Essential The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6

Essential The Amazing Spider Man Vol Amazing Spider Man Giant Size Super Heroes Giant Size Spider Man

  • Title: Essential The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6
  • Author: Gerry Conway Stan Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • Amazing Spider Man 114 137, Giant Size Super Heroes 1, Giant Size Spider Man 1 2

    • ✓ Essential The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6 || ✓ PDF Read by Ù Gerry Conway Stan Lee
      241 Gerry Conway Stan Lee
    • thumbnail Title: ✓ Essential The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6 || ✓ PDF Read by Ù Gerry Conway Stan Lee
      Posted by:Gerry Conway Stan Lee
      Published :2019-01-18T04:22:18+00:00

    One thought on “Essential The Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6”

    1. I desperately want to give this volume five stars because it contains The Amazing Spider-Man #121: The Night Gwen Stacy Died also known as the first time a comicbook broke my damned heart (Excuse me; I seem to have something in my eye) Seriously, not only does this story still hold such power over me, decades later, that it still makes me cry, but it's a major turning point in the life of Peter Parker; perhaps THE turning point. The Spider-Man post Gwen's death is not the same guy as he was befo [...]

    2. Update: Finished!My project of reading all of ASM stalled out for a bit, but I'm back. With a vengeance! In pog form! All the ways you can be back, I'm those.There are a few great things that happened in this volume, but first I wanted to say that I LOST MY LIST! I had this list I made of the issues I've read already and the ones I still need to read. And I recently supplemented with a list that showed a clear path through graphic novels/trade paperbacks so I wouldn't have to spend, I don't know [...]

    3. Definitely an improvement over the first almost 100 issues. Spidey isn't as mopey, his relationships are better fleshed out, and at one point, he briefly gives p on being Supider-man, which I would've done a while ago. It' still obnoxious and unrealistic just HOW much people loathe Spider-man and are quick to assume every wrong-doing is his fault, no matter how much they praise him before or after. It wqas still kinda boring throughout, however, and for fairly obvious reasons, it's hard to get s [...]

    4. One of the best volumes collecting important issues such as The Night Gwen Stacey Died, The Goblin's Last Stand and My Uncle My Enemy. Spider mobile is also really fun (despite looking like a cheap version of bat mobile) and there were a lot of guest characters like the Punisher and Human Torch. A great volume that shouldn't be missed.

    5. This book sees us swing fully into the Gerry Conway era on Amazing Spider-man and for many, it includes the event that many say launched the Bronze Age of Comics. This book collects Amazing Spider-man #114-137, Giant Sized Superheroes #1, and Giant Sized Spider-man #1 and #2.The book kicks off with #114 and #115 which continues a previous story arc about a gang war between Doctor Octopus and Hammerhead. The book also establishes a long time problem of Aunt May staying on as Doc Ock's housekeeper [...]

    6. Okay so even if the vast majority of this collection sucked it would still deserves the five stars purely based on two iconic issues - #121 & #122. Fortunately that isn't the case, but these two issues in particular are so emotionally moving and full of the tragedy which define Spider-Man. The tension and drama mean these issues in particular are a real page-turner and I was transfixed. But the final page of #122 especially is one of the most moving things I have ever read, where MJ, the par [...]

    7. Again this edition drags at points but the big pieces are BIG and astonishing. He death of Gwen Stacy goes beyond a fridging in spite of basically inventing the trope. Every emotional pitfall that follows is jarring and you begin to question Peter Parker as much as he does. Harry becomes the goblin at the end and it really is heartbreaking to see that. This is still very much in the Stan Lee vein but the depth of the stories is profound and written in a more engaging, less pandering style. Lots [...]

    8. This book was AMAZING. Pun intended. This book does a great job of identifying with the audience. The narrating is really in your face and it makes you feel really involved with the story and characters. Every character is developed well, and you can really step in to their mindset and relate with them. The bonds between these characters are unbreakable, sometimes in a good way for Peter Parker, and sometimes not. You really feel like Peter is becoming tantalized. Every time he’s about to do o [...]

    9. Pathos. Subtlety and deep psychological insight.Okay, more like silly melodrama. But still, reading spider-man always takes me back to rainy summer days in Maine, sitting in camp and incessantly re-reading the same ratty old spider-man paperback.

    10. Some great moments in Spidey history in this volume. I thoroughly enjoyed it, except the last issue was missing half the pages.

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