The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad

The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad When Jill and her family moved to Italy she expected life to change but she had no idea how massive that change would be Shortly after the move she discovered her husband had been having an affair an

  • Title: The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad
  • Author: Jill Pennington
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Jill and her family moved to Italy she expected life to change but she had no idea how massive that change would be Shortly after the move, she discovered her husband had been having an affair and had no intentions of staying in Italy Despite being in a foreign country with no income, limited language skills, a house that needed rebuilding and three young children tWhen Jill and her family moved to Italy she expected life to change but she had no idea how massive that change would be Shortly after the move, she discovered her husband had been having an affair and had no intentions of staying in Italy Despite being in a foreign country with no income, limited language skills, a house that needed rebuilding and three young children to care for, she never once considered returning to the UK With strength and determination she accepted any challenge, dismantling a derelict house to ground level, digging out a three metre deep well with her hands to get free water and overcoming her fear of the chainsaw to cut the winter wood When there was very little money for food she made risotto with nettles collected from the roadside She overcame many problems learned new skills and discovered that money is not important, and the only things in life that matters are health, happiness and her children Jill s story is delivered with an ever present hint of humour, because, she says, Without laughter life wouldn t be funny

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    One thought on “The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad”

    1. I'm usually a stickler for correct spelling and grammar in anything I read. I can overlook the odd error but when they're persistent, I usually give up. Just occasionally, I come across a book which has such raw integrity about it, I will read it despite its faults. 'Diary' was one such book. It didn't just ask to be read. It reached out of the pages, grabbed me by the throat and demanded to be read. I couldn't stop reading it.It's the true story of a woman who, with husband and three small chil [...]

    2. The Diary of a Single Parent Abroard by Jill Pennington was published in June 2013. I have enjoyed this tale of an adventure that turned out very differently from the initial plan. When Jill and her husband decided to move to Italy, almost on the spur of the moment, with their three children, they had big dreams. They would buy an old run-down house and renovate it so that it would become their dream home. Their children would be brought up in the sunshine, allowed more freedom than in the UK an [...]

    3. What a woman! What a book!I've read a few expat biographies before, I have friends and relatives who have made the move to foreign climes but I can honestly say I have never read any of this type of book as good as this one before. I had seen this in the amazon recommendations and read a few reviews-some readers mentioned about there being a lot of errors in this book-well I wouldn't agree. Yes there are a few, eg. two missing commas in the acknowledgement page, but hey, the book is so good it r [...]

    4. As the writer states, this is not your usual ex-pat story. And I'm glad about that as the genre – of wealthy expat doing up a house in Italy/France and complaining about the builders has become somewhat of a cliché. This is an honest, frank, gutsy account of carving out a new life by a courageous woman who has made a new life for herself and her family – against the odds.There is humour and heartbreak in equal measure – from the menagerie of animals (some of which are kept as pets rather [...]

    5. The tale of a gutsy girl who takes her children to live in Italy and discovers her husband is having an affair with one of their friends.We follow Jill as, with no husband too help, she struggles to fix a leaking house, keep an old banger going, adopt endless animals and feed her children, and one admires her courage as we see her throwing herself into all kinds of ventures in order to do this.It’s a pretty harrowing tale, although being the sort of character she is, she clearly gets on well w [...]

    6. MesmerizingStarted reading it and couldn't stop until I'd finished it! So well written and entertaining. Loved her description of life on the farm and appreciated the humor she so deftly displayed. My heart ached for her and the kids with the financial deprivation they suffered but so admired her resilience and determination to make the best of things. A very loving mother, devoted to providing a haven for her children without bad-mouthing their dead beat father to them. Kids grow up and can see [...]

    7. I found this to be a delightful, charming book.A good touch of humor runs throughout this wonderful memoir of a woman making a new life in Italy. It really was a new life also; she all of a sudden has to raise the kids all by herself. For me it's a real example in courage and persistence. The place she describes living at in Italy, I do wish I lived at.Needless to say, this is a story that I’m finding very difficult to put down. While there a number of sad things that happens she manages to ke [...]

    8. My feeling about this book is that there's a really good story in there - somewhere. It needs to be torn apart and put back together by a professional editor, or taken chapter at a time by the author and reworked so that has less of a "I'm writing whatever comes into my head" sense and more of a structured story at its core. Right now, it feels like someone's personal diary or a collection of blog posts. To get it out of that genre, it will require work and dedication to the art of writing. Havi [...]

    9. I was lucky enough to be given a copy of this Memoir recently and firstly have to thank the Author Jill Pennington for finding the determination/strength to write it. Wanting something different/better in a place to live and bring up their family Jill, her husband and their children move to Italy - they found a derelict property in an idyllic place to renovate and during the early stages rented a property whilst finances etc were sorted out. The Author's husband was travelling back to the UK a l [...]

    10. Wow what a fantastic Memoir. I absolutely loved it having read this in one afternoon I simply couldn't put it down what a fascinating page turner it is.Jill takes us through an upheaval Journey with lots of struggles along the way and no matter what happens Jill's children always come first. So Jill moves to Italy from the UK with her family to start a new life. which sounds like a dream come true. But not for Jill it isn't she soon discovers her husband is having an affair. (What a cock he is-m [...]

    11. I was blown away by this book and read it in a few sittings. The book had been on my kindle for a while and I really hadn't expected it to be so good, but it turned out to be such a cracker of a read that I could hardly put it down. Jill Pennington and her husband have experience of renovating "doer upper" old houses and decide to buy one in a mountain village in Italy. Unfortunately, Jill's husband flits too often back and forth between his various business interests in other countries and also [...]

    12. 'The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad' by Jill PenningtonJill is one of these wonderful women who can do anything, it seems: Dig a septic tank, chop wood, refurbish and re-harl buildings, drive tanks, bake cakes, make compote and pizza, nurse baby animals and charm the local bigwigs. She also writes great books, easily fluent and compulsively readable. I read 'The Diary of a Single Parent Abroad' in one sitting, creeping to bed very late so as not to wake the family. It is no wonder that with the [...]

    13. I REALLY ENJOYED THIS BOOKMaybe I should not have enjoyed reading this book, since for much of the story the author was struggling to survive while others behaved very badly indeed, but it contains so many funny lines. The narrative flowed smoothly and it was easy for me to relate with Pennington as I’ve been in a similar situation – not including the animals. I have to admire her perseverance, her courage and all that hard manual labour, not many women would have coped and she has reason to [...]

    14. Jill Pennington writes a story that easily be read as excellent fiction, but sadly it isn't - it's true. Her constant battles to provide a home, food, stability and comfort for her children, after leaving the UK and moving to rural Italy, demonstrates her enormous capacity to buckle down and get on with it - whether it's digging a well, building a new house or remonstrating with her uncooperative ex-husband. Jill is an inspiration to us all, 'The diary of a single parent abroad' is beautifully w [...]

    15. This is an amazing book written by a woman many of us can relate to. Jill effortlessly and honestly shares not only the personal aspects of her experience but also some cultural ones too. An easy book to read because you can't put it down incase you miss something!- amazon/diary-single-paThe Diary of a Single Parent Abroad

    16. Amazing story and lifeI share a lot of the frustration over child support with a selfish gitt. You did a wonderful job with your kids dispute him. You remind me how disgraceful the system is for paying child support, its still a man's world and the women and kids have to make do :-(

    17. I really enjoyed reading about the trials and tribulations of this family who moved to Italy. It's a raw, brutally honest account, with a sprinkling of humour for good measure. My only real criticism is that I found the ending rather abrupt. I hope there will be a sequel.

    18. Feisty Yorkshire woman who describes herself as a 'home bird' details her challenging life following emigration to Italy and her husband leaving the family. An amazing real-life story. Truly unputdownable. I believe the Daily Mail newspaper has interviewed her.

    19. Amazingly strong womenThis book was very captivating! I kept waiting for her ex to step up and take care of his children. Jill is a good mother and a strong woman.

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