To Pleasure a Prince

To Pleasure a Prince The New York Times bestselling author of In the Prince s Bed pens a sizzling story of one of three half brothers who makes a most unwelcome entrance into society and a most unexpected match Original

  • Title: To Pleasure a Prince
  • Author: Sabrina Jeffries
  • ISBN: 9781597220286
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The New York Times bestselling author of In the Prince s Bed pens a sizzling story of one of three half brothers who makes a most unwelcome entrance into society and a most unexpected match Original.

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    One thought on “To Pleasure a Prince”

    1. Perhaps the best thing Jeffries has ever written. Despite the title (how embarrasing was it to have to e-mail my coworkers asking them if they'd seen my copy of "To Pleasure a Prince" after it was misplaced?), this is actually a deeply touching and fairly scorching story. Regina was one of the first heroines I'd encountered who defy the romance stereotype of being the wallflower or the outcast. If you read enough Regencies, you begin to wonder about the "diamonds of the first water", the popular [...]

    2. To Pleasure a Prince is a fairly entertaining read, but it's just not for me. Well-written and nicely paced, it showed great promise at the beginning, and would have easily garnered a 3 or 4 star rating had it not been for the slight inconsistency in characters, lack of character development and the unlikeable hero. I'm a fan of the Beauty and the Beast theme, but this one just really failed in its execution.I liked Regina at the start because I love headstrong and stubborn heroines. But as the [...]

    3. I loved this book because the hero Draker wasn't a rake, and he was socially awkward, in fact, having the disposition of a big bear with a thorn in his paw. He thought he was unlovable by women, but he couldn't stay away from Regina. Regina was fascinated and drawn to him despite her determination not to marry. And honestly, so was I. For some reason I like heroes who are a little grumpy and unapproachable. I found him very sexy in fact. Regina looked and acted like a perfect princess and was ve [...]

    4. I know that some of my firends didn't like Marcus because of his ttitude towards the heroine, Regina, but I liked him!I thought of him like a puppy who was kicked one time too many and barks and tries to bite even those who want to pet him/help him/feed him. I admired Regina and her ability to understand him and tame him, even if was often very mean to her. A very nice story!

    5. Me lo estoy pasando genial con esta saga, no me lo esperaba. Voy a devorar el último. Me da pena y todo porque me encantan estos 3 hermanastros.

    6. WTHYea, this one is a dnf. I kinda guessed it was heading down that street after a GR acquaintance pretty much freaked the he!! out over how not ok the hero is and how even less than ok the way he treats the heroine. Normally I am all about the Beauty and the Beast trope.g it! However, in this case, this guy is not a beast, he's a braying a$$. Like how does the heroine (Regina) even feel an inch of attraction to someone so abusive. Oh, wait, I get it. Domestic violence cycle? So is that what Sab [...]

    7. Once you start filling your shelves with Sabrina Jeffries work, you won't want to stop! "To Pleasure a Prince" is the second installment in the royal Brotherhood series by Sabrina Jeffries. Almost before I got into the first novel, I was begging for Draker's story. I loved book one, which is Alex's story, but I knew i'd love this one even more. The heroine of the story is the beautiful, well to due Lady Regina Tremaine. She's turned down so many suitors that they cal. her La Belle Dame Sans Merc [...]

    8. So good! I have yet to read anything by Sabrina Jeffries that's even mildly disappointing. In other words: She rocks!!!!Also: Mistress Heidi gives this book 5 lashes of the whip. "Lots of dungeon talk," she says. "And you know how I feel about that." ;)

    9. I really enjoyed this book that was reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast 4 stars!!Lady Regina Tremaine is beautiful and has turned down 11 proposals of marriage. She could have any man that she wants but because of a secret that she carries she never plans on marrying.Marcus North, Viscount Draker (aka The Dragon Viscount), hides in his castle away from society. Many rumors surround him about his treatment of his mother whom he banished from his castle and other women who have been rumored to hav [...]

    10. Well written, great characters, original plot. I enjoyed so much the love story between the heroine and the surly, stubborn and passionate hero, both characters well developed. Kept me interested until the end.HERO is a Loner, a Viscount who disdains aristocrats, secret son of the prince, moody, obstinate and bad-tempered. He strikes a deal with a Lady to jointly chaperone his sister, a lady who's forcing him to get out of his isolation and is making him fall in loveENES/CONTENT: few/hotGENRE/TO [...]

    11. Probably not going to read this. A few of my GR friends have written some very informative reviews and I am thinking this hero may not work for me.Maybe someday I will give it a go, but for now I am taking it off my TBR shelf.

    12. As much as I enjoyed reading about a dyslexic heroine who was insecure about something other than her looks, its hard to enjoy a story when the leading man is an abusive asshole.Its not only that he uses verbal abuse to hurt her emotionally, or that he hypocritically judges her based on her manners, appearance, and reputation (while he simultaneously hates all of society for judging him based on his manners, appearance, and reputation). He is deliberately cruel, he insults her constantly, and he [...]

    13. Me encantóTanto en romance, trama, personajes secundarios, hermosos y divertidos.Me encanta Sabrina Jeffries, pocas veces me decepcionó aunque sus historias son livianas y poco profundas, pero divertidas.

    14. -- A Romantic Book Affairs ReviewRating: C+ Heat: WarmThis was a case of not really liking the hero at all. He was written purposely crass, as this is an interpretation of Beauty and the Beast, but he is often simply beastly for no reason. I couldn't connect with him. Marcus simply had bad manners and was downright rude. Sure, he'd have his sweet and tender moments but they were overshadowed by his other behavior. Regina seriously had to put up with a lot from him. And I could have overlooked i [...]

    15. 3.5 stars for the first book of 2013!How would a beauty charmed a beast?Well well well, surprising well I might add. I truly enjoyed this book, much more than the Hellions of Halstead Hall series.Even though this is a usual fare of beauty and the 'beast' meets - it was interesting to note that the author added an extra twist of the romance between the brother of Regina (the heroine), Simon and the sister of Marcus (the hero), Louisa.And the heroine is illiterate, yes. Illiterate - what the? But [...]

    16. To Pleasure a Prince Secrets, gossip, and a dragon metaphor woven throughout the story keep one tugging on the story lines too see what happens next. Most interesting secret? The protagonist is dyslexic. Whoa! That's a twist I hadn't seen in a historical romance novel before. Generally people challenged with dyslexia are good problem solvers, think out of the box, and are clever; just like our lovely protagonist. Nicely done, Sabrina. You did your homework; illustrating the challenges with compa [...]

    17. This book was a lot of fun. I totally recommend it to people who want a good historical romp. The hero and heroine are refreshing because they both remain likable througout the whole novel. However, I took a star off for cheesiness and the plot which lacked a lot of finese.

    18. Leído en Marzo 2014MUY BUENO. me encantó Marcus.Al igual que el libro anterior tiene unos diálogos muy chispeantes y momentos divertidos y el libro se hace ameno al leerlo, me encantó la trama, aunque puede ser algo trillado ahora cuando uno ha leído tantas historias similares, en ese momento que lo leí este no me pareció tan repetido y lo disfruté mucho!!

    19. “You’ve spent your life hiding away in your cave to avoid the world at its ugliest. Instead, you’ve missed all its beauties. Well, I shan’t do the same. When you decide to rejoin the world, I will be here waiting. But I love you too much to let you drag me back to die in a cave with you.”

    20. The Story: Lord Marcus, Viscount Draker, is a social outcast despite his wealth and title but, if his debutante sister is going to have a successful season, he must play nice with the popular Lady Regina. Regina would do anything to help her friend, Marcus's sister Louisa. Even strike a bargain with Marcus to let him court her for a month, but Regina's reputation may not be enough to protect this unlikely couple from scorn and scandal.My Thoughts: I was a few chapters from the end when I realize [...]

    21. Regina is known as La Belle Dame Sans Merci around society because she is very beautiful and has had many suitors, but she's rejected every marriage proposal she's had, 11 to be exact. She is high up, clever, and hiding a big secret.Marcus, known as the Dragon Viscount, has a big scar on his face that he's covered up with a big beard and is pretty mean to everyone so he comes off as really scary. Except one day when Regina comes to visit him and she doesn't cower in fear like everyone usually do [...]

    22. Buku ke 2 dari seri royal brotherhood setelah kemarin smpat baca seri ke tiganya. i love it, that's it jadi g ragu buat ngasih 4 bintang. Baik hero maupun heroinnya pnya rahasia masing-masing. Marcus North Viscount Draker yang juga dijuluki Viscount Naga udah sekian taun menyepi di estatnya di pedesaan. Statusnya sebagai anak haram Pangeran Wales yang diketahui seantero Inggris membuat dia lebih memilih mengasingkan diri ditambah dengan luka parut menghias wajahnya (yg dia tutupi dengan menumbuh [...]

    23. I can't put this book down. I loved the characters and twist of the story. The plot is also good, which explained more about the father of the half brothers. I loved the hero because he is have so many pent up emotiona hidden from the past. Take note it is a deep emotions, not just simple ones from other books. Sometimes his boorish attitude is frustrating, there I commend the heroine that inspite of it continued to love the hero. Although I hav hopes from Louisa anf Simon that there is love bet [...]

    24. The thing I love most about Sabrina Jeffries is that her stories are DIFFERENT. So many heroines are perfect, and so many heroes are charming, but her characters in this book were anything but! (And that's NOT a bad thing.) Lady Regina is a woman with a serious secret flaw, and Marcus is about the LEAST charming hero I've ever read, but I fell in love with him by the end of the book, just like Regina! This was a wonderful, tightly woven, satisfying read, and I can't wait to get to the next book! [...]

    25. Una segunda lectura de esta autora que me gustó un poco más que el primer libro. Los protagonistas de esta historia están bien construidos y aunque hay algunos tópicos, consigue ser una buena novela romántica, con una historia bien entretejida, ambientada en el panorama histórico con verosimilitud y sentido y que nos divierte y entretiene.La verdad es que la autora ha sido una sorpresa y dado que me cuesta encontrar autoras que me gusten seguro que en el futuro veréis más lecturas mías [...]

    26. Ooh! I quite enjoy "Beauty and the Beast" type plots. :) Every now and then, I wouldn't mind the roles being reversed, but I think that would be weird. heh. Anyhow, truly entertaining. :)

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