The Chocolate Lovers' Club

The Chocolate Lovers Club Forget diamonds chocolate is a girl s best friendSome women are addicted to shopping others can t get enough of champagne Some like to curl up with a good book and others want a night out on the to

  • Title: The Chocolate Lovers' Club
  • Author: Carole Matthews
  • ISBN: 9780312376666
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Forget diamonds, chocolate is a girl s best friendSome women are addicted to shopping, others can t get enough of champagne.Some like to curl up with a good book, and others want a night out on the town.But there s just one thing Lucy Lombard can t live without, and that s chocolate rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolate For her there s no substitute There s nothForget diamonds, chocolate is a girl s best friendSome women are addicted to shopping, others can t get enough of champagne.Some like to curl up with a good book, and others want a night out on the town.But there s just one thing Lucy Lombard can t live without, and that s chocolate rich, creamy, sweet, delicious chocolate For her there s no substitute There s nothing it won t cure, from heartache to a headache, and she s not alone Sharing her passion are her three best friends and fellow addicts sweet, peace loving Autumn, harried mom Nadia, and sex kitten Chantal Together they form a select group known as the Chocolate Lovers Club Whenever there s a crisis, they meet in their sanctuary, a caf called Chocolate Heaven, and with a cheating boyfriend who promises he ll change, a flirtatious boss, a gambling husband, and a loveless marriage, there s always plenty to discuss By turns hilarious and heartrending, The Chocolate Lovers Club brings together four unforgettable women from totally different worlds united in their passion for chocolate.

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    One thought on “The Chocolate Lovers' Club”

    1. Imagine if someone told you they were going to give you a beautiful, ribbon-tied box of Godiva chocolates (or better, handmade, fresh cream-filled Mozarts flown over from Vienna that day), you'd be really looking forward to that. Imagine then if with a bright smile, they gave you a family-size bag of Hershey's Assorted Miniatures instead. There would definitely be some disappointment there, eh? And so there is in this book. It's not Godiva, not even Lindt, it's a collection of stories, Snickers, [...]

    2. WARNING: This book makes you crave chocolate very badly!!If you're on the lookout for a very light and fluffy story, and if you share a love for chocolate, then this is definitely the book for you. This narrative is about Lucy and her three friends who all indulge in chocolate whenever life becomes too hard. I especially like how this book is told from Lucy's perspective, but we get to follow the three other women as well from a third person perspective. In other words, we get very close with al [...]

    3. A light-hearted and amusing piece of chick-lit, I enjoyed this book. It is fun, but no literary masterpiece. A good holiday read.Lucy Lombard, a 30-something London office temp, has a passion for chocolate. She haunts a place called Chocolate Heaven, where hand-made, exquisite chocolate products are created and sold by the owners, gay couple Clive and Tristan. Recognising three fellow chocaholics among the shop’s clientele, she forms the Chocolate Lovers’ Club, and they meet at regular inter [...]

    4. A light read after quite some time! This book is like Sex and The City, with the difference that the friends in this book are chocoholic. PlotThe story revolves around four friends - Lucy, Autumn, Nadia and Chantal. They share a passion for chocolates and they believe that it is chocolate that is a woman's best friend and not diamonds. The four have formed 'The Chocolate Lovers' Club' and they meet at their den Chocolate Heaven as often they can. Whenever they meet they have plenty to discuss ab [...]

    5. This book sounded like the perfect light read for my vacation- a tight group of friends bonding over exotic chocolates and tales of woe should be an automatic chick-lit home run. Unfortunately, this book was more a swing and a miss to me because the main protagonist Lucy was clearly more caricature than character.I would like to believe that no self-respecting young woman would truly be so proud of her ability to stick with a serial cheater of a boyfriend. I would like to believe no self-respect [...]

    6. Published: 2007Author: Carole MatthewsThis book revolves around Autumn, Nadia, Lucy and Chantal and of course chocolate. The four friends meet on a regular basis in Chocolate Heaven to try and sort out their many crises and they find out they have more in common than they thought.I liked the way this book was written in small chapters with a different character in each one. Easy to dip in and out of if time is an issue except I read it in 2 days. I really enjoy Carole Matthews style of imaginati [...]

    7. ** 3.5 CHOCOLATEY STARS! **“There are times when chocolate really is the answer to all of your prayers.”***Okay I'm not going to say too much about this, just the bare necessities. 1. This was a fun, quick read.2. The consumation of chocolate was a bit excessive. These ladies ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and in liquid form. It's understandable to love chocolate, as do I, but this was just excessive. No one in their right mind eats THAT much chocolate every [...]

    8. The book The Chocolate Lovers' Club is definitely a 'chick' novel. This book will appeal to readers who enjoy that genre. I enjoy a 'chick' novel once in a while and this one did have some good points. It is a story of the lives of 4 very different women whose common bonds are their love of chocolate and loyalty to each other. Whenever one of them has a crisis of some type in her life, they meet together to share, comfort, and advise the woman currently suffering. What I did like about the book [...]

    9. bbc/iplayer/episode/These club books are always pretty formulaic and twee on the downside, however fun and addictive on the up. episode 1 - white choc layer cake[image error] episode 2 - choc charlotte episode 3 - chocolate almond torte episode 4 - chocolate mousse cake episode 5 - Chocolate Brazilnut Cake

    10. An entertaining, funny and courageously honest story about four women who meet regularly in a chocolate cafe called Chocolate Heaven, run by a gay couple, and devour amazing chocolate creations while sharing the latest ups and downs in their lives. A simple enough pretext for a book. Their lives are a bit of a mess really. Lucy is a temp at a rather horrible IT company, her boss flirts shamelessly with her, and she's just caught her boyfriend Marcus setting up a romantic dinner for two and she's [...]

    11. I love chocolate and I love good chick-lit, especially of the British variety, so I was ready and excited to dive in to this potentially delicious read. Unfortunately, good chocolate just isn't enough to carry a story when the characters are vapid, shallow and seem completely implausible as actual human beings. The book definitely has some redeeming and hilarious moments - a fabulous break-up revenge scene and a plot-turned-caper to retrieve Chantal's stolen jewels - but it was so hard for me no [...]

    12. I got attracted to Carole Mathews' book covers. I was thinking if she could design such cute covers then her books must be great. This time, I can't be faulted for judging a book by the cover.Sex in the City feels in the UK and bonding over love for chocolate. I felt a few do-not-finish-this-book moments because of how the main protagonist, Lucy Lombard was made out to be twit in love and work. Or how you can get who she'll end up with and Lucy doesn't. But Chantal, Autumn and Nadia do not disap [...]

    13. I love chocolate and I enjoy these books also. I like how the story is about 4 woman who have bonded over their love of chocolate. So many ups and downs for each woman and so so real also. Funny, heartwarming and enjoyable. I would have read this faster if I had more time in the day. I can’t wait to read the second book. It makes me realize how much I miss good chocolate from Britain. Lucy is funny and always getting herself into a predicament, Chantel is sex starved (no easier way to say it), [...]

    14. This is an easy read - it is like putting together Bridget Jones and Love Actually - easy, sometimes witty, sometimes sad - the characters are what you would expect - this makes a good book for spending a long winter afternoon - I have the suspicion I will not remember much from this book in a years time - or maybe I will - the chocolate consumption while I had read it :)

    15. I am a self confessed chocoholic and when looking for a new book in the library in the week how could I walk over Carole Mathews The Chocolate Lovers Club. I also saw whilst I was there The chocolate lovers diet by the same author and I wasn't sure which one to pick up. I am lucky I picked this one up as the Chocolate lovers diet I have now found out is a carry on from this book. I have previously read a book by Carole Mathews and I have to admit I was really not a fan, but with a title like thi [...]

    16. Un romanzo d'evasione al 100%, quindi non aspettatevi credibilità o personaggi sottilmente sfaccettati, più che altro qui si parla di cioccolato, di amore e di amicizia. Il collante che unisce le quattro protagoniste di questo libro è infatti il cioccolato in tutte le sue declinazioni. Gli amori sono quelli sfortunati o inesistenti a causa dei quali le ragazze hanno un sistema molto pratico: un sms che recita "emergenza cioccolato" le richiama tutte al "Paradiso del cioccolato" un posto che n [...]

    17. To tell the truth, I almost gave up at halfway but I persisted because I believe in the plot. After reaching halfway, I think I'm entitled to believe that the storyline is good and that I will not regret continuing to end.I almost gave up because I almost couldn't stand it when the character of Lucy Lombard, main protagonist, was illuminated as an irresponsible non-thinking idiot (I cannot be anymore scathing without having to repeat myself many times). However, I don't know if she was just havi [...]

    18. I decided to review both books together as I read them one after another and I also believe them to just be one continuing story. They were at best okay. I found the main character Lucy to be quite irritating. A woman who never really finds herself and relies on her happiness and success to derive from men. That being said, none of the women in this book are that inspiring. The closest would be Autumn but for most of the books she spends her time being a doormat for her drug addicted brother. Ch [...]

    19. This was the perfect book to read on my vacation to Hilton Head two weeks ago. It was pretty much the same idea as "The Friday Night Knitting Club", but with chocolate instead of knitting. Four women meet in London at a cafe called Chocolate Heaven and develop a friendship because of their love of chocolate. They are all very different types of women. Kind of the main character is Lucy, and her story is told in the first person. Her story/situation is pretty funny, and it's like a romantic-comed [...]

    20. Books about “clubs” seem to be trendy as of late. Throw a word that girls like in front of it (shoes, chocolate, knitting) and you have a bestseller all wrapped up. Girls with issues all meet up to discuss them. The book does center around one girl who is taking a long time to get over her long time boyfriend. The best part was when the girls get back at some dude who stole from one of the girls in the group. She slept with him and he steals all her jewellery and money and the girls set him [...]

    21. Chicklit about chocolate a golden combination for sure. And as the title promisses, this is an entertaining read about four women who get toghether in a coffeehouse slash chocolaterie, which is positively to die for. They share laughs and tears and complain about men, so nothing new there. Of course there is some romantic action of the 'romantic spark - misunderstanding - all will fail - surprising turn - all is well'-kind. The four main characters cover a good deal of the usual types (perfectio [...]

    22. The whole time I was reading this book I was thinking two things: "Haven't I read this book before? and Wouldn't some chocolate be nice right now?" The book was Friday Night Knitting Club but set in a chocolate shop in London (run by two hilarious gay guys, natch) and with Bridget Jones as the main character. The other women in the club were stock characters: sexually frustrated middle aged American who turns to a male prostitute named Jazz (who hasn't done that!); do-gooder rich girl who works [...]

    23. I love Carole Matthews books and this did not disappoint. It is like a box of your favourite chocolates with all the right ingredients and something for everyone. Loved all the characters too. The only problem is it makes you want to devour chocolate All day long! Not easy if you have had to go dairy free like me recently so am making do with dark chocolate and a few I can tolerate but its such a mouth wateringly indulgent read that I am going to devour all the other 3 books of the series in suc [...]

    24. The story centers on four different women who are brought together by their love of chocolate. It's a story about love, friendship, life's hurdles and of course, chocolate. Think 'Bridget Jones' Diary' meets 'Sex and the City'.For someone like me, who doesn't read chick novels very often, this one was a very enjoyable and easy read. With these kind of books I find them being a lot more entertaining if you can apply some of the situations from it to your own life. The good thing is you don't have [...]

    25. Ασυζητητί, ένα light γυναικείο ανάγνωσμα, ιδανικό για την παραλία ή ως έσχατη επιλογή μετά από 'βαριά' σε νοήμα, βιβλία.Τα δυο αστέρια θα μου πεις, γιατί τα βάζεις; Ενώ δεν κατακρίνω τα ελαφριά αναγνώσματα της γυναικείας λογοτεχνίας, εδώ με εκνεύρισε τα μάλα η απροκάλυπτη αντιγ [...]

    26. I love Carole Matthews books and this certainly didn't disappoint me the story is based around four very different ladies but they all have the one thing in common and that's chocolate. They meet regularly whenever one of them has an emergency and they meet at a chocolate cafe and form great friendships and support each other. Do the four ladies all sort there personal problems out. A must read and very addictive from the first page.

    27. I really ejoyed this (: I have a bit of a thing for books where each main character has their own on-going story that all come together at the end and the chapters alternate between them (they remind me of Love Actually :D <3 <3)so this was great. I especially liked when the girls rescued Chantal's jewellery that was funny :D overally. was a very good book to read whilst eating chocolate and forgetting about your own life for while

    28. "The Chocolate Lovers Club" is the story of Lucy Lombard - her crazy adventures, chaotic and heart rending love life, and her utter and complete devotion to chocolate in all forms. Along with her best girlfriends and fellow chocoholics we are taken on a whirlwind adventure that will make you laugh out loud and possibly shed a tear or two.This is chocolatey infused chit-lit at its absolute best.

    29. What can I say! Not my cup of tea or bar of chocolate, I thought I liked chocolate but I am obviously wrong!!! A bit too silly for me - the bookshop scene - really? I put it down as a holiday read, it was all horribly predictable.

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