The Anubis Slayings

The Anubis Slayings A series of grisly slayings ignite passions in Pharaoh s Egypt Is it the work of humans or has the god Anubis himself come to earth intent on sabotaging peace negotiations with the dreaded Mitanni Onl

  • Title: The Anubis Slayings
  • Author: Paul Doherty P.C. Doherty
  • ISBN: 9780312276584
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A series of grisly slayings ignite passions in Pharaoh s Egypt Is it the work of humans or has the god Anubis himself come to earth intent on sabotaging peace negotiations with the dreaded Mitanni Only Amerotke, wise and trusted judge of the powerful female Pharaoh, Hatusu, can sort through the tangle of intrigue that surrounds the killings and discover the truth It begA series of grisly slayings ignite passions in Pharaoh s Egypt Is it the work of humans or has the god Anubis himself come to earth intent on sabotaging peace negotiations with the dreaded Mitanni Only Amerotke, wise and trusted judge of the powerful female Pharaoh, Hatusu, can sort through the tangle of intrigue that surrounds the killings and discover the truth It began in the temple of Anubis With the hated but humbled Mitanni camped outside Thebes, preparing to prostrate themselves before Pharaoh, few things could be worse for Egypt s bargaining position than a series of sensational murders right in the inner sanctum of its most heavily guarded temple Except perhaps the daring theft of its most cherished national treasure Or maybe the mysterious deaths of several Mitanni ambassadors who d been assured Pharaoh s divine protection Now Amerotke is up to his ears in intrigue As the body count grows, it becomes apparent that someone or something wants his name added to it But is the jackal headed god, Anubis, really stalking his enemies Or is there a logical explanation It will take all of Amerotke s powers of reason to find the answer before Egypt s enemies move the strong and seductive Pharaoh into checkmate.

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      247 Paul Doherty P.C. Doherty
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    1. I really like Egyptian historical novels; this is a murder mystery, and while it is a tiny bit slow so far, I'm really getting into the political intrigue. It also surrounds Hatsheptsut, a Pharoah-Queen, and that is simply awesome to meA: My goodness. I got drawn into that so HARD! I am intrigued by murder mysteries, and this is a great one set in the middle of ancient Egyptian political intrigue. It was a great mix of investigation, pomp and pageantry, and Egyptian customs. I want to read the r [...]

    2. It was hard for me to get started reading this bookI wasn't into it until Chapter 4. A little expierence in The ancient history of Egypt has helped. P.C. Doherty has more set in ancient EgyptI will know if I can read them when/if I finish this one.Having finished the book I can say it was very well done and really interesting. I read a review somewhere on the web that said the lock and key were not yet developed so they shouldn't have figured so large in the story. Several resources indicates th [...]

    3. I've read the entire series relatively quickly - the only thing that held me up was waiting for the books in the post . The series is great , it's full of mystery twists and turns and unexpected plot branches ! Amertoke makes a perfect judge and the character really takes you along for the journey

    4. Al comienzo la historia se desarrolla a un ritmo normal para después acelerarse y tener un ritmo muy bueno y que hace que te metas de lleno en la trama y en la evolución de la misma.El personaje principal, el juez Amerotke, denota personalidad, fuerza y convicción, pero a su vez también se pueden ver sus miedos, temores y dudas. Está bien presentar al protagonista no como el típico héroe si no como una persona normal y corriente.El protagonista está acompañado por su fiel escudero que l [...]

    5. Doherty doesn’t disappoint. This has been a absolutely amazing murder mystery series set in Ancient Egypt. The political intrigue of the Pharaoh Queen, temple priests and the Mitanni will keep you up a night turning the page by page. There were a couple of references to the past novels but can be read as a stand alone.

    6. History-loving headmaster Paul Doherty has been prolific in his mystery writing, setting multiple series in many diverse moments and fascinating eras throughout history. With the Ancient Egypt Mysteries, Doherty takes murder mysteries even further into the past than his popular medieval tales. The series centres on the various investigations of Lord Amerotke, wise and trusted judge and adviser to powerful female Pharoah Hatusu. I was introduced to Doherty's Ancient Egypt Mysteries while travelli [...]

    7. I really like this series, but this 3rd book seemed slower to read and more convoluted in plot. But everything came together and the plot was resolved at the end to my satisfaction. It is an ancient Egyptian murder mystery with Amerotke, Chief Judge of the Hall of Two Truths as the investigator for Pharaoh-Queen Hatusu.This book follows immediately after the 2nd in the series. Hatusu has won her battle with the Mitanni and Tushratta, their king, is camped out at the Oasis of Palms, in the Red La [...]

    8. Death is a jackal-headed Egyptian God The Anubis Slayings stands put because life in Egypt is portrayed in detail along with a whodunnit mystery. The detective is Chief Judge Amerotke who with his friends Shufoy, Prenhoe, and Asural.Hatshepsut or Hatusu, the Pharaoh-Queen, has ordered an enquiry into a spate of myterious killings in the Temple of Anubis. What makes the political situation volatile is that the Mitanni, who were defeated in the last battle are stationed in the same Temple as they [...]

    9. The Anubis SlayingsAmerotke #3By Paul C. DohertyPharoah Queen Hatusu has summoned the Mitanni and their King Tushratta to Thebe to engage in peace negotiations. Tushratta is angry at having been defeated by a woman, and the idea of bending his knee to her, of doing homage to her, is a bitter pill to swallow. If he can find some way to embarrass the haughty young queen, Tushratta will find that pill a wee bit easier to swallow. Then, just as the treaty is about to be signed, three scribes are mys [...]

    10. This addition to the Egyptian mystery series featuring Chief Judge Amerotke, and his friends Shufoy, Asural, and Prenhoe, allows one to step into an ancient world. The descriptions of ancient Egyptian life and customs are fascinating and the author really makes it all come alive. For me, the who-dunit mystery was secondary and actually a bit too convoluted for me as the reader to figure it out before the hero (Amerotke) did. What I love about each of the books in the series is the political intr [...]

    11. I like Amerotke, his views on life, justice and religion are actually very modern but the author manages to convey a very ancient feel to the character. I find the portrayal of the Pharaoh-Queen alternates between childish and over sexed, seldom does she really come across as a good ruler, which I find disappointing. This mystery was good but convoluted. Not in a way that made it difficult to understand but in a way that seemed excessive in it's solution. With a conspiracy here and there, assass [...]

    12. Being slightly sick affords one some time to relax, or read. I picked this book from the library because of its cover: I like all things Sumerian or Egyptian. Well constructed and with nicely developed characters, too, it was just a "fun" book. I am not a big fan of murder mystery whodunits, but I liked this book. However, knowing nothing about ancient jurisprudence, I wonder how much our modern concepts of evidence, forensics, and testimony colour this story. Only one negative: ugh, the frequen [...]

    13. What a great ending. No worse could have been passed down as a sentenced.Either I am getting used to the author's style or these books seem to be easier to read. Proof is by how fast I have been able to read through them. The author drew a little emotion from me this time as I wanted to draw a tear as well as a little laughter in the end. I'm also glad that Amerotke's servant is getting such a grand reward.Just got a call from the library and I am so looking forward to picking up the next four b [...]

    14. The series is improving somewhat - or maybe not. Maybe it isn't developing at all, but with every installment you get to know the main characters a little bit better, and that is always a good thing. They did feel slightly shallow at first, but now they're more worn in. Like returning to old friends, if not of the intimate variety, so They're decent enough company, and I'll be seeing more of them for sure.Let's give them 3,5 stars or thereabouts.

    15. I had high hopes for this book, as I love stuff about ancient Egypt, but I'm not entirely sure what I thought of it. It had a good plot, but there were so many names and people involved that I frequently got a bit confused as to who was playing what part in the story. But at the same time, I'm not sure if its simplification would have made me enjoy it any more, as it would also have undoubtedly taken away from the story.

    16. Continues the series featuring the chief jusdge of Egypt. Interesting, and I suspect quite authentic; but for me, too much description of costumes, wall decorations and cityscapes. There are some great desert action scenes in this, making it perhaps the most satisfying of the three I've read. An OK read.

    17. Great historical fiction series. I typically like stories based on Rome of the British Isles, but this one is based in ancient Egypt. The author does a great job of dropping the reader into the period. The protagonist is very likeable but he is not a pushover.

    18. I liked the time period, when the story took place. Behavior of people in that time is mistery for us, but reading the book convince me that it was exactly like that. Intrigues, murders, thefts, power and unbelievable wealth of pharaoh.

    19. Details of egyptian life are perfect in clarity. Easy to get lost in ancient egypt with this novel and the mystery is well written and is reminiscent of Athur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes series in complexity, yet simple when details are laud out. Recommend the whole series.

    20. An excellent historical mystery based in Ancient Egypt: Queen Hatshepsut is the Pharaoh and there is murder & intrigue in the palace.

    21. Pretty well done, with interesting historical elements and a decent mystery. I have enjoyed some of PC Doherty's other books, but he seems more comfortable with a medieval setting than Egypt.

    22. Good 'whodunit' in an unusual historical context. A knowledge of Egyptian history allows good visulisations of the period.

    23. P.C. Doherty is a great writing, and I tore through this series when I first stumbled across it. I highly recommend this series of books for anyone who enjoys historical works, or mysteries.

    24. I thought it was good. It wasn't quite as good as the first two (which I really couldn't put down) but still very enjoyable.

    25. I enjoy a book that can set me in another time and place, and this delivered all of that and a who-can-you-trust? plot

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