En casa de los Templeton

En casa de los Templeton Cuando la familia Templeton oriunda de Inglaterra se muda a una mansi n colonial en Australia despierta la curiosidad y las habladur as de los lugare os y con raz n A simple vista los siete Templ

  • Title: En casa de los Templeton
  • Author: Monica McInerney
  • ISBN: 9788415420286
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cuando la familia Templeton, oriunda de Inglaterra, se muda a una mansi n colonial en Australia, despierta la curiosidad y las habladur as de los lugare os, y con raz n A simple vista, los siete Templeton parecen algo exc ntricos, y nadie siente m s curiosidad por ellos que su vecina, Nina Donovan, una madre soltera, y su hijo, Tom A lo largo de los siguientes a os, lCuando la familia Templeton, oriunda de Inglaterra, se muda a una mansi n colonial en Australia, despierta la curiosidad y las habladur as de los lugare os, y con raz n A simple vista, los siete Templeton parecen algo exc ntricos, y nadie siente m s curiosidad por ellos que su vecina, Nina Donovan, una madre soltera, y su hijo, Tom A lo largo de los siguientes a os, la relaci n entre los Templeton y los Donovan tomar n rumbos imprevisibles, hasta que un hecho tr gico har que sus caminos se separen, quiz para siempre.De la mano de una de las novelistas australianas de mayor xito, nos llega una historia maravillosa y emotiva sobre los peligros y los placeres del amor, de la amistad y de la familia.

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    One thought on “En casa de los Templeton”

    1. At almost 600 pages, this book is 200-300 words too long. In part 1 I was rather enjoying the languid walk through the lives of the Templetons and Nina and her son Tom. By part 2 my interest was on the wane, but I forged on. Almost 400 pages in (alright, 390-something) I thought, good god, this is getting a bit much. From there I skimmed. Honestly, this would have been far better if it wasn't so long-winded. Then again, the actual plot, buried as it was in all those words, wasn't really anything [...]

    2. 4.5★sA really well written novel about families, friendship, truth and lies, with a lovely romantic theme as well.I greatly enjoyed this novel, and have become quite the Monica McInerney fan. I have previously read Family Baggage and Hello From The Gillespies and consider this one the best yet.Firstly, McInerney writes well. Her novels are well structured and the narratives flow well. Her writing style is easy to read but her prose is not dumbed down. She demonstrates great skill as an experie [...]

    3. Interesting writing style. The authors real gift is connecting you to characters and connecting characters to each other. These characters really don't fall flat in any way, they are multidimensional, you get to see them from not only their own vantage point but also that of friends and family,they are relatable, they are humorous, some are introspective, some are not but they are all so viably human that it really draws you into the story and gives you a deep connection with their lives and the [...]

    4. This book gets off to a slow start because the set up is under the constraint of depicting the life, circumstances and background for the characters. At times it gets a little tedious being stuck in everyday life but if the reader sticks with it they'll eventually see the necessity of the journey. This becomes evident around chapter seventeen (roughly 250 pages in). It is here, that emotional attachment grows especially for the characters Gracie and Tom, which magnetically become the driving for [...]

    5. This was more of a 1.5 star book. I wanted to hurl this book across the room at several points while yelling "Just get ON with it, people!"If it had been about 150 pages shorter, I would have liked it, I think. It certainly makes me want to move to Australia.

    6. The Templeton family live in a stately home near the Victorian city of Castlemaine. While the other kids get to have fun on the weekends, the Templetons have to dress up in period costume and run tours of their home (Templeton Hall) - which prove to be a surprise hit with tourists. Having only recently arrived from England, they keep very much to themselves. At first their neighbour Nina is happy to maintain a distance. But then, their lives become interlinked and she finds herself drawn into th [...]

    7. Part One (the first sixteen chapters) of At Home with The Templetons is absolutely delightful. Can you imagine any family trying to maintain a normal life in a home where they have to dress in period costumes and tourist parade through your living space? Now imagine a family with issuesjor issues. It is funny, charming, and a little sad.The pace in Part Two slows down a great deal as it is mostly done through letters that cover eight years. It is a clever way to keep the reader apprised of the i [...]

    8. What a book! Monica knocked my socks off! This was my first book but it won't be my last by a long shot! The Templetons are a big imposing bunch, each with a big personality! We start out with Gracie arriving at what we know at the end to be "Templeton Hall", with some dark, curly, handsome stranger greeting her. Who was he? Then we go back to what happened to get to that moment.Eleanor, the mother of the crew, she was an iffy character, didn't hate her but didn't care for her either. Too wishy- [...]

    9. Monica McInerney writes good, solid books usually combining families in various locations with a bit of romance and drama. In this, At Home With the Templetons doesn’t fail to disappoint. It’s a good book recommendation for your grandmother, mother or sister.The Templetons arrive from England to country Victoria, Australia and take up residence at the family ‘colonial mansion’. Each weekend, the family dresses up in period costume and opens the house to strangers to relive the gold rush [...]

    10. An English family settles in a stately home in Castlemaine, Australia and conducts tours all dressed in appropriate period costume for the public. Nearby lives widowed, Nina Donovan and her young son, Tom. Nina's initial reaction towards the Templetons is negative. I thought it should have stayed that way. Recently Bette and I were talking about the skill need by an author when writing about unlikable character. I have to say I felt that with this Monica McInerney book. With the exception of Gra [...]

    11. A slow start as we are introduced to the characters and their world but it pulled me in enough to read on. In a way, though, the prologue snatched some of the tension away - we knew the lost lovers would meet again. When the Gracie/Tom story took the centre of the narration, I enjoyed it. At last we had some deep emotion, some 'zing' and I found myself holding my breath at some tense moments in their relationship. The remaining characters were unsympathetic. I rated Eleanor next most engaging af [...]

    12. Not entirely sure why I stuck with this book. Perhaps just through sheer bloody mindedness that I had a)previously enjoyed some of her work and b)I paid for it.It was full of so much cliche. Some of the most predictable writing I've ever read. The characters were ALL irritating, especially Gracie who I suspect was supposed to be the one we loved and cared about the most. She was just whiney and silly. The Templetons themselves were cardboard cut out "posh" types who had absolutely no redeeming f [...]

    13. The first Monica McInerney book I read, Greetings from Somewhere Else, I adored. As such, I keep reading her books, but none of them have been quite up to par. **Slight, vague references to spoilers**At Home with the Templetons was probably my least favorite. The themes and "morals" seemed cliche, and the book seemed to drag on quite a bit. I kept thinking, isn't it over yet? I guessed the climax's resolution long before it happened and was disappointed in the characters' reactions to that. Why [...]

    14. Another good story written by Monica mcinerney. It was nice to know that there are other families just as weird as ours. Also, towns that were mentioned in the book both in Australia and the United Kingdom are places that I have visited and could relate to the surroundings.

    15. En casa de los Templeton explora las relaciones familiares de las personas cuyas vidas y creencias se han basado en la mentira hasta encontrar las decepciones. Mónica McInerney ha escrito una excelente novela que centra la atención del lector en la reacción y el impacto al conocer la verdad de cada uno de los personajes involucrados.Gracie Templeton, el personaje central, se introduce en el prólogo a los 27 años, ella se prepara para regresar a Australia desde su casa en Londres. Sin embarg [...]

    16. My first time to read a Monica McInerney book. One of the book reviews says she is the Maeve Binchy of Australia. I just love the story although it was quite a long read.

    17. It actually took me awhile to really get into this book. I still read it just as fast as any other book but to be honest it just wasn't grabbing me. And then about half way through i realised that i found it quite depressing. Not so much the storyline, just the general feel of the book and the characters. I remember putting the book down for the night and turning to my husband saying `I feel quite depressed from reading this book. I can't put my finger on what it is exactly, just the mood of the [...]

    18. Another Australian writer, a best-selling author, I've come to read thanks to my very active blogger life. Thanks a lot to the web and the Internet for the incredible richness and variety of contacts I've got so far, and especially, to Monica McInerney's publicist who thought I would like this novel and sent it to me. I did!The main characters of this gripping novel are numerous and skillfully characterized but the real protagonist is a stately mansion in Australia , which I imagine as enchantin [...]

    19. At Home with the Templetons is a Romeo and Juliet like story set in a stately old home in Victoria, Australia. The Templetons are a large, noisy, weird family that move into a long empty, neglected mansion in the country. The town is abuzz with gossip about them, but their closest neighbor, Nina Donovan learns the real story is far different then everyone thinks. At first wary, Nina and her son Tom soon become entangled with the Templetons despite their frequent bizarre dramas. When the Templeto [...]

    20. There is a comfortable strangeness that wraps you even from the first page. However, it was Juniper who really made my skin crawl. The secretive and mysterious way that Kate described Juniper was enthralling. There were many times when I thought I had figured out what had happened to these characters, but with every twist and turn, you understand that you were either wrong or there is much more involved than you first predicted. I haven't read any of Kate's earlier books, but I am definitely kee [...]

    21. The blurb on the back of the latest Monice McInerney says she is Australia's Maeve Binchy. I think that is a great comparison. I love her modern family sagas set mostly in Australia also in England, Ireland, even some of New Zealand for this one. It is a bit of a long book, but most of the time it didn't feel long. I enjoyed the message of this one that no family is perfect and forgiveness can go a long way. Young Gracie is such a cutie.

    22. I've always found monica mcInerney's books great page turners, perhaps not overly substantial but very enjoyable in a gobble up quickly kind of way. This is the first I've read of hers since her public announcement of her battles with depression, which definitely through a different perspective on the reading experience. A few of the characters do suffer, but it is ultimately a warm story with the plot driven by various family dramas. I'm glad mm continues to write.

    23. This is the second book, I have read by this Author, I was slightly disappointed as it is very slow to begin with but after the first part, it was really good, I couldn’t put it down, it was funny in some parts and sad at times in other parts, and there is a very happy ending, be patient with this book and you will love it as much as I did. I would definitely recommend. The book is told in 3 parts.

    24. An interesting read with a variety of characters and plot twists. Enjoyed listening to it as an audio book - well read.

    25. It never ceases to amaze me how Monica McInerney makes her characters feel so real, and this book is no exception. Loved it from its start to its perfect ending!

    26. Familes are so complicated. This book is entertaining yet it will ring true the complexities of individuals in family units. I loved this book.

    27. One of those books you read when you have a bit of time to spare and find the theme intriguing, but not particularly memorable. Having said that, I have retained most of the story in my head, so that says something about it. We know people lie, and we know there are people who are so good at it that they live the lie and in doing so everyone associated with them are taken in completely and also live the lie. Many of these are grandiose in nature, and such is the lie in this book. I guess that is [...]

    28. This was another of my drive time reads. I pulled the audiobook off the library shelf with no prior knowledge, no expectation one way or the other.I am not sure I could have waded through it on my own. However, listening to the tale unfold was a different story; I got hooked. I am not going to lie. At times I wanted to scream, "Get on with it! I can only handle so much detail about these self possessed characters." But I stayed with it to discover whether there was any measure of triumph for the [...]

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