A Pretty Pill

A Pretty Pill Please be warned this book is Mature content New Adult Recommended for readers due to explicit sexual content harsh language and adult themes Jade Tayte is an athlete and party girl living on cam

  • Title: A Pretty Pill
  • Author: Criss Copp
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 278
  • Format: ebook
  • Please be warned this book is Mature content New Adult Recommended for readers 18 due to explicit sexual content, harsh language and adult themes.Jade Tayte is an athlete and party girl, living on campus at university and enjoying the carefree lifestyle that comes with being a 19 year old student, living away from home Finishing up her second year of study, she getPlease be warned this book is Mature content New Adult Recommended for readers 18 due to explicit sexual content, harsh language and adult themes.Jade Tayte is an athlete and party girl, living on campus at university and enjoying the carefree lifestyle that comes with being a 19 year old student, living away from home Finishing up her second year of study, she gets a call that changes her life forever.In a freak accident while driving along the New England Highway, on their way to collect her, Jade s parents are killed and her brother Silas is left fighting for his life.Jade is forced to consider her future, when it becomes apparent that her Grandparents do not intend to step in and take on the challenging behaviours that Silas manifests, when it becomes clear that he will survive.At 19, and with no script to follow, Jade must take on a parenting role for her 12 year old brother.Benjamin Reynolds is living the high life in LA, and he s about to renegotiate his UFC contract, when suddenly he s called home to Australia to care for his ailing mother who has been diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer.Ben has been professionally fighting since he was 18, and it s all he knows so he finds himself instructing mixed martial arts classes at his local Police Citizens Youth Club, three evenings a week in between juggling his mother s medications, her chemotherapy and her doctor s appointments.Here he is introduced to a talented hopeful, Silas Tayte, who at 17 years old has potential than anyone else he s ever trained Problem is, Silas has issues he s bi polar, and he struggles with controlling his illness.Ben is determined to help Silas to become a champion in his own right, so he begins to embed himself in the talented young man s life which brings with it another challenge Jade Tayte

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    One thought on “A Pretty Pill”

    1. You know that feeling when you're in a book slump?. You search and search for a story that will give you the book high that you crave so hard. You don't want to start a new book only to be disappointed that it falls short, because you have recently read greatness and nothing can compare to the feelings that it invoked?Well this is me. Like all the time hahaha I'm a book junkie I love the high, and I can not cope at all with the low.Not only did 'A Pretty Pill' pull me out of my book slump, take [...]

    2. This first story has been on the cards for years so most of the story line was already done. I have really, really enjoyed writing these characters and finalising their beginning story I truly hope you enjoy it I have put 13th Feb although it may be there soonerHere are some cheeky quotes to consider:Early Jade with Ben banter:“We’ll I’ve gotta tell ya you’re fucking losing your touch because I seriously can’t stomach the idea of your cock getting anywhere near me!” I reply.“You ha [...]

    3. WHY THE HELL HAVE I NOT READ THIS BEFORE NOW I was in a slump trying to figure out what to read on my TBR list next and I decided to go with this one. Let me tell you it was the best decision I have made in a longtime . This book CONSUMED me right from page 1.Jade Tayte is an athlete and party girl, living on campus at university and enjoying the carefree lifestyle that comes with being a 19 year old student, living away from home. Finishing up her second year of study, she gets a call that cha [...]

    4. DNFed this at 5%, which is probably a new record for me.When an overexcited heroine (seriously, so many exclamation points - on the plus side, they're not having a party, it's a single exclamation point every time) that acts totally inappropriate when she learns her parents are dead makes you not want to read the book, and throws you in a two-day book funk, just do the author a favor and DNF (because I'm not rating it.)I'm sad because it sounded like such a good story, and it's an Aussie read. I [...]

    5. The book starts with Jade Tayte and her life from Uni student, carefree, partygirl to sole guardian of her 12 year old brother Silas (who is mentally unstable) after the death of her parents. The first 20% of the book goes through her years of; struggle with Silas' condition and misdiagnosis, their transformation in lifestyle and the changes that make her the person who she is today.After 5 and a half years of struggle, no boyfriend and money troubles, Silas is correctly diagnosed with Bipolar, [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars. A breath of fresh air. This is part one of a trilogy of books in this contemporary, romantic drama for New Adult/Adults. The characters leap from the pages and engage you from the beginning of the book, and the storyline is so well researched and seamlessly integrated that you feel that you're living it. Love this book, love this author.

    7. I totally loved this book. It had me hooked right from the star to the very end. The story was heart breaking, devastating, crude and crass, wittingly funny (I laughed out loud after reading this.me parts were so funny), so frustrating at times and yet so beautiful, heart wrenchingly beautiful.Jade Tayte. Jade is your typical 19 year old university student for whom life is one big party and she is the show stopper. Commitment and settling down is so far down her list that it’s practically non- [...]

    8. I'm editing my original review, because after re-reading it, I think I made it sound like the book has a ton of typos, which it doesn't - there were just a few small things that I noticed because I tend to fixate on stuff like that, but I want to stress that I really liked the book A LOT and in no way did it take away from the great storyline.This book held my interest; it started off a bit slow for me, but once Jade and Ben met, I was hooked. I loved the way they bantered back and forth (no ins [...]

    9. 4.25 stars for me.Story of Jade who at a young age is forced to raise her bi-polar brother after a car accident kills both her parents. Its an intense read and explores the issue of mental illness (bi-polar) in a an excellent, emotional and informative manner. As the story progresses she meets Ben, a UFC fighter looking after his terminally ill mother. The romance between them is a slow burner but when they get together it is very hot and very heartwarming. The story is told in dual POV format a [...]

    10. Loved it what amazing read couldn't put it down!!! Party girl jade loves to party and loves her men an doesn't want a relationship then her world falls apart her mom and dad and brother are In a car accident and leaves her to look after her brother silas as there grandparents can't cope with him as he has a few problems and they soon find out he is bi polar and has to have medication but sometimes things are difficult and the medication needs changing. Because of silas condition jade hasn't date [...]


    12. Okay I had high hopes for this book but it didn't happen. According to my kindle I was 57% through the book when I gave up. So we are half way through the book and all this couple has done so far is argue A LOT, she cusses him out A LOT, and she slaps him in the face 2 or 3 times. The only thing they've done romantically is kiss two times. Honestly the way these two acted towards each other I felt like I was back in Junior High. When they weren't cussing each other out or arguing they were talki [...]

    13. There is a ton of tragedy in this book. It has alternating POV and both main characters lose their parents in this book. Also, Jade has to deal with raising her brother who is bipolar. For this reason alone I really liked Jade. She went from being a party girl college student to pseudo mom with her crap together! But it took its toll on her and she turned into super B. Enter Ben. Their banter was cute but Jade constantly pushing him away and running away got old. There was tons of angst between [...]

    14. Omg! I love this book! Jade & Ben what a couple, I laughed out loud loads at their 'banter' / 'flirting' in the beginning. Wow what a journey you have taken us on Criss, I feel as though I've been through the emotional wringer I was cheering Jade on, wanting her & Silas to be OK.I have just read this & the next book over the weekend loved them both! Only downside book3 is not out until December 2013 *sobs* That is almost 6 months away!Thank you Criss, I love your 'voice' big hugs fro [...]

    15. This book was amazing. I loved the fact that it shows a young girl step up and do everything for her brother even though its hard for her, due to the fact he has mental illness. But she stands by his side the and helps him get the help he needs. I love the love story for her and ben and how they come together and how he is with her brother. This book was also extremely funny I laughed a lot. I defiantly recommend this book to others.

    16. I give it a 3.5 but I m looking forward to the next book to get even better. I did like the book Jade did kill me at times. I know she gave up a lot to take care of Silas which probably helped her in the long run. Ben always tried with Jade and he took everything she threw at him and it was still there. Silas has a lot to deal with it, I was felt sorry for him when he was going through his health problems as a teen. I hope he can keep it together and make it.

    17. Nope, DNF at 4 percent. I was really excited about the plot, but once I got into it,I just couldn't connect with the writing. Instead of feeling like I was experiencing the situation with the characters, I felt like the Jade was recounting everything to me in a conversational manner, but not in a good way. Also, the grammar and sentence structures were a little off for me, but that might just be the Australian style of writing.

    18. SoThis story had an angry heroine, who had selfish thoughts and acted a little immature.A younger brother that would have send me to the madhouseA hero that was a typical man (you are welcome to speak femminists out there).Grammatical errors that I could spot.And still I liked it enough to be literally itching to start nr.2.Which will have to wait because there is a nr.3 connected to n.2.And I am pissed off.

    19. I read about two chapters and gave up. Normally i would read a lot more before i decide to give up, but i just couldn't with this. The writing style was sooooooo BAD and that is literally the most important thing for me in a book. I was really disappointed because the concept of the book sounded really interesting and gripping but unfortunately it let me down. :(

    20. Wow this book had me going through all kinds of emotions especially frustration and I even cried certain bits. I loved Jade and Ben and poor Jade and her issues but damm I loved this book can't wait to read the next one ;)

    21. One of the best books I think I have ever read absolutely fell in love with each character just amazing you exceed your self criss

    22. 3.5 to 4 stars. I skimmed a lot of it and the writing style wasn't really my thing but the story line was pretty good.

    23. I really enjoyed the concept this book. The mental illness of her younger brother due to family tragedy. I could relate to Jade's desire to care for her sibling.

    24. it wasn't great, but it wasn't bad, something was a little "off" for me, but I can't place my finger on what it was.

    25. I really loved this book, it dealt with some hard hitting everyday issues. It was refreshing to read a story that wasn't all 'unicorns and rainbows'. A really good read:-)

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