Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh: A Novel

Shifu You ll Do Anything for a Laugh A Novel Mo Yan China s most critically acclaimed author has changed the face of his country s contemporary literature with such daring and masterly novels as Red Sorghum The Garlic Ballads and The Republi

  • Title: Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh: A Novel
  • Author: Mo Yan Howard Goldblatt
  • ISBN: 9781611457353
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mo Yan, China s most critically acclaimed author, has changed the face of his country s contemporary literature with such daring and masterly novels as Red Sorghum, The Garlic Ballads, and The Republic of Wine In this collection of eight astonishing stories, the title story of which has been adapted to film by the award winning director of Red Sorghum Zhang Yimou, Mo YanMo Yan, China s most critically acclaimed author, has changed the face of his country s contemporary literature with such daring and masterly novels as Red Sorghum, The Garlic Ballads, and The Republic of Wine In this collection of eight astonishing stories, the title story of which has been adapted to film by the award winning director of Red Sorghum Zhang Yimou, Mo Yan shows why he is also China s leading writer of short fiction.His passion for writing shaped by his own experience of almost unimaginable poverty as a child, Mo Yan uses his talent to expose the harsh abuses of an oppressive society In these stories he writes of those who suffer, physically and spiritually, under its yoke the newly unemployed factory worker who hits upon an ingenious financial opportunity two former lovers revisiting their passion fleetingly before returning to their spouses young couples willing to pay for a place to share their love in private the abandoned baby brought home by a soldier to his unsympathetic wife the impoverished child who must subsist on a diet of iron and steel the young bride willing to go to any length to escape an odious, arranged marriage Never didactic, Mo s fiction ranges from tragedy to wicked satire, rage to whimsy, magical fable to harsh realism, from impassioned pleas on behalf of struggling workers to paeans to romantic love.

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      446 Mo Yan Howard Goldblatt
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    One thought on “Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh: A Novel”

    1. دست از این مسخره بازی ها بردار اوستا مجموعه ای از داستان های عجیب است که همان طور که در مورد سبک نویسنده گفته میشود ادم را به یاد نوشته های "مارکز" میندازد.توصیف های کتاب به ویژه داستان " ادم و دد" را خیلی دوست داشتم" نور سرخ عظیم چشم بابا بزرگ را پر کرد. موج های ابی خاکستری کاهلانه [...]

    2. Reading this was a good exercise in expanding my personal, hopefully not too xenophobic, horizons. This collection of short stories had an interesting preface by the author, a mini autobiography describing his passion and inspiration for writing. He describes his early childhood during the cultural revolution and how he developed a resilience to adversity. He also describes the fact that he has no formal training, let alone Western influences on his writing. This is important, because you really [...]

    3. داستان بچه‌آهنی به تنهایی توجیه‌کننده‌ی مطالعه‌ی این کتابه. مو یان نه نویسنده‌ی داستان کوتاه که قصه‌گوی کوچه‌ست. البته قصه‌های کوچه‌ش رو به شکل داستان کوتاه یادداشت کرده.نیمه‌ی اول خطابه‌ی نوبل شاهکار بود.آدم و دد هم داستان خواندنی‌ای بود.ترجمه تقریبا استاندارد بود.پ [...]

    4. Lapan cerpen yang memberi peluang untuk kita menikmati kepengarangan Mo Yan meskipun beliau memang dikenali dalam genre novel. Latar sosio-politik dan sosio-budaya terutama zaman awal Mao, revolusi budaya, kebuluran dan moden dengan percikan realisme magis serta erotik tipis di beberapa cerpen - boleh menjadi pembuka selera untuk terus menikmati novel Penerima Hadiah Nobel Kesusasteraan 2011 ini.

    5. The blurb from Kenzaburo Oe on the front of the book says, quite simply, "If I were to choose a Nobel Laureate it would be Mo Yan." I think the esteemed Oe would have a good case to make. This short story collection is very revealing about Mo Yan and his purpose in writing. In his introduction, Mo discusses his direction to become a writer after a life of poverty, where a shipment of coal becomes a feast for the villagers. Several of these stories may seem incomplete at first glance, but Mo's in [...]

    6. pseudonymous chinese novelist mo yan is perhaps best known for his novels red sorghum and the republic of wine. the 2012 nobel laureate in literature, mo yan already has a half dozen novels translated into english, as well as two short story collections. shifu, you'll do anything for a laugh features eight short stories (spanning most of mo yan's career) selected for inclusion by translator howard goldblatt with the author's approval yan's introduction (recounting the forces that led to his init [...]

    7. Here's a case of falling in love with the author/intro, but struggling with the book. The book is a series of colorful tales played out during extreme circumstances. Loved the first tale--but not as much--those that followed. Perhaps the brutality? I would love to read Mo Yan's autobiography--he's a terifficly appealing soul. A much loved writer in China--the stories reflect his experiences with poverty and the peoples struggle.

    8. An interesting collection of short stories from the noble prize winning author. I've previously read one of the authors novels. I think this collection shows the breadth of the authors skills. The descriptions of life in the stories gives the reader a vivid picture of life in rural China.

    9. This book left me with mixed emotions. This is one of the books I set out to read as a "light" read, and in the end it turned out to have demanded a considerable amount of mental energy. Now, I have read enough to avoid the condescending idea that a piece of literature will provide an introduction to this or that culture, if anything just the opposite. Therefore, whenever I get to read literature, I seek for common, universal references, with an original voice. Perhaps it is personal, because of [...]

    10. I'm not sure I totally "got" (the 2012 Nobel Prize winner for Literature) Mo Yan's other-worldly symbolism at play in a few of the 8 short stories in the collection Shifu, You"ll Do Anything For A Laugh, but for the most part, all of the stories consistently grabbed my attention in various ways. One story, "The Cure", creeped me "smooth out" (as they say here in The South), providing one of most gruesome displays I've ever encountered in fictioneven surpassing the freakishness of Chuck Palahniuk [...]

    11. A pretty strong collection that is as distinct as his novels. Here you have the vicious reality of poverty, war, death intermingled with magical realism (a flying woman; railroads that become dragons; children made of metal; spirit lovers) in a way that makes the 'fantasy' necessary. Like Garcia Marquez the prose is violently beautiful, pungent with life - the sorghum crops are like limbs, the sun a hot fiery ball of blood, everything in the countryside becomes vivid and bursting with comedic ri [...]

    12. A marvelous selection - eight cherrypicked from a list of 80 possibles, according to the wildly inspirational preface "Hunger and Loneliness: My Muses" - that makes for an excellent introduction to The Chinese Chekhov. The title story starts out as a story about unemployment, morphs into a story about a bang bus and ends as a ghost story. Other stories veer into the cartoonish and surreal (i.e. hallucinogenic) territory that earned Mo the ol' Swedish Nod: children eat railroad scrap ("Iron Child [...]

    13. Mo Yan starts the collection with some introductory boasting about his vitality as a human and prowess as a writer of stories people want to read (versus, presumably, stuffy literary material).* " why I became the sort of writer I am and not another Hemingway or Faulkner"* "So I guess I can say I come from superior stock"* "I possess a fertile imagination I do know how to spin a bewitching tale"* "Critics don't think much of me. But let's see them write a story that captures a reader's imaginat [...]

    14. This was the first Mo Yan book I read. I hadn't known till I read this book that he had written Red Sorghum. I haven't read Red Sorghum but I had seen the movie based on the book a long long time ago and remember being impressed by it.Mo Yan has an inimitable style. This is a book of short stories and most are steeped in symbolism which the master artfully employs to depict conditions, states and feelings of his characters. I am usually not a big one for symbolism but this had me gripped and gri [...]

    15. စက်ရုံကြီးကိုပိတ်လိုက်တော့ အဘိုးအို ရှီဖူး တစ်ယောက်အလုပ်လက်မဲ့ဖြစ်သွားတော့တာတယ်။ သေတစ်ပန်တစ်သက်ဆုံး လုပ်မယ်လို့ နေခဲ့တဲ့ စက်ရုံကြီးမှာ ရှီဖိုး ကြာခဲ့ပါပြီ။ လုပ်သက်ရင့်ဝန်ထမ် [...]

    16. Mo Yan, "No hables", el escritor, el cual le debe a sus musas soledad y hambre como dice el mismo autor en la introducción de este hermosos libro y como decidió convertirse en escritor. Creo que en esta colección de ocho cuento no hay ninguno malo. Me sorprende la genialidad de este autor, pues es un crítico de China, pero realza la figura del campesino, del hombre y la mujer de este país. Como ya lo he dicho en otros comentarios siempre me preguntado cuando un escritor es realmente origina [...]

    17. Shifu, You'll Do Anything For a Laugh: This is the first story of the book, it's more of a novella or a novelette, since it's 53 pages. Most of the short stories in this book include the theme of poverty in China. Shifu is an old factory worker who is laid off from his job, and he is unable to find a job due to his age and heath. Shifu is kind and hard-working and the last time he gets paid off is by getting fired. He is also childless and his wife depends on him to bring money home. He is also [...]

    18. A quick read - I read it all in one flight from Hawaii home. Very creative, interesting variety of short stories set in China during the last half of the 20th century under Mao. Kind of amazed he can publish in China.

    19. I can’t read Mo Yan’s fiction in Chinese. His language belongs to an older generation that some may consider not very refined. But reading the English translation is quite a different experience. Without a doubt, Moyan is a genius storyteller who has a unrelenting sense of humor.

    20. I enjoyed reading the first short story, which has the same name as the book, but the other stories stirred mixed emotions in me. The first story was funny and unapologetic. It was magical realism, with a bit of supernatural, and it was well-written. I liked the ending, and I was looking forward to reading the rest of the collection.But, the second story, called Man and Beast, was way too brutal for me. I was horrified and disgusted. I almost stopped reading the book. The only reasons why I cont [...]

    21. The cover for this one was irresistible: "If I could nominate someone for the Nobel Prize for Literature, it would be Mo Yan."Of course, this was said by someone I'd never heard of, (probably his agent), but it has been worth the 110 yuan I paid for it, if for no other reason than the fact that the portraits he paints of Chinese daily life are so similar to the ones I think I expect to find everywhere I look, and have yet to experience firsthand. I've been in China for 7 months and still have ne [...]

    22. I'm not a big short story person, since I'm usually confused and wanting more by the end. As expected, I was left scratching my head at most of the stories in Shifu, You'll Do Anything for a Laugh. However, besides my inability to fully appreciate this literary style, I felt that cultural differences were another reason I couldn't grasp the depth of each piece. For instance, certain demons/fairies in Chinese culture may be symbolic, but I couldn't comprehend that extra layer. A few of the storie [...]

    23. Me costo enganchar con las primeras 2 historias,principalmente porque no sabía muy bien que esperar de ellas,sabia que era un conjunto de historias cortas ambientadas en china y no mucho más. Para colmo el final del primer relato me dejo aun más confusa (todavía lo estoy¿qué diablos pasó ahí?).Pero una vez me di cuenta que cada relato es un pequeño mundo y que en el se mezcla la realidad, la fantasía y la critica social comencé a disfrutarlos bastante.Mi relato favorito es "Niño de H [...]

    24. Written by one of the most recent recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature, this collection is an entertaining mix of phantom and reality, socio-political concern and the day-to-day business of life. The stories and characters are all enchantingly believable, even when and where they leave reality behind in favor of something more speculative, often achieving in the process a frightening version of magical realism. There's no doubt in my mind that the stories here will haunt me for some time [...]

    25. I picked this book up on my way out of China at the airport. It had been a longer than usual trip and had left me wanting to explore more of the cultural and historical side of the country, outside of the shiny new big cities. This collection of short stories did very well I devoured it on the flight back very readable, simple story telling touching upon aspects of life in China pre-liberalisation and in the country side. Some stories were fantasy themed most very intersting, bar one that was q [...]

    26. A collection of Mo's short fiction, containing eight stories. (I'm not sure where Shelfari's record got the subtitle A Novel because it isn't, and that's not on the cover or title page.) The title story is by far the longest, the narrative of a laid-off factory worker trying to find a way to make a living. The second story is a kind of supplement to his novel Red Sorghum. Most of the stories are concerned with people in social difficulties trying to survive; not exactly optimistic but somewhat l [...]

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