Chiaroscuro: Book 1

Chiaroscuro Book Chiaroscuro is the story of Steven Patch an unemployed artist with a single blank canvas Steven s busy living the introspective angst ridden life of your average something drinking too much and c

  • Title: Chiaroscuro: Book 1
  • Author: Troy Little
  • ISBN: 9781600101199
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Chiaroscuro is the story of Steven Patch, an unemployed artist with a single blank canvas Steven s busy living the introspective, angst ridden life of your average 20 something drinking too much and complaining about his situation while doing little to improve it.

    Art of Drawing Drawing Light and Shade Understanding I ordered this book hoping for a detailed insight on light and shade along with a little history and information regarding chiaroscuro While it is a good book if this is the st art book you ve ever read and does have quite a few inspiring images, it is absolutely nothing detailed for light and shadow that you probably couldn t find on . The Chiaroscuro Woodcut in Renaissance Italy Naoko The art of the chiaroscuro woodcut is celebrated in this groundbreaking and generously illustrated book Chiaroscuro woodcuts are among the most immediately appealing of all historic prints, displaying exquisite invention, refined draftsmanship, technical virtuosity, and sumptuous color. Exhibitions The Richard J Massey Foundation RUDOLF LEITNER GRNDBERG L Art Pour L Esprit Rudolf Leitner Grndberg s first New York show, L Art pour L Esprit, is a captivating ensemble of expressive paintings and art objects reflecting that life and the space we occupy is an art experience for the spirit. ChiZine Publications Embrace the Odd ChiZine Publications Announces Fall Winter Titles for Titles Include an illustrated children s book the by the late, great George A Romero PETERBOROUGH, ON, October , ChiZine Publications CZP announced seven titles scheduled for release beginning October . Tenebrism Tenebrism, from Italian tenebroso dark, gloomy, mysterious , also occasionally called dramatic illumination, is a style of painting using profoundly pronounced chiaroscuro, where there are violent contrasts of light and dark, and where darkness becomes a dominating feature of the image.The technique was developed to add drama to an image through a spotlight effect, and was popular in Painting Glossary Meaning of Terms Used in Fine Art Painting Airbrush An implement that resembles a thick fountain pen and which has a small container near the nozzle By air pressure supplied from a container or a mechanical compressor, varnish, Woodcut Woodcut is a relief printing technique in printmaking.An artist carves an image into the surface of a block of wood typically with gouges leaving the printing parts level with the surface while removing the non printing parts Areas that the artist cuts away carry no ink, while characters or images at surface level carry the ink to produce the print. Book Events Authors, Book Signings, Literary Festivals Meet David and Mark Shannon Georgetown Library Sat Dec Hosted by the DC Public Library Georgetown Branch, brothers and author illustrator team Mark and David Shannon will offer a reading of their book, The Acrobat and the Angel. Corte Madera Events Book Passage Princess Willa has everything, but instead of enjoying her magnificent riches she only laments what s wrong, bad, and missing One morning, to her horror, the letter W has vanished. Leeds Concerts A free concert of festive brass band music including carols for all to sing Victoria Hall

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    One thought on “Chiaroscuro: Book 1”

    1. Years ago, before there was such a thing as Homeland Security, I used to visit my local comic shop every Wednesday to pick up any new comics that might have come in. Wednesday was important because it was new comics day, but there was a more important reason. My local would make an effort to get interesting works by indie publishers, little known pieces of particular wonder and delight. But not a big effort. It would typically get one of each of these books. So I would get there at lunch on Wedn [...]

    2. I enjoyed this - great use of black and white, engagingly "realistic" dialogue, a nice if loose drawing style - but it feels too slight to pass any real judgment on the story. It's the first third of a serialized tale and man, does it ever feel like it. Still, there's enough good stuff here to make me want to check out Book 2 when it is released.

    3. Decent art, decent storyline. Not a lot happens over the course of the book. Little if any character development in the life of the main character happens. The mystery of his lodgings is not revealed. The mystery of the former tenant is not revealed.

    4. Two stars might be harsh, but I am both frustrated and irritated by this book and ones like it. This is supposedly book one of three. It collects the first ten issues of the comics series. The comics were serialized from 2001-2005. This collection was first published in 2005. Nothing since. No evidence that any more is coming in the foreseeable future (Little is working on other projects and has even published other books since). So, that's over ten years since the first collected installment of [...]

    5. I really wanted to like this graphic novel, and it's certainly not bad, butwell, maybe frustrating is a proper description. From a story/plot perspective, not much happens over the 200+ pages of this pseudo-slice of life book. A lot of interesting and intriguing plot points are introduced, to be sure - a ghost only seen by the protagonist, the (possibly) haunted/mysterious apartment building he lives in, strange men accosting him over letters sent to a mysterious person who used to live in his a [...]

    6. Walaupun most of the dialogue macam real conversation (slanga and stuff) dengan drawing yang aku kira amat superb (this dude can draw pretty well)-- aku a bit frustrated dengan jalan cerita yang agak lambat dan macam no point for maybe half of the book. But knowing that this is the first book-- mungkin jalan cerita yang lambat itu disengajakan jadi aku tabah sajalah baca sampai habis.There's something wrong dengan apartment Steve. Dia patut dengar nasihat Kevin dan pindah. Menyampah pulak rasa b [...]

    7. I'm teetering on a four and a three. As an artist myself, the story spoke to me, at first, but some of the supernatural stuff confused me. I did like it though, I think I get it I don't know if many others will get it. I would recommend it though for a person with an opened mind. And not to slight the artwork, I really like the artist's style. The art was cool.

    8. Enjoyable artwork, amusing and likable characters and story, but nothing particularly fascinating or original. I would like to read what comes next, but I wouldn't want to pay this much money for volume 2.

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