The Trial of Fallen Angels

The Trial of Fallen Angels Brek Cuttler has it all a husband she loves a daughter she adores a successful law practice And then one day everything she has ever known disappears Brek finds herself standing on a deserted train

  • Title: The Trial of Fallen Angels
  • Author: James Kimmel Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780399159695
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Brek Cuttler has it all a husband she loves, a daughter she adores, a successful law practice And then one day everything she has ever known disappears Brek finds herself standing on a deserted train platform, covered in blood As she tries to comprehend what is happening to her, a man from her past approaches and explains that she has been chosen to join the elite teamBrek Cuttler has it all a husband she loves, a daughter she adores, a successful law practice And then one day everything she has ever known disappears Brek finds herself standing on a deserted train platform, covered in blood As she tries to comprehend what is happening to her, a man from her past approaches and explains that she has been chosen to join the elite team of lawyers charged with prosecuting and defending souls at the Final Judgment As Brek struggles to find her way back to her husband and daughter, she will discover that her first client holds the shocking secret of her fate That seemingly disparate events during her life have conspired to bring her to a single moment in time that will determine her eternity And that every act of kindness and cruelty sets in motion things beyond our wildest imaginations.

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      375 James Kimmel Jr.
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    One thought on “The Trial of Fallen Angels”

    1. What I liked:1- It was a novel look at "life after death".2- I liked how the story of how Brek died came in bits and pieces. Much like it did to her. We knew about it when she remembered it.3- The interconnectedness of it all.What I didn't like:1- It was so freaking confusing! I know, I know, it is called reading. You are supposed to have to think on it, digest it, marinate on it so to speak, in order to grasp it. But DAMN! It took me too many braincells to figure it out. For example, When she g [...]

    2. The Trial Of Fallen AngelsByJames Kimmel Jr.My "in a nutshell" summaryJustice in the afterlifewhat do we really believemiracles? an afterlife? heaven?My thoughts after reading this bookWhen I first started reading this book I thought of The Lovely Bonesjust a little bit. Andter reading this book and thinking about itI think that it is sort of a spiritual fantasy. My idea of this book is thisyou know from the start that Brek is not alive any moree was a lawyer, a mom, and a wife on her way home f [...]

    3. I didn’t really know what to expect from this novel - from the premise it sounded like a mixture of fantasy and mystery. And even now, after finishing it, categorizing it into a genre still proves rather difficult. Kimmel explores a lot of big themes here in his fictional debut - justice, forgiveness, truth, good, evil and the interconnected nature of humanity. The book deals with religion, too, but in a vague and rather non-specific Christian way (though Judaism and Islamic faiths also play a [...]

    4. I picked up this book on a whim on a trip to the library and am really glad I did. An original storyline interwoven with great characters and plot. A book that reveals (perhaps) the secrets of that day when we will all face God and give account for every thought, word and deed in our lives. It's a twisting tale, has everything a good book should and I like a book that makes me think and ponder it's message, and I did. Highly recommended.

    5. Wow! This book blew me away. It was quite the mind bender and it has taken me several days to settle down enough to review it. This would be an excellent book club discussion as I am sure many of the concepts and people in the book would provide excellent fodder for discussion.The book raises many questions about the concept of justice. Is justice better or forgiveness? Does our legal system really provide justice? Who must forgive? The issues are highlighted as Brek, recently departed is in the [...]

    6. I really liked the first part of this book, was really interesting, but omg it just turned horribly confusing and a bore to read, it seemed to just go off the rails and i didnt even end up caring that i didnt understand half of what was going on, just became determined to finish it for the sake of it. I cant even describe how pointless and weird half of it became with the Ark, and the idea surrounding judgement just went WAY too far and i got sick of hearing about it. I think this book has a ver [...]

    7. I won this book on ' giveaway. It's a great book; gave me lots to think about. I've read it twice since i got it!Brek's life is just fine- or so she thinks. Her law practise is going well and her husband just did a fantastic job bringing down an educator who was funneling schools' cash to a Nazi Supremist group. Her little baby girl is adorable. The family's biggest problem is getting to the day care center on time to pick Sarah up before the 6 pm deadline and the $5./ min. pick-up fee begins.Dr [...]

    8. was just OK-- kind of weird story- tied to religion & about a woman who's died and wakes up in the afterlife - where judgements are made- and is looking back on her life and the lifes of all those intertwined with hers----(the way the story flowed it felt to me like the author had previously tried hallucinegetic drugs)

    9. Kudos to Kimmel for choosing such an intriguing title. Too bad it's totally misleading. "The Trial of Fallen Angels" isn't about fallen angels at all. It's about the final judgment of the dead -- human dead, not fallen angels. And it's not really about trials as much as it is about the discovery process -- about the defendants, the lawyers and the Judge. So if you're expecting this book to be along the lines of Stephen Vincent Benet's "The Devil and Daniel Webster" -- a legal duel between a bril [...]

    10. An interesting take on the afterlife. Brek's death is seen as "coming back home" and she is eventually chosen to be a lawyer of the dead. This book is written in first person and fairly heavy and slow. It's one of those books that is in no rush to get to the end and would rather have the reader enjoy the ride.I thought Brek was a well-rounded character. Kimmel did a great job of not letting Brek's disability define her character and yet still have clear influence on her life. It was a very inter [...]

    11. 2/23/13:Absolutely magnificent! This is the rare book that reaches down into your soul, touches it, and brings you back up with it. Beautifully written, with incredibly well-defined characters, a diverse set of stories contributing to its direction, and a conclusion that should shake you.One review said" a heady combination of the movie “What Dreams May Come,” John Grisham’s best work, and Dante’s” Divine Comedy.”" That's a start, but it doesn't do justice (pun intended) to its subje [...]

    12. The Trial of Fallen Angels is James Kimmel Jr.'s first fiction book.Brek Cuttler awakes in a train station. She's sitting on a bench in her favourite 'power lawyer' suit. The station is deserted. Her suit is covered in blood. She is sure she is dreaming when a man comes along and welcomes her to Shemaya. She struggles to remember who she is and what she was doing before she arrived at this station. Inevitability, she discover that the man Luas is right - she is dead. And she has a job to do in S [...]

    13. The Trial of Fallen Angels is certainly a page-turner, but as I approached the end, the "love is all/forgive your enemy/turn the other cheek" was a bit too much for me. There are crimes that cannot be forgiven, in my opinion, and yes, violence returned with violence is usually unproductive, but to suggest that there is no act deserving of punishment, even the ultimate punishment, simply doesn't sit well with me, and I found the ending of the novel quite unsatisfying. The flashbacks during which [...]

    14. You wake up dead in the afterlife. There are lawyers.Normally you'd conclude that you weren't in Heaven. Howeverthis one-armed, young mother is, was, an attorney and as sheadapts to her new surroundings, she's tasked with representingvarious characters that crossed through her life in asoul court of sorts. Taking place in current times, the story threads its way backto World War II with tales of Germans hiding Jews, black marketGIs, the Russian Army, and who is really guilty? and of what?So yes, [...]

    15. Well, this is certainly an odd book and as it turns out, I loved it. I picked it off the library shelf last Friday when I went in, and I started it that night. And I finished it in two days!It is very imaginative. The author is a lawyer, with a practice that focuses on the intersection of law and spirituality and on helping people with mental illnesses and addiction. He is a practicing Quaker now. This is his first novel, and apparently it took him a decade to write. And you know what? It was wo [...]

    16. I want to say first off thank you to libraything for choosing me as a winner of this early uncorrected proof for review. It need's no fixing because I felt it was perfect. Was so blown away by this book which deals with the hereafter and the journey to choose "justice" or "forgiveness" when all is said and done. I do not want to give away the entire story so I will just say that it has a bit of mystery, suspense, history, all rolled into intense spirituality. This book kept me up at night late w [...]

    17. 75% of this book irratated me. The concept of God and justice that alarmed our heroine likewise alarmed me as it did not agree with my own beliefs and forced me to examine them. Too much time was spent rehashing debates. However without giving the ending away, the final pages won me over as I also came to enlightenment reluctantly. It was like a magician pulling away the cape and letting you see beneath. I loved the big reveal at the very end.I want to recommend this book to everyone with intern [...]

    18. 3.5 stars - The only way I can think to describe this book is that it is a good story but told in a bizarre way. There were times when I felt like I was lost and didn't follow what certain events or characters had to do with the overall storyline, but everything and everyone ties together at different points throughout the book. By reading the jacket, I never had a clue that the Holocaust was such a big underlying theme. It's definitely one that makes you think long and hard about how justice ca [...]

    19. Wow. What a book. This is a novel about a woman who is dead and who wants desperately to be back with her family. The only part of the book that I got lost (not in a good way) in was toward the end when there's a lot happening; climbing up the mountain to the shack in the storm and seeing people looking at monitors, etc that whole part is weird. Of course it made me think how unrandom life really is, and also really made me think about my life and my choices so far.

    20. This book:1. was incredibly depressing and took me forever to finish as a result 2. contains too many characters whose lives are intertwined to varying degrees (which was interesting) but had too close of names/too flat of characters to keep separate. 3. Has an intriguing theme4. Is organized poorly which makes understanding difficult

    21. I read the first 60 pages and the gripping page-turner became too philosophical for me--maybe I would be interested at a different point in my life.Fellow book club friends were disappointed by the ending; others stated the book would be better as a novel withOUT the philosophy.

    22. Kind of an interesting read. I only got it because of my book club and didn't know a thing about it before starting it. Not quite sure what I think about it

    23. The Shack, but way better. Much to chew on with this one. Delayed reading it but had a hard time putting down once I started.

    24. 3.5. Way more "preachy" than I expected but opened my eyes to a different perspective on justice. Worthwhile to read, and an excellent audio production.

    25. Interesting. This book delves into deep topics like justice, retribution, forgiveness, evil (and its origins), etc. I found it worthwhile. The narrative upon which these themes are discussed is tough and tragic, so be forewarned. Ultimately, though, what stuck with me is the notion that great care must be taken in our pursuit of justice. If you’re pining for a theological read along those lines and are willing to push through tragedy to get there, dive in.

    26. Nedorečeno, zbunjujuće, dosadno, nedefinirano. Pisac kao da je htio puno reci ali nije rekao nista jer se i sam izgubio u svim tim likovima i njihovim sudbinama. Poanta cijele price je da ne mozemo suditi drugima jer svačije poimanje pravde dolazi iz osobnog iskustva. Super zamišljeno ali lose izvedeno.

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