Sophie's Squash

Sophie s Squash On a trip to the farmers market with her parents Sophie chooses a squash but instead of letting her mom cook it she names it Bernice From then on Sophie brings Bernice everywhere despite her pare

  • Title: Sophie's Squash
  • Author: Pat Zietlow Miller Anne Wilsdorf
  • ISBN: 9780307978967
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On a trip to the farmers market with her parents, Sophie chooses a squash, but instead of letting her mom cook it, she names it Bernice From then on, Sophie brings Bernice everywhere, despite her parents gentle warnings that Bernice will begin to rot As winter nears, Sophie does start to notice changes What s a girl to do when the squash she loves is in trouble

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    One thought on “Sophie's Squash”

    1. This is a beautiful children’s book about a little girl, Sophie, who chooses a squash from a farmer’s market. This squash is the perfect size to hold, to bounce on her knee, to put a face on with marker, to fall in love with. The squash begins to become freckled and less bouncy, and in an effort to heal her squash, Sophie buries it in dirt. After the snow melts, a squash plant grows and eventually Sophie has two new squash to love. The humor is subtle and enjoyable. This book is thoroughly u [...]

    2. This is what happens when you take Wilson the volleyball from the film Cast Away and combine it with Where the Red Fern Grows.

    3. Hey. this star rating thing go beyond 5? It should sometimes. Like for Sohpie and her squash Bernice.I love this! You will too. One day when Sophie and her parents go to the Farmer's market, Sophie finds a squash that is the perfect size to cuddle and hold. Her parents had been thinking to have it for dinnerbut Sophie drew a face on Bernice and introduced her to MomMom ordered a pizza. But having a squash baby has its hazards. I can't tell you how Sophie navigates them because that is all the fu [...]

    4. How adorable! I may have clicked with this more than another book because I used to love to do this with the groceries my mom would bring home and I would help put away. Granted, my parents would never have put up with it for as long as Sophie's did. Not even for a few minutes. So I only did it as I took the groceries down to the pantry. (And usually it was not produce that could go bad.) I love the progression of the story. And while I guessed the ending, it was still adorable and I loved it.Th [...]

    5. Sophie and Bernice are best friends. Bernice goes with Sophie everywhere - to the farmer's market, to story time at the library, they even practice somersaults in the garden together. There's just one problemBernice is a squash. Sophie's parents tell her that squash don't last forever - eventually they'll squishy and gross. Sophie will have none of it; she believes that Bernice will always be her best pal. When Bernice starts to show signs of aging, Sophie comes up with the perfect solution!This [...]

    6. After selecting the perfect squash while shopping with her parents, Sophie simply can't bear to have it cooked. She becomes quite attached to the squash, names it Bernice, and brings it everywhere she goes. Even when the other children make fun of Bernice, Sophie remains steadfastly loyal and won't give up the squash. When even she realizes that something is wrong with Bernice since she is no longer firm, she tucks Bernice into the ground in order to heal. To her great delight, after winter's ch [...]

    7. Young children are notorious for latching on to random playthings or even having invisible friends. Their imaginations giving life to almost anything they encounter. Sophie is no exception. She decides that a squash purchased for dinner would make a better companion for herself. She gives it a face and a name, Bernice. Bernice goes everywhere with Sophie despite her parents concerns for the inevitable squishy, rotten fate of all produce. Eventually Bernice starts showing signs of her age leading [...]

    8. This is a sweet tale of a girl's affinity for a squash. She prefers the squash to a baby doll or other toy and carries it everywhere. I love that she even brings it to storytime at the library. The ending is very cute and our girls extrapolated that to a future of countless baby squashes. The narrative is entertaining and fun to read aloud and the illustrations are terrific. We really enjoyed reading this book together.

    9. This book is absolutely delightful. Whimsical, funny, and ultimately meaningful, it would be at home on any shelf. Hooray for Sophie and Bernice!

    10. Great book I read a few years ago for story time. Illustrations are cute and colorful. Cutest pig tails since Pippy Longstocking! Great book for story time in fall or spring. Maybe bring in a real squash to put in the middle of the table!

    11. Big, bright orange pumpkins are definitely the vegetable celebrities on Halloween. I’d like to nominate the humble butternut to take center stage during Thanksgiving, a time for celebrating the harvest with family and friends. And there’s no better book to promote butternut devotion than the sweet, seasonal friendship story of Sophie’s Squash.“Bernice was just the right size to love,” reads the blurb on the back cover. Chosen at the farmer’s market and destined for the dinner table, [...]

    12. When Sophie and her family go to the farmer’s market, Sophie helps pick out a lovely squash. However, it is not a squash that she wants to eat! Instead she names it Bernice and takes it everywhere with her. Her parents offer to cook Bernice so that she won’t rot, but Sophie is scandalized. Soon though, Bernice is starting to show her age with “freckles” on her skin. So Sophie heads back to the farmer’s market to ask how to help Bernice not rot. The farmer suggests, “Fresh air. Good, [...]

    13. One day, I sat down on the couch and my three-year-old daughter started to scream: “You’re sitting on Toricelli!” I jumped up. Toricelli was one of her myriad invisible friends and I almost squashed him. In “Sophie’s Squash” (Schwartz & Wade Books, 2013), a debut picture book by Pat Zietlow Miller, Sophie also has an imaginary playmate, only hers is a real vegetable. In this sweet story about love and friendship, Miller hits all the right notes: A loveable main character, patient [...]

    14. I loved this book when I first read it last year, but wondered how children would react to it. You know how there are those picture books that appeal much more to adults than to kids? I worried this was one of those. I got my chance to find out today during my weekly library program for kids in grades 3 through 5. Sophie's Squash is a North Carolina Children's Book Award nominee and in honor of Read Across America Day, I did my program on the nominated books, and kids voted at the end.I chose th [...]

    15. AI'm glad I didn't miss this one. Sophie is a sensitive, vibrant little girl (the illustrations capture her essence perfectly) who decides to make a squash (yes, a squash) her best friend. Her patient parents try to help her give Bernice the squash up because it's rotting, but Sophie won't hear of it. She does, however, ask a farmer how to keep a squash healthy, so she makes Bernice a little bed under the soil. Winter comes and buries her in snow, so Sophie befriends a fish for awhile. Spring br [...]

    16. I will start out by saying I truly hate squash (and each of its related orange squishy vegetables)---I always have and I always will. Please don't try and change my mind. With that said I really liked this story. Plus I think having a squash as a friend is much better than having squash to eat. The story is loving and tender, but just the right dash of humor to keep it from becoming sickeningly cute.This would be a great book for preschools that are looking for a collection of books on Fall or v [...]

    17. With school starting rather soon-ish, my first thought was to recommend Sophie’s Squash to teachers, librarians and parents as a charming book for autumn. But I hesitate to limit this gem to the “books for fall” shelf. Inspired by Pat’s own squash-loving daughter, Sonia, this lovely story is really about friendship, and is a joy for all seasons.My full review and interview with the author on how teachers and librarians can use Sophie's Squash in the classroom is here: bibliolinks.wordpre [...]

    18. Sophie's parents buy a squash at the farmer's market for supper, but Sophie has other plans. The squash is just the right size for hugging and bouncing on her knee, so she appropriates it for her companion. "Well, we did hope she's love vegetables" Sopie's good-natured mom says. But squash are not forever, and eventually nature takes its course. The way Sophie deals with this sad event is priceless--as is the eventual outcome. For every kid who's ever ditched the present to play with the box, th [...]

    19. I really liked this quirky little story (based on the author's daughter) about a girl who decides a squash from the farmer's market is the perfect doll/companion/friend. Maybe it's because I also liked to make dolls out of completely random/weird objects when I was little (potatoes, pillows, gingerbread)at is, of course, until I would become convinced the doll(s) were possessed and eventually give them away to another poor soul so I would be spared any "Chuckie"-esque episodes of terror. As you [...]

    20. This is a tale about a little girl named Sophie who finds a quiet yet loyal friend in a squash that she picks up at the farmer’s market. Since this story is about love, friendship, loyalty and inevitable change it does contain a true life lesson made simple for children to understand. The ending shows us that even though things may change often times it is for the best with many good surprises to come!

    21. Such a sweet story about a little girl named Sophie who befriends a squash and draws a happy face on it and names it Bernice. Sophie takes Bernice everywhere until one day Bernice begins to look a little blotchy. Sophie wants to make Bernice feel better. What is she going to do? I always seem to cry at the end. This is one of my new favorites! Great book for little ones who are learning about plants.

    22. A delightful story about a little girl named Sophie who takes a friend, Bernice, wherever she goes. But Bernice happens to be a squash, which makes this story even more endearing. What I love about this book is that Sophie doesn't care what others think about her squash and defends it like her very own baby/friend. Sophie's positiveness is infectious. In addition, I love that a subtle lesson about the cycle of life is intertwined into the story. Sophie's Squash is a great read! Loved it!

    23. About a girl who befriends and beloves a squash as much as any family member, placing it a step above other boring pets like a fish. But then her squash grows older and squishier and less able to do somersaults, so what to do? Bake her and cover her with marshmallows? Not if Sophie can help it. Delightfully tongue-in-cheek.

    24. - this is a story about a girl who falls in love with a squash, and they become best friends until one day the squash is freckled and the little girl has to make a very serious and big decision - this is SO funny and adorable, especially when the squash starts to rot - there's a very touching moment when the girl and her pet fish have a picnic with the squash's babies

    25. My goodness, how could you not totally fall in love with this book? I've read literally thousands of children's picture books, and I keep bringing this one home because it's such a lovely story about a young girl's caring, naivete, and optimism. I hope my own daughter keeps her own caring qualities forever. Bravo Pat, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    26. I, personally, do not care for the illustrations, but they are a good fit, and, omg, the story is just perfect. I admit I did not see the ending coming and was pleasantly surprised by it. Recommended.

    27. Sophie's Squash is imaginative, fun, and tender. It would make a great gift, especially in the spring. I bought squash seeds along with the book and gave the packets to my grandsons so that they could have their own Bernice.

    28. Oh, how I love this book! The story is pitch perfect, right down to the ending, and the pictures have the right feel too. I'm just glad neither of my girls ever did this because butternut squash is one of my favorite vegetables to grow--and eat :D

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