Expel Celestra Series OPTIONED for FILM by th CENTURY FOX Praise for the Celestra Series This series has been incredible from book There is non stop action throughout and its got tension filled romance

  • Title: Expel
  • Author: Addison Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Celestra Series OPTIONED for FILM by 20th CENTURY FOX Praise for the Celestra Series This series has been incredible from book 1 There is non stop action throughout and its got tension filled romance as well Usually when there is a love triangle, I choose a side and stay there, but with this series I can t decide whose team I m on One book, it s hands dow Celestra Series OPTIONED for FILM by 20th CENTURY FOX Praise for the Celestra Series This series has been incredible from book 1 There is non stop action throughout and its got tension filled romance as well Usually when there is a love triangle, I choose a side and stay there, but with this series I can t decide whose team I m on One book, it s hands down team Gage Then in the next book I m feeling bad for Logan Now, even Marshall is growing on me Not to mention the suspense, which is KILLING me Wendyirp This is a must read series WOW this whole entire series is amazing Lots of twists and turns I am ADDICTED C Shelton Lopata Definite must read, and another new series I cant wait to read of YA lit lovers Addison Moore is fastly becoming one of my favorite authors I love the Celestra Series books Daniele5088 Product Description A death.A war.Regret.Heartbreak.An old enemy A new enemy.A well placed boyfriend An ending you won t believe.Seventeen year old Skyla Messenger discovers love is stronger than death and deception In an effort to rectify those horrible truths Skyla s life changes forever.Love and heartbreak become obstacles that overshadow the faction war and in the end may cost her everything.Look for Celestra Series Book 7, COMING SOON Books in the Celestra SeriesEthereal Celestra Series Book 1 Tremble Celestra Series Book 2 Burn Celestra Series Book 3 Wicked Celestra Series Book 4 Vex Celestra Series Book 5 Expel Celestra Series Book 6 Toxic Part One Celestra Series Book 7 Toxic Part Two Celestra Series Book 7.5 Ephemeral The Countenance Trilogy 1 Evanescent The Countenance Trilogy 2 Someone to Love Someone to Love 1

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      114 Addison Moore
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    One thought on “Expel”

    1. As much as I hate to not finish a book (or a series), I am finally calling it quits with this one. I made it to about 30% of this book, and I got so bored of the same thing over and over and over and OVER AND OVER again that I just stopped reading it. This book is a repeat of the last three. Nothing has changed. No character growth, no movement of the "plot," nothing. Here is the plot of the entire series. Just jumble the order up, mix and mash, REPEAT (over and OVER) until you get to 100 chapte [...]

    2. I have a great idea for the ending to this series. I think that Logan should sail away from the island, meet a sweet girl on the mainland, head to college, plan a future . . . and the rest of the island and all those on it should slowly sink into the sea, sparing the rest of us from their rotten personalities and ridiculously mean-spirited drama. Erg! I have never felt so irritated with an entire book of characters as I am with this series. At this point in the series the people reading these bo [...]

    3. This book drove me crazy, I am now only reading the series purely out of dedication to what I started (I'm not a quitter). Don't get me wrong, the dialog is fantastic! I love the funny things Skyla says, and the diverse characters. But is it just me or she getting more and more ignorant? I get that is kind of the premise of the series, she's just a high school girl trying to do the right thing but come on. Some of the things that go on are even a bit 'too' extreme for her to just blow off and ke [...]

    4. I'm so mad, I don't know what to say!! But in a good way. Like the I'm-so-mad-you-better-get-me-Book-7-in-a-hurry way!! *MILD SPOILERS, MAYBE* This is really a 4.5 - can't do a 5 because of the ending. I personally do not believe the hype surrounding my poor Gage.Mind boggling, super long (which I love) and tons of twists and turns - a few times I had to re-read pages to make sure I got the in-your-face-ness of the moment. I like that Skyla finally realizes what an emotional slut she's been, and [...]

    5. I'm extremely disappointed with this one. I don't even know what to do with myself. I'm so pissed! I found myself screaming at Skyla for most of the book because she's just so stupidd not in the good way. I understand that she's young but how many times is she going to make the same mistake over and over and OVER again. She allows her emotions to get the best of her and she makes decisions based on said emotions with thinking of a consequences. In the first 5 books, she got a pass from me. But r [...]

    6. *****UPDATED****Dammit seriously?!? I thought this was the last book!!! Of course it would have a stupid cliffhanger with no mention as to when the 7th book is supposed to debut. I've spent so much time on this series, I don't want to drag it out longer. Do I want to know what happens to these characters? Yes. Will my world end if I forget about this series? No. This is all becoming very drawn out and complex. I think 6 books is plenty, and this damn story still isn't finished and things are get [...]

    7. I must say i don't know why i am still reading these books. It's not that i don't like them, it's more like i'm reading them out of dedication than anything else.You see, if the series gets past like the fourth or fifth book, i find that it kind of unravels downhill.Despite that, it was a rather good read. Usually i like the main character, but with Skyla, im not too sure. I mean, she tries to do what's best and everything, but it's like she just keeps messing up. It' like there's no end. I did [...]

    8. This book doesn't even deserve the 1 Star I gave it I began this series at Christmas and finished all five books within a week or so I was hyped up waiting for this book (even chose it over another favourite book) so I was majorly disappointed with this book! First what the hell's with the love square crap? Logan just needs to get out the picture and Marshall's just creepy!! Skyla is a slut and needs to keep her legs and mouth shut - She's undeserving of Gage! Another thing wrong with this book; [...]

    9. 2 STARS!!I think I'm starting to get really frustrated with this series. I feel as if the author is dragging this series out, when it could've ended a couple of books ago. I'm so tired of Skyla going from Gage to Logan then running back to Marshal and vice versa. She still hasn't picked who she wants to be with between these three guys. Its so annoying!!!! At one point, I was skipping through the book because I got so bored. In my opinion, these books are starting to repeat themselves. Nothing h [...]

    10. EXPEL (Celestra #6) YA (New Release) by Addison MooreEXPEL is the 6th instalment in Addison Moore’s Young Adult Celestra series. Released March 22, 2012, Expel continues the adventures of 17-year old Skyla Messenger and her triumphs and failures as a young teen trying to navigate a world of demons, angels, possessions and the love of 3 men. What we all wouldn’t give to have 3 beautiful men who adored and worship the ground on which we walk. And just to add more company to the misery already [...]

    11. As people who know me can attest, I am a die hard Celestra fan. I love this series. The first thing I do every Tuesday morning is check out the teasers on Addison's FB page. I bought this book as soon as I could find the link. I am constantly tagging her page when people ask for book recommendations. Whenever I am this excited about a book release, I always worry that I will be let down. Often I am. With this series, I never have been. I loved this book!!Here are some things I loved about it:*Ex [...]

    12. ARGH! I thought this was the last book! This needed to be the last book but I realized somewhere about 3/4 through the book that there were so many loose ends still left to take care of that it might not bebut I battled forward hoping I was wrong and then the cusp of the cliffhanger ending, I hung my head in defeat. There will be anotherThis series has so much promise and the characters are vivid and the ideas behind the Immortals are intriguing and imaginative but as an adult, who is years beyo [...]

    13. I went back and forth about posting my review, because I did stumble over several, fairly large, plot divots (I love this series too much to call them plot holes) while reading this book that have not yet been addressed in other reviews. But this is my favorite fantasy series, and the author is such an awesome person—I just don’t have the ♥ to do it. I will go to the source and hopefully get my questions answered (or I will just be very lost when Book 7 is released). I would give EXPEL 2.5 [...]

    14. I literally just finished and I want to scream! I don't think I have ever been so pissed (Gage- even though I was expecting him to be an ass) and I absolutely hate Chloe. But DAMN what a great read. You have once again out done yourself Addison! I am still a huge Marshall fan but Loganyou might have swayed my heart this time ***I must also add- Tad!!! Ugh, I want to punch him in the throat and what's with Lizbeth? She needs to be a mom and put Tad in his place. This family is all sorts of dysfun [...]

    15. Sexual quotient: Commuter friendly Soundtrack: Putting Out the Fire with Gasoline youtu/cGgKZ1p4hoAThis series continues to surprise me with plenty of imaginative twists and turns.High school hell continues with plenty of lovefest horrors, sneaky backstabbing guys, girls, the bold and the beautiful. And let's not leave out plenty of home time drama.They might be angels but they're definitely in disguise and let's face it, the road to hell is full of good intentions.I have however decided to fini [...]

    16. Insert scream here: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!! I have NEVER had such a rollercoaster ride - feuds, deaths, possessions, romance, betrayal and the mother of all cliffhanger endingse ending. It broke my heart!! I never saw it coming, not in a million years. Let's just say that Chloe's master plan - the plan she worked on before she died - all falls into place, and there may just be a well-placed traitor in Skyla's midst. Too many feels!! Going to go snack on some All [...]

    17. This book dragged out horribly. I thought it was the last in the series so I stuck with it, but I'm super disappointed at where it went. This has turned into another House of Night for me. Not bad at first but due to stupid plot turns and even stupider main characters I don't think I have it in me to read the 7th (I won't say last because she'll probably pull a book 8 our of her rear). The author's name says it all "Moore" is what I was looking for.

    18. Aahhh, these books will be the death of me for sure!! Addison Moore does it again. Just love the characters and the story, could not put it down as usual! Will be waiting not so patiently for book 7June is too far Team Gage all the way still!!! (even though.)

    19. Where to begin, where to begin? Here's the skinny on how I feel about this book. It completely drove me nuts, made me laugh, made me swoon, made me love Marshall even more, I have a softer spot for Logan again, and it BROKE MY HEART! Needless to say, I was a hot mess reading this book. In fact, I'm always a mess when I read this series. So why do I continue to read this series, you ask? Because it's fantastic!!!! Skyla cracks me up and simultaneously drives me crazy. She's one of my most favorit [...]

    20. Without missing a beat, Moore carries on her story in “Expel” - the plot gets more and more convoluted, the romantic relationships even more so, and Skyla gets into messier mess, one after another. Why Skyla doesn’t learn to think before she acts and speaks despite making mistake after mistake is beyond me – couldn’t the author have come up with a more sensible heroine? Through it all though, I must say what I actually found most interesting is Tad’s verbal and non-verbal reactions t [...]

    21. Though I enjoyed reading Expel, as I do all Addison Moore's books in the Celestra series, I had to knock a couple stars off for how repetitive this series has become. Skyla is still as undecisive as ever, going back and forth over her feelings for both Gage and Logan, she even throws Marshall into the mix. I was lost throughout the book, especially when Skyla decided to momentarilly trust Chloe and showed up to her "get together" that made no sense at all. On the plus side, Addison revealed some [...]

    22. 4.5 stars for another great installment in an exciting series! I must say, though, that I am getting pretty anxious for some closure and some answersI'm not sure how many more books are to come, but I hope not many. I do, however, love the characters and their story, so I don't mind continuing to read about them! The plot is so original and involved and crazy! The main character, Skyla, continues to be impulsive, passionate, and snarky, which I LOVE! It seems like she never does anything I think [...]

    23. We left off with Gage AND Logan seemingly dead and having to be left behind while another Logan steals Skyla away with herself.wait.herself? Isn't that likepossible?! Oh no! The world is going to collapse! At least now we know that Skyla has a reason for those pretty little dots on her hand from the first book. Though, I have to wonder still what that hand looks like now.This review earns five hearts. I am still in shock at how tremendously Moore can leave me hanging and so lost yet so happy to [...]

    24. I really enjoy this series. The storyline has me hooked and I'm anxious for the next book after I finish one. However, with that said, I'm starting to get frustrated that there seems to be no end in sight. I'm not sure what made me to think this was the final book but I was frustrated to learn at the end that, once again, there is another book coming out. I felt this was a "filler" book. Like others, I was annoyed with the "my forever" and "love of my life" in every other sentence (yes, I know t [...]

    25. Moore had me waiting on pins and needles for this book to find out what had happened to Gage. Now, I am waiting again after another huge cliff hanger. Unlinke other series that go for 5+ books I have not got the feeling like the author was just stringing me on to make a buck. Skyla's story continues to progress at a resonable speed with new twists and turns that don't feel forced. It's always so difficult to read a series, like the first several books but loose interest as the story feels like i [...]

    26. I am having such a hard time finishing this series. I read the first five with hopes that the "love triangle" would resolve and that the female protagonist would develop into a more likable character. It didn't. That triangle just became too repetitive and old that I rolled my eyes every time she changed her mind. I understand she is young and that's why I tried to get past that aspect, but in the end, it just got to be too much. I really wanted this series to get better. It had so much potentia [...]

    27. This book is huge, swear it took me a whole week to read cause i didn't want to miss one detail. If you've never read this series you might not want to read this. Okay Gage, i like him but he is just not my one and only book boyfriend Logan. Skyla and logan forever and if she doesn't want him than I know i will find him one day Lol!! I love that there is so much going on in this book.That it hurts to even try and summarize it. And inmean the good hurt. Does Skyla choose, someone NO!, but i dont [...]

    28. What can you say about these books that don't become spoilers for new readers? Let's just say Ms. Moore did it again, wrapping me up in her world, leaving me completely gasping and questioning and freaking DYING for the next book!!!! Oh and without giving too much away, let's just say she is able to do what very few are capable of doing--she had me switch teams before and now I'm dizzy, trying to pick a side to root for. Who is the better man? Who is the right person she is meant to be with fore [...]

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