Homeplace Here is a story almost two hundred years long And all of it happnes in one house that from year to year has grown and changed and gathered in one family

  • Title: Homeplace
  • Author: Anne Shelby Wendy Anderson Halperin
  • ISBN: 9780531087329
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here is a story almost two hundred years long And all of it happnes in one house that from year to year has grown and changed and gathered in one family.

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      175 Anne Shelby Wendy Anderson Halperin
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    One thought on “Homeplace”

    1. A lovely way to show the flow of history as it relates to one family through the generations lived in their "homeplace" Beginning with a log cabin in the Westward Expansion days to the present-day (well, 1990s) the story (and especially the detailed illustrations) tell the changes in the house itself, the family routine and the types of chores done and furnishings and appliances in the home. It's also a story of family continuity and love for one another and their home.

    2. Published: 1995This historical fiction book is about an old house that has been in the family for a long time, through four great grandparents and it talks about how they built up the house and how they kept up maintenance and how life happened in the house, as in what they did, such as cleaning, cooking, farming.

    3. I really like this story. It's about generations of the same family. It is very heart warming and the pictures are beautiful.

    4. My 4 year old son decided that this book was special before we even read it. I have a feeling we will be reading it over and over while we have it from the library!

    5. This is a lovely and special book. Gorgeous pictures and a touching story. A grandmother tells her granddaughter the story of her house, occupied by one family from when it was built in 1810 by her great-great-great-great grandfather, and how one child in each generation brought up their family in the same house, all the way to the present. (The book was written in 1995.)This is a really fun read aloud book but it might take a while because there are a great many detailed illustrations. They’r [...]

    6. Here is a gem, at least for the future generations. In this book, children get to see how their ancestors lived; what hardships and difficulties they had to face, and what people did before technology, automobiles, better knowledge etc. Like, they see how their grand grand grand parents had to scrub clothes on rocks in the river and bake food over a stone stove and regular fire. Many children don’t even know how to grow up without technology, they are already “plugged up” by the age of 5 i [...]

    7. I was so glad to have a chance to buy this book in paperback. I found it at my favorite children's book store. It's The Reading Reptile in Kansas City, and it is the most amazing bookstore this side of You've Got Mail. Better, even. Anyway, this book is a wonderful walk through the years. It is a very visual and lyrical way to help children grasp the concept of generations past and changes through time. Aside from that, it is just a lovely book about family and a place called home.

    8. This book touches my heart in so many ways. The idea of handing down a house through generations is beautiful. But, the powerful, charming drawings by Wendy Anderson Halperin were so moving I felt the need to call her and ask if I could name my cottage after this gem of a book. She graciously said, yes! I think of her often as I teach my students and share the history of our family with my own kiddos. This is a precious gift, this book.

    9. I've found that kids don't tend to gravitate to this book, I suspect due to the pastel pictures. But it was recently the perfect book to share with a preschooler who is incredibly curious about "olden times". Each page's pictures provide a wealth of information and storyline. There is text, but it's minimal; the pictures fill the gaps. This makes it great for pre-readers and early readers too.

    10. I liked this book for the pictures and because I think it's a great family history book. However I don't think my kids appreciated the history lesson in the illustrations quite as much as I did, although they listened attentively. In truth, I'd probably rate this book a 3 star, but it was bumped up a star simply because of how it relates to family history, which I love.

    11. This is a story of a home, built long ago, containing generations of memories. Told by a grandmother to her granddaughter, the home is safe, comfortable and loved. The illustrations are lovely, but so filled with detail that the eye has trouble focusing. Recommended.

    12. Beautifully detailed and complex illustrations form the heart of this simple story about the many generations of a family and how they live on and farm their homestead. Simple and lovely.

    13. Being a genealogy buff myself, I enjoyed this children's story about an old homeplace that stayed in one family, and some of the technology that changed along the way. Sweet illustrations too.

    14. Definitely a book that speaks to the need for home, family, and continuity in us all. And the painstaking illustrations made me want to step right into that world and live there!

    15. I love this children's book so much! It helps them see how family history relates to them and beauty of the heritage we pass on to our children.

    16. This is an absolutely gorgeous and stunningly detailed book full of nostalgia and warm feelings. Wendy Anderson Halperin's illustrations make it come alive! Every American family should own a copy!

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