Dress Your Marines in White

Dress Your Marines in White It was just a test report Like one of many many he d written up in the past Except this time several of the test subjects are dead At first Dr James Cutlass had thought his new job at NORAD was thr

  • Title: Dress Your Marines in White
  • Author: Emmy Laybourne
  • ISBN: 9781466819634
  • Page: 364
  • Format: ebook
  • It was just a test report Like one of many, many he d written up in the past Except this time, several of the test subjects are dead At first, Dr James Cutlass had thought his new job at NORAD was thrilling and full of opportunities, but that was before the demonstration Dress Your Marines in White is the story of the terrifying choices surrounding a chemical weaponIt was just a test report Like one of many, many he d written up in the past Except this time, several of the test subjects are dead At first, Dr James Cutlass had thought his new job at NORAD was thrilling and full of opportunities, but that was before the demonstration Dress Your Marines in White is the story of the terrifying choices surrounding a chemical weapons demonstration gone horribly wrong.DRESS YOUR MARINES IN WHITE is a prequel to Monument 14.At the publisher s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management software DRM applied.

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    1. WELCOME TO DECEMBER PROJECT!last year, amy(other amy) tipped me off to this cool thing she was doing: the short story advent calendar, where you sign up to this thingie here and you get a free story each day. i dropped the ball and by the time i came to my senses, it had already sold out, so for december project, i'm going rogue and just reading a free online story a day of my choosing. this foolhardy endeavor is going to screw up my already-deep-in-the-weeds review backlog, so i don't think i w [...]

    2. I think some of my favourite quotes from this little novella and my comments on them will explain my feelings for Dress Your Marines in White perfectly. :-)Dr. Janko Savic was a tall man—Serbian or Croatian, if there was a difference.Did you just—or have this other fabulous one:A giant brute for O. A guy who looked ethnic for AB—did she think he'd be more garrulous, somehow, because he looked like a gypsy?Did you really just, I have no words—or how about this awesome piece?:Freckles on a [...]

    3. This is the first story in the Monument 14 series and yes its another TOR original free short story. It too is a kind of prequel setting the scene for the first book in the series.Having not read the first book (only an extended exert from it a while ago which intrigued me very much) I do not know much of the series so I cannot tell if this short story reflect style content or even characters. What I can tell you is that it explains a lot about one of the contributing factors to the disaster whi [...]

    4. This short story describes an incident involving a biological warfare experiment that goes horribly wrong and the psychological effect it had on a witness who survived it. The lead up to the incident and what happens when things start to go wrong reminds me a little of the findings of Stanley Milgram's experiment on obedience to authority figures, except that the experiment in this story is no mere simulation. The writing is good as is the suspense - even though I understood from the outset that [...]

    5. Unimaginable to think of any scientist creating a compound like that indicated in this story, and too terrorfying to think our government would ever be involved! Well written and chilling. An unnecessary prequel to an awesome debut novel.

    6. Pequeña precuela de Monument 14. En esta parte nos cuentan sobre el funcionamiento de un arma química en humanos. Los primeros humanos en experimentarlo y sus reacciones ante este (nosotros conocemos lo efectos en nuestros protagonistas en Monument 14). A pesar de que no nos cuentan para qué fin fue creado este virus o quién es el responsable,me pareció simplemente increíble.Las palabras finales del reporte del ensayo que escribe el padre de Braydencalofriantes.

    7. This story by Emmy Laybourne is tense, hypnotic, and horrific. I should have been prepared for the horror of the climax, because it was prepped the entire story, but still I wasn't. I guess because this story was in a Young Adult anthology and so I had been reading Young Adult stories and therefore expected this to be something a Young Adult would read. I am an "Old Adult" and I shouldn't be reading this stuff! It is the stuff of nausea, and nightmares, and pieces of your soul being chipped away [...]

    8. I read Monument 14 and it didn't go over big with me, but this story, this blew me away. This is what should have been at the beginning of Monument 14, this is what should have started the story and this is what would have brought my review of book one to a higher level.A bit scary. Why? Because I could see reality mixed with fiction. I could see people in our government going this far and farther. You don't want to think about it, but you have to wonder how they come up with the things they do. [...]

    9. Personal Response I liked Dress Your Marines in White, but I was expecting more from this story. It was the prequel of one of my favorite dystopian series, because of this I was hoping to find some answers about its chaotic universe. I was a little disappointed, but the story itself was acceptable. Plot It all started with a doctor named James, who worked for the company NORAD. James had to write a report about their last experiment. He refused to bring back the horrible memories of the experime [...]

    10. So, I read the first book in the series about a month ago, and to tell the truth didn't plan to read the second one.I picked this short just because I'm marathoning through tor free short stories.I find that I liked it more than the novel, maybe because of the short format. It wasn't groundbreaking; more or less what you'd expect of the sci-fi/post-apocalyptic genre. Solid short story.What let me a little perplexed were some reviews, almost stating (based on this short) that the author was a big [...]

    11. Rating 3.5The story is told through a serious of flashback Dr. James Cutlass has as he is working on a report for an incident, if you can call it that, which happened during a testing demonstration of a chemical weapon. The use of these flashback, which kept getting cut off when present time events broke James' trip down memory lane, certainly helped give it a suspense filled air. I really wanted to smack his teenage son just so his father could get on with it and I could finally know what the h [...]

    12. This is just a prequel to the trilogy, Monument 14. It doesn't give any information that we (the readers) already know. But nonetheless the novella is quite good but not reading it is just fine for it is just an additional story/content which is also available in the paperback version.

    13. Turns out I read this accidentally a few weeks ago, in a Tor anthology. Unlike the following novel, Monument 14, this was actually a great read, well developed, well paced, intriguing. I remembered wanting to read more. (Which made for weird deja vu when I read Monument, since the biochemical weapon in it sounded JUST LIKE THIS ONE, but I didn't make the connection.)

    14. A short sort of prequel story included with Monument 14. Nice to have some background to part of what is going on in Monument, but man, it was disturbing! I hate to think such things are really happening, but unfortunately they probably are. :(

    15. Crazy! Do people not know they’re creating the end of the world when they’re creating the end of the world? I guess not.

    16. After hearing a lot about this series, I wanted to start it.I wasn't really sure what to expect, but this was a big surprise for me and I wasn't expecting it to be caused by a lab. But it also makes sense when you think about how other epidemics have started in tv shows right now. I can't wait to start this series in 2018!

    17. Me ha gustado mucho leer esta pequeña historia, sobre todo después de leer el primer libro, ya que causa bastante más impacto

    18. For book reviews and more, please visit my book blog, The Book StopJeez.Seriously, do people not know they're creating something that could destroy the society around us. This novella was quite chilling. It gave me a better understanding of Monument 14. And please, if you're planning on reading Monument 14, make sure you read this first. Monument 14 will make a lot more sense if you read Dress Your Marines In White first. You can read it for free at the link above.Synopsis"It was just a test rep [...]

    19. Very disturbing tale of experimenting bio weapons on marines. Preparing to read the entire Monument series. Looking forward tying this in with the rest of the story.

    20. As seen on Caity Reads.This was an interesting read. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but the downfalls far outweighed the good things for me. It was nice to get some background of the chemicals released in Monument 14. It was also fairly terrifying to think of a scientist creating compounds like these. Emmy’s writing is gross, and imaginary which is good. Especially for a story like this.However, I had a few issues with this short story. First, the format in which is was written didn’t mesh wel [...]

    21. Summary: This story starts out with Dr. James Cutlass, Brayden’s father, at his desk trying to type out an official report about the MORS Test, that he and his colleagues set-up. The story is kind of like a flash back because Dr. Cutlass is remembering the horrific past, but is typing it up in present time. The author lets you know what Dr. Cutlass is really feeling and thinking, what actually occurred during the experiment, and also what he types out for the official documentation of the expe [...]

    22. This is written half as a scientific report and half as an account of the man writing the report. This is necessary to get the actual thoughts and feelings of the scientist behind the report that would otherwise be lost.The first thing to note is that there are various racist and judgemental remarks made by the scientists about test subjects and others. But that is the point. It is hard as human beings to truly believe that an entire race is worthy of death, so a quirk of our subconscious is tha [...]

    23. Picking up immediately after the end of Monument 14, Sky on Fire is told in alternating points of view and finally shows us what's going on outside the Greenway A short but poignant story that throws light on the chemicals that have destroyed entire cities in the Monument 14 series.Dress Your Marines in White shows Brayden's father struggling to write a report about the human trial of a chemical weapon that went horribly wrong. It answers a lot of the questions that have been plaguing me about t [...]

    24. Read this and more at Romancing the Laser PistolThis story was pretty gross, honestly. It is full of flashbacks, telling of things that have already happened as a scientist writes an experiment report. The experiment itself went terribly, frighteningly awry. Of course, I haven't read Monument 14, and this is more of a explanation of the chemical weapon released in the book.It was still engrossing. Sometimes I wonder if these scientists who bring about the end of the world realize that is what th [...]

    25. Brayden's father is one of the NORAD scientists working on a new biological weapon that has just had a test, a test which proves how lethal it is and the effects that it has on four test subjects with different blood types. The test itself does not go according to plan.This prequel to Monument 14 explains the background to the virus that escapes in the NORAD explosion, and gives an insight to some of the people who were happy to use it against people as a weapon of war. I don't have any doubt th [...]

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