It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green

It s Halloween I m Turning Green My Weird School Special It s Halloween I m Turning Green by Dan Gutman has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher

  • Title: It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green
  • Author: Dan Gutman Jim Paillot
  • ISBN: 9780062206817
  • Page: 375
  • Format: ebook
  • My Weird School Special It s Halloween, I m Turning Green by Dan Gutman has descriptive copy which is not yet available from the Publisher.

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    One thought on “It's Halloween, I'm Turning Green”

    1. Hilarious!! One of the best children's audiobooks I've listened to in quite some time. If you want a quick Halloween laugh with a hint of mystery and spook-a-liciousness, I highly recommend this fun Trick-or-Treat tale, of adolescent weirdness and ridiculous zinger fun. The audio version is hysterical and quite delightfully done. I would imagine the book would be good, too. Happy Halloween - just don't turn green. FOUR **** Tween Audio, Spook-a-licious Hysterical Fun **** STARS

    2. AJ and his Weird School friends are all ready to go trick-or-treating. Things don't turn out quite as expected when a monster steals all their candy and the kids find out the monster is after Mrs. Yonkers's (their technology teacher) machine that makes everything giant (the kids want to use the machine to make their candy giant). Can the kids keep their candy safe or will Halloween be ruined?I am a fan of Dan Gutman books. His Weird School series is always guaranteed to be a fun read. I love Mr. [...]

    3. This was just the comic relief I needed. Dan Gutman is genius with his My Weird School series. The audiobook versions are fun to listen to! I love the repetitiveness in all of the stories. This one was a Halloween special and it didn't disappoint. Go on an adventure with A.J. and the gang!

    4. Daniel (my 9-year old) was VERY happy to see It’s Halloween, I’m Turning Green by Dan Gutman in our collection. Daniel is a huge Dan Gutman fan. He loves Gutman’s humor, especially in The Genius Files series. He read the first one as part of our local library’s youth book club and we listened to the second book in The Genius Files this summer on our family trips and were very entertained.It’s Halloween, I’m Turning Green involves the shenanigans of AJ and his friends as they go trick [...]

    5. Another interesting Weird School book. The kids enjoy these so they take turns picking out what will be read next. This one also had a bonus section at the end with fun facts and activities. We read the facts, but didn't do the activities as it was a library book. Now to see what they pick next

    6. I liked this book a lot! My favorite part was in the end when the bear tried to steal Mrs. Yonkers awesome new microwave that makes food bigger. But the bear was caught and unmasked and it was there old Mayor Hubble (my weirder school number 6) Mrs Yonkers phoned the police and the cops were there in a few minutes. Mayor Hubble was arrested for the 2nd time.

    7. I was looking for a quick Halloween audio book -- and I found a fun little volume in this one. Perfect for young readers who are eager to read a wacky ol' story about Halloween.

    8. Dan Gutman has a cute writing style in this series, very like Lemony Snicket in The Series of Unfortunate Events. My students will get a kick out of this book.

    9. Halloween is probably one of the top two holidays for kids. What's not to love about getting dressed up and getting candy--lots and lots of candy.Well the kids at Weird School are not exception. A.J. can't wait till he can stuff himself full of candy. A.J. and his friends gather to go trick-or-treating, and they're serious. With a very-calculated plan for getting the most candy. However there are some things they have to be on the lookout for. Like the Halloween Monster that terrorizes the neigh [...]

    10. Yet another terrible bookird time is not the charm. This one was even more repetitive in its story structure than the other ones! Awful, awful writing with a very unlikable main character. How can people rate this so high, when it is such a waste of time compared to legitimate funny children's books like Captain Underpants? When there are the Magic Tree House Books and so many other fun series that have QUALITY writing?! I hope my sister doesn't check out anymore of theseI'm sick of them (we pic [...]

    11. My Review: A.J and his friends are getting ready for Halloween. For them Halloween is the best day of the year, a day to fill up their bags with lot of candy. While out tricking or treating, they decided to stop at Mrs Yonkers’ house who promised Andrea a Magical Halloween surprise. But they couldn’t locate her house and then A.J and the gang confronted the Halloween Monster . This must be the Halloween Monster that terrorizes the neighborhood on Halloween day. The back of the book includes [...]

    12. I have to admit I'm stopping reading this one on p. 75 and it's going to the DNF (Did Not Finish) list. I was excited about this one and the series really for the My Weird School Series because there are quite a few and I'm really starting to make a list of things for my girls to read once they're reading on their own, but this author will not be on it. The language is offensive, the idea of promoting laughter to an underwear-werewolf is revolting and not in the least bit what I want to encourag [...]

    13. When I started reading, "It`s Halloween, I`m turning green" I could not put it down. while A.J and his "gang" where trick or treating he runs into Emily who says that their teacher has a treat a her house. On their way to their teachers house something mysterious happens. Soon they get to their teachers house and she has a new invention that will change your life. To find out what it is read this amazing fictional book.

    14. I think that this book is definitely a cute book for kids to read. It would be a good book to introduce to them around Halloween to get them excited! It is just a simple to read book, but it does not have a significant amount of good vocabulary throughout the book. I think this would be a fun read for a classroom, but not something I would tell a child to go and pick out to read. Most kids will enjoy this book because it is all about Halloween!

    15. This book was part of the flashback series I am continuing but, its a different one! A.J. is excited it is Halloween, and the best part is CANDY! He is very excited for this candy, and Halloween, but is not excited with what happens next. With the help of his "gang" he gets the candy he wants, and lives happily ever after- just kidding! Go read the book to find out more on this book! I have two more left in this flashback series!

    16. its about A.J. and his friends go trick or treating and they hear about this monster is in town stealing candy when they fall asleep on the grass from eating to much candy A.J. dreams about the teachers are coming to get his candy his art teacher dumps green paint on him and then he wakes up

    17. Classic My Weird School humor with a few extras thrown in. Dan Gutman raises the chuckles to a whole new level with this latest MWS Special edition. Nice features in the back of the book include Professor A.J.'s Weird Halloween Facts, Fun Games and Weird-Word Puzzles, and MWS Trivia Questions. Sure to be a big hit with MWS fans!

    18. This was a very silly book. The writing was smart, especially the kids' interpretations of common words & phrases. The storyline was at times hard to follow, but the resolution tied things up reasonably enough.

    19. The My Weird School books really rub me the wrong way. The stories are okay, but could really benefit from less teasing/name-calling/bullying. I don't think books need to be unnecessarily mean to "appeal" to kids.

    20. My favorite part was when A.J(Arlo) had a nightmare of getting attacked by techers and one techer dumped a bucket of green paint on Arlo's head but some peinguins asked Arlo to come to Antartica with them which was much calmer.

    21. Although this particular episode was a little uninspired, the series is generally pretty decent for kids in my daughter's age range - from six to eight. It's less drearily silly than the Captain Underpants stuff and I appreciate the way that the teachers are generally goodhearted.

    22. This is a good book for middle elementary students. The easy chapters are good for hesitant readers. The story seems tha tit would be appealing to that age group. Halloween and the adventures of a group of friends that evening are entertaining.

    23. I'm going to keep this brief out of respect and love for all the other books in this series that I have enjoyed reading with my daughter. This was by far the worst book in the entire collection. I will never get that hour of my life back when I could have been reading anything else.

    24. I borrowed this e book from the library in an effort to get my kids to use their kindle fire for something other than playing minecraft. It wasn't bad, the boys seemed to like it and I liked how there were facts about Halloween at the end of the book. We might check out another one someday.

    25. A.J. goes trick-or-treating for Halloween and gets all of his candy stolen by Mayor Hubble in a monster costume. He goes to see Mrs. Yonkers's house for a surprise. The surprise was a expanding machine. Then Hubble tries to steal that, goes to jail, and A.J. has a happy Halloween!!!

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