Sick Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead as a group of unlikely allies tries to survive a deadly outbreak Brian and his friends are not part of the cool crowd They re the misfits and the troublemakers th

  • Title: Sick
  • Author: Tom Leveen
  • ISBN: 9781419708053
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead as a group of unlikely allies tries to survive a deadly outbreak.Brian and his friends are not part of the cool crowd They re the misfits and the troublemakers the ones who jump their high school s fence to skip class regularly So when a deadly virus breaks out, they re the only ones with a chance of surviving.The virus turns Brian sBreakfast Club meets The Walking Dead as a group of unlikely allies tries to survive a deadly outbreak.Brian and his friends are not part of the cool crowd They re the misfits and the troublemakers the ones who jump their high school s fence to skip class regularly So when a deadly virus breaks out, they re the only ones with a chance of surviving.The virus turns Brian s classmates and teachers into bloodthirsty attackers who don t die easily The whole school goes on lockdown, but Brian and his best friend, Chad, are safe and stuck in the theater department far from Brian s sister, Kenzie, and his ex girlfriend with a panic attack problem, Laura Brian and Chad, along with some of the theater kids Brian had never given the time of day before, decide to find the girls and bring them to the safety of the theater But it won t be easy, and it will test everything they thought they knew about themselves and their classmates.

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    One thought on “Sick”

    1. A pretty SICK zombie book. A jaw hangs loose from its skull, a fist-sized hole in a throat gapes wide, facial skin slides away from the bone and kids go and be like cannibalistic lawn mowers while corpses of students litter the sidewalk. This is how graphic it gets and it was quite entertaining especially with the easy to read, funny at many places writing amplified by the pages of the book blotted out with blood-like splatters at their edges. It’s quite creative and it certainly achieved its [...]

    2. this is a fairly forgettable YA zombie novel from where i am standing in my old-lady shoes, but i think it is one that that its audience will appreciate. i can see young "reluctant reader" males getting something from it that i, supersaturated with zombie exposure, did not are the book's pros: interesting zombies: they are speedy in that "new millennial zombie" way, and they aren't all reanimated corpses; they are ultra-strong and unusually-shaped, and… sparkly. like edward, i guess, but less [...]

    3. I'm going to warn you right off the bat that this review is probably biased and emotionally skewed. And it's all because of my youngest daughter.Why would a book about teenagers running around during the Zombie Apocalypse have anything to do with my 5 year old?I'll get to itSo this kid Brian is sort of a slacker, but not in a bad way. Just, you know, in the regular loveable slacker kind of way. He's recently broken up with his longtime girlfriend, mainly because she's got some issues that he's, [...]

    4. When my little sister got her new books including this.e said this one's about zombies,and I was like,"Yay! I want that,I want that! I'm gonna read that!". And seeing the title made me more excited to read this book,wondering how sick this could be,especially when this is my first of Tom Leveen.So yes,this is a story of teenagers who got stuck in their school in a zombie apocalypseIf you want to know how and when it started,you've got to read this book! The strange thing is that,they're not dead [...]

    5. Am I supposed to say thank you to netgalley and let people know that I got the book for free to read? I know everyone does this. In the interest of full disclosure I guess I should mention it, too. I guess I should also mention that almost every book I've read recently has been a free book I've gotten directly or indirectly from a publisher and that I kind of only want to read ARC's anymore because I'm too lazy to spend the minute it takes to sign in a non-ARC into work. So disclosure said. I sh [...]

    6. Check out Scott Reads It! for reviews, giveaways, & more! I had been longing to read Sick ever since I saw that it was being marketed as "Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead". Sick was even one of my "Waiting On Wednesday" picks in July and I was dying to read it. Sick just might be my most disappointing book of 2013 by a long shot. Don't believe Sick's description at all, the marketing for this book is built on false pretenses. When I read "Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead", I should [...]

    7. makes you scared to go to school. kinda wanna know how other people got throught that crapd how did it all start.would really read a sequel/prequel if there ever came one.

    8. Not the best zombie book I've read but most certainly not the worst. It did have it's moments. It's marketed as a young adult novel so it did come across sometimes as juvenile but I still likey it. Plus it did have zombies in it.

    9. 3.5 StarsSick by Tom Leveen is one hell of a seething, drooling, bone crunching tale packed with suspense! A quick jolt to the system with humor, action, and gore. I had to keep reading! Had to know, had to find out! Readers are introduced to a small band of kids and friends that roam the hallways of Phoenix Metro High School. The typical jocks rule the school attitude prevails with a few side pockets of fun and mischief. But our story focuses around Brian and his best friend Chad, who appear to [...]

    10. Review first appeared on my blog: Book Addict 24-7I received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewSick by Tom Leveen is an unconventional zombie read that is getting some backlash on for a few of the characters’ comments and behaviors. I’m going to state this from the get-go, just so my opinion is clear: I do not think Leveen’s intent was to be unknowingly racist or for his writing to be portrayed as one of a bigot. His book’s “heroes” are in fact anti-heroes, which [...]

    11. "The parking lot is a killing field."This book is a mixed bag for me. While it was a fun read, I can't claim that it was anything special. There are minor spoilers in this review.Sick features a cast of highschoolers who are suddenly all getting "sick." At first they think it's just a flu until their flesh start falling off and they go on a murderous rampage, eating everyone in sight. Our protagonist, Brian, is stuck at the school with his best friend Chad in the drama room with a bunch of other [...]

    12. SICK by Tom Leveen This is a one-sitting read. SICK is fast paced and action packed. I LOVE Brian and his tough, mohawk wearing best friend, Chad. After a virus spreads through their town, they end up stuck in the theater department with a few of their classmates.  The main problem is staying away from the very violent killers outside of their portion of the school. The second problem is, Brian is separated from his younger sister and girlfriend, Laura. We see a TON of violence as Brian and Ch [...]

    13. The fence around Phoenix Metro High is for the students' protection. But it also keeps them trapped-Unless you're in with Brian and his friends, who know how to break out better than anyone.November of senior year. No matter what Brian and his friends do now, what they do and who they are, here in high school, it won't matter six months from now. Six months from now they'll all be off- Brian at college, white trash punk rocker Chad in the Marines of all places.So none of this matters.Which is go [...]

    14. When I started this book I was hoping for The Walking Dead meets The Breakfast Club but yeah, it definitely isn't that. Sure this book is good, it has unique 'zombies' (more like mutant monsters) and the action scenes are pretty damn gross and cool at the same time. Unfortunately I felt very little connection to the characters, Brain was an 'okay' commentator for the book and told the story nicely but I didn't feel like I really cared about what he cared about. His ex-girlfriend Laura has a seve [...]

    15. This book was amazing! :D I wish this was a trilogy!! I want to keep reading about these characters! I loved each and every one of them (except for John). This is why I don't like stand alone books. :'( I wanna revisit this world again (I don't like to re read books lol). The characters were great, the writing style was good. It was a very quick and fun read, everyone should pick it up. This book is not for kids under 14 because there is a excessive amount of swearing, and even some racist remar [...]

    16. An awesome zombie novel, with a unique spin!!! I really like Leveen's approach to detailing the events that happen during an outbreak of an infection that turns people into zombies. The details of the infections: it's causes, affects, and how it is spread are also really well done and heighten the intensity of the novel. The setting is great and the characters are relatable-- especially as they deal with the moral dilemma of do you kill or immobilize your friends that have turned into monsters? [...]

    17. Book ReviewTitle: SickAuthor: Tom LeveenGenre: Zombie/Horror/ApocalypticRating: *****Review: The first thing I noticed while flicking through this novel is that the whole story is told over the course of one day which I found really unique in other zombie novels I have read the story is set usually over weeks so to see a story that just deals with initial chaos which was a very unique setting and I haven’t read a lot of books like this. The opening chapter introduces us to the majority of the [...]

    18. Sick by Tom Leveen is an action-packed zombie book centered on several mischievous high schoolers. Everything in the story seemed normal at first- the main characters cut class, the readers got a feel for rowdy high schooler's personalities, and the romance interests were introduced- and then the zombie apocalypse strikes. The contagious zombie disease spreads and eventually reaches the main character's high school. Among all the chaos and confusion, the unruly individuals fight for their lives, [...]

    19. I received this book from RiffleYA in a giveaway. It was a free, uncorrected proof.I wouldn't call this a "zombie" book. They're zombie-like but they're not corpses that came back from the dead.The synopsis on , I feel, does a disservice to the book, mainly the "Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead as a group of unlikely allies tries to survive a deadly outbreak." tidbit. I'm a fan of both The Walking Dead and Breakfast Club and both, I feel, are pretty hard standards to live up to. The Walking [...]

    20. (This is rounded up for the book's appeal to a certain kind of YA uber-reluctant reader .e-ARC provided for review purposes from NetGalley)I wanted to like Sick, wanted it to slake my zombie thirst, the survival genre hunger that many of us have rumbling in our guts, especially the last year or two. What do I feel like eating tonight? Putrid undead flesh and human resourcefulness fueled by unbridled fear. Sadly, Sick did not sit well with me.On an ordinary Tuesday in November, semi-slacker Brian [...]

    21. Overall, I liked it. Not overwhelmingly so, but not too bad. Likes: 1. Zombies. Who doesn't like zombies? And these were fast, scary zombies. Even if the author has his characters hesistate to call them that, thats what they are. 2. Fast paced/Easy read. I couldn't read this in one sitting because I can never pull that off. But it wouldn't surprise me if many people could. And even though the story wasn't totally awesome, it was fast paced and interesting enough to keep me reading. And that says [...]

    22. Action-packed and brutal, Sick is the archetype of young-adult zombie fiction with an intelligent background.What would you do when one of your schoolmates all of a sudden starts nomming your drama teacher? The world has turned upside down for Brian and his friends, when an infection gets on the loose inside their fenced-in school. It turns innocent drama geeks into hunched-over monsters with no concern for their own safety, and Brian is stuck in the middle, his sister and girlfriend on campus s [...]

    23. Zombies are one of my favourite monsters. There is just something so deliciously creepy about them, they properly freak me out. The best way I have found to combat this particular fear? Read as many zombie novels as I possibly can, I’ve opted for the kill or cure approach. I’m always on the lookout for a new interpretation of this particular mythology. Zombies in high school? Hell, why not.The cast of characters in Sick include your usual high school geeks and goofballs. Everyone from the ch [...]

    24. Sick was kind of a weird read for me. I went into it expecting this awesome, kick-ass crew of people fighting terrifying zombies that are in lockdown with them. But I didn't really get that, to tell you the truth. While there was zombies, and there was a group of people fighting them, most of the story centers around Brian and his problems with that. I felt like Chad (my personal favorite) would have been a better main character, because he was enlisting, and it seemed like he was doing a lot [...]

    25. In the novel Sick, the author Tom Leveen wants to show that in the face of danger sometimes one is more concerned about someone else, which may end up saving him as well. The reader can assume that Tom Leveen is someone who believes in putting other people before himself. In this book the protagonist is a boy named Brian, a senior at Phenix Metro High School. Brian and his friends are used to jumping the fence surrounding the school because they regularly ditch class, or go home for lunch. One d [...]

    26. So disappointed.I was so excited for this book because apocalypse books are my favourite and it's Halloween time so I thought this would be perfect but nope. Not at all. I was wrong. A lot of the characters were so problematic for me and I felt like Brian the main character didn't exactly have your standard 'character development' because on one page he was like this badass, tough kid who didn't stick by the rules and then his personality kind of changed within a couple of pages and he was super [...]

    27. I think Sick by Tom Leveen is 3 stars. Personally I liked the book but I didn't love it. I thought it was a fun book to read I just thought it took a long time for problems to be solved and it was to spacey. Basically the book starts at a Middle School nicknamed PMS. The school has lots of security and fences due to previous security issues. A boy named Brian and his friends regularly skip school and hop the tall fences during lunch. Brian and his friends are trouble makers and they are not part [...]

    28. Imagine you go to a huge high school in Phoenix. Imagine this high school gets locked down everyday; it has a huge fence with spikes on the top and locked gates. Now imagine the zombie apocalypse starting during an assembly at this school. That is what happens in Sick. Brian and his friends are in the last period of the day when all hell breaks loose. Kids are sick; infected with something that turns them into zombies determined to suck your bones and eat your flesh. Brian and crew barricade the [...]

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