Christmas is Cancelled

Christmas is Cancelled Matilda Tilly Carter didn t think her day could get any worse but even Christmas had just been cancelled The one girl Dean Watson has sworn never to have never even expected to see again just flared

  • Title: Christmas is Cancelled
  • Author: Aurelia B. Rowl
  • ISBN: 9781771019385
  • Page: 117
  • Format: ebook
  • Matilda Tilly Carter didn t think her day could get any worse, but even Christmas had just been cancelled.The one girl Dean Watson has sworn never to have never even expected to see again just flared back into his life and into his home his sanctuary like she belonged there Christmas would certainly be bearable with Tilly around though As the chinks in Dean s armorMatilda Tilly Carter didn t think her day could get any worse, but even Christmas had just been cancelled.The one girl Dean Watson has sworn never to have never even expected to see again just flared back into his life and into his home his sanctuary like she belonged there Christmas would certainly be bearable with Tilly around though As the chinks in Dean s armor appear, Tilly seizes the chance to win her knight once and for all She s not about to take no for answer not this time but Dean must resist, even as his heart rebels and temptation threatens to undermine his resolve.Win or lose Love or honor Which will Dean choose Assuming he gets a choice

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    1. 4 - Betrayed, homeless, out of a job and now stranded in a train station. Stars!Another great book by the talented Aurelia B. Rowle. Second-chance love is one of my favorite tropes, so add in a Christmas twist and I am a happy reader. This quick, sexy, emotive read kept me up well past my bedtime as I just couldn't wait to see if Tilly and Dean would be able to overcome their pasts, so they could have a future together.If you are still in the Christmas spirit, or are looking for something with a [...]

    2. Christmas is Cancelled is a second chance at your one true love for Tilly and Dean.Tilly is having the worst Christmas Eve of her life, stranded with no place to go who suddenly appears in the crowd but Dean her teenage crush who humiliated her on her eighteenth birthday the reason she left home.Dean is shocked to see Tilly but not the Tilly he remembers she is a shadow of her former self. He cannot leave her stranded at the station so he takes her home over Christmas.On Christmas Day they go fo [...]

    3. 5 Words: Passion, love, tradition, family, HEA.What a great story! I wanted it to go on and would happily read this story again. It's a heart-warming, steamy, passionate, sensual tale of that first love working out after all those years. And I loved it.Tilly was a great character, she knew what she wanted and she went for it. And boy, did she want Dean. Her love and passion for him was almost addictive.Then Phil comes along and throws a spanner in the works and everything goes a little crazy and [...]

    4. I’ve been dying for this book to come out after interviewing Aurelia and reading the excerpt, so it’s no surprise I finished it the same day. Christmas is Cancelled doesn’t read like a book by a debut author. The sexual tension and conflict sucks you right into the story. It begins with everything in Tilly’s life falling to pieces, and she almost did, but I admired how she held it together and forced herself to go on when I’d have probably crawled into my bed and cried for a week. Poor [...]

    5. Actual rating : 4.5 starsI received a copy of this from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book. It is my true opinion onlyThis was a cute Christmas novel about bad luck and fate crashing together.Sexual scenes, a hot steamy romance and dark secrets.Perfect for fans of New Adult romances.I adored all the characters.This story makes you believe that fate can interrupt anything for the best.If things are meant to be, then they're meant to be.It w [...]

    6. How shall I put this gently?No. Okay? Just no.It pains me to say it, but I was so sure this book will turn out to be a fine, refreshing, light holiday read. The first half of it is great. Seriously. Great!So, what went wrong? And, what's even more important - how could it go so terribly wrong?Let's seeAt the very beginning of the story, Tilly (the heroine) is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She lost her job, her home and her boyfriend. On Christmas Eve, of all days! And, to top it all off, [...]

    7. Christmas is Cancelled is an absorbing contemporary romance. I was immediately captivated by the characters, both by Tilly and Dean. Tilly, the female protagonist, especially piqued my interest. She was so easy to relate to, her emotions and reactions were very realistic, yet they embraced the romantic genre beautifully. This is a testament to the author, Aurelia B Rowl’s, lovely style of writing; it was undemanding yet engaging. The events that unfurl in this Christmas themed book were exciti [...]

    8. Posted in full reviewedthebook/2015 Christmas is Cancelled is Aurelia B. Rowl’s debut novel, which has since been re-released by Carina. Having already read and enjoyed both of Aurelia’s young adult/new adult books in her Facing the Music series, I was looking forward to reading her first contemporary romance novella. Christmas is Cancelled introduces us to Tilly who is in a bad way. As if being newly single, homeless and jobless wasn’t enough, her Christmas Eve train is cancelled and so s [...]

    9. This was a Christmas read unlike any other. The story had lots of twists and turns taking me as reader on a journey of how people's lives are affected when they defend the ones they love and how those their actions can brand them for the rest of their lives.The main characters were Tilly, a spirited young woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown due to having lost her home, her job and her boyfriend all on the same day and not just any day but Christmas eve. Stranded at the station, with her on [...]

    10. I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.It is of course, a Christmas-set story and has a lovely festive (and yet pink and pretty!) cover – but don’t let that put you off. In my opinion, Christmas stories can be read at any time of the year!Tilly, the heroine is sure that her Christmas has been cancelled. After all, she just caught her boyfriend cheating on her with her friend, and subsequently lost both her job and home. It’s the last straw when the train taking her [...]

    11. Fantastic Christmas romance!From the moment I stating reading this Gem of a Christmas story, I couldn’t stop. Dinner dish and kitchen cleanup be damned, I had to finish this book. We are introduced to our heroine, Tilly, in the middle of having the worst day of her life. She has just lost everything, her job, her home, her boyfriend and her best friend. And it’s Christmas Eve!Things couldn’t get any worst. Guess again, in the mist of having a mental breakdown, Tilly is found by her brother [...]

    12. Tilly is in quite a state. She's stranded, because her train has been cancelled and all of her possessions are in one suitcase. She's lost her job and she's on her own. Then she meets someone from her past which is a huge surprise. Dean is the man who has broken her heart ten years ago and it's the first time they see each other again since that awful event. Even though she's still hurt she can't stay mad at him and when he offers her a ride she has no choice but to say yes. Dean is happy to see [...]

    13. It’s Christmas eve and Tilly is having the worst day of her life, she just lost her job her Live in boyfriend , her best friend and her home in one big blow. Now heading to her brothers for Christmas she finds the train is cancelled. Just when she thinks things can’t get worse she runs into her first crush that broke her heart nine years ago and the reason she is there in the first place after he humiliated her.Dean has his reasons for not liking Christmas (you will have to read the book to [...]

    14. So I bought this book totally hooked in by an excerpt that kept lingering in the back of my headI then found a spare couple minutes to take a peek and begin the story. Well Aurelia B. Rowl took my couple minutes and turned it into one sitting of reading this book! This is her debut novel and I applaud her work!! I absolutely love her style and the connections she makes to the reader right off the bat! I was hooked and glad I finished this! It's freaking fantastic! It's cute, funny, romantic, sex [...]

    15. What a deliciously sexy Christmas love story. I loved it from the very first page. I put it down once, just to get some sleep only to pick it up again first thing in the morning. Tilly just hit rock bottom when the story kicks off. Although you don't know the specifics of her breakdown from the start, you instantly take pity on her and start rooting for a better outcome. Who would wish for someone's Christmas to get cancelled? Then along comes Dean. From the moment he makes his appearance, you'r [...]

    16. CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLEDMilly is trying to catch a train when they are all cancelled- meaning that her Christmas is also probably cancelled. She’s very upset when she meets an ex boyfriend who was ‘the one that got away’. He also has great memories of the girl she used to be. Can spending some time together rekindle old passions? A sexy , emotionally charged book. A great Christmassy read.Many thanks to Carina Uk for a copy of this book

    17. Fairly light read with hot sex scenes, believable characters and emotional obstacles. It wasn't great, but I don't have any complaints. Although I did get over halfway through the book before I realized it was located in the UK. Whoops.

    18. My Thoughts:No one wants to spend Christmas alone, especially after being dumped, having found your partner cosied up with your best mate), losing your job and your home all in one day. So, Tilly made the executive decision. She played it safe and decided to head off to her brother, Phil's, house for the holidays. At least she would get to be with family. However, Tilly seems to be having the worst run of bad luck ever, as her heel breaks, her train is cancelled and she whacks her shin as she tr [...]

    19. Is there such a thing called fate? For Tilly and Dean there might be! Christmas Is Cancelled will take you on Tilly and Dean’s whirlwind romance.Tilly, a young woman who is on her way to her brothers on Christmas Eve, gets stranded when the train tracks at the train station malfunction. Now with nowhere to go and nowhere to spend Christmas, what is Tilly to do?Tilly just found her boyfriend and best friend sleeping with each other in his office, where Tilly was his PA. Since she shared a house [...]

    20. This review was originally posted on Star Crossed ReviewsIt’s impossible to forget…Matilda ‘Tilly’ Carter has had the week from hell – and now, with all trains cancelled, it looks like Christmas will be too! With a mascara-streaked face, a broken heel and nowhere to go, there’s never been a worse time to run into the man who once broke her heart. Especially when he looks better than ever.The one that got away…For Dean, Christmas has always been hard. The Tilly standing before him i [...]

    21. I met Aurelia B. Rowl in an online writers’ group over a year ago, when she’d just taken up writing. She was an eager newcomer, brimming with enthusiasm and absolutely made for the kind of camaraderie writing bloggers share. I also remember her announcing to the groupat she’d put a piece of short fiction up on her blog and asking the group members to come over, have a look and share their thoughts. I remember going over and reading the story. An intriguing story which flowed well. In fact, [...]

    22. This book was a different kind of read. It was unusual, but still good at the same time. It's rather difficult to explain. It was like a POW, BANG, BOOM at the beginning and then an umm okay toward the end. The chemistry between the two main characters was off the charts. Their passion for one another singed the pages of my e-reader. Seriously, there is nothing like reuniting with a forbidden love. All the why-didn't-we questions were answered for Tilly and Deaneventually. Ghosts from the past w [...]

    23. I had the opportunity to read this a while ago. I wasn't able to get to until recently. I missed out. But thankfully was able to get to it. Any one you has read my reviews knows I’m not a big fan of novellas. Lately, some authors are making me eat my words. Aurelia B. Rowl is one such author. Christmas Is Cancelled left me pleasantly surprised.One thing that I always enjoy in a read is geographic/ cultural slang. I have always found it interesting to compare to North American/Canadian slang. R [...]

    24. We meet Matilda Carter on the day when she has just lost everything – her job, her home, her friend and her boyfriend – all in one day. That’s what happens when you are dating your boss and catch him cheating on you with your friend. Then she at the train station on the way to visit her brother only to bump into the one man she has always loved but been rejected by! Oh and did I tell you that these all happen on Christmas eve? With nowhere to go to and no one else to turn to ‘Tilly’ ac [...]

    25. Warning: The following review is slightly spoilerish.This story had a great deal of potential. It is interesting, quite engaging, and does a decently good job of building suspense. That is, until about 60% into the book, when things seem to take a wrong turn. At this point we know that something happened on Tilly’s eighteenth birthday, and that is what drove the then friends apart (though, sadly, we never get the expected and anticipated flashback). We know that Dean agreed not to pursue Tilly [...]

    26. Looks like my Christmas got a whole lot better once this book came into my hands! This has a different tone from Rowl’s previous two books, Popping TheCherry and A Girl Called Malice but it's still fun.Tilly is stuck at the train station the night of Christmas Eve adding another blow to an already wretched day. Overcome by stress, she quickly dashes out of the station only to run into an old friend and crush Dean, who in my imagination is played by Richard Armitage. They haven’t seen each ot [...]

    27. This is a romance where you aren’t quite sure everything will work out as there are so many obstacles in the path of true love - even when you think things are going to go well someone throws another spanner in the works!Fate seems to be totally against ‘Tilly’ Carter having anything go right for her at the start of this contemporary romance and, to top it all, the train she should be catching to spend Christmas with her brother is cancelled and there’s no way for her to get there! Too m [...]

    28. Christmas is CancelledI volunteered to the author to review this book, it is the Christmas season and I love to read at least a few books with Christmas being an underlying theme along with the romance and fun. I picked well!The name itself tells that the main protagonists are not having a very good festive season. But that is only the beginning and from the moment Matilda and Dean meet it is all bells and whistles, sparkling stars and moonbeams!!A very fast paced read with all the right element [...]

    29. Christmas is Cancelled, may be a touch on the short side, but it definitely packs a punch. It is fast paced and fits in a fair amount of back story, especially with regards Dean's character.Dean comes back into Tilly's life after a 10 year absence and its clear there is still something between them. However out of misguided loyalty, Dean is determined not to act on his feelings and is just trying to help an old friend out over Christmas. Tilly on the other hand has nothing left to lose, on Chris [...]

    30. Where to begin, where to begin? Maybe the beginning? No, that is absolutely no fun, so let's just slip to the middle of the storySeriously, do you believe that I can do that to you? I could, but I wouldn't. Enough sass from me you say? Hey, it will soon be Christmas Day! I am giving you a delightful Christmas read here with this review.Rowl has a magical touch, and she brings it together in this sensual, passionate tale of love lost, found, lost again, and then found permanently at last. Spoiler [...]

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