clown leading Harry to fall off the wagon (thank God!), wreak havoc, have a couple of dark nights of the soul and of cour [...]

    22. My husband likes to preorder books for me from my favorite authors. I think he likes to see the smile on my face when I see that little brown box of happiness awaiting me after a long day at work or at least that is the social media “we are so in love” version. In reality he probably just does it so he has a 'get out of jail free' card on layaway. You know, buying ahead on those elusive love points. In regards to this book buying situation I think I should deduct points because he stepped ou [...]

    23. If you're like me, you probably encountered the Jo Nesbø phenomenon by reading one of his more recent Harry Hole novels (for me it was The Snowman that sold me), and if you're like me, you have a nagging feeling you're missing something when skipping the first installments of an episodic police thriller series, you'd then feel the overwhelming need to start with The Bat.I gotta tell you: this wast very good. There are several explanations floating around out there as to why the first few instal [...]

    24. M' αρέσει που αγόρασα και την επετειακή έκδοση, μιας και είναι το πρώτο βιβλίο που έγραψε ο Nesbo.Δεν μου άρεσε, η πλοκή ήταν άνευρη, άτονη και έξω από τα συνηθισμένα του συγγραφέα.Επανάληψη, φλυαρία με ελάχιστο αστυνομικό σασπένς, που δεν έβλεπα την ώρα να το τελειώσω.Ενδιαφέρο [...]

    25. Η Νυχτερίδα είναι ένα άκρως καλοκαιρινό βιβλίο, όπου ο Νορβηγός πρωταγωνιστής μας ταξιδεύει Ιανουάριο στην Αυστραλία για να παρακολουθήσει την έρευνα που διεξάγουν οι τοπικές αρχές για την εξιχνίαση του θανάτου μιας νεαρής κοπέλας διάσημης στη χώρα του. Παρόλο που ο ρόλο [...]

    26. A good thriller with interesting characters. On several occasions the story did veer off course a bit, and I think it would have benefited by trimming some of the distracting material. As a whole I enjoyed this and more importantly, I genuinely like Harry. I’ll be continuing with the series, as I’ve heard that they only get better. 3.5 stars rounded up.

    27. My View: I am a Jo Nesbo fan. I have read all his other books in the Harry Hole series and mostly have been very impressed with the action, the narrative, the character development, the intrigue and the resolution. This book however is an exception to the series. It is banal, its language wooden, stilted and as an Australian reading Hole’s experience of his adventures in Sydney, Australia and of Australians, I generally felt let down and uncomfortable with the stereotypes and colloquialisms - [...]

    28. I had purchased a couple of the later books in the series when I saw them on sale but before reading them I decided that I should start reading the series with the first book. Several reviews seemed to indicate it was not as good as later books in the series but I decided it was better to start with the first book. I still can't compare it to any of the other books but am glad to hear the later books are better. If I hadn't read this I don't know if I would have had the incentive to continue wit [...]

    29. I'd already read and enjoyed The Snowman (Harry Hole #7) from this series a while ago and was torn as to whether I really wanted to read all of the other books, and in order, or if I could just skip around and read only the higher rated selections. My library has almost all the earlier books on audio, so I started with this, the first in the series. Unfortunately I wasn't able to devote 100% attention whilst this was playing along; but I'm sure I did glean the important parts, enough to realize [...]

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