Fruit of the Poisoned Tree

Fruit of the Poisoned Tree Everyone suspects Park Lamonte s wife killed him for the ten million dollar insurance policy But Peggy of The Potting Shed has a growing suspicion there s to the story and sets out to dig up the tru

  • Title: Fruit of the Poisoned Tree
  • Author: Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene
  • ISBN: 9780425209677
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone suspects Park Lamonte s wife killed him for the ten million dollar insurance policy But Peggy, of The Potting Shed, has a growing suspicion there s to the story and sets out to dig up the truth.

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    One thought on “Fruit of the Poisoned Tree”

    1. Peggy Lee has an extreme amount of knowledge on plants and poisons so once again we find her trying to help solve not one but two murders. Although the police are not happy with her getting involved in their investigation.The characters are always interesting and I find humor in the antics of Shakespeare her Great Dane as well as Peggy herself.

    2. First of all, let me say that I love Shakespeare. I wouldn't want him living in my house, but he's by far my favorite character in this series. Secondly, thank you Joyce and Jim for an LGB character and a wonderfully accepting MC who understands. Beyond that, I just don't like this series. I realize that the 1st husband was a policeman and so is the son, but why does the CMPD not arrest Peggy for all the laws she breaks? And why do all of the other characters, especially Steve, follow her when s [...]

    3. So a couple things bothered me about this one. First was the part where Peggy said (and I'm paraphrasing), "No good beekeeper would allow Horse Chestnut to grow where their bees will fly." Um bees usually fly a 2 mile radius, and can fly up to a 6 mile radius. No beekeeper I know has control of the plants that grow in such a large area. The second was when the taxi cab driver dropped her off from the first obedience class, and he promises to come pick her up for the next one. Well, when it's tim [...]

    4. I quite enjoy these books. This is the 2nd one.Peggy Lee, the botany professor, has come to be regarded as something of an expert on plant poisons. She is asked to give a talk on the tobacco plant at a regional meeting and surprises everyone by talking of some of the good qualities of the plant. As she returns to her hotel to get ready for her trip home, she runs into a demonstration which seems to involve a college friend, Park Lamonte. He does not look well, and she is concerned for him as he [...]

    5. Because I had to search all over e-bay for this book(currently, its not sold in stores. WHO knows why, since the rest of the series IS!), its been awhile since I read the first one(who's plot seems to escape me! I remember the characters mostly, but that is about it), I think I need to start writing the dates that I read the books on the inside cover. Anyway This book felt odd to me. Maybe because I really only remember the main character of the book. Everyone else is a complete blank for me!! W [...]

    6. I gathered these colourfully-covered books of Joyce’s series some time ago as a plant-lover: houseplants, perennials, wildflowers, fruit, vegetables, and herbs. Hardiness zone three, I might add, is a short-lasting central Canadian region I challenge anyone to sow. I’m far behind Peggy’s age but enjoy a spotlight on stages of life seldom depicted. Delivery of the first novel was bland but I happily tried this second. Adjustment was needed because I mistook volume III as the successor. Read [...]

    7. I was so excited that Peggy Lee and all her pals not only increased their awesomeness, but that the story is very intriguing. Once again, Peggy Lee finds herself involved in solving yet another mysteryOne of her friends finds herself convicted of murder (apparently killing her husband for a 10 million dollar insurance policy). She asks Peggy to "help her find the real killer".So Peggy, although she "tries not" to get involved, finds herself caught up in a whirlwind of excitement and intrique. He [...]

    8. Fruit of the Poisoned Tree is a wonderful second adventure in Lavene's Garden Mystery series. After successfully solving the murder in the previous book, Peggy finds herself thrown into yet another murder mystery much to the police's irritation. Peggy's old friend Park is killed in what appears to be a car accident that turns into a murder case with Peggy's other friend Beth accused of murdering him. Peggy knows that Beth is innocent but that innocence becomes even harder to prove when Park's mo [...]

    9. Peggy's at it again. She just can't leave mysteries to the police and the lawyers. Peggy's lifelong friend Park dies driving off a highway ramp. Park's aged mother suspects his wife, Beth killed him for a large insurance policy payout. Peggy is positive Beth is not responsible. Peggy's expertise in plant poisons leads her to believe that Park was poisoned, before driving off the ramp. Her new romantic interest Steve want to help, but feels like maybe she is overstepping her bounds. Her son Paul, [...]

    10. This series revolves around Peggy Lee. She is a botanist, college professor, widow of a police detective and owner of the Potting Shed in Charlotte,NC. Witnessing the car wreck and death of a close friend, followed by the murder of his mother, has Peggy working to prove his death was actually a murder and keeping his widow out of jail. I like that Peggy is an older sleuth who works hard at living life to the fullest. I felt like all the characters were lifelike and well developed. The setting pu [...]

    11. Peggy is riding with Steve to an obedience class for Shakespeare when they witness a car flying off of the overpassd she knows who it is (of course) but that doesn't damper the intrigue or my interest in this series. It is a "cozy" mystery, one of many that I enjoy and fit in between intense reading to cleanse my palette (brain/nerves).So keep on writing thesePeggy keep on solving crimes against friends :-)As a note to myself, the police department finally invites her to come aboard in a pay pos [...]

    12. Since I don't normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here's the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end. I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won't be reading any more from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won't go out of my way to read more, But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I'd pick it up.4 stars I really [...]

    13. In this instalment of the series we find Peggy still trying to juggle her work at the University along with the shop, she has travelled to a conference where she also sees an old friend, when she gets home her Great Dane starts trashing the house and the next thing is her friend Park dies in a car accident (which Peggy witnesses), the police seem to think that Park's widow Beth has something to do with the accident but Peggy cannot believe this and starts digging for dirt.

    14. #2 in the Garden Mystery series. Peggy Lee (no relation) exercises her detective chops as she ventures into the upper echelons of Charlotte, NC society in search of amurderer. As she is a botanist and owner of a garden center, horticultural lore is involved.A Garden Mystery - Botanist, detective's widow, and owner of the Potting Shed, Peggy Lee must dig deep for the truth when her friend Beth is accused of murdering her husband to cash in on his ten-million-dollar life insurance policy.

    15. Pretty good as these cozies go. The main character isn't a total moron (unfortunately a common cozy failing) and I can believe that she managed to get her PhD, even if some of her work seems more like it belongs to an agronomist than a botanist. I haven't read the first one so some things, like Peggy's internet chess CIA not-boyfriend, seemed a little odd, but overall it was above average for the genre, even coming in without reading #1.

    16. I've tried several books by this team of authors, and this one didn't inspire me much. I actually started reading it sometime last year, but put it down about 50 pages from the end and didn't get back to it until today when I was temporarily out of reading material. Somehow, they just don't manage to engage me on a personal level with their characters.

    17. #2 in the series. Peggy has friends in trouble again. Just when she thinks she has things finally figured out, something happens to change her mind. Peggy/Steve/Paul/Beth/Great Dane and others from book #1.

    18. love Peggy and friendsThought I had read all of the books in this series, but I think I missed some. This was a great read, I thought I had it figured out, but surprise! Loved the bit at the end about Shakespeare. Must read the next one.

    19. Enjoyed other Lavene books and this is set in Charlotte near where I live. Although gardening not really my thing and missed the first book in the series, I found the main character and storyline interesting and the plant data informative. I'll look look for more in this series.

    20. I like this series, but already I'm getting tired of Peggy's disregard for the law and for the disrespect for her son's position as an officer for the local PD. Other than that, the mysteries are well written and fun. She really keeps you guessing as to "Who Dunnit?".

    21. I enjoy the garden aspect -- Park Lamont and others killed by Hickory Honey- done by the lawyer partner and ex-wife

    22. I tried a sample and didn't really like it. I didn't appreciate the author's viewpoints leaking into the story - riding a bike for the environment, etc. I won't be reading any more of this series

    23. This book was hard for me to find! I had to special order it because it was no longer carried in book stores. Even with that, the book was such a great read! Peggy is such a fun character!

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