The Last Hunter: Onslaught

The Last Hunter Onslaught The past few years have been a mixture of torture painful growth and sometimes pushing its way through all the darkness joy I have made friends and allies brothers and sisters mentors andKainda w

  • Title: The Last Hunter: Onslaught
  • Author: Jeremy Robinson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 383
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The past few years have been a mixture of torture, painful growth and sometimes, pushing its way through all the darkness joy I have made friends and allies, brothers and sisters, mentors andKainda, who is something else entirely But someone is missing, someone whose memory saved me from despair Mirabelle Whitney, my hope So while the human race prepares to defend itThe past few years have been a mixture of torture, painful growth and sometimes, pushing its way through all the darkness joy I have made friends and allies, brothers and sisters, mentors andKainda, who is something else entirely But someone is missing, someone whose memory saved me from despair Mirabelle Whitney, my hope So while the human race prepares to defend itself, I ride toward the encroaching Nephilim army intending to save Mira, return to our feeble base and lead the charge against those who plan to wipe the human race from the face of the Earth.It sounds like an impossible plan, and maybe it is, but if we re going to die, we re going to die like hunters boldly and bravely More than that, we re going to die together, as a united race facing a common enemy Nationality no longer matters Ancient grudges are forgotten The human race must resist as one, or face extinction And now it falls to me, along with Kainda, Em, Mira, Kat, Merrill, Aimee and Luca, to light the path for humanity in our darkest hour Harnessing the power of the ancient Jericho shofar, we must prevent Nephil, the most ancient and evil of the Nephilim from possessing my body and using its supernatural abilities against mankind.The odds are stacked against victory The Nephilim out size, out power and outnumber us ten to one, but we will fight to the last, the very last, so help me God.I am Solomon Ull Vincent the Last Hunter and King of Antarktos and I am prepared to face my fate.The Antarktos Saga is now complete Pick up all 5 books together and enjoy this epic series front to back without pause The books, in order, are The Last Hunter DescentThe Last Hunter PursuitThe Last Hunter AscentThe Last Hunter LamentThe Last Hunter Onslaught

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    One thought on “The Last Hunter: Onslaught”

    1. I just finished the final book in The Last Hunter series by Jeremy Robinson. I had already turned off my laptop, but I had to log back in to say that it's easily the best saga I have read in a long time, and in my opinion his best work, and that says a lot.It is equal first favourite epic along with King's The Dark Tower.Brilliant. Just brilliant.Ten stars out of five.

    2. I have read nearly all of Jeremy's books (still working on Nemesis, but it's coming!!) and this final book of this series was my favorite! I absolutely loved it. I couldn't get through it fast enough, and spent a few nights reading well past when I should have gone to sleep. It was that good. The series sucked me in from the beginning. I loved Antarktos Rising and when The Last Hunter came out, I loved how the series tied into that first standalone book. I love to read and have read thousands of [...]

    3. So here we are at the end of this series, and the final verdict It's good. Great? Not quite. It's close but it doesn't quite get there, something that I feel is true for most of the series if I am honest. There's a lot to like about this series, all of which can be found in this book. The characters are well-rounded and easy to root for. The magic system and the fantasy elements are interesting and fairly unique. I really liked that the series didn't shy away from change and took risks, letting [...]

    4. Passion, Faith, Hope, and FocusSolomon and Kainda are looking for Mira Whitney. When they arrive at the place where Mira was, she is gone. But she didn’t get up and walk away on her own. Solomon and Kainda follow the trail and run into trouble. Outcasts and not just any outcasts, Nephilim outcasts.They make it back to the FOB with just enough time to get a little rest. The battle is epic. The Nephilim are clever. At every turn they seem to have the upper hand. I would recommend reading this bo [...]

    5. When I found out about these books, it didn't interest me as much as previous books of Robinson's had, I held off on getting it till I was finished with the others. Got the first one and immediately got the rest. This series blew me away, I loved it. What I thought was going to be more of a young adult series was one of the best I have ever read. It sucked me in, I loved each character and couldn't wait for more. Antarktos Rising was the first book of Robinson's I read and what got me hooked, th [...]

    6. "The Last Hunter" and it's companion yet stand-alone novel, " Antarktos Rising" are now among my favorite books/series of any type of media-books, movies, video games, etc. If you are reading this, unsure of whether you should read this, be assured, buy it! It's got action, dinosaurs, intense fight and flight scenes, like able characters, awesome storytelling, some hair-raising scariness- all you could want in an awesome epic! For an added experience, read "Antarktos Rising" in between part 2: P [...]

    7. What an epic ending to an amazing series! I am so sad that this is the last installment in this series, and have to say that these were some of the best audiobooks that I have ever listened to. The story was a huge thrill ride from start to finish, and I found myself very anxious to see how things turned out. I thought the series was wrapped up nicely, and I loved seeing Sol mature through each book. RC Bray did an amazing job with these audiobooks, and I highly recommend that you listen to all [...]

    8. Ok finished the last book finally! :-)It was a great read, in fact the entire series was, i felt original and kept the reader guessing. Its not very often i'll read an entire series one after the other. Too much of a good thing and all that. But i just could not put this series down.Just need the film to be put back in to production . or films, there is no way one film would cover all the books!

    9. Well I would have liked much more strategy in the final battles but that is not Jeremy's strength. Where he excels is creating some special moments (not goosebump stuff but not bad either) like the epilogue with the stone inside the safe. He also keeps everyone happy and ensures all characters can achieve redemption. But I let that slide since this is a fantasy story. All in all its been great riding with Solomon Ull Vincent and I hope that's the last we see of him. Cheers

    10. Amazing ending to a brilliant series. I am a Jeremy Robinson fan and have read most of his work. I have to say that this is my favorite series to date. I could not put the book down without thinking about picking it back up. Action, adventure, tragedy, mystery,victory this book and series has it all. pick up the series you will be happy you did!

    11. What an incredible and action packed finale to the Antarktos saga! It had everything I was hoping to find in the conclusion to this series and more! I was holding my breath during the last 100 pages or so, unable to stop. All of the story lines were concluded and tied up so perfectly. Just wow! It exceeded my expectations!

    12. I found the first quarter of the book a little slow and confusing but after that, man oh man, did it ever take off. And I absolutely loved the 2 epilogues, what a wonderful way to bring the series to a close!

    13. I have read all the books in this series via the collector's edition (more bang for the buck). I really like adventure stories, especially those with elements of hollow earth, mixed mythology, heroes that never expected it of themselves, giants, Gods, & offbeat locales. Loved the whole set.

    14. What a fantastic end to this excellent series. Everything finally comes to a head in a wild, action-packed adventure thrill ride that leaves you breathless. I listened to this via audible and RC Bray narrates in such an amazing way that I felt I was watching the action. What an epic adventure!!!

    15. this is the 5th book of the antarktos Saga. It is a good adventure - following the adventures of the Last Hunter. I really enjoyed this book. It is full of hope, love, and forgiveness. what is not to like. I hope Jeremy can give us more books in this adventure.

    16. deeply sad that i have finished the series. it was well worth the read. very original story, well written, with a great sense of humor!

    17. A war to end all wars, family and friendship brought together. Who could ask for more. A fantastic end to a great series

    18. A great way to end a wonderful series. I'm really sorry to see this series come to an end. It was an amazing journey. Here's hoping Mr. Robinson chooses to re-visit this world someday.

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