April A high speed chase gone wrong leaves Cal exposed to Oriana s thugs If captured all hope of solving the Ormond Singularity and having a normal life again disappears He has to get away but how can he

  • Title: April
  • Author: Gabrielle Lord
  • ISBN: 9781741690361
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • A high speed chase gone wrong leaves Cal exposed to Oriana s thugs If captured, all hope of solving the Ormond Singularity and having a normal life again disappears He has to get away, but how can he leave an innocent man to drown If Cal survives, he must decipher the Ormond Riddle, and risk emerging from hiding to stop his little sister s life support being switched offA high speed chase gone wrong leaves Cal exposed to Oriana s thugs If captured, all hope of solving the Ormond Singularity and having a normal life again disappears He has to get away, but how can he leave an innocent man to drown If Cal survives, he must decipher the Ormond Riddle, and risk emerging from hiding to stop his little sister s life support being switched off Even if Cal makes it to 31 December alive, will his family ever be the same again The clock is ticking Any second could be his last Callum Ormond has been warned.He has 275 days.The countdown continues12 books 12 months.

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    One thought on “April”

    1. Een nieuwe maand, een nieuw boek van de serie! Met de leesclub Books Ever After lezen we elke maand een boek van de serie. Ik vond dit boek tot nu toe een van de mindere. Het was weer meer van hetzelfde en ik vond 'm ook minder spannend. De cliffhanger vond ik ook niet echt geweldig en motiverend, maar voor alsnog wil ik weten hoe het verhaal afloopt.

    2. Meer dan 3 sterren kan ik het niet geven maar vond het wel net iets beter dan het vorige deel Alleen zo ongeloofwaardig. Ondanks dat ik de boeken matig vind ga ik het volgende deel toch weer lezen omdat ik wel wil weten hoe het verder gaat. Als het dikke boeken geweest waren was ik zeker te weten afgehaakt.

    3. Well i am currently reading this book but so far it is great There is lots of drama and action in this book. So far i have fell in love with the book April:conspiracy 365. I truely recommend this book to any middle school and up students. The Conspiarcy 365 really can be an inspring book to young alduts that are going throug things like yhis young man. I am done reading the book and i enjoyed it alotis book really captured my attetion i couldnt put the book down.I am definitely going to read ano [...]

    4. Some unavoidable spoilers for January, February and March may be contained in this review.April was completely boring, dull and just terrible, to be frank. I had to stifle yawns for almost the entire course of the book. At the end of March, Cal and Lachlan have just car-crashed onto the side of the road with Kelvin and Sumo in close pursuit. April picks up from here, as Cal runs through the bushland to avoid not only his pursuers but highway cops and DoD soldiers. After this we wade through as m [...]

    5. Conspiracy 365: April is another chapter in the life of Cal Ormond who is on the run for something he didn't do. As the riddle unfolds, Cal realizes that he barely knows anything about his family history. With the help of his best friend, Boges, and a mysterious girl, Winter, Cal begins to make a little headway into solving this puzzle. Now, if only he could figure out who the guy is that looks exactly like him.There are a few new characters in this book. I liked the older woman, Mrs. Melba Snip [...]

    6. Another great book in this series! There are so many twists and turns. The unexpected is always happening, and I never know where the plot is going to go! Cal continues to drive the story forward with his great character. His resolve to help his family, his despair in tough circumstances, and his basic humanity are all so believable and compelling.I loved that in this book we meet some new characters who are never quite who you think they are. They sort of pop into the story, and we are left to [...]

    7. This book is really good it's like an adventure, a riddle, and it leaves you in suspense at some parts!!:) The boy is 15 yeaars old and he is on the run. Callum is facing many problems on his journey. Cal is lost trying to find his uncle's house to help him solve the Ormond Riddle. On top of that his sister is about to die in the hospital! He's going to cut his journey short to go see her but will he get caught? I'm looking forward to reading the other Conspiracy 365 books!This book was awesome! [...]

    8. Even better than the 3rd! Each book has gotten better so far. I thought, with 12 books, the plot might become uninteresting, but I'm excited to keep reading. There is always something different happening and a new piece of information to learn. Not a predictable book overall. So, yeah, a fun read!

    9. The fourth instalment in the series does certainly see a drop in the excitement and near the beginning of the book, arguably a drop in the quality of the writing. Following the excitement of the end of March, the beginning of April bizarrely skips a large portion of what happened, leaving the reader confused, but then goes on to explain it later. However. while there are no encounters with death adders and few chases from criminal gangs, Lord does manage to shock the reader through the unexpecte [...]

    10. This book series is fun and you don't know whats going to happen next. When I started to read this series I really got hooked I loved this series I would read this again.

    11. It wasn't a bad book but it wasn't the best. At certain points it was entertaining but, at times it seemed to drag on.

    12. 1 - read in order,2 - there is a reminder of what happened last month at the beginning,3 - fast-paced,4 - ends in the middle of something exciting going on. You will want to jump from one Book right into the next.Seems similar to 39 Clues though I think (if I remember right) that the kids were younger in that book. This one is better because it is all written by the same author. 39 Clues began to feel like it wasn’t thought out much ahead of time because of the authors thing. I never finished [...]

    13. While I am still confused on where this book is set (England? maybe Australia?) since some of the verbiage is unfamiliar and this book implies that winter is just setting in in April--I am pretty sure it's not in the U.S.--I am still enjoying the ride. I look forward to the end of each book to see what Cal will get himself into. I wasn't sure I'd still be interested after four books, but I think I'm in for the long haul now.

    14. The book, Conspiracy 365, all begins when Cal’s father discovers the Ormond Singularity. Initially, a man alerts Callum Ormond, a fifteen-year-old teenager, that his father discovered the ‘Ormond Singularity’ and that all his family including himself were in danger. Cal and his family go to their beach house on the New Year’s Eve. Cal learns that his father sent a letter and drawings. When Cal returns home, he sees that his Uncle Rafe was badly beaten since he was all covered in blood an [...]

    15. Now in its fourth run, Conspiracy 365 should really have picked up its game in April – but didn’t.Cal’s escape from his predicament at the end of March is much better resolved than March’s escape from the oncoming train by way of a secret manhole being opened by a criminal genius squatting underneath the railway. But thereafter absolutely nothing happens.There are no spoilers given in revealing Cal remains on the run. The police remain looking for him, as do the criminal gangs that are a [...]

    16. This kid named Cal meets a crazy guy talking about how they got his dad and they'll get him too. Cal ignored him because he thought he was crazy, but then he got a letter from his dad about an Ormond riddle and then he gets in trouble for something he didn't do. Now he's on the run trying to find this Ormond Riddle when these people keep attacking him and he almost died several times. He makes a couple friends along the way and some helped him a lot, while others he didn't know if he could trust [...]

    17. The book "Conspiracy 365: April" by Gabrielle Lord was a great book to add to this series. "March" left me on a huge cliffhanger with Cal keeping a man from drowning. He escapes his pursuers and continuous on to find shelter. After spending the night and getting shot at, he must rush into the city to save the hospital from unplugging his sister from life support. Cal hitches a ride in an old lady's trunk and gets to the hospital just in time to see his sister, Gabbi. He quickly talks to her unre [...]

    18. This is a very good book. On New Year's Even Cal is chased down the street by a staggering, sick man with a deadly warning "They killed you father. They'll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days!"Hurled into a life on the run, with a price on his head, the 15-year-old fugitive is isolated and alone. Hunted by the law and ruthless criminals, Cal must somehow uncover the truth about his father's mysterious death and a history-changing secret.Who can he turn to, who can he trust, when the who [...]

    19. "Conspiracy 365 April" by Gabrielle Lord, is about a boy named Cal who is living life on the run. In this book in the series he is coming home to convince his mother not to turn off his little sister's life support (his little sister is in a coma). Also, he is being hunted down by two men (thugs), that are trying to get back stuff he stole from them. Cal struggles getting food and find money. Lastly, getting to the hospital where is sister is at starts to become a big problem.Cal is on the run f [...]

    20. Cal is still on the runbut, this time he has picked up another piece of the Ormond Riddle. A ancient piece of vellum with six out of eight lines from the riddle. It is hard to decipher and he needs his friend Boges's help. But, being on the run with everyone looking for you makes it hard to lie low. Cal's doing a pretty good job of keeping one step ahead of the law, that is, until Boges contacts him with desperate informtioney are stopping Gabby's life support. Cal knows he needs to see her and [...]

    21. "April" by Gabrielle Lord is a book about how a kid named Cal is suspected by the whole world that he shot his Uncle Rafe and put his sister Gabbe into a coma, but the thing is, he didn't do it. He is on the run and to make things worse two gangs are trying to catch him and try to get a secret that has yet to be solved. I like this book a lot and I can't wait to go and read the fifth book in the series. But there is one thing I don't like about the series is that the books are so short and I jus [...]

    22. April Conspiracy 365 is the fourth book in the Conspiracy 365 series by Australian author Gabrielle Lord. Cal makes a responsible decision to save a life, risks his freedom and escapes from his pursuers using his own resources. He finds himself variously in a live fire area during an army exercise, the boot of an old lady’s car, trying to stop Gabbi’s life support being turned off in the ICU, living in an old boathouse and finally, caught in his worst nightmare. He again encounters his doppe [...]

    23. Conspiracy 365 April by Gabrielle Lord was one of the best action packed books I've read! Callum finally finds an ally who is in the same situation as him! As they become closer, Callum starts to trust him more, and decides to stick with him. But something very unfortunate has happened to Callum's younger sister Gabby. Callum is very far away from where Gabby is, and if he doesn't get to where Gabby is on time, she could possibly be gone forever.This book was one of the best books I've read. As [...]

    24. In terms of star ratings compared to the last one, this is definitely a +1, -1. +1 because the plot is starting to really come together. There's starting to be some movement towards what the riddle means and why people might want it. -1 because you really need to set the suspension of disbelief to 11. It's starting to get extremely ridiculous. I'm starting to assume that he IS paranoid. Too much conspiracy. Too many close calls, and do you really expect me to believe that a) basically, every cop [...]

    25. This is the fourth installment of Conspiracy 365 by Gabrielle Lord, and so far it just keeps getting better. This book is just like all the other books where Callum Ormond is a hunted fugitive and has to survive for 365 days. Whenever I read these books I am always on the edge of my seat because there is so much suspense. Of all the books in the series, this one so far is the best because as you get farther on in the series, the more you know about whats going on and how Cal is going to survive. [...]

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