Westward to Home

Westward to Home In book one of this diary of life on the Oregon Trail Pat Hermes tells the story of Joshua McCullough s family s experiences as they pack up their belongings and head west in a wagon train It is

  • Title: Westward to Home
  • Author: Patricia Hermes
  • ISBN: 9780439112093
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In book one of this diary of life on the Oregon Trail, Pat Hermes tells the story of Joshua McCullough s family s experiences as they pack up their belongings and head west in a wagon train It is 1848 when Joshua McCullough and his family leave their home in St Joseph, Missouri, and set off for Oregon on a wagon train During their seven month long journey, many of the oIn book one of this diary of life on the Oregon Trail, Pat Hermes tells the story of Joshua McCullough s family s experiences as they pack up their belongings and head west in a wagon train It is 1848 when Joshua McCullough and his family leave their home in St Joseph, Missouri, and set off for Oregon on a wagon train During their seven month long journey, many of the other families on the trail suffer devastating losses, but Joshua s is spared However, Joshua must conquer his fear of water during the many river crossings the wagon train must make During one dramatic crossing, Joshua heroically dives into a rushing river to save his younger sister Becky The battered wagon train reaches Oregon after traveling over two thousand miles.

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    One thought on “Westward to Home”

    1. I really liked this book, especially because it was told from a little boy's perspective. There are an abundance of historical fiction told by girls, but the boy accounts are a little harder to find (which will probably appeal a little more to my son, reading about the snakes instead of the dolls). It's funny because reading Joshua's tale of following the Oregon Trail (fording rivers, running into Indians, trading at forts, people getting sick and sometimes dying) made me want to play the old sc [...]

    2. We just added "Westward to Home" and several other "My America" books to our elementary school library, so it remains to be seen how popular this particular title will be.Author Patricia Hermes does a fine job of telling the story of a nine-year old boy, through brief journal entries, about life on the Oregon Trail in 1848. While we get a kid's eye view of the hardships, the people, and some of the typical events associated with traveling west by covered wagon, I'm not convinced that this is a g [...]

    3. "Westward to Home" by Patricia Hermes is about a young boy named Joshua, whose family leave their home in Missouri to travel on the Oregon trail to search for a better life. They are traveling with many other families, who have experienced devastating tragedies. Some have lost their possessions, and some have lost their lives. Joshua experiences so much at his age, and even faces one of his biggest fears: water. While crossing a body of water, his sister falls in and gets swept by the current. B [...]

    4. This was not as in depth as some of the other going west stories I have read from Dear America, but like the rest of My America, it would be good for a younger audience, as it is shorter. Perhaps read this in conjunction with some of the other going west themed books from the Dear America and My Name Is America series.

    5. This is a good choice for boys and girls making the move into true chapter books. The book is illustration free, but written in a diary format. Entries are short and easy to follow. Hand this to kids who are fans of historical fiction and personalized diary accounts.

    6. The story is about John a yongboy that start's to traval to oregen he meet's this girl named Bobbi.Bobbi is a fun and nice person and she is a helpful and exciting person Bobbi and John both made more freind's after a wiall all of theam become freind's they run out of fire wood so they all had to go find bufflo droppings.The mean old man Mr.Allasion and there dog Adorable got ran over by the wagon's and adorable got all mushed and Mr.Allaision his lag got cut off he died right there and so did a [...]

    7. This book is about Joshua and the Oregon Trail. It is set up the same way as the Underground Railroad books are. Like many others Joshua and his family pack up their lives to head west along the Oregon Trail. They are in search for a better life like many others. Many people died traveling on the Oregon Trail, Joshua begins to worry and fret in the middle of the storm thinking of all of the people that have died. Tempers rise as they have been on the trail for a long time, it is a good thing the [...]

    8. Westward Home is part of the well-known Dear America series books. This particular one focuses on the Oregon Trail and like in the mid 1800's. Joshua and his family set out from Missouri to go to Oregon Country and esperience many of the harsh elements and difficulties many at that tiem experienced. Many young childeren ages 10-13 will identify with this book since the narrator is the Young Joshua. Students will also respond to the journal style of the book and teachers can have students compose [...]

    9. If you have a reader who is interested in learning about the Oregon Trail, then this book is a great one. Done through the eyes of young Joshua, you read his daily diary entries as his family travels from Missouri to Oregon. I have to chuckle as other reviewers have said this book is too tragic and filled with death. DUH! This was the Oregon Trail, that's what happened in real life. A nice read for readers who are past early chapter books.

    10. This was an alright book. It talked about little Joshua and his trip with his family and his Grandpa, make the hard and tough Journey, to Oregon. He talks about the scouts sent to ahead by killed by wild indians. He also describes fording the big rivers. He talks about the accidents and the deaths of adults and infants. He describes the feeling as being depressed. This journey isn't easy for everyone.

    11. This entire series is a wonderful way to learn history or teach it to adolescents. I find today's generations seem to recall more when they learn through other people (pop songs, celebrity gossip, etc.), so what better way to teach history than through someone else's perspective? Yes, "authentic" diaries would be "better", but would the language really hold the modern student's attention? Did the diary writer know what WOULD be important in the context of history? Probably not.

    12. My 2nd grader read this book with his class. We brought the series (1-3) home to take turns reading. My 3rd grader and I both liked this book as well. It only takes an hour or less for an adult depending on your pace. It painted a very realistic picture of the Oregon trail, without being to terribly terrifying for this age group. There are some very sad moments, but I think this character is very easy to relate to for 7-10 year old boys. I recommend this book for family reading.

    13. Boy View, Oregon Trail. This one shows how hard it was to leave family behind. When Push came to Shove, those who would be left behind decided to join. There is the usual talk of wearing out shoes, wagons taking turns leading, because of the choking dust, needless death, and perilous river crossings.This is an easy read, good in primary grades.

    14. My son and I started reading this together, and both of us found we just didn't get to excited about reading it. We stopped about half way through. It wasn't horrid, but when there are so many amazingly wonderful books out there waiting to be read, why continue reading one that doesn't excite you?

    15. This book is the diary of Joshua on the oregon trail. He and his family, which include his dad, mom, two younger sisters, grandpa, and dog, face many dangers and challenges through their journey, including accidents and attacks from indians.The author's purpose was to show the hardships that americans had to face on their journey to Oregon.

    16. I love the My America series for children's historical fiction. The authors do a great job embedding historical facts into the story.This one is a third grade reading level. One in the Dear America series (Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie) has almost the exact same story but with a slightly more difficult reading level.

    17. I really enjoy these books from a mother's standpoint. I like how realistic and age appropriate they are for my children. This one is joshua's journal after they get to Oregon. In this book you can see he is definately growing up and how the hardships of the oregon wilderness during the wet season are changing him into a young man.

    18. This was a fun, quick book to read when learning about life on the Oregon Trail. It is from a child's point of view and that makes it more interesting for kids to read. While it is not based on a true person, it is very realistic to the times.

    19. This is a historical fiction book centered around a young boy and his family's journey across the Oregon Trail. I thought there was too much death in this book considering it is a children's book. I think that the author could have handled the subject in a different way.

    20. I think it was a very informal book. It talked alot about the oregon trail. I gave it five cause it was very understandable. It talked alot on what they had to do on the trail to survive. It was a great learning book. I would sugjest reading this if you like history.

    21. Josh and his family are trailing towards Oregon to start up life again. It took them almost 6 months to travel from Missouri to Oregon via wagon. Many people get sick and die. They also run into Indians.

    22. Kind of boring, which I feel is odd because traveling those wagon trails was both exciting and very dangerous.

    23. I was not overly inthralled with this story. It's a diary written by a boy who went on the Oregon Trail. It was simple, but just not very exciting.

    24. Westward to Home is a very exciting book about this little boy's trip on the Oregon Trail. Very easy to read for fourth grade and up with interesting historical facts in the back of the book.

    25. This book is a really good book. I liked it because it had a great stroy line. Like how hard it was to make it, what casulties were on the way. And how young Josh made it to Oregon.

    26. These books keep getting better and better been read the westward expansion books of the dear America, my name is America and my America the off to the civil war ones next

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