Think of the Children

Think of the Children One boy is dead A killer is free Who is next Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is first on the scene as a stolen car crashes on a misty wet Manchester morning The driver is dead but the biggest shoc

  • Title: Think of the Children
  • Author: Kerry Wilkinson
  • ISBN: 9781447223405
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • One boy is dead A killer is free Who is next Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is first on the scene as a stolen car crashes on a misty, wet Manchester morning The driver is dead, but the biggest shock awaits her when she discovers the body of a child wrapped in plastic in the boot of the car.As Jessica struggles to discover the identity of the driver, a thin trail leadOne boy is dead A killer is free Who is next Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is first on the scene as a stolen car crashes on a misty, wet Manchester morning The driver is dead, but the biggest shock awaits her when she discovers the body of a child wrapped in plastic in the boot of the car.As Jessica struggles to discover the identity of the driver, a thin trail leads her first to a set of clothes buried in the woods and then to a list of children s names abandoned in an allotment shed.With the winter chill setting in and parents looking for answers, Jessica must find out who has been watching local children, and how this connects to a case that has been unsolved for 14 years.

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    • [PDF] Ì Free Read ✓ Think of the Children : by Kerry Wilkinson ↠
      471 Kerry Wilkinson
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    One thought on “Think of the Children”

    1. Book four in a so far great series. I have read these in order and it's been great to keep getting to know Jessica Daniels and her team better and better. Now Jessica has a vocabulary and temperament to match my own, so maybe it's not a surprise I feel an affinity her. “ As she tried to force another smile, she thought the unrelenting cheerfulness in the photographer’s voice went some way to helping her understand what could make a person turn to violence.” And you know you're getting inve [...]

    2. This is the fourth book in the author's series featuring Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel, who has lived in Manchester for about 10 years and works at the Longsight Police Station. I had no problem following the story as a standalone, but at the same time, hints here and there made me think I'd have enjoyed it more had I started at the beginning (something that's true of most series, IMHO, so I'm not picking on this one in particular). It's fast-paced with an attention-getting plot, and I thank [...]

    3. DS Jessica Daniel is first on site of an automobile crash and in the trunk discovers the body of a child. The man has no id on him and the car is stolen. As they investigate it seems there may be more to this than just this present case. It may have a link to a disappearance that happened many years ago and can she discover what happened before the media gets a hold of the details and parents start to panic. Can be read as a stand alone book even if it the 4th Jessica Daniel story. Great read. I [...]

    4. It all starts with a car crash one that Detective Daniel and a member of her team witnesses. The driver of one car is dead at the scene. His face is all but destroyed and there is no ID on his body. A key with the number 61 on it and a map is found on the passenger seat. But the most puzzling thing is the body of a young boy in the car's trunk. The key leads to an allotment shed with a trap door. The map leads to buried clothing that belongs to a young boy who has been missing and presumed dead [...]

    5. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipThis is the fourth book in Wilkinson’s Jessica Daniel series and though you don’t have to read them in order, I would recommend that you do. There is quite a bit of character development and backstory by this point and I think that will have a richer experience if you start with book one. When the book begins, Jess witnesses a car crash and is the first officer on the scene. One of the drivers is dead, and when she does a cursory search of his car [...]

    6. Another brilliant Jessica book! The more I read, the more I want of Jessica and her wonderful team. The author has skilfully plotted another fast paced, tense and thrilling narrative with many twists and turns. Once again, the reveal came as a complete surprise to me. Love it! This series just keeps getting better and better and I cannot wait to read the next!

    7. Fast-paced and thrilling with a shocking ending. It works as a standalone, but I'd recommend starting this series from the beginning. I think they improve as they go on, and it's great to watch the characters we met four books ago grow. Jessica Daniel is met with a grisly sight when she opens a car door to check on the driver after witnessing a car crash: his face is completely mangled. He's definitely beyond help. She notices that the boot of the car is slightly open and sees something else ter [...]

    8. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review. Another winner! By now it's like getting reacquainted with old friends! As usual, the intensity, suspense, and surprises are layered throughout the story keeping you hooked until the very end! I highly recommend this book and the entire series!

    9. I've not read any of the previous books in this series, instead choosing this one based upon recommendations, the blurb and previous reviews.The plot line is good; a man who is in a fatal accident has the body of a missing eleven year old boy in the boot of his car. Jessica Daniels, the first Police Officer on the scene, has a problem, no-one knows who the man is and the accident has left him unrecognisable. As the case gets underway there appears to be a connection to another missing boy from [...]

    10. Police procedurals aren't my cup of tea. They're all the same! They go for accuracy in the ins-and-outs of detective work and it is just so dull! Think Of The Children is no different. While it avoids some of the cliches commonly found in the genre, it doesn't make the book any more interesting.(view spoiler)[One very cheap and lazy tactic is having the point of view of a kidnapped boy who refers to his kidnapper as "the person". It turns out to be a red herring and his kidnapper is his grandmot [...]

    11. One of the worst books I've read. Unfortunately I'm a completer, so wasted my precious reading time finishing it! The story has interesting bits to hook you in, that end up going no where! Well what do you expect of books the Reader Store gives away free?

    12. A police procedural covering a double kidnap plot spread over 14 years, with plenty of red herrings along the way, with a real twist at the end. This book spent some time developing the Jess Daniel character and progress in her personal life, but these sections were not relevant to the main plot and did rely to some extent on having read the previous books. Not the best Jess book so only 3 stars.

    13. This is the fourth book in the Jessica Daniel series and I really, really enjoyed it. It can easily be read as a stand alone but if you want to read the whole series (like me) its best to read them in order. I think this is the best so far out of the four I have read. I really enjoyed the plot and was gripped from the first to last pages. Going to start the fifth book now. Really enjoying these books at the moment.

    14. This is the 4th book in the Jessica Daniels series. It can be read as a standalone book, but obviously it would be useful to read the other books first as it would explain the characters backgrounds (plus they are very good books!)In this instalment, Jessica witnesses a horrific fatal crash. When she goes to help, she finds the body of a missing boy in the boot and an unrecognisable driver. No one knows who the driver is, but on the passenger seat is a map and a key. Jessica knows who the boy is [...]

    15. Another solid police procedural featuring DS Jessica Daniel of the Manchester division of police. This time the team investigates cases of missing children after Jessica is on scene at a car crash and discovers a dead child in the trunk of the wrecked car. The driver is dead and unrecognizable. The case is hampered by bad weather and the passing of time and Jessica is frustrated by the lack of progress as there are no witnesses, no leads, no ransom demands and lots of clues that seem to take the [...]

    16. Think of the Children by Kerry Wilkinson is a mystery and thriller and general fiction (adult) read. One is dead. One is missing. Who is next?Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel is first on the scene as a stolen car crashes on a misty, wet Manchester morning. The driver is dead, but the biggest shock awaits her when she discovers the body of a child wrapped in plastic in the boot of the car.As Jessica struggles to identify the driver, a thin trail leads her first to a set of clothes buried in the [...]

    17. Just like my other reviews Kerry Wilkinson does a wonderful job of creating an world where Jessica Daniel isn't just a police officer but is human with emotions that she works hard to control. Every page the readers will feel as if they are standing next to Jessica watching though her eyes.Well thought out story with twist and turns reader will not expect. Just when you think you know what is about to happen Bam you and Jessica are taken into another place trying to figure out if you will find t [...]

    18. Good crime novel with one of my favourite characters at the moment. DS Jessica Daniel is not the smartest copper in Manchester, but she is one of the most tenacious. She's a terrible driver, but she has the ability to laugh at herself. Wilkinson also adds humour to his books, so even though he's writing about something like the murder of a child there are lighter moments. Already have the next one lined up on the kindle.

    19. This is 4th book in the DS Jessica Daniel series, but don't worry if you haven't read any of the others, you can read this as a stand alone book. As usual it's another gripping plot, with all the familiar characters, a little more incite into Jessica,s personal life this time, showing another side to her. Good plot, excellent writing, and a real twist at the end. Can't wait for the next in the series, Playing With Fire

    20. Brilliant-love this series- get better and better. Locked In the first one was very good but a few blips, this one is really good. DS Jess Daniel leads the team again. This is the fourth book in the series so I would start with number one as the characters are the same and there is a natural progression. On the strength of this one I have downloaded the rest of the series- great reads

    21. This is the fourth instalment of the DS Jessica Daniels series and it doesn't disappoint! I have had the pleasure of reading these great novels in order, as much as I think they would be a good stand alone read, there is mention of earlier cases mentioned sporadically throughout.This is a heartbreaking case and one that DS Daniels, as much as her gruff exterior portrays, has a difficult time with. She is witness to a horrendous car crash that has left the driver of one vehicle dead and beyond re [...]

    22. 3.8/5 stars. I whizzed through this one. Overall, I really enjoy the DS Daniel books, but I have two small complaints. First off, I found the writing around Daniel's Christmas dinner preparations to be unbelievable. This woman doesn't cook anymore advanced than pot noodles, but manages to pull off a traditional, multi-course meal for 6 without much advance research and preparation or undue stress, and everything pretty much turns out perfectly timed and perfectly cooked (except the potatoes). Sh [...]

    23. I enjoyed Think Of The Children which opens with a bang (literally). Jess sees a car crash and goes to help. The driver is dead and when she opens the boot she finds the body of a dead child. The investigation ramps up when the police find links to the disappearance of another young boy 14 years previously and then a third boy disappears.I think this is a great read with plenty of twists and turns and blind alleys which kept me turning the pages until the end, which I felt, like the previous nov [...]

    24. Bookouture and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Think of the Children. I was under no obligation to review this novel and my opinion is freely given.Detective Sergeant Jessica Daniel and her colleague DC Dave Rowlands are the first on scene when a stolen car crashes right in front of them. The driver is killed instantly, so he can provide no answers to the gristly surprise that Jessica uncovers in the trunk. A map found in the vehicle provides little clues and many more questions [...]

    25. I appear to have missed this one from Kerry and wanted to refresh my memory of Jessica and the team before I go in to read the next one.Without a doubt I love Jessica, I can relate to her and the way she is with people, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly and goes off half cocked, but gets the job done.This book is different from the usual crime thrillers and the ending was amazing I can usually have some idea, but this one had me flummoxed.It kept me guessing especially as the leafs didn’t seem [...]

    26. Whilst I was kept engaged in this book, I feel that I might have missed something.Only after I started reading did I discover that this is the 4th book to feature DS Jessica Daniel. I think I would have been better to read the earlier books first.Having said that the novel is cleverly woven and the tension does build as the detectives close the case.I liked the structure of this police procedural tale and I thought the characters were believable.I would consider reading earlier books in the seri [...]

    27. ReviewAfter witnessing an accident ,Jessica goes to help and discovers a child's body in the trunk. With the driver dead she is left with plenty of questions. The premise of the story hooked me but sadly left me wanting. The outcome of the story was totally unbelievable and disappointing.

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