Stone Fox

Stone Fox Based on a Rocky Mountain legend John Reynolds Gardiner s story like it s hero Little Willy has all the ingredients of a winner right down to the unforeseen drama at the finish line Willy has a big

  • Title: Stone Fox
  • Author: John Reynolds Gardiner
  • ISBN: 9780439095105
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on a Rocky Mountain legend, John Reynolds Gardiner s story like it s hero, Little Willy has all the ingredients of a winner, right down to the unforeseen drama at the finish line Willy has a big job to do When his grandfather falls ill, it is up to Willy alone to save their farm from the tax collector Willy enters the National Dogsled Race, where he must beatBased on a Rocky Mountain legend, John Reynolds Gardiner s story like it s hero, Little Willy has all the ingredients of a winner, right down to the unforeseen drama at the finish line Willy has a big job to do When his grandfather falls ill, it is up to Willy alone to save their farm from the tax collector Willy enters the National Dogsled Race, where he must beat the Indian Stone Fox and his five beautiful Samoyed dogs.Allen Brewster has an amazing idea for his school science project human photosynthesis, turning sunlight into food for humans Everyone laughs at his outrageous scheme until Allen turns green, sprouts roots, and develops an overwhelming desire to soak up the sun instead of eating his dinner Allan is turning into a plant No one seems to believe that he isn t just playing a practical joke no one, that is, except the President of the United States, who declares Allen a threat to national security Suddenly Allen Brewster and his discovery areTOP SECRET

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    One thought on “Stone Fox”

    1. My oldest grandson Philip (age 10, the same age as Willy, the protagonist of this very short kid's chapter book) is an avid reader who reads above grade level, an interest I obviously encourage. He recently read this book himself, and was excited about it enough to want to share his copy so I could read it too. Being about to be between books anyway, and being interested in connecting with him in a shared reading experience, I agreed. It proved to be a very quick read --an adult could read it in [...]

    2. My nine-year-old "assigned" this book to me. We are getting more of that of latee is unimpressed by my reading piles and I love that she wants to share the books she enjoys with me. This was a book her third-grade teacher read aloud to the class this year. It's based on a legend that may be true (but may not be), and I think reading it aloud is just the way to read it. It's almost too short for me to count here (I would have read it in one sitting if not for the fact that it was late at night an [...]

    3. At first, I thought this will be just another little sweet and happy ending story, which is all time Americans' favorite (like all the Disney stories). But as I read through, I was in such a shock I couldn't even think straight. Poor little Willy and Searchlight going through the toughest time of their lives without anyone's help was just pitiful enough. But the most shockingly, when searchlight's heart just bursted and died instantly right before finishing his race, my brain felt like it burste [...]

    4. Book Review: Stone Fox by John Reynolds GardinerI read this book aloud to my kids today, and let me tell you. I was a blubbering fool. I used to roll my eyes and laugh when my mom cried at emotional stories. Now I'm her. Except this time, Bubs (nearly 7) wasn't rolling his eyes. He was crying, too.Are you familiar with this very short chapter book? Here's a brief overview:Little Willy may only be ten, but that doesn't mean he can't run a potato farm. His grandfather has become very ill. Willy is [...]

    5. Though I finished it days ago, this story is still growing on me. While I read it aloud to my class, I had a lot of doubts. The writing is fine, but I was not thrilled with the story’s glumness. I don’t oppose that, on principle, or in general, but it just did not seem to have a point. There were also details that did not float my boat or got stuck in my craw. For example, I was confused by the grandfather’s condition, very confused, and still am.However, the stunned silence of the childre [...]

    6. It was really good. This was about teaching people to care for others and try to help them work things out. Willie tried helping out his grandfather and did everything he could. The ending was sad, but I still liked it a lot. Searchlight was Willie's dog, and she worked hard for him. She ran too fast, and it hurt her heart. You will love this book as much as me.

    7. Don, Celeste, and I cried like babies when we read this together, many years ago. We still remember Stone Fox as one our fondest reading memories. Go, Searchlight, go!

    8. Age: This is not appropriate for younger children, but I don't think teens or adults would enjoy this much either. So, how about nobody reads it! *pats myself on the back*Plot: 4 starsCharacters: 3 starsWriting: 3.5 starsOverall: 1 starMy Review: As you can see from above, the plot, characters, and writing were all given 3 or more stars, but my overall rating was only 1 star. Well, this book was so depressing. This 10-year-old named Little Willy (why does this kid go along with this?) whose pare [...]

    9. Very sad! Spoiler Alert!!The main character is a ten-year-old boy named Billy who owns a very nice dog named Stella. Billy lives with his grandfather. Life is good until his grandfather falls seriously ill. This man came to the door after the grandpa has been sick for a while. He says that the grandpa hasn't been paying his taxes so he'll have to take grandpa's farm away. Billy, unwilling to let the farm be taken away and himself thrust into an orphanage, enters him and his dog into this dog rac [...]

    10. I give this 4 stars, but my 6 year old son would give it 5. His whole face dropped at the end, and I thought he would say it was too sad, but he immediately asked if we could read it again!

    11. This book is short and sweet. I can see why children might love it, but at the same time I should have realized that any book with a dog on the cover (view spoiler)[ is going to end sadly. I guess I'm a sort-of reading masochist in that sense. I probably should have picked a better time to read the ending than over my lunch break at work.(hide spoiler)]It's written in very easy language and would be something wonderful for a parent to share with their child. I sometimes like to go back and read [...]

    12. Personal Reflection - I chose to read this book because I’d seen it being used in the classroom when I was subbing as a Para. Each and every single student, boys and girls alike, were thoroughly enjoying the book and from what little I’d learned about it while there, I just knew I had to add it to my list of future reads. It did not disappoint! The book was easy to relate to and certainly pulled at my heartstrings. The theme of hope, hard work, and dedication are practically my motto and thi [...]

    13. OH MY GOODNESS!! I just finished reading this book, as it was the one of two books my husband read in grade school. I had never heard of it and I can see a sad book!! Your grandfather just "gives up" on life??? And what happened to poor Little Willy's parents in the first place?? He has the strain of working the farm by himself (at the age of ten!) and then he uses his college money to enter a race that he might loose because of Stone Fox, a Shoshone Indian who has never lost a race! Then [...]

    14. My 8-year-old brought this home from school and told me I should read it, so I did. She totally gave away the ending, which otherwise I think would have come as a total shock. It was a simple story at a great level for her age. I feel a little silly giving a children's book only two stars, but I think that it could have had a bit more development, a bit more to it and still be a suitable book for young kids. It just felt really bare bones and there wasn't a lot to it.The two main things it has g [...]

    15. Review blurb for work:A beautiful story about a little boy who refuses to give up and the dog who is his constant companion. Be aware, though, that this is a "dog book," so expect some tears! Though the book is much shorter and simpler, this might be a good one for those who enjoy "Where the Red Fern Grows" or "Woodsong."

    16. Very sad. A good book, but it felt rushed near the middle.Violence and darknessSomeone gives up on life and sinks into depression; a rumor that someone “snapped a man’s back”; someone gets hit in the face; a child kills a bird with a slingshot; a dog’s heart bursts Language“Stupid”; “gosh”; “darn”Other notesA cigar; mentions of the town drunk, who “takes a drink from a whiskey bottle”

    17. I read this a super long time ago, and I remember liking it (because dogs <3 ), buuut the ending was a huge nope for me -- (view spoiler)[I don't like it when puppies get hurt! :( (hide spoiler)]

    18. I really liked this book. It was very inspiring. I like how the author made the little boy look weak in the beginning and then make him stronger by the end of the book. I like how they showed people chnanging throuout the book without giving any hints that they would. For example when all the people think the boy and dog won't win they end the story with a heartwarming and sad ending. Very sad but happy book. Other people should read this book.

    19. i think that stone fox is an amazing book about a boy who enters a dog sledding race to save his grandfather and his farm.

    20. This was an excellent read! It was a page turner. Finished it in about an hour, maybe less. I couldn't wait to see what would happen next to Little Willy & his faithful dog, Searchlight. It's a must read for children & adults alike.

    21. I have read this book 3 times (once with each of my daughters and now with my 2nd grade students) and each time I am a complete emotional wreck by the end. This short chapter book really tugs at the heartstrings and leaves so much to feel and discuss.

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