The March

The March Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN As the Civil War was moving toward its inevitable conclusion General William Tecumseh Sherman marched Union troops through Ge

  • Title: The March
  • Author: E.L. Doctorow
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 0812976150 ISBN13 9780812976151 As the Civil War was moving toward its inevitable conclusion, General William Tecumseh Sherman marched 60,000 Union troops through Georgia and the Carolinas, leaving a 60 mile wide trail of death, destruction, looting, thievery and chaos In The March, E.L Doctorow has put his unique stamp on these evAlternate Cover Edition for ISBN10 0812976150 ISBN13 9780812976151 As the Civil War was moving toward its inevitable conclusion, General William Tecumseh Sherman marched 60,000 Union troops through Georgia and the Carolinas, leaving a 60 mile wide trail of death, destruction, looting, thievery and chaos In The March, E.L Doctorow has put his unique stamp on these events by staying close to historical fact, naming real people and places and then imagining the rest, as he did in Ragtime.Recently, the Civil War has been the subject of novels by Howard Bahr, Michael Shaara, Charles Frazier, and Robert Hicks, to name a few Its perennial appeal is due not only to the fact that it was fought on our own soil, but also that it captures perfectly our long time and ongoing ambivalence about race Doctorow examines this question extensively, chronicling the dislocation of both southern whites and Negroes as Sherman burned and destroyed all that they had ever known Sherman is a well drawn character, pictured as a crazy tactical genius pitted against his West Point counterparts Doctorow creates a context for the march The brutal romance of war was still possible in the taking of spoils Each town the army overran was a prize There was something undeniably classical about it, for how else did the armies of Greece and Rome supply themselves The characters depicted on the march are those people high and low, white and black, whose lives are forever changed by war Pearl, the newly free daughter of a white plantation owner and one of his slaves, Colonel Sartorius, a competent, remote, almost robotic surgeon several officers, both Union and Confederate two soldiers, Arly and Will, who provide comic relief in the manner of Shakespeare s fools until, suddenly, their roles are not funny any.Doctorow has captured the madness of war in his description of the condition of a dispossessed Southern white woman What was clear at this moment was that Mattie Jameson s mental state befitted the situation in which she found herself The world at war had risen to her affliction and made it indistinguishable And later, This was not war as adventure, nor war for a solemn cause, it was war at its purest, a mindless mass rage severed from any cause, ideal, or moral principle As we have come to expect, Doctorow puts the reader in the picture never so than in recalling The March and letting us see it as a cautionary tale for our times Valerie Ryan

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    One thought on “The March”

    1. Although it is not an overly lengthy novel, Doctorow paints a very wide palette. It may be too wide. His cast of characters is broad, including the mandatory historical personalities. Most prominent among these is William Tecumsah Sherman (“Uncle Billy” to his troops), of the eponymous March. Pearl is a white skinned black, a slave fathered by her master. If there is a central character here, I suppose it is her, but not by a large measure. Arly is a petty criminal, who along with his partne [...]

    2. The March, E.L. DoctorowThe March is a 2005 historical fiction novel by E. L. Doctorow. It won the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction (2006) and the National Book Critics Circle Award/Fiction (2005).تاریخ نخستین خوانش: هفتم ماه ژوئن سال 2015 میلادیعنوان: پیش روی؛ نویسنده: دکتروف: مترجم: امیر احمدی آریان؛ نشر چشمه، 2013، در 413 ص؛ شابک: 9786006846170؛ موضوع: جنگ داخلی امریکا؛ قرن [...]

    3. Many shifting points of view tell this big story of General William Tecumseh Sherman's famous March to the Sea (1865) which ended the American Civil War in the south. Literary compression is the wonder here. Full characters are brought forth in half a page. It is for the most part a lean and uncluttered style, though with a propensity to swell briefly at times into overwriting. Fortunately, these interludes are few, but they lowered the achievement in my estimation to a mere three stars. The tra [...]

    4. The march.In E.L. Doctorow’s capable hands it becomes more than a collective activity, more than a military composite. The march becomes a thing, a great living mass, whose arms and tentacles extend out for miles, though forests and across streams and down city streets. Each soldier in the march is a cell in a living organism of seek and destroy, a great sprawling entity of military might and objective, but diverse and chaotic enough to encompass stragglers, hangers on, passengers and parasite [...]

    5. This was good, not great.Such has been my feeling about all three of the Doctorow novels I've read, Billy Bathgate, City of God and The March. All of these novels are well-structured, technically proficient works, and all contain something that makes them above average.But nothing quite makes them extraordinary.Some credit has to go to Doctorow, however, just for picking Tecumseh Sherman's march as his topic. This is a controversial subject, even 140 years later. Truthfully, I most enjoyed the p [...]

    6. این رمان در مورد جنگ داخلی آمریکا است. در آخر کتاب مصاحبه ی کوتاهی با نویسنده انجام شده است که مپرسد چه فرقی بین مورخی که تاریخ می نویسد با یک رمان نویس است که جواب می دهد :مورخ به شما می گوید چه اتفاقی افتاد. رماان نویس می گوید آن اتفاق چه طور افتاد

    7. Totally mesmerizing, hallucinagenic almost. Creates that feeling of being unmoored from the shore and swept along a in a current. At any moment, someone or something else can float by you as you're carried along by the water against your will, just hoping to keep your feet up so as not to get pulled under by a hidden rock or branch and drown. He's a really good writer.

    8. باید این را همین اول بنویسم که پیش‌روی یک رُمان تاریخی است و بالاخره ممکن است محدودیت‌هایی برای نویسنده‌اش به وجود بیاورد اما گویا دکتروف/داکترو علاقه دارد پای شخصیت‌های واقعی را به رمان‌هایش باز کند. بله! جوابم به همه‌ی آنانی که رگتایم را خوانده‌اند همین است. بله، پیش‌ر [...]

    9. Confidence Man era Melville, Whitman, Joseph Heller. McCarthy, Kurosawa (Hidden Fortress), Chaucer, Dos Passos, all come along on the march. Primal, poetic, American this book of the total war we unleashed punctuates the mayhem with moments of absurd comedy and character warmth. A collage of characters some of which appear for a few pages others are wound throughout the entire book create an effect between a tapestry and documentary with the feel of epic poetry and the drive and grit of a novel. [...]

    10. Obwohl großer Doctorow-Fan (seine New York-Romane habe ich verschlungen), graute mir vor diesem Roman über den Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieg. Ich befürchtete zu viel Militärstrategie, Kriegsgemetzel, Soldatenpathos. All das kommt auch vor, aber die Hauptrolle spielen die normalen Menschen, deren Alltag zerstört wird: Das hellhäutige Mischlingsmädchen Pearl, das der weiße Plantagenbesitzer mit einer Sklavin zeugte; Emily, die Tochter eines Südstaaten-Richters, die sich, nachdem sie alles v [...]

    11. I'm a big fan of Doctorow, and we go way back; he's probably the first serious contemporary novelist I read, thanks to a copy of Ragtime acquired when I attended Ragtime Night at Comiskey Park sometime in the late 1970s (I find the notion that copies of a Doctorow novel were given away by the thousands at a White Sox game only slightly more mystifying than the fact that I was attending a White Sox game to begin with). This, however, is not his strongest work. Doctorow used Sherman's March to the [...]

    12. “Questo inferno, il mio inferno, è senza attribuzione. E' la vita quando non è più capace di tollerarsi”.“La marcia” è quella che – sul finire della guerra di secessione americana, nel novembre 1864 – compie il Generale William Tecumseh Sherman alla testa di un esercito di 62.000 giacche blu da Atlanta a Savannah (Georgia), per poi proseguire attraverso il Sud e il Nord Carolina, fino alla resa dell’esercito sudista.Durante l’avanzata nordista – tra saccheggi, scontri a fuo [...]

    13. A quick read and with so many characters and plot lines it is perfect if you like to channel surf or have ADHD. We follow these characters, from the lowliest freed slave to General Sherman, as they march through Georgia, South & North Carolina. A fascinating cross section of Northern and Southern society we see the Civil War through a very human perspective. Even Sherman emerges from the chiseled daguerreotype image we grew up with into a real human being. At times funny, at times heartbreak [...]

    14. Der Amerikanische Bürgerkrieg kurz vor der Entscheidung - im Jahre 1865 führt DER MARSCH von Georgia über South Carolina nach North Carolina.Den Unionstruppen schliessen sich immer mehr (dann ehemalige) Sklaven an und es wird nur zu deutlich, dass dies nur der Schwächung der “Rebellen“ diente und kein hehres Ziel der Nordstaaten war (nachher wurde es dann so “verkauft“).Letztlich sind sie nur zusätzliche Mäuler, die kaum gestopft werden können und es gilt sie loszuwerden.Ihnen wir [...]

    15. Coming to this novel after Ragtime I was disappointed. It is a far more conventional story that tracks along Sherman's march through Georgia and then up through South Carolina. Hanging about the story are two dastardly brothers, sinister but also comical who desire to have sex with their sister, this would be socially acceptable (view spoiler)[ at least in certain places (hide spoiler)] since she, Pearl, is a slave. She however manages to evade them in favour of Stephen a Union soldier of Irish [...]

    16. رگتایم را نخوانده ام همچنین بیلی بت‌گیت را. در واقع پیش‌روی اولین تجربه داکترو خوانی من است. کتاب را دوست داشتم هرچند قدری مکانیکی است و شخصیت ها همه یک‌اندازه جاندار و خوب از کار درنیامده اند. موفقیت داکترو این است که توانسته اصلی ترین شخصیت رمانش را خوب و قابل باور بسازد. ای [...]

    17. Doctorow turns his masterful writing ability to the 1864 March of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman. Sherman burned Atlanta and then marched his Union Army of sixty thousand through Georgia and up the Carolinas. The troops lived off the land, pillaging and demolishing cities along the way.Doctorow has provided the reader with an enormous caste of unforgettable characters, white, black, men, women and children. The key cast is Sherman, Colonel Sartorius a Union regimental surgeon, Emily Thom [...]

    18. Like Ragtime, The March portrays a historical episode through a diverse group of characters (including Coalhouse Wallker, Sr.). In this case, the piece of history is centered around Sherman's Union Army following the burning of Atlanta. Characters include Union Officers, confederate soldiers, former slaves, and Southern women who join the march as nurses. Although it was well-written, I found that the number of characters made it a little difficult to follow, and I didn't really get attached to [...]

    19. Shermans Feuerwalze rast durch das mittlere Drittel von Vom Winde verweht und streift dabei das Leben von Scarlett und Co, bzw. führt zu gewaltigen Umwälzungen bzw. dem Ende des alten Südens. Doctorows Roman setzt dort ein, wo für Margret Mitchell Endstation ist und begleitet den legendären General und zahlreiche Menschen, deren Leben durch seinen Feldzug beeinflusst oder beeinträchtigt wird, auf seinem weiteren Weg bis Kriegsende. Das Konzept hat mich auf Anhieb angesprochen, auch weil ic [...]

    20. This Novel is Actually a Must read, for every native American, at-least.This is my first full time war novel and I enjoyed it quite much but there was one thing that isn't suits to me was that the writing pattern. That was very hard to read when you don't understand for who was saying what? There was no Quoted statements as the pattern accustomed by now.For rest the novel was worth reading if you need to understand the Civil war times and how the Confederate states of America become the part of [...]

    21. E. L. Doctorow is a master storyteller. The Civil War is the main story of this novel, but there are smaller personal stories as well. Some characters are sad and broken, others are strong and perform their assigned tasks with honor, and some are funny and provide comic relief. In the beginning it was a little confusing trying to understand what commander was marching where and if they are marching north, south, east or west. Then the main characters become more defined and you become more inves [...]

    22. I kind of feel about this book the way I felt about the movie "The Departed". It certainly had the look and feel of a Scorsese movie, but without the heart; like he was going through the motions. This has the feel of a Doctorow book, it is historical fiction with real characters interspersed with imaginary ones, but it was vaguely unsatisfying. Stylistically he still creates an effective vehicle, and I read it from beginning to end fairly quickly; but very little in it either created real emotio [...]

    23. The winner of the National Book Critics Circle Award and the PEN/Faulkner (as well as a Pulitzer finalist), The March is a vivid imagining of General Sherman’s destructive march through the south at the tail end of the Civil War. Doctorow describes the rampant pillaging and razing of southern towns from Georgia to South Carolina up through North Carolina in all their manic frenzy. What Doctorow does admirably well is his portrayal of Sherman’s army as this living organism. In one scene he de [...]

    24. _The March_ (2005) by E.L. Doctorow "This is an historical fiction account of General Sherman's military march through the South during the American Civil War." (from a member review at LibraryThing)Great read! Now I'm motivated to read Doctorow's other books.I loved the characters in this book. I skimmed over the geographical details which mapped out the Civil War battle locations and the war strategies. I was mostly engrossed in the characters and their fate.I found an interesting review of th [...]

    25. I have enjoyed everything I've read by Doctorow and, having just opened two histories about the American Civil War and finding this novel about the period for sale at a local bookstore, I picked this additional book by him up, adopting it as a bedtime supplement to the week's studies. I wasn't disappointed.The title refers to W.T. Sherman's 'march to the sea', specifically to the path of his army from Georgia through the Carolinas up through the assassination of Lincoln and Lee's surrender to Gr [...]

    26. I always seem to find myself enjoying Doctorow's technical proficiency and his beautiful writing, but his character writing falls flat. They almost seem cliched, which is a shame and they stand out horribly against the realities of war and the beautiful writing. It's a shame. I want so much to like Doctorow, but something keeps me from it each time I try.

    27. Well-written novel about Gen.Sherman's march through the Carolinas,after destroying the city of Atlanta.It validates Sherman's statement that "war is hell", not only for the soldiers on each side but also for the civilians,freed slaves,the wounded,the medical staff. I'm planning to read more by this author.

    28. If you have a palate for Civil War historical fiction, you won’t find a more engaging read.

    29. Reminiscent of Geraldine Brooks' *March*, which fleshed out the father character in Louisa May Alcott's *Little Women* during his service in the Civil War, this novel deals instead with a combination of fictional and actual characters, also during the Civil War. But rather than following a chaplain with the Union Army, Doctorow follows General Sherman and others attached to his final campaign, through Georgia to Atlanta and then north through both South and North Carolina. The battles, bloodshed [...]

    30. This is a hard one to rate. Some passages soared with poetry, pathos, wisdom, and humor. Others were down right boring. Pearl is meant to be the heroine, but I never found her compelling. She reminded me of Jon Snow: a dull empty vessel the reader is meant to pour themselves into. The novel is very accurate until the last 50 or so pages. It ends with an attempt on Sherman's life, the usual Christ symbolism associated with Lincoln, Sherman's un-Sherman like musings on the war, and the portrayal o [...]

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