Light of Day

Light of Day The first time Max laid eyes on Robert Armitage he knew exactly what he wanted to happen But Max was just a night porter and Robert a guest at the hotel before his wedding and Max knew even as they

  • Title: Light of Day
  • Author: SueBrown
  • ISBN: 9781613723524
  • Page: 255
  • Format: ebook
  • The first time Max laid eyes on Robert Armitage, he knew exactly what he wanted to happen But Max was just a night porter and Robert a guest at the hotel before his wedding, and Max knew even as they slept together that in the morning he d have to send the groom on his way Max s heart was broken when Robert left, and so he ran home to Texas When Robert s marriage failedThe first time Max laid eyes on Robert Armitage, he knew exactly what he wanted to happen But Max was just a night porter and Robert a guest at the hotel before his wedding, and Max knew even as they slept together that in the morning he d have to send the groom on his way Max s heart was broken when Robert left, and so he ran home to Texas When Robert s marriage failed, Max waited for Robert to come looking for him, and waited.A year later, Max s dreams come true and Robert finds him, but there s a catch, and Max has to decide if he wants Robert enough to be satisfied with hiding their relationship.

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    One thought on “Light of Day”

    1. So Westley finally gets his Buttercup *sigh*The Night Porter is one of those stories, whose ending lingers simply because it doesn't immediately offer HEA. Though it is only a couple of months since the release of "The Night Porter", but it totally feels like a long time when I start this one, and already feel my heart out for Max (for him it has been a year), who is now living in Dallas, nurturing his broken heart, and missing Robert. He knows that Robert's marriage failed, but he hasn't heard [...]

    2. I have been waiting forever and ever (well it felt like it to me) for this follow up to The Night Porter. A real favorite of mine Max and Robert deserved a HEA. They meet up again after a year of separation its a beautiful and romantic reunion but this also brings on a whole new set of problems nothing is ever easy for this couple. Having to keep their relationship a secret is just one of the hurdles they need to overcome. Another lovely snippet with so much more to tell why did it have to end " [...]

    3. This is probably the longest it has ever taken me to read 20K words. I needed to savor every single word and make it last as long as possible after eagerly awaiting for the continuation of Max and Robert's story. It was over way too quickly no matter how slow I went. I'm still hungry and I want more. I know there's more coming. There has to be. Please?Take a look Ami's review for more details. Thanks for the review, Ami!

    4. I was so happy to read the sequel to The Night Porter as I really wanted to see Max in particular, have his happy ending. I wanted him to be swept off his feet by his hero and to live the fairy tale.This book did contain lots of romance, combined with some sizzling sex, as Robert returned for Max. There are lovely declarations of love and tender moments but the road to true love is not smooth and sacrifices have to be made.Max and Robert do make their life together but due to these sacrifices, I [...]

    5. This sequel didn’t appeal to me quite as much as the first book did.Not that there was anything wrong with this book. It was smoothly written and well-paced, and I found it estimable that things didn’t just immediately fall into place for the loving couple. Both had to compromise, and both did, once they realized they had to in order to make the relationship work for both of them. I also found the character development nicely done. Both men remained true to what they were made out to be in t [...]

    6. In "The Night Porter", we are introduced to Max, the titular night porter of a small hotel in London. Max is all about safe, non-committal encounters with men who never ask for more than a good time while visiting the city. Until he meets Robert Armitage. A young actor in London a few days early to prepare for his upcoming wedding, Max and Robert form a quiet friendship over the course of the handful of days that blossoms into a sexual encounter.But Max finds his heart engaged in this tryst in w [...]

    7. What a disappointing follow up to this story. Mainly tons of sex but very little resolution to their situation. (view spoiler)[It was very disappointing that Max goes back to being a night porter in a secret relationship (hide spoiler)]

    8. I thought the first one was bad, but this was horrible. Robert turns out to be an even bigger self-centered prick that I originally thought. 99% of the book is sex, 1% is conflict without resolution. Sue Brown is such a hit or miss author for me and this was a MISS.

    9. Sue Brown hooked me with the first book, THE NIGHT PORTER, and I chomped at the bit to see if Max and Robert would get their happily ever after they so richly deserve. Now we see two people trying to come to grips with their love, emotions and once and for all try to figure out if they can live without one another or if they are meant to be together. Sue Brown takes two very flawed characters and makes them quite enjoyable. Written perfectly, the reader gets a sense of the turmoil that roils thr [...]

    10. Didn't even realize this was the second part of a series when I started reading. I've always hated second chance books, something about that storyline just doesn't sit well with me. But, since this was such a short story I decided to read it. After all, there are always books that surprise you. Unfortunately, this one didn't. Even without the reunited lovers thing, I just didn't enjoy reading this. The MCs weren't in love, then they were in love. The emotions were all over the place and I didn't [...]

    11. The Night Porter left me heartbroken and I was glad to be able to read this story to see what happened later with Rob and Max. Max has gone home to Texas after the devastation of falling for Robert and watching him walk away. He's back on his feet with a new job and apartment, but he has no spark in his life and he's constantly waking up crying from dreams where Robert comes back - only to find himself still alone. He knows Robert is divorced, but he's never heard a word.Then one day Robert does [...]

    12. I usually like Sue Brown’s book, but this one just disappointed me to no end. It was very anticlimactic, bland and mundane on so many levels, that by the time I finished the book, I was grateful it was over. Everything just fell into place (& if they didn’t.ey were forced to be knocked into place with a smile) and all the apprehensions built up in part I was leveled off with an intense sweep of “tada”. It was like the author was forced to write down a 90 page happy beginning, happy m [...]

    13. A good and somewhat satisfying ending. I don't think there was enough bittersweetness in this story for it to be included in the "Bittersweet Dreams" series (compare to When Love is Not Enough, part of the same grouping of books--now that story was a heartbreaker), but I still liked it and recommend this two-book series. It just shouldn't have straddled the fence between sweet and sad as much, and instead chosen a side and been more extreme and therefore memorable.

    14. I loved this book. I read Night Porter and Light of Day back to back and as a complete story it is perfect, I loved how the second book didn't make a happy ever after a certainty, life got in the way, specifically Roberts job and ex wife. I liked how they had to work at building a future, and Max didn't immediatly go along with all of Roberts plans. The ending was great and the whole story left me feeling very satisfied and happy, as I hope Robert and Max are.

    15. Max and Robert are reunited and get their HFN.Their story began in The Night Porter but there is a prologue so I think this one can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read The Night Porter (it’s a good book, though so you should read it first if you want the full story).This book takes place a year after The Night Porter. The book blurb pretty much says it all. It’s a short book but I loved reading about Max and Robert and was pleased with the ending to their story.

    16. I don't understand this kid of attitude, why even marry if you will sooner or later get a divorce. And all the cost to pay your ex off, really not smart, but hey that's the way how people act, idiotic. In general I was satisfied as a reader, at least Max and Robert got it together and decided it was better to be together then having the hole in their hearts. We have an illusionary HEA, but better this then nothing.

    17. Both books were really good, but somehow everything happened so fast that sometimes it was really hard to connect with the characters It's like life changing decisions are made in a few hours But all in all it was a good read. It kinda pissed me off a little how Max forgave Rob so quickly, I understand why, but still, it's like he appeared on his door-step and everything alright now

    18. I have been waiting for this book for months! Haven't read The Night Porter since it lacks a happy ending. Now though, I will finally read it! One book after another. I so hope this time there's going to be HEA! February 1st can't come soon enough!!

    19. I've been waiting for this for so longLoved it.However, as I did in the end of Night Porter, I still think Robert is a bit of an egotistical a**h*** and Max really needs to grow a backbone and go into therapy to overcome his self-esteem issues

    20. A little lack luster to me, but still more probable then many of the m/m romance stories. My biggest complaint would be to much sex for such a little read. Three stars.

    21. Continuation of The Night Porter occurring a year later. Rob has made some tough decisions. Now will Max compromise? Good story. Especially liked the epilogue.

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