Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter

Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter Following the page turning debut Beauty Dates the Beast this is the second novel in the fresh and funny new series about a paranormal dating service Sarah Ward the werewolf sister of Bathsheba from

  • Title: Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter
  • Author: Jessica Sims Jill Myles
  • ISBN: 9781451661811
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Following the page turning debut, Beauty Dates the Beast, this is the second novel in the fresh and funny new series about a paranormal dating service.Sarah Ward, the werewolf sister of Bathsheba from Beauty Dates the Beast, and co owner of their paranormal online dating agency, Midnight Liaisons, is voluntarily traded to a wolf clan in exchange for a kidnapped female wereFollowing the page turning debut, Beauty Dates the Beast, this is the second novel in the fresh and funny new series about a paranormal dating service.Sarah Ward, the werewolf sister of Bathsheba from Beauty Dates the Beast, and co owner of their paranormal online dating agency, Midnight Liaisons, is voluntarily traded to a wolf clan in exchange for a kidnapped female were cougar Fearful of what might happen to her while with the wolf clan, she and Ramsey, a were bear who s part of the were cougar alliance, pretend to be engaged so he can stay with her for protection The last thing either of them expect is for their pretend engagement to lead to a very real love affair.

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    One thought on “Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter”

    1. It's been a long while since I read anything paranormal and I was in an epic mood for a good, steamy romance so I decided to find a worthy combination. Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter hit the spot for sure. It's the second in a series and while I do feel that I missed a few things by not reading the first one, it worked out fine for me in terms of the romance. Speaking of1. A gentle giant.2. A pretend relationship scenario.3. An adult hero who is a virgin. OMG4. Tons of sexual tension.5. A dama [...]

    2. When I heard from the author that this book had a virgin hero, I got excited. Then I heard he was a were-bear virgin hero. My excitement grew. Ramsey is the best type of virgin hero. He is a huge, huge man. Quiet but fierce. All other shifters fear him, even the cockiest of the wolves. And yet this fierce gentle giant has never been intimate with a woman before. Yes, let’s all just take a moment.Sara Ward was in an abusive relationship six years ago to a man named Roy. Worse, he ends up biting [...]

    3. 'Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter' by Jessica Sims is book two in the "Midnight Liaisons" series. It is the story of Sara and Ramsey. 3.5 StarsI have read the previous book 'Beauty Dates the Beast' and yes that book did start setting the stage for this onebut I felt this book was a standalone book. It took you right to where you needed to be by giving you the last few scene of the previous book. Sara is a wolf shiftier not by choice. Sara was in a abusive relationship and it turns out he was a w [...]

    4. Sweet gentle giant. Love this world Jessica is building. Funny, suspenseful and awesome love stories

    5. Ok, but it was put-down-able. I never had the eager-to-get-back-to-it feel.Many times during the book Sara “assumes” Ramsey doesn’t like something about her, or thinks she smells bad, or thinks he doesn’t want her, or thinks he’s just being polite. I got tired of that. The author was using that for conflict. None of it was true. Similarly through most of the book, Sara assumes Ramsey wants to be with his arranged marriage Nikolina. That was not true, but Ramsey never told her. Those we [...]

    6. I am such a sucker for pretend relationships turning into the real thing. You guys have no idea. It’s definitely one of my tropes when I’m reading fanfiction and I tend to like it just as much in romance novels, which is why I was so happy about the premise of this book.This is the second book in the Midnight Liasons series from Jessica Sims (aka Jill Myles) and it follows Sarah, who was one of the main characters from the first book. I liked Sarah in Beauty Dates the Beast and I liked her e [...]

    7. I got into a werewolf-y mood this week, and was desperately searching for a shapeshifter book.So, in desperation, I splurged on this cute-looking novel by Jessica Sims--Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter. I discovered that Jessica Sims is also Jill Myles, who wrote my favorite time warp-caveman-dinosaur romance, Island Heat. Needless to say, this book was the perfect answer to my shapeshifter desperation. It was adorable! First of all, the characters were very appealing. The hero Ramsey is a delic [...]

    8. The story of a Sarah, a scared, small reluctant werewolf and Ramsey, a big, gentle were-bear of a man.Sarah is stalked by the nearest wolf clan, who want her to join them as they are short on females and do not particularly care about what she wants. Her experiences with werewolves have not been great and she's mightily afraid of them, and in an effort to stay out of their clutches, she and her allies concoct a plan where she pretends to be Ramsey's mate.Ramsey being the scary alliance's enforce [...]

    9. Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter es el segundo libro de los cinco ( por el momento ) que forman la serie Midnight Liaisons de Jessica Sims y tiene como protagonistas a Sara ( hermana de Bath, del primer libro ) y Ramsey, personaje secundario en el libro anterior.El final del primer libro te deja con muchisimas preguntas sin respuestas, por lo que me moria de ganas de leer el siguiente libro, asi que en cuanto lo tuve en mis manos, lo devore.Fue una historia entretenida, graciosa y que se lee muy [...]

    10. Okay while I did enjoy this story it is mostly about the heroine. The Hero was not an alpha, just a nice big ol' guy. He was also a 27 year old virgin. Really? He wasn't an actual "hero" a nice guy but meh. It was a good story though about the heroine! I really enjoyed watching Sara come into her own power and overcome her fears! I also really enjoyed the world the author has created, I will definitely continue with this series. I was just disappointed in the lack of romance and the lack of alph [...]

    11. PJV Quickie: I have been singing the praises of this book to anyone who will listen: A strong, silent hero and a heroine turned werewolf against her will with a crazed pack out to steal her – what’s not to love?ReviewConfession: I have been in a book funk for a couple of weeks, and I picked up Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter as a change from all the angsty YA romance I’ve been reading. Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter is proof that sometimes the “book gods” smile upon you…this was o [...]

    12. I want a were-bear!Well, I want one if he's anything like Ramsey, anyway. He's the strong, silent, stoic but gentle type of man-tree that justgh. Yeah, he was lovely. Built like a forest oak, with rare but devastating smiles, he totally won my heart in this second instalment of the midnight Liaisons series, this time featuring Bathsheba's werewolf sister, Sarah.If you read book one, you'll recall the claim that was made to the werewolves at the end of that book. This book begins just a few days [...]

    13. This was such a quick and enjoyable read! I actually enjoyed it more than the first book and I can’t really pinpoint the why. Maybe it’s because I like to see a heroine that has gone through abuse take charge of her life and not let things “happen” to her again. Maybe it’s the fact that I LOVE a big brooding hero, tough on the exterior, who is also a sweet teddy bear on the inside and a virgin!We met Sarah in book one when her human sister, Bathsheba, was dedicating her whole life to p [...]

    14. Originally reviewed at TheBookNymphoFirst Impression:I want a bear shifter of my own!What I liked:Everything!What’s not to like about a sexy, strong and silent were-bear? Ramsey is the everything that Sara needs. Protector, friend and sexy mate all rolled up into one.Sara has been in hiding from other sups. She was turned against her will into a werewolf by her abusive boyfriend. But at the end of book 1, Beauty Dates the Beast, Sara’s secret about being a werewolf is out of the bag and the [...]

    15. The local wolf pack is after werewolf Sara Ward, to join their pack and to mate with one of the wolves. To save herself she comes up with a plan to mated already. Were-Bear Ramsey Bjorn agrees to pretend to be her mate. But neither of them expected to actually fall in love.Excellent follow up to Beauty Dates the Beast. I loved Sara and Ramsey's story. The back story of Sara's past is heart wrenching, and Ramsey Bjorn is exactly what she needs. Even though she doesn't realize it at first. Ramsey [...]

    16. 3/5 en realidad. Sarah y Ramsey son el uno para el otro. Me gustó mucho su interacción como pareja de mentira/real

    17. This was better than the first book IMO - original plot, interesting characters and better quality prose. I'll gladly continue with this series.

    18. Glad I stuck with this series. This was much better put together than the first one. I loved how forthright both of the main characters were (each in their own way). I also love a Heroine who demands answers and kicks asses. The werewolf clan was super creepy and sometimes veered towards giving me the heebie jeebies. The author portrayed them as generally complete creeps but then would through in a few "good" ones as to say #notallwerewolves. It seemed forced to me to take all the possessive, ab [...]

    19. ¿Por que eres así Daniela? ¿Porque cuando te dicen que puedes leer los libros en el orden que quieras, lo haces así?Me gusto, fue interesante

    20. Ever since Sarah was turned, she has been on the run with her sister, hiding from those that would capture her because she is a wolf shifter. Now circumstances force Sara to go forward with a plan that is daring but dangerous. Sarah must convince the pack that she and Ramsey are true mates. Sarah suffered abuse from Roy, the shifter that turned her, and ever since has had a fear of being touched, and now she must prove that she is mated to a were bear, and scares her more than anything even thou [...]

    21. Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter picks up right where Beauty Dates the Beast leaves off. There is a lot of backstory thrown into the first chapter so a new reader should have no trouble picking up the story.Sarah is a werewolf in hiding, she was turned against her will by her abusive boyfriend. Her only interaction with wolves is what she experienced at the hands of the one who turned her. Sarah and her sister killed him and went on the run, hiding from other wolf packs for the last six years.No [...]

    22. Sarah Ward, a female werewolf, would do anything to not join the local werewolf pack. When events happen that force her hand, her sister's man helps the situation by having his bodyguard/friend pretend to be Sarah's mate. Still jumpy after an abusive ex-boyfriend, Sarah isn't looking for romance. This alone had me intrigued on what was going to happen.Ramsey is a were-bear and not someone that anyone would want to mess with. He's the perfect man to help Sarah avoid the mating attempts of the loc [...]

    23. Just a few things:1)this is a PNR, written in first person, heroine's perspective throughout.2) I didn't read the first book but didn't have any trouble following along. However if you want to read book 1 in the ML series, then you may want to read it first, as this (IIRC) spoils the first book. 3) The Hero was awesome much so that i resent not getting his povis is one of those books that would have been so so so much better written with the third person narrativee way its written, i feel like w [...]

    24. Ok, I have to admit--I was thinking this was going to be more in line with the first book in the series--light and frothy with just a dash of dark thrown in. But this book has more depth to it than its predecessor. I am speaking specifically about Sarah, our MC. She is still trying to recover from a very abusive relationship--one that resulted in her turning into a were-wolf. While I don't like quite how quickly the author tied things up, still, I liked the way that she has Sarah trying to cope [...]

    25. La historia de Sara, la hermana de Bath, y de Ramsey me ha enamorado de principio a fin, desde su primera página hasta la última. Lo dos son tan cuquis juntos que *suspiro*. Ambos protagonistas también me han tenido cautivada, y lo mejor de todo es que Bath y Beau están presente en el libro, y más que encima se casan en Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter!! *-* Sobre los personajes secundarios, tengo especial interés en qué va a pasar con Joshua (Dios, por qué todos los Joshuas me encandila [...]

    26. El primer libro de la saga me gustó más porque siento que fue más movido por el tema de quién era la que las perseguía. En cambio aquí está el problema de la manada de lobos a la que Sara no quiere pertenecer. ¡Es que hay mas misterio cuando no sabes a qué temerle!Me gustó la relación y cómo iban evolucionando los personajes en este libro. También tengo que decir que no me enamoré perdidamente del protagonista masculino, estaba bien, solo que no era mi tipo, supongo. También tengo [...]

    27. While I really liked Beauty Dates the Beast, the first book in the Midnight Liaisons series, I loved Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter. I still think the concept of a supernatural dating service is bloody brilliant and I can't get enough of the funny, smexy world Jessica Sims has created. I simply could not put Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter down. Sara was a fantastic heroine and Ramsey? Holy hot virgin werebear, Batman! Ramsey gives me a serious case of the swoons! I'm so glad I decided to spe [...]

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