Untimed Charlie s the kind of boy that no one notices Hell his own mother can t remember his name So when a mysterious clockwork man tries to kill him in modern day Philadelphia and they tumble through a ho

  • Title: Untimed
  • Author: Andy Gavin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Charlie s the kind of boy that no one notices Hell, his own mother can t remember his name So when a mysterious clockwork man tries to kill him in modern day Philadelphia, and they tumble through a hole into 1725 London, Charlie realizes even the laws of time don t take him seriously Still, this isn t all bad Who needs school when you can learn about history first handCharlie s the kind of boy that no one notices Hell, his own mother can t remember his name So when a mysterious clockwork man tries to kill him in modern day Philadelphia, and they tumble through a hole into 1725 London, Charlie realizes even the laws of time don t take him seriously Still, this isn t all bad Who needs school when you can learn about history first hand, like from Ben Franklin himself And there s this girl Yvaine another time traveler All good Except for the rules boys only travel into the past and girls only into the future And the baggage Yvaine s got a baby boy and than her share of ex boyfriends Still, even if they screw up history like accidentally let the founding father be killed they can just time travel and fix it, right But the future they return to is nothing like Charlie remembers To set things right, he and his scrappy new girlfriend will have to race across the centuries, battling murderous machines from the future, jealous lovers, reluctant parents, and time itself.

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    One thought on “Untimed”

    1. Look at that cover! How could I resist requesting this to review? Time and time again I've been burned by a pretty cover, but - fortunately - that wasn't the case here. Untimed is both better than expected, and a bit disappointing. I'll try to get into both reasons here.I read, first and foremost, for characters. Interesting characters will make me beg for more, for the story to never end. And that's where we run into my main issue with Untimed. Every character in this story felt like a placeho [...]

    2. The next time some snob who hasn't been paying attention for the past couple of years tells you that all self-published books are crap, point them to this one.As I'm reading on my Kindle, I routinely highlight passages or words where the author, and their editor, if any, has screwed up - left a word out of a sentence, used the wrong word for what they mean, mispunctuated or misspelled something. I have no highlights in this book. Zero. The author thanks a large number of people in his acknowledg [...]

    3. Guys, gals, this book was wonderful! Somewhere between middle grade and YA, sci-fi, steampunk and just pure delightful time travel, it's a must read for all your teen adventurers with vivid imagination. And just look at these illustrations! This book is full of them:I don't know why I'm so surprised if I loved Andy Gavin's first book just as much. Also, everything he does is meticulous - the text, the covers by fab Cliff Nielsen, the sheer research for each book.Untimed is not a silly, fluffy li [...]

    4. Twists, Turns, Engaging, Addictive, Intriguing, Action Packed, Inspiring, Edge Of My Seat, Exceptional Read! I Loved It!

    5. History, fact, fiction, fun, excitement and suspense all mash up together in what I will call one of the best time-traveling books I have read.The protagonist I can't seem to recall his name (read the book, you'll get the joke. LOL), seems never to do as well as anyone else in school. It's not that he's not gifted - just no one ever seems to notice what he's doing. He's got one of those forgettable, well lives. Post-Its clutter his home. Even his own mother can't remember his name. What a way to [...]

    6. This book started off with a bang, with the main character jumping into a worm hole and traveling back in time. The year 1725 to be exact, and the author was true to detail, London is a dirty place, filled with poverty and filth. This is where Charlie meets Ben Franklin, and Yvaine the mother of Franklins son William. Yvaine is also a time traveler, and in talking to her he finds out that only men can travel back in time and women can travel into the future.So a lot of stuff happen, and it ends [...]

    7. I have always enjoyed the subject of History in school. I loved reading about the wars and the people and how different the times were. I couldn’t wait until I was about to write a paper or an essay on an interesting topic. It was one of the easiest subjects in High School and a breeze in College. Reading a History book, though? Now that’s something I’ve never done. I was able to read passages but I couldn’t exactly go to bed with a novel about History. It was than exciting news when I f [...]

    8. First Reads Review - Untimed by Andy GavinI had rather high hopes for this book when I won it through the First Read program. It appeared to be a young adult novel with time travel and some steam elements, which really would have been something I would have enjoyed quite a lot. Instead what I got was something that couldn't quite decide what it wanted to be, that was written in a more juvenile style but which cannot be considered young adult because of how it treats sex and language. And despit [...]

    9. I wonder if Andy Gavin knows that he has unwittingly created a time machine in the form of a book? I was given them book by the author and publisher in exchange for an honest review and to be quite 'honest' this story left me breathless. There is never a moment where it lacks the ability to entertain, and you barely get a chance to to take a breath with all the action! Poor Charlie has lived the majority of his life without being noticed, even his own mother can't seem to remember his name. It's [...]

    10. Utterly and completely amazing! I love this book! When is the next one coming out because I want it NOW, NOW, NOW! Andy weaves a tale that is original, unique and well-written! The man holds up to his amazing contributions to the Gaming world and now adds gems to the literary one!The book is full of action and adventure. Andy's characters have well developed arcs, you can see them grow and change as the story goes one on. I absolutely LOVE Yvaine! I can see how her ma told her she was full of pi [...]

    11. Untimed by Andy Gavin is a book I've had for some time. Andy very kindly sent it to me all the way in Australia, much appreciated. I had read and reviewed Andy's first book The Darkening Dream which is an excellent novel. Untimed is Andy's second and check out that cover. Great stuff huh.The inside is and isn't as great as that cover. I feel quite mixed on this one. The Darkening Dream was a mature YA novel, historical and religious details that Andy clearly put a great deal of time and research [...]

    12. Untimed is a Young Adult fantasy book written by Andy Gavin.This book follows Charlie, a 14 year old, history buff, Philadelphia raised boy, whom everyone seems not to notice. His own mother cannot remember his name and his father seems to be more absent than home.This all changes a few days before his birthday when the police knock on his front door, just as a visit from his Dad is going to reveal something important. However, this is just not any old police! This is a clockworks man known late [...]

    13. Review of Untimed by Andy GavinAn IOBT Blog Tour5 starsReaders who enjoyed Andy Gavin’s novel “Darkening Dream,” be sure to pick up “Untimed,” a time travel romance-mystery-steampunkish-science fiction-coming of age story with an endearing set of characters, including the self-effacing (and easily effaced) Charlie, a fifteen-year-old whose father and aunt are-well-time travelers extraordinaire. Charlie only sees them for two weeks in October and for two weeks near his birthday in Janua [...]

    14. If there was any justice in the literary world, this novel would be at the top of the bestsellers lists while those authors who need a wheelbarrow to take their money to the bank and write like hacks would wallow in obscurity.This novel started out a bit slowly but by the end I was thoroughly convinced I had enjoyed it. Adventure, time travel, close escapes, alternate worlds and steampunk goodies all add up to a rollicking grand time. The author is a true raconteur and writes convincingly of dif [...]

    15. Untimed is a great read. I have to say that when I first saw the book I said man this book cover reminds me of the movie The Pirates Of The Caribbean and I was very excited to start reading it.Untimed is a story about a boy Charlie who appears invisible to everyone. No one seems to realize he exists. His own mother does not remember his name.Which is crazy because what mother would not remember their own child's name. Then something weird happens and someone attacks him and tries to kill him.Cha [...]

    16. Charlie's wondering why people seem to always forget his name, even his mother. It's like people don't "see" him. So if he went away, no one would really notice his absence. When he started his time travel, that's when he realized that time travelers are all forgettable.I really enjoyed this book and I love the pictures! In every chapter or so, there would be a picture to guide the readers of Charlie's travel. I love how the author wrote the story incorporating history in Charlie's time travel. [...]

    17. (Originally posted on TheIndieMine)The science fiction genre has arguably been around for millenia, so it’s only natural to assume that it’s all been done before. While there’s still room for true innovation, many authors instead make their mark by either putting their own unique twist on an idea or concept, or by introducing characters and places that capture the imagination. Untimed, the 2nd novel from author Andy Gavin, is all about time travel as experienced by a teenage boy trying to [...]

    18. Charlie is an odd boy who moves through life unnoticed. Literally. People don’t see him, people look away and even his own mother forgets his name. He is utterly forgettable.Until he runs into and battles a clockwork man and finds himself falling through a portal to 18th century London – and meets a girl who can see him, a girl who can remember him, a girl who is out of time like himself.But Yvaine has her own problems, a child, and a cruel gang she’s had to join to survive the streets of [...]

    19. Cross-posted from Papyrus Independent Author Reviews (papyruslebblake/2013/03/17/untimed-by-andy-gavin/)What do you do when you discover you have a hidden talent for time travel and you encounter a conspiracy to remove the importance of Benjamin Franklin from history? You probably get set for an adventure across time.Charlie is an atypical teen who has trouble being noticed; his mother does not even remember his name. His father and aunt are historians who are absent more than present and he’s [...]

    20. Originally shared on Tales to Tide You OverUntimed is a delightful, steampunkish, take on the consequences of time travel. Charlie has been kept in the dark about his nature too long, and his natural curiosity is all it takes to start him on a crazy adventure through time where his smallest decision can change the future as he knows it. Growing up with a largely absentee dad, though not for the usual reasons, and a strangely absentminded mother leads him to develop a strong independent outlook t [...]

    21. I know that your not supposed to judge a book by it's cover but how could you not, it's absolutely gorgeous and draws you in instantly to want to read on. I couldn't wait to start reading the book as soon as it arrived and with the added addition of twenty-one black and white illustrations throughout the book, I think this would be a great book for any young adult or older reader to enjoy. The author has wrote a highly creative, fast paced and at times humorous time travel fantasy that has so ma [...]

    22. Time travel? Romance? Action-packed adventure? Andy Gavin delivers it all in his new release by Mascherato Publishing, ‘Untimed’. This action-packed novel follows Charlie, a character who no-one really seems to even notice, on his adventures through time to find his father, and surprisingly a whole lot more along the way.I found the writing style of this book unique, in that it was written from the point of view from a fifteen year-old time traveller, which makes for some interesting insight [...]

    23. I love young adult novels, especially fantasy and science fiction, thanks to my son. So, I was pretty excited that I got to do a book review for Untimed. It did not disappoint. I absolutely loved Untimed. It grabbed my attention from the beginning, and I couldn't put it down. I loved that it had quite a bit of history in the book. I didn't check it for accuracy but I assume that it is pretty accurate. This one involved Ben Franklin. With all of the time traveling, there are endless possibilities [...]

    24. Charlie has lived his entire life in the shadows. No one takes much notice of him, not even his parents. While he's been content with this fact, for the most part, he yearns for the small recognition that comes with being noticed. Most of all, he wishes that his parents would acknowledge him in more ways than one.While walking home one afternoon, he encounters a man intent on killing him. Fighting for his life, Charlie does everything in his power to make sure the man doesn't succeed in achievin [...]

    25. Charlie has never been like the other boys. For one thing, it seems that no one (not even his own mother) can remember his name. His father and Aunt Sophie are historians, stopping at home to visit him only for a month every year. So it's not an enormous surprise when it's revealed that he comes from a long line of time travelers. What is a surprise? The fact that he (and his father) are suddenly on the run from a series of strange clockwork men, who seem determined to change the timeline.Transp [...]

    26. This excellent young adult historical fantasy is a great little action story and one that would appeal to teenage boys.Charlie's father has something important to tell him, but before he can, Charlie finds himself falling into a kind of wormhole after a mechanical man. He ends up travelling backwards in time to London in the 1700s, meets a girl and the adventures begin. They cause a timequake when they inadvertently get Ben Franklin killed before he goes to Philadelphia. This alters the course o [...]

    27. Where to start Untimed by Andy Gavin is the story of a boy who is invisible. No, not literally, but no one remembers him, his name, or who he is. He passes through life insignificant and forgotten. Until the day he follows a strange, clockwork man, down a hole . . d finds himself very far from 2011 and from the U.S.Untimed is a time traveling story with some romance and lots of action. I could probably gush on and on about this book, I loved it so much.The characters of Yvainne and Charlie are w [...]

    28. Originally Reviewed At: Mother/Gamer/WriterRating: 5 out of 5 ControllersReview Source: PublisherReviewer: AimeeKayI just finished Untimed by Andy Gavin. For some reason the pictures in between the chapters and the cover gave it a mid-grade feel, but I have to say it is definitely YA. I’ve seen the premise behind the story before, but Gavin was able to present it in a very unique and exciting way.I really adored the characters Gavin has created. I wasn’t too sure about either Charlie or Yvai [...]

    29. What a super-engaging and exciting time travel romp! There's fast-paced adventure, romance, clockwork villains, and Benjamin Franklin! The novel's lead character - poor, unmemorable Charlie Horologe - is thrust into adventure when he makes the split decision to jump after a clockwork man who has just disappeared into a time whirlpool. From then on the story is tightly packed with adventure, humor, and distinctive, lively characters. There are also vivid, historical descriptions that capture the [...]

    30. First I need to say that I am a real fan of time travel books. I’ve not read one in a long time. This was an awesome book with great characters. You meet Charlie who is ignored by everyone but his aunt and father. No one else seems to see him or remember his name. One problem here is that he only sees his aunt and uncle a couple of times a year because they are also time travelers. He sees a “tick-tock”and follows him into a hole that sends him into 1725 London. This is where we meet the n [...]

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