Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho

Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho Stephen Rebello s groundbreaking book offers the complete inside story on the making of Alfred Hitchcock s original Psycho now seen as the forerunner of all modern horror thrillers Rebello takes us b

  • Title: Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho
  • Author: Stephen Rebello
  • ISBN: 9780714530031
  • Page: 374
  • Format: Paperback
  • Stephen Rebello s groundbreaking book offers the complete inside story on the making of Alfred Hitchcock s original Psycho, now seen as the forerunner of all modern horror thrillers Rebello takes us behind the scenes for every step in the creation of this cinematic masterpiece from the story s original inspiration to the controversy surrounding the creation of the famousStephen Rebello s groundbreaking book offers the complete inside story on the making of Alfred Hitchcock s original Psycho, now seen as the forerunner of all modern horror thrillers Rebello takes us behind the scenes for every step in the creation of this cinematic masterpiece from the story s original inspiration to the controversy surrounding the creation of the famous shower scene Drawing on new in depth interviews as well as Hitchcock s private files, Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psych o is an eye opening portrait of the artist at work.

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    1. After three decades, Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho still stands out as a masterpiece of suspense. June 16 marks the anniversary of the movie's 1960 release and it's a good opportunity to dive into the impressive story behind the film. I don't always have the patience to sit down and read an entire exhaustive biography, so I really enjoyed reading this fairly short, focused piece on one particular project. The Crime Behind the FilmAlfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho traces the origin of the sto [...]

    2. I am a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock and the film "Psycho." I have read a lot about the making of the film and as such, I went into this book not knowing whether I would learn anything new about the film. Honestly, I was aware of much of what was discussed in this book, but what made this book such a great reading experience for me was the fact that it brought together all the different aspects that went into the making of the film together in one place in a way that allows one to truly appreciate [...]

    3. This is probably as thorough a history of a single film as it's possible to write. Beginning with the gruesome Ed Gain murders that inspired the original novel, Rebello walks us through every aspect of Hitchcock's Psycho. The level of detail and research that went into this is awe-inspiring; Rebello seems to have been in contact with every living individual involved with the film, from its stars down to the lowliest grip on the set crew, and he covers every possible aspect of the film from Hitch [...]

    4. I really enjoyed the original movie Pyscho and then this film The Making of Pyscho starring Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren, so much so I wanted the tie in book to it. It reads like the film but obviously in more detail and is a great insight into Holllywood. I enjoyed it and would recommend.

    5. Everything you wanted to know about the filming of PSYCHO and then some sums up this gem of a book. It makes me want to re-watch PSYCHO sometime soon. Sir Alfred's droll wit and dark sense of humor shine through the best.

    6. It is appalling that, a self-regarded Psycho fan as I am, this book would have escaped my notice if not for the movie Hitchcock (2012). The movie which centres around the brilliant Mr and Mrs Hitchcock (played by the equally brilliantly matched Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren) is based on Rebello's very book. (And Scarlett Johansson did a wonderful job being Janet Leigh)Rebello's book is less fiction and more documentation. It is a meticulous but very readable piece of journalism, following the [...]

    7. I loved the movie HITCHCOCK with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Naturally, I had to read the book that movie was adapted from. And I loved it! If you like Hollywood history and backstage goings-on, I think you would enjoy this telling of the creation of one of the iconic films of the last century, PSYCHO. From preproduction to casting to filming to opening night and beyond, this book tells it all. Oh, and if you haven't seen the movie HITCHCOCK, you really should. It's a great dramatization o [...]

    8. I'm a huge fan of Alfred Hitchcock and "Psycho" is one of my favourite of his movies. I've just finished reading Robert Bloch's book and re-watching the original movie to prime myself for reading this account of "the making of" Psycho. An excellent book for the initiated! This takes us from an account of Ed Gein, the depraved killer and grave robber, which inspired Bloch for his book, then to an accounting of Bloch's writing of the book from idea to after publication. Then this book settles into [...]

    9. Ever since I first saw the movie, I've always been particularly taken with Hitchcock's Psycho. When I was younger I'd pour over the movie details, especially when I managed to get my hands on a book that gave a scene by scene guide of the movie. (It was all done picture by picture. I wish I could find a copy of that now!) The first time I watched it I still managed to be surprised by everything even when I knew the outcome. It was just that much of a testament to the genius & talent of Hitch [...]

    10. When I was a kid, mind you a kid too young to see the movie Psycho, the older boys in the neighborhood talked my mother into letting me go with them to see it.They knew what they were doing because they had already seen it. Mother's initial reticence proved she knew best: I was too young to see it. But I toughed it out, the older boys probably expected I'd bolt.There was no movie rating system then. No G, no PG, no PG13, no R, no NC17, no LNMNOP. We flew by the seat of our pants back then. If Yo [...]

    11. SO so so boringI couldn't bring myself to finish it. I'm a fan of Psycho but not a HUGE fan but the bottom line was that I didn't like the author's writing style at all!Read my review @ Shivers of Horror

    12. A well written & thoughtful book about the classic slasher movie. Hitchcock was never able to find anything to top Psycho and this book discussed the details of how and why it was so great.

    13. Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho by Stephen RebelloOpen Road99 pagesNon-fiction; Hollywood4/5 starsSource: Received a free e-copy via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Read: Today is Alfred Hitchcock Day and I recently rewatched Psycho so I thought this would be a good way to celebrate.This book is a good summation of the path Psycho took to becoming film. First a real-life crime inspired novelist Robert Bloch to write the novel that Hitchcock would end up optioning in order to [...]

    14. I read this book in order to prepare for the upcoming "true" movie with Scarlett Johannsen, Jessica Biels, and Anthony Hopkins, which details the film-maker's transition from romantic comedy suspense stories to darker, more serious matter. Psycho, to me, is a classic thriller, not a horror movie; the breakaway knife only makes contact with flesh once and without blood. This movie is a character study and mystery, but told in a much different manner. . . after the financial disappointment of Vert [...]

    15. I've never seen Psycho - never read the book. I don't like horror movies, because I don't like blood and guts. Although Psycho doesn't contain blood and guts I still have no real desire to see it. I think if I did it would play on my mind. It's disturbing.Having said that I do love a number of Hitchcock's films, Rebecca, To Catch A Thief, Rope to name a few. Wonderful thrillers.A while ago I saw "Hitchcock" - mainly because I wanted to see Anthony Hopkins's portrayal of him. And I became intrigu [...]

    16. Not that anybody was truly seeking any insight into Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece that is Psycho, but if it sounds remotely interesting, consider Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho a must. This has been adapted as the film Hitchcock (2012); having seen that beforehand, I never would have guessed that what the book details is not the average film production, but, in fact, one director's obsessive creation of a legend that was to be nothing with the slightest emotion other than shock. The [...]

    17. I have been a fan of Alfred Hitchcock and his many movies for years, and among my favorites is 'Psycho'. Filmed in 1959, with Janet Leigh & Anthony Perkins in what has to be one of the most iconic movies of any genre. This was a movie ahead of its time as it concerned issues such as Motherlove, Transvestitism and a graphic murder. There was strict censorship laws at the time and it was debated whether Leigh would appear nude in the shower, and how much the viewer would see, as it transpired [...]

    18. This is a good and very detailed "making of" book on Alfred Hitchcock's most notorious, if not necessarily his best, film Psycho. It's quite an interesting story on why Hitchcock made this film and covers pretty much all the areas of making the movie from the book it was based on to the marketing and its reception. But it's a snapshot from a much bigger life and if the reader would like something more substantial about the director I would recommend Hitch: The Life And Times And Alfred Hitchcock [...]

    19. I decided to go ahead and read Stephen Rebello's chronicle of the making of Alfred Hitchcock's game-changing movie "Psycho" before the new movie starring Anthony Hopkins comes out. So far it is very engaging and fascinating. I'm reading a first printing hardcover, originally published in 1990, and boy, the design really screams "1990s." That doesn't detract from the reading experience at all, fortunately.

    20. Fascinating story behind the movie that was the pinnacle of Hitchcock's career. Arguably the greatest director of that time basically made an indie horror flick (self-financed and marketed), and turned it into a worldwide juggernaut that changed his career (for better or worse), and movies as we know them, forever.

    21. Interesting - loved the movie based on the book 😊Two of my favorite quotes:- Beneath the stock and suspense tactics lies a reservoir of profound understanding of the fragility of life. Lurking beneath the adventure and thrills is Hitchcock’s outrage toward the cruelty we inflict upon each other in the name of love.- Amazed at the success of Psycho; Stefano asserted: “I think Hitchcock was appalled and a little insulted by having made such a low-budget movie and getting a response such as [...]

    22. A terrific and readable history of the making of Psycho, Rebello's book is free from cant, jargon, theory, or outlandish stretching of his points. This is going to sound silly, but here goes: it's like someone said, "I wonder how Hitchcock made Psycho?" and Rebello said, "Read this." It's filled with concrete information, telling anecdotes, and workmanlike prose. Rebello is especially good on how Psycho--despite the reams and reams of money it made Hitchcock--proved to be a mixed blessing, at le [...]

    23. Short and quick to read book which tell us the story behind Hitchcock's masterpiece Psycho. It was very interesting to learn so many unknown things about the filmmaking of this great picture and to study the capturing of one of the best scenes in the horror genre, the scene under the shower with Janet Leigh. Also, I liked that the book began presenting us the story of Ed Gein, the man who inspired Robert Bloch to write his novel, and whose existence I did not know.

    24. 4.5 stars - a solid and detailed book until the final 15 or so pages (maybe it's just me, but my attention started to waiver). Filmmakers - since Hollywood is continually churning out bloated, uninspired or expensive flicks - should take note of what an A-list director can do "slumming" on a relatively low-budget, low-key production.

    25. A great look behind the scenes at the history, filming, release, and impact of Psycho. With interviews pulled from various sources, anecdotes, and a view of the industry at the time, Rebello pulls it all into a coherent narrative that gives one a new appreciation for the movie and it's place in Hitchcock's accomplishments and film in general.

    26. A thoughtful and compelling look into the world that built this stunning classic film. Recommended for film students and cinephiles.

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