In Silence

In Silence When Avery Chauvin returns to her Louisiana hometown after her father s suicide she discovers clippings of a fifteen year old murder and learns about recent disappearances and murders that lead her t

  • Title: In Silence
  • Author: Erica Spindler
  • ISBN: 9780778320371
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Avery Chauvin returns to her Louisiana hometown after her father s suicide, she discovers clippings of a fifteen year old murder and learns about recent disappearances and murders that lead her to start an investigation.

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    One thought on “In Silence”

    1. Avery Chauvin an investigative reporter with a newspaper in Washington, D.C. returns to her hometown of Cypress Springs, that she had left behind years before, to bury her father after receiving the news of his death by suicide.As she draws her car to a stop on Main Street, it’s like she’s travelled back in time…everything is the same as when she was living here.e quiet, slow-paced, peaceful, perfect, charming and safe place she knew. She finds the small town unchanged…e perfect, charmin [...]

    2. I loved this book ! How it was predictable and then something happens that makes you second guess yourself to where it's unpredictable. If you want a thriller and romance with a huge twist this is the PERFECT book.

    3. Avery is a big-city journalist who returns to her hometown of Cypress Springs after father's suicide. Once there, she's amazed to see how nothing seems to have changed. Her old friends welcome her back with open arms, and the town's seemingly peaceful existence appeals to her. What is the price of this perfection? Rumor has it that years ago a council of citizens, called the Seven, used drastic measures to clean up the town, but now several people have disappeared or been killed in suspicious wa [...]

    4. Suspense, check. Romance, check. Hot, sexy men, check, check. Twists, turns, false starts, yep. It's a book by Erica Spindler. What else would you expect? I love her books. You should, too!

    5. All I can say is WOW. Read this book in only two sittings. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I loved it. The characters and the story line, top marks to author.

    6. Just love Erica Spindler's novels!! Wish she could pump out one of her mystery/thrillers every month!!"Journalist Avery Chauvin is devastated when she receives word of her father's suicide. How could her father, a dedicated physician, have taken his own life?Returning to her hometown of Cypress Springs, Louisanna, Avery desperately searches for answers. Instead she hears whispered rumors of strange happenings, of neighbors who go missing in the night. She discovers a box of fifteen-year-old news [...]

    7. Readable but incredibly derivative and utterly predictable crime thriller with a hysterical dénouement and far too many dull characters. The chief problem is protagonist Avery, surely one of the most passive clueless investigative journalists I've ever encountered; her gullibility in the of doubt and suspicion gets wearisome fifty pages in - long before the reader has probably fingered the suspect at the centre of the SUSPICIOUS AND NUMEROUS SUICIDES AND ACCIDENTAL DEATHS. That being said, I pl [...]

    8. Avery Chavin returns to her hometown after her father's alleged suicide. Of course, she cannot believe that her father, a respected doctor, would take his own life. But, everyone in town said that he had changed, that he was acting withdrawn and depressed. With her mother dying a year before, people assumed he couldn't get past his devastating loss. When a stranger in town causes Avery to question the facts, more mysteries come to light, and an intense search for the truth ensues. I was hooked f [...]

    9. Well Erica, you sure can write a novel with twists and suspense!! I'm always second guessing myself. Going back and forth thinking I've got it all figured out Then nope All wrong!! I really like her male characters A lot Although in this story I didn't like Matt He seemed like kinda maybe a pansy - in that he seriously waited for Avery all those years And then for her to even consider him kinda bothered me Hunter was so much better!! Also what's up with Buddy calling her "baby girl"?? These peop [...]

    10. I've enjoyed a number of other Erica Spindler books but this one was flat. My main gripe with it is the wishy-washy main character who appears so weak and mindless you feel like slapping her. It's pretty obvious to the reader what's going but not to our heroine who lets herself be led down the 'garden path' by her purported loving friends who, naturally, all have DARK secrets. They treat her like a moron and she takes it.Having said that I read it all to the predictable face-off at the end. Unbe [...]

    11. This was a pretty good book- twists and turns and times where you think you have gotten it all figured out, only for another twist to come. The only reason I gave 3 stars instead of 4 is because I felt like some of the events were implausible- without giving anything away, there were a few times where she came to a conclusion about something that I don't think the average person would have. Overall a good read and one where the ending provides a creepy surprise!

    12. Perhaps I'm in a rut, but figured the good guy/bad guy thing out pretty early and just waited to see how it would resolve. Girl loves good guy, but is he? Girl also maybe loves bad guy, but is he? Set in Louisiana, small town, close knit community, journalist comes home to tend to her father's apparent suicide.

    13. I particularly liked this story as it moved/and flowed very well with interesting characters and lots of secrets. Our curious heroine returning home to resolve her dad's suicide and estate, etc. and hence a deluded mystery to follow. A twist right after another keeps the reader guessing to near the end. Very very good story.

    14. My first but not my last Erica Spindler book. Erica is a good story teller. Great I never thought who the killer was until the very end, Could not put the book down. Finished it in the wee hours od the morning

    15. This was my first Erica Spindler novel. I really enjoyed the writing, characters and story line. Overall, a solid entertaining read that kept me wondering till the end. Can't ask for more than that.

    16. In SilenceThis is a real page turner it is loaded with suspense,drama,love and of course murders. If you are a Erica Spindler fan you will just love this latest novel. Once again Spindler has done it again.

    17. The 3 1/2 page prologue snared me. I am now over half way through the book and absolutely love it so far! Definately enjoy Erica's writing.

    18. By far the BEST book I have ever read! It is suspensful and there is a bit of a romantic scene in it. If you haven't read it then you must! You will be thanking me =)

    19. First I've read by her - I will be buying more! I really liked the writing style and didn't know whodunit until the very end. Great twists and turns!

    20. Another great read from Erica Spindler. Good decent mystery thriller with a story that had me interested from the start and a good ending. Likeable characters

    21. I really liked this book. It was fast paced, the plot held my interest, and I actually cared what happened to the antagonist.

    22. I really enjoyed this book. New to this author but the book kept me interested and guessing for sure who the real culprit was until the end.

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