Violet Mackerel's Personal Space

Violet Mackerel s Personal Space Violet Mackerel has some good news and some not so good news The good news is about Mum and Vincent The not so good news is that they have to move house Violet is trying to be brave but sometimes lea

  • Title: Violet Mackerel's Personal Space
  • Author: Anna Branford Sarah Davis
  • ISBN: 9781921529207
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Violet Mackerel has some good news and some not so good news The good news is about Mum and Vincent The not so good news is that they have to move house Violet is trying to be brave, but sometimes leaving your personal space can be tricky.Fantastic website has downloads and extra info violetmackerel

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      182 Anna Branford Sarah Davis
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    One thought on “Violet Mackerel's Personal Space”

    1. How perfect that the mother (and boyfriend) announced the decision to the children, but let them adjust to it in their own way. And lucky Dylan, to have Violet for a little sister. I don't know if I approve of all of Violet's theories of small things, but they're certainly clever.

    2. A book that has been on my to-read list all year, first came on my radar when a colleague told me at the beginning of the year of how she reads it with her 5 year old daughter. Last week our school librarian Mr H showed it to me with such effervescent praise for this little book and how it was so sad and how strongly he felt for the characters. I was curious. I haven’t read a lot of junior fiction books admittedly, but I’ve always had the impression they were pretty shallow and lacked a lot [...]

    3. It is so lovely to find new small chapter books, just perfect for the children at my primary school. Violet Mackerel’s Personal Space is one of these. And what a sad-happy story. Violet’s mom has decided to remarry and the whole family will move. That’s two sad things for children to deal with but the author, Anna Branford, deals with the sad things in a way that will make the reader feel happy when she finishes the story. That’s so nice for children who have to deal with sad things ever [...]

    4. Some parts were nice because she got married and her dress was very pretty, and it had a train behind it. Some parts were sad because violet mackerel's brother would not come to the house. He would live in his tent. (L, aged 5)

    5. In this illustrated and heartwarming story, Violet is faced with change. In her thoughtful and innocent way she theorizes that you can leave 'pieces' of yourself behind so you really aren't gone, if you leave a small token. And the changes are coming fast and furiously: her mother is marrying her long term boyfriend, they will have to move house, her brother is unhappy at the idea of moving, and her sister is more excited about a new and bigger room. With reasonable and simple to follow examples [...]

    6. In many respects, I thought this was the best book in the series but there were some private negatives for me, so rather than up my rating, I've taken it down.Violet's mum is going to marry Vincent. Violet and Nicola are planning from the moment it's announced: paper cranes, hair sparkles, dressBut their brother Dylan is upset. So upset he takes out his tent and parks it in the garden. He's not going to share the house with Vincent, even if they find a new and bigger one.By now, you should expec [...]

    7. Violet Mackerel’s Personal Space by Anna Branford, illustrated by Elanna Allen – loved this little early chapter book just as much as the rest of this lovely series. Violet is a character that I just adore visiting with and seeing how she is doing. Finding personal space and the struggle of independence is an important topic. I feel that some children don’t get enough independent time and also enough special time to themselves. Violet’s big brother makes the choice to go stay in a tent t [...]

    8. Lovely book about Violet's family leaving their home for a new one with a new father. I liked that it showed a typical family today (the mother's boyfriend lives with the family and vacations with them) but is very understated. It isn't as though the author wants to show how au courant she is or topical, but just to show how kids live today. If you didn't approve of this arrangement, your child might not even notice it. Also, the marriage ceremony was lovely, how each one in the family pitched i [...]

    9. Each of us must face change in our lives, and even when change might be good, it can still be unsettling. When Violet Mackerel's mother and her boyfriend Vincent decide to get married and find another house, Violet's brother Dylan is upset about the move. Violet finds solace in leaving a little something of significance in the house they leave behind. I really liked the positive message and the way each of the family members dealt with change in different ways. I was also touched by Violet's con [...]

    10. My six-year-old daughter hasn't quite worked her way up to the likes of Ramona Quimby -- a series I loved as a kid -- so I was looking for books with very short chapters and illustrations on almost every page to hold her attention. This one fills the gap. I bought the box set and sure enough, she asked for the first chapter of the next one as soon as we'd finished this, which is what I had been hoping for in reading material. It's interesting turning to middle grade fiction for the first time si [...]

    11. This is such a sweet early chapter book! I give it 5 stars because while it is written in simple language, the messages and heartfelt emotions within the story are so realistic and touching. I will be reading more Violet Mackerel books because they are rare. Many early chapter books are cute/funny, but don't have alot of depth to them. This book stands out because while it's written for very young children, it has such powerful meaning. Long live Violet!

    12. From a reading level, the Violet Mackerel books have plenty of pictures and a simple writing style that puts them in the same group as Ivy + Bean. They lack the laugh-out-loud humor and madcap adventure of Ivy + Bean, but they have a quiet, reflective, sweet charm of their own. In other words, these are the children's books that are more likely to make you cry. But just a little.

    13. Rating highly from my Miss 8. One of her favourites in the series thus far with a personal pointing out that Dylan stole the show for her because of the touching way he was 'nice' to Violet. A moving and joyful story of the next chapter of Violet Mackerel's young life. These books are impossible not to love and value.

    14. Another great Violet Mackerel book. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the others I have read but it's still an awesome book. It would be a good book to help children cope with moving house and new family members. It's nice to see that there are still good books being written for children. The illustrations throughout the book are also amazing.

    15. Laurel and I read this together and we both enjoyed it. I had her rate the story with me. It is a chapter book that students who are moving into this type of book will be successful reading. Violet lives with her mom, sister, and brother. Her mom is going to get married and things are changing. Very realistic story with what happens to our characters.

    16. There are big changes coming in Violet's life. Her mom is marrying boyfriend Vincent and the family is moving to a new house. Not everyone is happy with the changes, though. It will take time and patience to mend the rift in this close-knit family. I really love this series. It is sweet and gentle, but so appealing.

    17. Violet's Mum is getting remarried and the house is simply not big enough for all. The family comes to terms with the move and finds ways to leave pieces of themselves behind so that they never forget where they came from.

    18. I cant believe that Vincent and Violets mom got married. Their house was to small for more people so they move to a different house. Dylan did not want to leave so he was a bit angry. I like this book alot.

    19. This next book in the Violet Mackerel series is as delightful as the first three. The caring and thoughtful family dynamic exhibited in this story makes it a pleasure to read with my children. There is a tender juxtaposition of "personal space" and shared space. A wonderful read!

    20. Oh dear, that just made me cry Perhaps because we are moving, maybe because I need to do some patch painting over a few growth lines on the wall, quite probably because Anna writes so beautifully and this time Violet's family, especially her big brother, touched my heart.

    21. Sweet story perfect for the early chapter books. Love the theory of leaving small things behind something my daughter's friends do all the time at our house, I've always joked that it is. so they would need to return.

    22. this is the last book in a series of four. they are the most adorable books on earth and i love them! and they're perfect for kiddies ages six to ten.

    23. Good stuff. A touch behind Judy moody, but great for bringing some difficult subjects into common life

    24. What a great book to help kids deal with the issue of moving to a different home and a parent remarrying.

    25. Violet's Mum and Vincent are going to marry; they need to find somewhere else to live. Joys and pains of moving, etc. Violet hasn't become saccharine sweet - a great read

    26. Perfect book for a child faced with moving to a new home. Reading a Violet Mackerel book is like getting a warm hug. It just makes you feel good.

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