Deep Crossing

Deep Crossing No one on Earth could ever convince Adrian Tarn to take an untested prototype spacecraft deeper into unexplored space than anyone had ever been to retrieve a mysterious artifact never before seen by

  • Title: Deep Crossing
  • Author: E.R. Mason
  • ISBN: 9780615649795
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook
  • No one on Earth could ever convince Adrian Tarn to take an untested prototype spacecraft deeper into unexplored space than anyone had ever been, to retrieve a mysterious artifact never before seen by humans No one on Earth could ever convince him, but someone did

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    One thought on “Deep Crossing”

    1. While I found the initial idea compelling, the story looses it's drive about halfway through the narrative. The characters remain very superficial and don't really change significantly due to experiences they must see during their long journey.One of the biggest problems I had with this book might not be the authors fault at all. My Ebook was in big disarray, jumping between passages, repeating whole chapters

    2. After the high paced, action packed romp that was Fatal Boarding this book is a massive let down.The charm of the prequel to this book (Fatal Boarding) was its fast pace and emphasis on action instead of characterization. Sadly Mason has thrown that out and decided that he can write real characters then spends 300 pages proving himself wrong. The result is a turgid slog through which nothing happens for most part except for the most one-dimensional characters ever put to paper swapping insipid a [...]

    3. If you like space opera and adventure then you need to get a copy of Deep Crossing by E.R. Mason and read it today. This book has all the elements of a great sci-fi read.The author has done a great job of developing a storyline that is easy to read but deep enough to keep you hooked. With its changing plot twist and fast paced style you will find you cannot put it down. I really enjoyed getting absorbed into the tale.E.R. Mason has put together a group of characters that are both real and believ [...]

    4. Fun read in science fiction This was a light and fun story about a trip to the stars. But it's really about people, their personality and relationships. I loved the redemptive ending. The author has rare self awareness and the ability to know and describe different kinds of people. I enjoyed the story immensely!

    5. I don't usually do thisI normally don't write reviews. I never even heard of this author before and I am certainly not prone to giving five stars! I have to say though that I enjoyed both of his books in this series. His characters are down to earth, not superhero- ish, not crazy and far out, but believable. He truly makes one feel as though one is part of the group sitting among friends. He writes a good solid story with a great ending. I found myself thinking about the characters and the story [...]

    6. What a trip!This novel describes a voyage to another arm in the galaxy made both possible and necessary by a near godlike race of beings who have sort of adopted the human race. Mason's descriptions of the crew makes them come alive. The descriptions of the starship and the voyage are stunning. The final answers to all of the "loose ends" more than satisfy. The pacing is, for me at least, right on. But this book only if you don't mind forming a new habit. I did

    7. The second book in this series was for me better than the first, and let me say, I loved the first one. This is a great follow up and yet would work as a stand alone book. The crew is well balanced and keeps you engaged with all the interplay. The story is fresh and interesting with action, humor and suspense. Looking forward to the next trip.

    8. Worthy sequelAnother amazing and intricate adventure that pulls you in and transports you to another reality that has just enough technological wonder, but keeps the story and the humanity real.

    9. Deep Crossing was an unexpected good Sci-Fi Space story. The author shows a true knowledge of technology,training and testing for space travel along with imaginative possibilities. This was a fun read with a HEA ending. I already started to read his other books.

    10. A Pleasant Bit of Space Travel With Believable ScienceThis was a very readable book. I enjoyed the detailed flight mechanics. I would have enjoyed a more in depth explanation of the alien/human connection. The homage to the Star Trek episode with Joan Collins was a nice touch.

    11. An out-of-this world adventure A crew of eight gets a chance of a lifetime to go where no humans have gone before. A convoluted plot and well-drawn characters make this an entertaining read.

    12. Excellent Great story and characters. Not your typical space travel adventure. A few grammatical and punctuation errors but not overwhelming. Very much worth the read.

    13. 4.5 starsAn excellent read. I enjoyed is immensely. It is paced just right. It is sort of a fairy tale/adventure type of sci-fi. Quite a few very likable characters.

    14. Wing bag of nothing happening12 chapters of preamble. Do they ever get into deep space? Who cares, I stopped caring. I read the previous book, but this failed to capture me.

    15. Excellent. I really enjoyed the story line. The style of writing is right up my street. Very descriptive and easy to follow. A jolly good yarn!!!!

    16. I absolutely loved this book. I must now read everything else i can find by this author.I've found myself in the unfortunate position of inadvertently reading an entire handful of military science fiction books all in a row recently, which really isn't my favorite sub-genre. Imagine my delight when i discovered the next book on my list was entertaining, intriguing, and had just the right mix of humor, adventure, aliens, philosophy, mystery and optimism. I rarely read anything more than once (i h [...]

    17. And, again, great sci-fi from this authorE.R. Mason is now on my favorite author list. I recently read the first book of this series, and was very well impressed.I quickly read the next one and, again, am very pleased.Although it does go back to the events of the first book, it is a perfectly great story on its own. Again, the characters are very well fleshed out and completely believable. Furthermore, it does not go into the science, trying to come up with good explanations for things and techn [...]

    18. The second book in the Adrian Tarn series, and although it didn't have the suspense of the first book - different scenario so to be expected - it was still very good. The Emissary he met while aboard his previous ship has asked him to go on a mission, and when they ask you don't say no. A lot of the first half of the book was about the crew, and who he was taking, the ship they would be in and the flight simulator experience. This didn't mean it was boring! It just gave a very solid foundation t [...]

    19. Decently plotted adventure. Considering how proficient the author is in tech and engineering speak, nudging the laws of physics in not-too-bizarre directions, and casting strong characters of both sexes, sticking in a planet that is identical to another down to individual residents just seemed too arbitrary and weird to serve as a setting for the climax. I could buy the alien Nasebians with their "spiritual biology" though, and the above average banter was well worth a fourth star. Glad to disco [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book, but like the first book in the series the editing isn't brilliant. I confess I am starting to get a little annoyed with reading "I could care less", when the author means "I couldn't care less". While I appreciate that this is fairly minor I am conscious that I am having to mentally correct the text as I go!Other than that, the book was fast paced and I found it to be a real page turner. The characters develop throughout the story and Mason does a good job describing their s [...]

    21. Absolutely outstanding! This book kept me reading until daylight several nights. I can't remember being so completely captivated by a great scifi novelt since the early Golden Age of Scifi, when I was reading the greats when they were new. This is a thoroughly modern story, filled with references to our culture today. The characters are richly drawn people you would love to know in real life. No time is wasted on the tiresome plot device of being waylayed by the villains, though there are defini [...]

    22. Don't expect this to a high-level sci-fi story with deep insight or concepts, but enjoy it for the light adventure tale that it is.The pre-launch "assembling the team" section was overly long, but the pace picked up with the first launch. The main character's relationship with his good friend/engineer/co-adventurer was good, but has been done many times (e.g Dirk Pitt/Al Giordino). The crew interactions included plenty of fun banter, but even with the backstories most of them didn't really devel [...]

    23. Loving the book so far. One thing: The author states at one point that you can't slow down or stop in orbit, even if you had the technology to "hover" because space debris traveling the usual 17,500 miles per hour would slam into you. So if you keep moving, debris traveling in roughly the same orbit might only hit you at a relative 200 mph if it was traveling slightly faster. However, if you are in an orbit around the equator, couldn't you be hit by debris traveling over the poles which would st [...]

    24. Great readingI give this one a five for adventure and lots of innovative concepts about space travel. I could downgrade it one star for misuse of cognate words and the resulting bad punctuation, but I won't because I understand this is a common problem with voice-to-text ebooks. More editing needs to be done for all of them. My only heartburn is the use of the phrase I/he/she "could care less" for the correct "couldn't care less" and "d I" when it should be "d me", a mistake way too many people [...]

    25. Usually I don't like reading books written in the first person. I'm very glad I read this one. It is an interesting and well written story which holds the attention from start to finish and is highly entertaining. There are a handful of typos and format errors but nothing major. There are also a few incorrectly used words - "regiment" for "regimen" and "vile" for "phial", for example, which could as easily be the fault of the spell-checker as the author, given his otherwise accomplished prose.Th [...]

    26. Good space opera This is a good old-fashioned romp: the thrilling adventures of Adrian Tarn and the crew of the starship Griffin. It"s not burdened with any deep meaning nor intended to be hard science fiction. There are no space battles. You just suspend your disbelief at the beginning and off you go. Nice set of characters and the training sessions put you right there. Despite a few regrettable typographical errors and misuses of words ("your" for "you're" for example) it was a fun read and go [...]

    27. Enjoyed the action of outer spacesGot this book because looked interesting. Did not realize until had finished it that it was the second in a series rather than a stand alone story. Will now go back and read the first one prior to hunting any others. As for the four star rating, the story was interesting and the action kept it moving' however, there were a multitude of electronic scanning errors that produced misspelled words and what looked like autocorrect errors that put in the wrong word. Yo [...]

    28. A good readAfter, what I thought was a slow start the action began. The first part of the book while not boring was lack of action that may be perceived as boring to some because it was all about the crew learning about their new vessel. Sure there was some offshoots in that section that made the story more interesting but the real excitement started when they finally got on their journey. Overall I would say it was a good book and I liked reading about the main character again and how he handle [...]

    29. This book follows on from the first book & you need some of the information from the first book for bits of it to fit in place.The story again keeps hold of you and has a good few twists and turns to keep it interesting.I enjoyed the first book and enjoyed the second book too.As soon as I am finished I am moving onto the next book in the series as I like the story style and style of writing.

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