Bad Boyfriend

Bad Boyfriend Sometimes it s good to be bad Real good Bad in Balti Book After Eli Wright came out his parents threw him out In the five years since he s made his own way lived by his own rules determined to

  • Title: Bad Boyfriend
  • Author: K.A. Mitchell
  • ISBN: 9781609288129
  • Page: 376
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes it s good to be bad Real good Bad in Balti, Book 2 After Eli Wright came out, his parents threw him out In the five years since, he s made his own way, lived by his own rules, determined to never change himself not for anyone He s not against finding Mr Right, but Mr Right now will do just fine Quinn Maloney s reward for ten years of faithfully keepingSometimes it s good to be bad Real good Bad in Balti, Book 2 After Eli Wright came out, his parents threw him out In the five years since, he s made his own way, lived by his own rules, determined to never change himself not for anyone He s not against finding Mr Right, but Mr Right now will do just fine Quinn Maloney s reward for ten years of faithfully keeping his closeted boyfriend s secrets A hell of a wake up call to go with his morning coffee Not only did Peter have affairs, he went straight to marry his pregnant girlfriend and Quinn was to never reveal their history With the baby s baptism looming and Quinn expected to put on a polite front, he decides he s had enough of playing the peacekeeper One wink from a much younger, eyeliner wearing guy in a bar, and Quinn s found a perfectly outrageous date for the occasion The date goes better than he ever imagined And so much worse, as Eli convinces everyone they re madly in love That wasn t part of the plan, but the Quinn learns about the man behind the makeup, the he wishes it was true Warning Contains an absolute bastard of an ex boyfriend Not responsible for sudden uncontrollable urges to punch him in the teeth Also not responsible for any overheating or sudden urges brought about by explicit sex with a little BDSM thrown in.

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    One thought on “Bad Boyfriend”

    1. DAMN! Who turned up the heat because it is SCORCHING in here?! K.A. Mitchell brought the sexy and she brought it HARD.I knew that I would love this book because most people adore this and I loved the first in the series that most of my friends hated. Though that had my favorite trope (gay virgins- YUM), this book also delivered the goods in spades. I'll admit something to you guys but you can't tell anyone. Shhhh can you keep a secret? (view spoiler)[I happen to LOVE daddy kinks. (hide spoiler)] [...]

    2. This book is what I expect from KA Mitchell. This is the kind of story that reminds me of why when I discovered her, I sucked down all her books in three days like a four year old with a bag of M&MsThis was FRIGGIN' AWESOME.Opposites Attract?Well yeah!!! And sometimes the chemistry is so ridiculously hot it could light up the Vegas strip!! Eli and QuinnWhoooo Mercy.At 35 years old, Quinn Maloney just got the life that he thought he had for the last ten years handed back to him by the bastard [...]

    3. 4.5 stars K.A. Mitchell is at the top of her game with this ultra sexy romance between two opposites. Quinn is a 34 year old, ex-Navy man whose boyfriend has left him after ten years to get married to a woman. Unable to totally let go Quinn has agreed to be godfather to their child but he has decided to take a fake boyfriend with him to the christening for some moral support. The night before he meets Eli (from Bad Company), an out and proud 23 year old gay man who is totally what Quinn needs.El [...]

    4. 3.5 strong stars.I SO ADORE Quinn and Eli!!!! (<-although, reading a book about a (misspelled) “Quinn” this close to LaL release was distracting…but I got over it :) )“Bad Boyfriend” has the exact same story of 80% of the M/M books out there: an over-the-top villainization of a jerk ex-beau, a cutie-pie sassy twink w/ lips to die for, and a big muscled hunk who lives not entirely out of the closet. Throw in some opinionated best friends, a dysfunctional family, and some past my-fami [...]

    5. ETA: Buddy read this book (and the others in the series with me & KA Mitchell, and win stuff: heidicullinan.wordpress/20***I had waited for this book FOREVER it seems like.This book was fun, fast, and made me feel good. I spent the day in a chair with this book, and it was my best damn day the week I read it. I'd had a lot of good days that week too, so that's no light praise.The emotional journey of both characters was just delicious. Their kinks fit so well, but their out-of-bed lives were [...]

    6. I might be the only person on the planet that did not have problems with the first book in this series, so take my judgement for what it is worth. With that said, I liked this book a whole heaping lot more. I really really enjoyed Eli with all of his issues, sarcastic humor and his neediness while trying to remain independent. I think the only person who could fit him is someone like Quinn. Quinn has enough issues as we see in the beginning of this book, his boyfriend Peter, of which they have b [...]

    7. I loved this! It's funny (come closer, Eli, so I can give you a bear hug), it's sweet, and it's hot hot hot.You'll probably need to suspend disbelief about the Laurent family and their unparalleled ability to ignore huge pink elephants in the room and in their lives for years and years but hey, it's not our fault if they're determined to win the prize for "best cookie cutter-please don't burst our bubble" family in the state of Maryland. Plus, it was probably that mentality that produced that je [...]

    8. HOT! HOT! HOT! I loved this story and enjoyed it immensely without even reading Bad Company (I was told by some very trusted friends that I wouldn’t like it). Anyway, I loved Eli and Quinn; hated Peter and Nate and only kinda liked Kellan. I’ve only read a few books by KA Mitchell, but this is definitely my favorite so far. I really loved Eli and Quinn. Eli was adorable and dramatic. Quinn was, to quote Eli, “completely unavailable, hung-up-on-his-asshole-ex, wrapped-up-in-family-drama, go [...]

    9. Es un libro entretenido, simpático, Eli es un personaje divertido, inteligente y tierno y es él quien sostiene la historia porque además de él, hay poco más. Lástima que no se encuentren más de su estilo.

    10. *wipes fog off glasses*It's not a brand new story, but there was great chemistry between Quinn, Eli andwell, me. HOT!

    11. Reread. Excellent kinky m/m romance about a teacher who's dumped by his closeted boyfriend of ten years, then picks up a hot younger guy at a bar to take along to the baptism of his ex's baby. Things just sort of spiral from there. :)

    12. A typical run-off-the-mill romance with a ton of smut and drama. Stars a somewhat bland but sympathetic MC who's pursuing a a bratty twink, while coming to terms with his 100% evil ex-bf's nasty pranks. It's all very unremarkable and forgettable, but makes for a few entertaining hours of reading anyway It's getting annoying fast to read these constant references to 'old dude looks like granddad, has gray hair, can't get it up so soon' yada yada Get the fuck out of here: the guy's only 35! PPS Oh [...]

    13. This is the second book in a series, but it would stand alone well enough. The MCs from the first are only secondary characters. (And Nate is still a jerk.) Also, since this is a Samhain book, it ends with about 30 pages left for other excerpts (something which I try to remember will happen, but often don't, and find frustrating, so I thought I'd put this note up front here for other readers.)I liked this book a lot more than the first one, mainly because the characters are much more appealing. [...]

    14. *edited on 12.21.12*Daddy play is not for me, so this book was a total turn off, plus the story was cliché, and excuse my French just a little fucked up.I can’t imagine anyone that would be okay with being godparent to their cheating ex's childwell nobody that respects themselves. I just can’t see Quinn going through with this, he was in the Navy, and now a High School teacher. You would assume there is some intelligence there, if not that then at least some pride.This story was just too fa [...]

    15. This one was so much better than Bad Company. I absolutely loved Eli--he's freaking amazing--and Quinn, when he wasn't fucking up, was great too. They were so gosh darn cute.Peter was a bastard. Ugh.I was surprised by the Daddy kink. I enjoyed the hell out of it, but surprised nevertheless. The ending was really abrupt, though.Nevertheless, it was an awesome read.

    16. 3.5 StarsIt’s about time I got round to reading this one huh? Not that I’ve even read the first one in the series but everyone, and I mean everyone (!) has read this book and loved it or at least liked it a lot. I’m late to the party but I made it! YAY!I’m so glad I made the effort because this was, uh-hemso rewarding. A real one handed white knuckle read; cue lascivious wink if you know what I mean? Ha! Of course you do, you’ve probably read it. So there’s no need for me to remind [...]

    17. This one i enjoyed more than the first book, i loved these two guys, esp Eli. so happy to see him get his forever!

    18. ***3.5 Stars***What's the best way I can describe my feelings for this book? You know when you're lighting your stove and you have to hold it in the clicking position for the flame to ignite before you pick your heat level.ah, that's how I feel about this. The whole book just kept clicking without every igniting. I think I was expecting a little bit of a meatier story. There was so much deeper K.A. Mitchell could have gone with the characters. I wanted more background and history when it came to [...]

    19. I need to stop at 46%. It's just too stupid to continue. The plot is so cliché that I wonder how people don't get fed up on this. Peter (the a-hole) dumps Quinn after ten years of living together. Quinn is so mature that he decides to bring a hot twinkie to the baptism of his ex's son to, what? show him he has moved on, even when it's totally a lie? Proud much? Like I was saying, Eli goes to the party and he happens to be the perfect boyfriend, and by perfect I mean everybody loves him: "Even P [...]

    20. So very close to a 5 star read. like a 4.50 but since i totally love the cover and can absolutely see Eli and Quinn as those two guys i will up it to 4.75 stars.I loved Eliarky, feisty, razor sharp tongue but vulnerable and lonely too. No family, no job and no homecks to be Eli. Thank God for friends Nate and Kellen. I still adore Kellen, from Bad Company, but still think he is too good for Nate.Quinn spent 10 years of his life with a guy who isn't worth the sh*t on the bottom of your shoei wond [...]

    21. So I went into this book with a good amount of trepidation because I didn't really like the first book in the series. Glad GR friends pushed me along to read this story. I absolutely love Quinn and Eli, they so perfectly balance each other out and have each others back even in the early days. And yes, this book was complete and total sexiness :) The auther also made me hate Peter to no end, so mission accomplished on creating my m/m nemesis (although Anzhel in Last Line is still number one nemes [...]

    22. The three stars are for Eli - I really liked his sweet,open-hearted (and kinky) personaThis was a rollercoaster for me.At first I was excited and "oh,wow!" but then it went downwards to almost a DNF.It wasn`t the heavy BDSM-scene somehow coming out of nowhere or the annoying bunch of hyenas called family and friends.Not even Peter,Quinn`s asshole-ish ex-boyfriend from hell.It was QuinnI couldn`t stand the guy - my own personal red rag!Just my thoughts and the minority here - read it and enjoy!:D [...]

    23. Solid 4.5 stars Well, did someone create a list for the hottest MM romance? This book is GOOD but the sex is ATOMIC!. As I was reading this IN PUBLIC TRANSPORT and SQUIRMING in my seat, I said to myself: You wanted MM romance, darling, deal with it!Eli and Quinn are the REAL DEAL in and out of the sheets in spite of the big age difference (22 against 35) and their different lifestyles. People who haven't found their match among their peers should be comforted by this story: be open minded, baby, [...]

    24. This was a nice easy read. It wasn't as angsty as I thought it would be.Quinns lover of ten years (Peter) is leaving him because the woman, he cheated with, is pregnant. He decides he's not gay and wants to marry her. Quinn is very close to Peters family (the fact that they were gay lovers was ignored) and even goes to the wedding. Peters new wife doesn't know that Peter and Quinn used to be lovers and nobody talks about it. When the baby is a few months old Quinn is invited to the baby's babpti [...]

    25. Loved, loved, loved this book! This book has it all, great and funny banter, MCs who are not perfect and actually make some mistakes and have to learn from them, spicy sex, an unpopular villian and just enough angst to keep your heart involved and on the line.I greatly enjoyed both MCs. Talk about opposites. Quinn is in his mid 30s and rebounding from a nasty break up. He's very deliberate in his actions, dependable, responsible and somewhat at a turning point in his life as to how he wants to p [...]

    26. Eli, I knew you wouldn't let me down. Unexpected (view spoiler)[daddy kink here but it was smoking hot and it really, really worked for these guys. (hide spoiler)]This book has some incredibly hot sex between the awesome Elijah and ex-sailor now history teacher Quinn. Lots of family drama and Quinn's ex is such an asshole. I cannot believe how horrible he is to both Quinn and his family.We see both Nathan and Kellan again. (view spoiler)[Protective of Eli which is good but still Kellan is all "y [...]

    27. 3.5. This review may contain what some would call spoilers but not that much more than the blurb.This book would be much improved if the author had given more of a background for Peter and Quinn. Some addl set-up would have made the family believing the whole "straight roommates" more realistic and given me a reason not to keep rolling my eyes at how stupid the whole thing was.Live with a guy for 10 years, never have a relationship (at least publicly) with a woman, and still your family shuts th [...]

    28. Way, way, way better than the first book. Eli is a hoot! I just want to put him my pocket and carry him around with me all day. The ending was a bit abrupt though.

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