The Gaze

The Gaze ALSO AVAILABLE AT JAVIERROBAYOAUTHORAs a sopho in college Samantha Reddick meets Tony Amaya a brokenhearted young man whose written words she keeps as a memento of a weekend long affair The words w

  • Title: The Gaze
  • Author: Javier A. Robayo
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ALSO AVAILABLE AT JAVIERROBAYOAUTHORAs a sopho in college Samantha Reddick meets Tony Amaya, a brokenhearted young man, whose written words she keeps as a memento of a weekend long affair The words, written on the back of a paper placemat, become her only solid ground during a tumultuous decade that nearly destroys her, leaving her searching for answers at theALSO AVAILABLE AT JAVIERROBAYOAUTHORAs a sopho in college Samantha Reddick meets Tony Amaya, a brokenhearted young man, whose written words she keeps as a memento of a weekend long affair The words, written on the back of a paper placemat, become her only solid ground during a tumultuous decade that nearly destroys her, leaving her searching for answers at the bottom of the bottle Haunted by guilt and the constant menace from a man she once loved, Samantha searches for Tony and inserts herself into his life through an online friend request to his wife, Gwen Mutual curiosity opens the door to an unexpected friendship that becomes the catalyst of an inner battle between the better woman Samantha longs to be, and the Samantha who despises her own gaze.Show More Show Less

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    One thought on “The Gaze”

    1. This book is certainly one of my very favorites now. It reminded me of reading literature in school and how the story stayed with me for all these years after. The characters and scenes are so well written I felt like a fly on the wall. No, actually, most of the time I felt like the main character, Sam. I could feel the emotions the characters (whether it be Sam or any one of the others) were feeling, which in this book is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. I laughed, cried, bit my nails wit [...]

    2. The Gaze is the most original book i have ever read. I have never had a book effect me so much. I've read numerous books in my life but i can easily say this is my favorite and i will cherish its story. Im 17 and my mother and I both loved this book. This is the kind of story that I will read again and i don't do that with very many books. The way this story is written, i was easily able to picture its settings and characters as if I were really there. When I would go to friends' houses, they wo [...]

    3. Javier A Robayo isn't the first male writer to write in first person from the female mind, but crikey, he does it well. I almost have a sneaking suspicion that he's slightly too nice about us women! But he completely grasps the obsessive quality of an all consuming love. A love where reason, and alternative possibilities in life, get persistently pushed to one side in order to maintain a stubborn hold on an impossible ambition. Samantha is a compelling character, because she's real. You may not [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars.The Pros: The plot and the writing was excellent. I was engaged in the story from the start, desperate to know just what happened to Samantha and what caused her to drown her sorrows so completely in alcohol. There was just the right mix of drama, trauma, and romance. I really enjoyed the Facebook postings and how they told parts of the story. It was a clever technique and one could relate with the abundance of social media in our everyday lives. The Cons: It was so long. I felt that s [...]

    5. When you read as much as I have, recreationally and professionally, you tend to easily anticipate how a story will unfold. By Chapter 4 of my newest favorite novel, The Gaze, it was clear I would have no way to predict anything in this, most amazing story. By the time I was graced with a glimpse of the caliber of person Lewis Bettford was, I knew I was in trouble, hopelessly smitten with a character I wish to be real with everything in me. And what could I say of Samantha? this hero/anti-hero, w [...]

    6. It happens very rearly that a book hits all my emotions and all my "6" senses. "The Gaze" by Javier A. Robayo did exactly that. I am not the kind of reader that reads a book a week, not because I don't want to, but because it's too difficult to find the time to do so. But I do love reading and this book has definitely made it to my top 5 favorite themes. The prologue clearly starts describing that "life is like a rollercoaster", I love the flow of this story and how all the emotions are touched [...]

    7. This is a great story - characters with depth and spirit that you can visualize and relate to. The plot flowed very well while weaving the threads of the characters together. An excellent view into the pressures of addiction and the toll it takes as well. Loved it and looking forward to the Next Chapter!!

    8. This book should be a best sellerI really enjoyed it. The characters are absolutely unforgettable. The plot is captivating and who wouldn't want to have a friend like Lewis? I catch myself reading it anew when all I try to do is read a line or two.

    9. Sometimes life seems bigger than we are. If we're not careful, challenges can become problems that loom over us, casting a shadow over the person that we really are, and driving us to do what others would label as just plain crazy.In Javier A. Robayo's debut novel, "The Gaze", Samantha Reddick, the main character, meets Tony Amaya at a point when he seems to have hit rock bottom in the love arena. The first time she sees him, hunched over a table in the diner she works at, he is sobbing and scra [...]

    10. Wow! So many things to say about this book!! First and foremostis was more of a five-star experience than it was a book! Javier Robayo pulled me into the story with an intriguing setup that became a complex foundation for his characters Samantha and Tony; two relatable individuals who are tender, maddening, exhausting, and downright loveable. And in the mix of the incredible chaos is Gwen. She's one of those too-good-to-be-true friends who we would all love to have in our lives. The author has a [...]

    11. I could sit here writing about this book and its main character, Samantha all day. It has taken me some time to put all of my thoughts into a hopefully organized and concise review. I truly enjoyed it, and although I have a multitude of personal reasons why, I will be keeping those to myself for now, so the more technical aspects will have to suffice. •Characters: My overall impression of Samantha, was that she is something of a walking disaster area, and should come complete with a warning la [...]

    12. THE GAZEwhat can I say except READ IT! I am positively amazed at the way Robayo is able to create impeccable suspense! There were so many twists and turns that I kept trying to figure out who, what, when, where,why and how! I was taken by surprise every time I turned a page, especially the last 100 or so pages of the book. My heart was literally racing at times. I laughed (especially at LewisLOVED him), cried, reflected, reminisced, screamed in my own mindeven had a monologue with myself. (Hope [...]

    13. Confession, I am a bit of a book snob. I only read books that have a 4 or 5 star average, and that's ONLY if I like the reviews. You won't find me gushing over Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey. I typically like novels with depth, twists and turns, turmoil and some personal growth, like The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, The Red Tent, or even the newest Nicholas Sparks novel, when I'm in the mood for romance. So, it was completely out of character for me to give a budding new author time out [...]

    14. It has taken me a few weeks to write this review, although I devoured the book inside of 48 hours. I was introduced to Mr. Robayo by a mutual friend, so thought I would give him a read. I have never been so pleasantly surprised and amazed as I was by reading "The Gaze". I was so panoptically drawn in to the lives of these multi-faceted characters that like the author and other reviewers, I couldn't wait to see what was happening to "my friends" next. Robayo's real gift in this book is his beauti [...]

    15. Javier Robayo has written a masterpiece in 'The Gaze', one that is already showing as a top-grossing, all-engrossing, unforgettable movie in my mind, and I'm almost positive those who've read it feel the same way. Think 'Gone With The Wind' on steroids.Thinkwell.n't think. There isn't a movie in the annals that can match a film made from 'The Gaze'. There is no equal in the book world that could have been made into such a movie. Author Robayo has given screenwriters everywhere a screenwriter's d [...]

    16. When she was a student waiting tables Samantha Reddick meets Tomy Amaya, who is grieving for his lost love Gwen, and spend one day together, the day that will mark her forever. With time she becomes an alcoholic, selfish, shallow and self-centered person. Her close friend Lewis is the only good thing she has. He is always there for her. A friend everybody should have. After more than 10 years, she has never forgotten Tony and decides to search him on social networks. She finds out that he did ma [...]

    17. Javier Robayo has kindly sent me a copy of this to review! I am tres excited from all the five star reviews~ *_*stopped on page 41, will continue again

    18. Nope, not my kind of book. Vvveeerrryyy long, too many twists & pretentious writing. The last 20 pages were the only redeeming factor of this book.

    19. (Not suitable for readers under 18)The Gaze is a well-written, poignant character study about the complex and tragic Samantha Reddick, a beautiful and intelligent woman who is enslaved to her demons and vices.We're introduced to twenty-year-old Samantha when a customer at the diner she waitresses at catches her attention as he intensely writes on a paper placemat. Curious, she boldly sits across from him and inquires about what he's writing, which he declines to share. She gives up and returns t [...]

    20. First reads giveawayThe GazeJavier A Robayo3 1/2 StarsFirst off let me say that I really liked parts of this book, and JR is an excellent writer. I do not give books 4-5+ stars unless the book was inspirational, or unbelievable, change-your-life-heart stopping-holy-cow kind of book. This story was a 3 1/2 because around page 300 I was hooked and could not put it down. The characters actually were interesting but it was like it was two different bookse first half I was dreading finishing the next [...]

    21. Samantha (Sam) Reddick is working as a waitress when a chance meeting with a stranger changes her life. Intrigued by words he has wrote on his placement mat, when he leaves Sam is overwhelmed by a sudden impulse to run after him, to return his written work. Sam finds she wants to learn more about this man’s story. The writing is so passionate and was a declaration of his love for a woman called Gwen. Who is this mysterious girl that has captured his heart that has compelled him to write his fe [...]

    22. Applause to Javier Robayo for the GazeFrom the first line of THE GAZE I was pulled in. I loved this author’s writing style and the way he told this story. As I read I felt more like I was having a relaxed conversation with an old friend than reading a book. I love a good story with an interesting setting and plot, but what really makes a book a true joy to read is the characters.And Javier Robayo nailed it all!His characterization was wonderful. Each character had interesting quirks and habits [...]

    23. I really really enjoyed this story. I decided to read this book because the author went to the same college I did and I suspected glimpses of the school and my home state may surface in his novel. I was not disappointed! The story is full of unexpected revelations and plot lines. I appreciated that. Also, I found this to be a modern day love story as social media figures heavily into the novel. I had a love/hate relationship with the main character. She played the victim so well it was annoying. [...]

    24. I think the author is good at character development, but I don't personally enjoy weak characters. This protagonist is a weakling, a crybaby, an alcoholic, a whore, and has low self-esteem. She also has money, as well as very good friends with money, making her a spoiled brat too! This book is all about unrequited love and running from the past, but with a main character that I just wanted to slap. Not really my kind of book, but it was adequately written.

    25. The Gaze is the story of Samantha, a young woman tormented by her dark past. She follows her heart to all the wrong places, but finds love, friendship, and redemption along the way. An uncommon love story full of twists and turns. Recommended to open-minded people who like long reads.

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