The Late Night Horror Show

The Late Night Horror Show When the movie starts the horror becomes real It was a run down old multi plex in a seedy part of town But it had a special late night festival of the cheap horror movies one group of friends loved

  • Title: The Late Night Horror Show
  • Author: Bryan Smith
  • ISBN: 9781619212305
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • When the movie starts, the horror becomes real It was a run down old multi plex in a seedy part of town But it had a special late night festival of the cheap horror movies one group of friends loved, movies filled with zombies, vampires and backwoods maniacs.How could they know it was a very special screening indeed After the friends split up and their chosen movies b When the movie starts, the horror becomes real It was a run down old multi plex in a seedy part of town But it had a special late night festival of the cheap horror movies one group of friends loved, movies filled with zombies, vampires and backwoods maniacs.How could they know it was a very special screening indeed After the friends split up and their chosen movies began, they found themselves transported out of the life they knew and into the blood drenched worlds of the films Worlds where the living dead roam the countryside, the decrepit mansion of a vampire and his minions dominates the night sky, and the shrill scream of a buzz saw is always right behind you.

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    One thought on “The Late Night Horror Show”

    1. This is mindless good fun, and a book that was obviously and unapologetically written to appeal directly to your ghoulish and prurient proclivities. Everything I've read by Bryan Smith so far has been has been like a love letter to your lizard brain. This is no exception.Is it ridiculous? Yes.Is it over-the-top? Yes.Are all of the characters stock horror movie cliches (hot guys and horny gals in their early 20s)? Yes.Is this book chock-a-block with gratuitous sex and violence? Yes.Will you care? [...]

    2. 4.5 starsThis was an entertaining story based on a clever concept. It has vampires, zombies, a pretty extreme group of "Devil's Rejects" types, and an SF angle. Read this!

    3. A bunch of twenty-somethings living in a small town go to a horror film festival at a run-down multiplex. The festival features low budget, independent films of all types, and when they arrive they've already decided which ones they want to start with. One couple goes to a vampire film, one girl goes to see a Chainsaw Massacre rip-off, and most of them go to an apocalyptic zombie movie. When they arrive at the theater, they notice everyone working there looks similar and acts with no sense of hu [...]

    4. 8 individual set out for a night at the movies at the Sunshine 6 Cineplex. 6 movies filled with blood and murder. Only these movie-goers get more than they bargained for when they become part of the show. The movies are fiction, however, the characters they now play are real. The scenarios are real. And if you die in the moviesyou die for real. An entertaining read in the vein of Waxwork.A "just for fun" perfect read to while-away a few hours.

    5. Was a little undecided about giving 3 or 4 stars but in the end thought this book had enough fun and gore to deserve 4. I did sometimes get a bit confused among the various story lines and characters but in the end it all came together.

    6. Samhain Publishing just keeps getting it right when it comes to horror. With every new release, they continue to push the boundaries of terror and offer up a nice diversity of new and unique frights. Their upcoming release, THE LATE NIGHT HORROR SHOW, is a perfect example of this. Wildly entertaining and full of the horror that fans like me love, this book thrills on many different levels.Author Bryan Smith is certainly a writer to watch out for. With a vast imagination and an easy-to-read style [...]

    7. The Late Nighy Horror Show was the first novel I have read by Bryan Smith but will not be my last. The book was a lot of gruesome fun with three drastically different horror tales coalescing into 1. While all 3 of the tales are so stereotypical they can be predictable the back story of a group of friends being sucked into the worlds of 3 different B Horror films keeps you pushing on and the nasty grue that fills the segments keeps you squirming while you do it. The novel is not particularly deep [...]

    8. Another solid and satisfying horror "good read" from one of horror fiction's best writers, and one of my favorites in the genre. A horror film fest, of the B movie variety, is taking place in an old, seemingly rundown, cineplex, and unbeknownst to several strangers, they are about to live the horrors they see on the screen. Will they each survive the zombie apocalypse, vampires, and maniacal backwoods killers? Read this brutal and unrelenting novel to find out! Highly recommended for fans of har [...]

    9. I loved this book! Take the best of each type of Horror movie and mix them together in one book.Bryan Smith takes us on a fast paced Roller Coaster ride through the movies

    10. Bryan Smith is an extremely talented wordsmith and The Late Night Horror Show is one of those rare horror novels that is extremely fun to read while being equally violent and horrific. In horror-nerd speak, this is "our shit".A group of friends meet up at a dilapidated cineplex to attend a late night horror film festival of the B-movie variety. Once seated in their respective auditoriums, the group is mysteriously transported into worlds of the fright films that they were, up until recently, jus [...]

    11. Have you ever watched B-horror movies? These are the horror movies that are so bad they're good. They're a lot of fun to watch because they never make sense, the people in the movie always make the same mistakes, and they are always full of clichés, which makes them kind of hilarious. The problem with B-horror movies is that you always know how things are going to end. Personally, I'm a big fan of horror movies, but not really the new torture porn stuff that borders on obscene. I prefer to be s [...]

    12. Enjoyed the first chapter and then it went downhill fast. I don't mind swearing to an extent but I found the character's to be vulgar. Not sure if that was intentional since the character's were a bunch 20 something's straight out of high school. I was ready to give up but since the story line really peaked my interest, and I searched everywhere for this book, I stuck with it. It wasn't until about half way through that I got more into it. I enjoyed the serial killer psycho group of siblings the [...]

    13. i have to say when i read this book i thought i was going to be disappointed in itt i gave a it a chance and loved ityou have to love any type of horror to enjoy this reminded me of b movies but better written had vampires, zombies, and crazy ass psycho in this bookbut i will not give any more information due to people will get mad about it

    14. What a ride!If you are looking for vampires, aliens, zombies, mad scientists, serial killers. and more in one book, pick this up right away. This was a fun read.

    15. Bryan Smith's The LATE NIGHT HORROR SHOW is in the top three books I've read this year, 2015. It is a trifecta of horror storytelling. A book that tackles three major horror sub-genres and manages to make it all fresh and exciting and new. I'd shied away from Bryan Smith after the first book I'd read by him, Rock N Roll Reform School Zombies. It was a good book but not a great book. THIS is a great book and I now have a greater appreciation for all the clout he gets in the horror fiction genre.T [...]

    16. I received this book through First Reads.Being a big fan of horror, I was excited to start this book. The premise I thought was fascinating - who could pass up a multitude of iconic horror-movie antagonists? That of which included zombies, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, and vampires. (They had me at the Z-word.)To be honest, the gratuitous swearing put me off almost immediately. And as we met each of the novel's main characters, I became almost disappointed at how little depth they had. However, as [...]

    17. This is like three different books in one. We have a vampire story, a zombie story and finally the one with the chainsaw maniac. All the stories run in parallel. And the transition from one to another it so smooth that it is sort of fun thinking of the characters from one, while reading about other. Gore and Violence is to the extreme but never gross. It gives you a feel of the splatter punk Hollywood horror movies. Eight young people in a small college town decide to attend the horror film fest [...]

    18. WildI am a huge fan of Bryan Smith. I love how his books take you out of reality, and spit you into some messed up, gory version of reality. I have yet to read a book by Bryan Smith that has disappointed me. This book is great because it touches on so many different genres of horror, most of the popular ones are represented. This was a fun read, albeit a gross one.

    19. I was in the mood for a quick, scary read, and thiswell, it didn't satisfy in the least, but it's put me entirely off the horror craving for little while with its cringeworthiness (the embarrassing kind, unfortunately, not the disturbing kind), so that's something it? Three different plot threads based on popular horror sub genres, woven poorly together with little editing. Dusty zombie feature, cliche vampire tale, and slasher in the woods. The slasher/final girl storyline was by far the best, [...]

    20. I have tried to read this book twice. The first time was during last summer. I read the first page and put it off until recently. I dont know why I thought it would have more appeal to me when it obviously was a bore in the first place. I know, I know, you're probably thinking I must be an idiot for judging a book based off the first page. Call me impatient, but if the first chapter of any book doesnt turn me on, then I just move along. Halloween rolled around, so I pulled out this book again an [...]

    21. I'd been debating reading this for a while and I finally let myself be swayed by a review that compared it to Waxwork, a movie from the Eighties I'm quite fond of. Unfortunately the imaginative touches that made Waxwork so enjoyable are completely missing here. The "movies" the characters found themselves in were dishwater-dull and neither the larger plot nor the characters themselves were interesting enough to make up for it.There are some things I did appreciate. The female characters are by a [...]

    22. Way more fun than I expected it to be.A bunch of cinema goers attend a late night horror festival at a run down cinema and find themselves sucked into a zombie movie, a vampire movie and a chainsaw psycho movie and try to work out how to survive and get back to the real world.I found the author's tendency to flit between the different films a good way to keep the pace going non-stop. You find yourself backing all the characters. It's not smugly smiling at the reader, but is just meta enough.Grea [...]

    23. This is from Bryan Smith who is in the ranks with Edward Lee; his writing is over the top horror. I really enjoy this stuff even though I compare it to McDonalds for your head. That said, this book is about a group of people who go to a B movie night at a theater and get transported into the movie they're watching. And it really worked. The plot of the movie and how they played out was exactly like an "Up All Night w/ Rhonda Shear" B movie. Good stuff!

    24. This was a fun read giving you four stories at once. Smith does not hold back on the gore or violence and it is enough to make Eli Roth happy. I will admit I could careless about the main "villian". But I am curios to see what happens to some of the other characters and their concequences in our world.

    25. I have read everything Bryan has written and always enjoyed them. The Late Night Horror Show is in my opinion his best work yet. Vampires,Zombies and chainsaw psychos with lot's of gore and black humour.If you have enjoyed any other books by Bryan Smith or are a Richard Laymon fan you will not want to miss this!!!!

    26. Really enjoyed the "movie-like "structure of the book and all of the 80's horror nuisances. Most of the book worked really well, my only gripe was with the ending. It just felt a tad too contrived for my liking. Overall, it was a good, quick and fun yarn that I would recommend if you're a fan of horror.

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