Billi 99

Billi Like the title says John Connor is no longer the objective Now Sarah Connor is the target and several Terminators from the future show up to carry out this mission Who will stop them

  • Title: Billi 99
  • Author: Sarah Byam Tim Sale
  • ISBN: 9781569718193
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Paperback
  • Like the title says, John Connor is no longer the objective Now, Sarah Connor is the target, and several Terminators from the future show up to carry out this mission Who will stop them

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      Posted by:Sarah Byam Tim Sale
      Published :2019-01-19T14:03:58+00:00

    One thought on “Billi 99”

    1. Another bit of vintage Tim Sale, Billi 99 is very much a product of its time, although there's more pathos and actual humanity in it than most of the dystopian future comics of the early '90s.

    2. Nice artwork. Pretty run of the mill future corporate dystopia which could have used some deeper fleshy out. Finishes pretty abruptly and leaving a lot of open questions.

    3. I'm a big admirer of Tim Sale's artwork and so that was the reason I picked up this book in the first place. Sadly, the story didn't live up to my expectations. Set in one of those futuristic cities that abound in comics there is a physical separation of the rich and the poor. Our hero has been murdered and his daughter inherits the mess that comes with the title, which she avoids until she realizes she must deal with it. Think Batman's daughter, set in Dark Knight Returns era, and yeah, you hav [...]

    4. Una fusión a medio hacer entre el Zorro, Batman, y V que pelea como el primero, tiene un entorno similar al segundo y -si bien no da discursos grandilocuentes-, busca emular la chapa (y un dejo de ideología) del tercero. En algunas partes la historia se vuelve algo confusa no por compleja sino por desprolijidades narrativas, pero tampoco llega a volverse inentendible. No recuerdo haber leído otra cosa de Sarah Byam, pero sí comics posteriores de Tim Sale, y en estos se llega a adivinar parte [...]

    5. This is a bleak, stylish story of dystopian America in Industrial collapse. Billi, hiding out after being framed for the murder of her father, she stalks the night as Toleado a defender of the downtrodden. As an heiress to a portion of a large company, she finds her father was murdered by slimy corporate shareholders in an attempt to take it over. A conspiracy of corporate intrigue and murder unfolds. The drawings are stark black and white, full of industrial constructions looming in a city that [...]

    6. Zorro meets Batman. This felt a little dated/didn't stand the test of time (written in the early 90's I think).

    7. i expected better art from tim sale, which could have maybe saved the lame post-apocalyptic/pre-apocalyptic storyline.

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