Garçon manqué

Gar on manqu De m re fran aise De p re alg rien Je sais les odeurs les sons les couleurs C est une richesse C est une pauvret Ne pas choisir c est tre dans l errance Mon visage alg rien Ma voix fran aise J ai l

  • Title: Garçon manqué
  • Author: Nina Bouraoui
  • ISBN: 9782234052758
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Paperback
  • De m re fran aise De p re alg rien Je sais les odeurs, les sons, les couleurs C est une richesse C est une pauvret Ne pas choisir c est tre dans l errance Mon visage alg rien Ma voix fran aise J ai l ombre de ma lumi re Entre ce p re alg rois et cette m re bretonne, le fruit d un amour contest une fille qui cherche sa place, ici, l D une nationalit l a De m re fran aise De p re alg rien Je sais les odeurs, les sons, les couleurs C est une richesse C est une pauvret Ne pas choisir c est tre dans l errance Mon visage alg rien Ma voix fran aise J ai l ombre de ma lumi re Entre ce p re alg rois et cette m re bretonne, le fruit d un amour contest une fille qui cherche sa place, ici, l D une nationalit l autre, d une identit l autre, d un sexe l autre Elle s appelle Yasmina, se pr f re en gar on, sous le nom de Nina, puis Ahmed, puis Brio, qui ment, se dissimule, qui s invente, fa onne un corps fait pour la lumi re, le sable et les vents de sel Mais dans ce troublant jeu de l identit , Nina porte sur elle la blessure de sa famille, tout le traumatisme de la guerre d Alg rie Gar on manqu , au del d une histoire intime entre Alger et Rennes, est aussi le rappel d une histoire alg rienne, en souvenirs pars et douloureux la guerre d ind pendance, le massacre de femmes par les hommes de l OAS, l apprentissage de la souffrance, de la violence C est encore l exp rience du racisme ordinaire en guise d h ritage, d une certaine France, incapable d aimer vraiment ce qui est tranger , l exp rience des humiliations et d une haine dans laquelle la narratrice puise sa force Apr s cinq romans, Nina Bouraoui signe l sa premi re oeuvre autobiographique Une oeuvre pre, sans concession, gouvern e par la violence des mots d une jeune fille prise entre deux cultures, ab m e entre deux exils C line Darner

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      240 Nina Bouraoui
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    One thought on “Garçon manqué”

    1. Writers are dangerous people. They are obsessed with truth, their own truth. Writers are childish; they report, they tattle, they cannot keep anything to themselves. One should not socialize with them. They force you to lie, to dissimulate, and defend yourself later.I'd rather read an open heart surgery than a dance, a tower, or a painting. All art lies, but your pain does not, so the first might as well hurt in the effort of healing. There's Harding, and Wolf, and Vera, and so many others who t [...]

    2. I've always felt illegal at passport checkpoints. Without correct papers. Always expect to be ejected from the line of passengers, surrounded and seized by two police officers, then taken to a small room. Who are you? Where are you from? Where are you going?Apparently largely autobiographical, Tomboy is the story of Yasmina/Nina/Jasmine, born to an Algerian father and a French mother only a few years after the very bloody liberation war, growing up in Algiers with a boy for a best friend, which [...]

    3. This is a book about in-between-ness. About a young woman searching for her identity and finding that it doesn’t fit neatly into any of the categories she sees around her. Nina is the daughter of an Algerian father and a French mother, living in Algeria during a time of rising conflict between Algeria and France, and her identity is being pulled apart at the seams.Nina’s state of being in-between in terms of national and cultural identity is mirrored in her struggle with her sexual identity. [...]

    4. From the back cover blurb, i was expecting an interesting book about a trans man in Algeria. This wasn't it at all. This was an obviously very depressed person's account of how horrible it is to be biracial and not belonging anywhere, but applied as a generalization for all biracial kids, or at least all french-algerian kids. In an incredibly repetitive flow of consciousness style.With occasional mention of gender-identity issues.Honestly, read the first 3 pages, and you'll have read the whole b [...]

    5. This is difficult to rate, since it's not your typical kind of book, but just one long struggle for identity. I found some parts very good and pertinent, but quite a lot of the text felt superfluous and overly repetitive. On the other hand, the repetition serves a purpose and sets a certain mood. Perhaps this book is more interesting if you've read the rest of Bouraoui's books.

    6. Nina Bouraoui's semiautobiographical novel TOMBOY is just beautiful and reads like a collection of prose poems. In this particular work, Bouraoui's writing reminds me of Marguerite Duras's own semiautobiographical novel THE LOVER. Reading TOMBOY in light of Edward Said's essay "Reflection on Exile" illustrates the idea that "the pathos of exile is in the loss of contact with the solidity and the satisfaction of the earth: homecoming is out of the question," and in Bouraoui's case, as in the case [...]

    7. Ce qui frappe en premier c'est ce format d'écriture insolite et fragmenté, néanmoins je l'apprécie de plus en plus: je pense que Bouraoui essaye de briser la langue française, l'offenser, la tourmenter, cette langue qu'on lui a imposé. Le symbolisme est omniprésent: Amine c'est l'Algérie, la France c'est Nina la femme, Algers c'est Nina le garçon, l'Italie c'est Nina le corps sexuel En court: je le recommande aux jeunes ames reveuses/ perdues/ nostalgiques. Ce fut un plaisir supreme de [...]

    8. Sättet den är skriven på är bokens styrka såväl som svaghet. Nina Bouraqui skriver oerhört poetiskt i korta fragmentariska meningar, ibland bara enstaka ord. Men varje mening har betydelse, en laddning. Så litet sidantal till trots tog den tid att läsa. Men det var värt det.

    9. To be completely honest this was a one-star-experience for me. But that's just the thing - that was just my experience, and while I did not like it I can understand why a lot of other people did.I guess the story was alright but I really did not care at all for the writing. I had a hard time following exactly what happened and more than once my mind slipped from the story to other things and thoughts. I think it might have helped if there had been any conversation, but on the other hand I have r [...]

    10. Love the way she describes her Algerian side, so much more vibrant than her French side. Also her tomboy side and how that put her in conflict with herself. The details about when the violence begins in Algeria are excellent, the little changes (how she can no longer play in the park of the Résidence where she lives, apparently a big apartment complex that is French-only and chic) and the big shocking scenes, as when her mother's car is stopped on the road by a hand-made roadblock made by child [...]

    11. Ce livre m'a émue et intéressée"() Et derrière le cimetière Montparnasse : Hé, Rachel! Hé, Sarah! Hé, salope! Et à la sortie du Bon Marché: Alors ça c'est Cohen Benguigui ou peut-être même Abdulmachinhose. Et mon silence toujours. Et là encore des petites vipères enroulées à mon cou : Toi tu n'es pas comme les autres. Ou : Tu fais pas. Tu pourrais même faire italienne. Et ça : Ah bon ? Tu as une amie qui s'appelle Yasmina, toi Et mon silence toujours. Parce que ma voix n'est r [...]

    12. An amazing survey or hybrid identitites, Nina is a black white boy girl who struggles to integrate her conflicting notions of race, gender and sexuality. This fictional memoir actually offers a very sophisticated queering or trans lifestyles and issues, as well as a powerful illustration of the contemporary racial dynamics of France's colonization of Algeria. In this novel, the author portrays the diasporic nature of racial hierarchies, the complicated essence of queer erotics, and a very nuance [...]

    13. CD, I'm so sorry that you're probably sitting down right now somewhere and finishing this, because honestly's kind of balls. There are a handful of good scenes, but as our dear sweet wonderful angelic classmate Anne put it, the repetition gives me motion sickness. I've never seen someone enjoy beating a dead horse quite so much. Good luck with the rest of it, friend.

    14. A little repetitive, clearly a constant internal struggle that she didn't get over the entire book. It gave good insight to what she could have been going through, just a bit extensive. The topic never changed. It was more an internal struggle between her two nationalities then with her feeling like a tomboy. Read it for the cultural aspect if you want, but I don't know I would recommend it.

    15. Wow, this was such a great book to read for class! It's so well written and I loved how poetic the language was. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wanted to learn more about identity struggles and about personal connections to Algeria.

    16. J'ai eu du mal à rentrer dans cette écriture (peu de phrases de + de 5 mots), mais au final j'ai été assez touché par la sensibilité du propos

    17. Did not enjoy this book. It was very repetitive and the story and characters did not keep me interested.

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