Rat Bastards

Rat Bastards You ve met the Italian mob in The Godfather now welcome to the real life world of Irish America s own murderous clan of organized crime The man who has remained silent for than a decade finally speak

  • Title: Rat Bastards
  • Author: John "Red" Shea
  • ISBN: 9780060837174
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback
  • You ve met the Italian mob in The Godfather, now welcome to the real life world of Irish America s own murderous clan of organized crime The man who has remained silent for than a decade finally speaks, revealing the gritty true story of his life inside the infamous South Boston Irish mob led by the elusive, Machiavellian kingpin Whitey Bulger, who to this day remainsYou ve met the Italian mob in The Godfather, now welcome to the real life world of Irish America s own murderous clan of organized crime The man who has remained silent for than a decade finally speaks, revealing the gritty true story of his life inside the infamous South Boston Irish mob led by the elusive, Machiavellian kingpin Whitey Bulger, who to this day remains on the lam as one of the world s Ten Most Wanted criminals, second only to Osama bin Laden John Red Shea was a top lieutenant in the South Boston Irish mob, rising to this position at the age of twenty one Thus began his tutelage under the notorious Irish godfather James Whitey Bulger An ice cold enforcer with a legendary red hot temper, Shea was a legend among his Southie peers in the 1980s From the first delivery truck he robbed at thirteen to the start of his twelve year federal sentence for drug trafficking at twenty seven, Shea was a portrait in American crime a terror, brutal and ruthlessly ambitious Drug dealer, loan shark, money launderer, and multimillion dollar narcotics kingpin, Shea was at the pinnacle of power until the feds came knocking and eventually obliterated the legendary mob in a well orchestrated sweep of arrests, fueled by insider tips to the FBI and DEA While Bulger s other top men turned informant to save their own hides, Shea alone kept his code of honor and his mouth shut loyalty that earned him a dozen years of hard time even as the man he was protecting turned out to be, himself, a rat For in the end, in a remarkable show of betrayal, Bulger turned out to be the FBI s main man and top informant tipping off the feds for decadeswhile still managing to operate one of the most murderous and profitable organized crime outfits of all time In Rat Bastards, Shea brings that mysterious world and gritty urban Irish American street culture into sharp focus by telling his own story of his fatherless upbringing, his apprenticeship on the tough streets of Southie, and his love affair with trouble, boxing, and then the gangster life In prose that is refreshingly honest, personal, and surprisingly tender, Shea tells his harrowing, unflinching, and unapologetic story A man who did the crime, did the time, and held fast to the Irish code of silence, which he was raised to follow at any cost, Shea remains a man of honor and in doing so has become a living legend One of the last of a dying breed, a true stand up guy Shea expects no forgiveness and makes no excuses for the life he chose His story is intense, compelling, and in your face.

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      302 John "Red" Shea
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      Posted by:John "Red" Shea
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    One thought on “Rat Bastards”

    1. I can't think of a narrator I've ever found more obnoxious than Red Shea. An exception, perhaps, would be Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat/Pray/Love infamy, but Shea rivals even The Gilbert in narcissism. Shea writes about his glory days as a Boston gangster, but fails to shed any new light on Whitey Bulger's world. He laments the loss of "true loyalty," and suggests that he's one of the few stand-up guys left who would never "rat" on anyone. His sense of right and wrong is screwy and his grammar is atr [...]

    2. Actually it was boring. He didn't say anything. No insight to Boston under world. Just a guy who was bad and went to jail. Glad I borrowed the book.

    3. John "Red" Shea is inarticulate, narcissistic and egotistical. His obnoxious, immature approach could rival that of Howard Stern. I could barely stomach this self-centered, self-serving book. Any man who claims that a woman couldn't have sex with him because his penis is too big, I'm inclined to believe the total opposite. Still, there's a pervert inside of me that enjoys penis-talk, poor writing and a violent mob story. Especially when Mark Wahlberg is involved.

    4. Some people might say that Mr. Shea should have maintained his criminal career and let the professionals do the writing. Lets give credit where it is due, the guy made an attempt. Some of us do not have a single word to ourselves. From being an outlaw to being an abiding citizen it takes a lot. He became what he despised, a model citizen. The biography. I realised late that the mobster 'John Red Shea' was the author of these book. He tells us his life's story and most of all the fact that he was [...]

    5. An interesting book, but a hard book to read. What becomes readily apparent is that the author is a bleeping psychopath and a liar. He claims he is an honorable man but he knows nothing about honor. While not ratting out his crooked buddies is honorable, everything else he does contradicts that, making him either a huge phony or a complete dummy. Your choice. Not recommended.

    6. Some people just shouldn't bother writing books and some books just shouldn't be published.Only read half and skipped around a little in the second 1/2 before quitting. Hard to get back to reading anything after that.

    7. This book was a true account of a man who lives by the code of loyalty and respect. John Shea is a true old school gangster and paid his debt to society like a real man. Kudos John I enjoyed the book immensely. A must read if you enjoy a good gangster story.

    8. Pompous a**hole who likes to think he was more involved with the criminal underworld of South Boston. He was a drug dealer that Whitey took "his cut" from. Nothing more!!

    9. A true telling tale of Irish mobsters growing up from Southie Mass. As being in an Irish family, I felt a weird connection the the Irish Mobster Red Shea despite having nothing in common with him. He really exposes the inner lights and unsuspected traits of the life of a mobster.

    10. One of the New York Times' best selling books, "Rat Bastards," is an interesting and intense book. This memoir features John "Red" Shea, whom the memoir is written by and about, a young Irish man who grew up in south Boston. He joined the Irish mob scene at a young age and essentially became the protégé of Irish godfather James "Whitey" Bulger. He had worked his way up to become one of the most powerful people in the Irish mob scene, by the age of 21. This book shows the circumstances dealt wi [...]

    11. This is a good memoir and an easy read. If you enjoy stories aboutgangsters, fighters, drug dealers, America's most wanted fugitives, andprison violence then you are going to want to check out "Rat Bastards". In all seriousness though this is a well written account of this guy'slife as a short lived professional boxer, a cocaine dealer, andultimately a convicted criminal and prisoner. John "Red" Shea lives hisentire life by the code of the streets of Southie which basically meanskeep it in the n [...]

    12. Another book about Whitey Bulger and South Boston. This book was informative, dramatic, exciting, and hard two put down. I read it in three sittings, and read many parts out loud to Donald. However, I agree with all of the critics on line, too. John Shea was one of Whitey Bulger's top men in the Irish Mafia in Boston. After decades of having free reign, Bulger and his organization were brought down by the DEA. In the ensuing investigation, every one of Bulger's minions turned states' evidence, v [...]

    13. The book deals with the life and times of a one time Boston Mobster. While the book is very frank in it's discussions on the mob life style and in some ways seems to glamorize it even though it is firmly entrenched in illegality. The book also has a lesson to teach, and that is one of values. Yes, it seems odd that a book that idolizes the criminal life style can teach values. But, it does pull it off. If you are at all curious just what it is like to live and work in an organized criminal organ [...]

    14. John Shea has a decent story to tell. Sadly, he's very immature and full of machismo. I suppose that's to be expected of a gangster from Southie. The book is interesting enough but Shea's lack of depth and constant bragging definitely impact the book in negative way. It's a quick, simple, trashy read. I'd recommend it for short trip or a boring afternoon. Shea doesn't shed too much light on Whitey as person or life in Southie. He mainly brags about his toughness, gushes over his ex-girlfriend an [...]

    15. Okay, crime is bad, and people shouldn't break laws. (I'm a father. I have to say that.) That being said, things don't always work out the way they're supposed to. After reading how Red grew up, I could see how you could easily switch Southie with Newark, NJ, where I grew up and still live. Regardless what the man did, it's very admirable when a man faces the music when he's caught and doesn't rat out his boys just to make it easier on himself. Pretty good read, and I'm looking forward to when t [...]

    16. "Rat Bastards" was a pretty good read. John Shea is clearly passionate and loyal even when people showed they didn't deserve his loyalty. I was really interested to hear about the workings of the Irish mob in South Boston and that is where the book fell flat. Hearing about Shea's upbringing was interesting but not exactly atypical, and the same can be said for his prison anecdotes. Talking about his time in the Winter Hill Gang seems to be a pretty short section, though I found it the most inter [...]

    17. Very interesting tale of an honorable criminal. I love who this story makes you love and hate John Shea all at the same time. You have to respect his courage and his commitment to not ratting, however you can't help but hate knowing that all the drugs he was dealing was ruining lives. The book came out before Whitey Bulger was captured. I would be really interested to see what John Shea has to say about that. I would also love to hear a conversation between John and Whitey.

    18. rat bastards, by John "Red" Shea is a memoir about the mob life of a South Boston Irish mob. The South Boston Irish mob had a very high roll in the trafficking of narcotics and were constantly in fear of the police. Through out the book there were many times where it was a cat and mouse game between the mob and the police. They were also in fear of the risk of somebody tipping off the feds. To sum it all up I would say its a pretty action packed book.

    19. A decent book, any book that glorifies the “gangster” lifestyle is a disappointment to me, although I think the Author tried hard to keep away from that. He chose to explain (with out excusing) his actions and his upbringing. I also actually enjoyed his insights on his time in prison as well. *WARNING* if the “F” word is an issue don’t read this book his 10 grade education shows glaringly with his need to use profanity.

    20. An autobiography of a member of the Boston gang ruled by Whitey Bulger. This book portrays an individual's turns in life which lead into involvement in this gang, and the resulting affects on his own life and those around him. There is an interesting dichotomy between the author's value of the "code of silence" violated by Bulger, and the lack of regard for the lives affected by the gang's involvement in the drug trade. Vice becomes business.

    21. Rat Bastards is the true story of the experiences of a young member of the mob. Despite being a book concerning criminal behavior, the deeper lessons of the story have to do with integrity and loyalty. It is also a book of broken dreams, recounting lost opportunities and the decisions that led to the losing. As a true crime novel, it is unique because it is written by the criminal himself. Much more interesting than the average true crime novel.

    22. John Shea worked for Whitey Bulger in Boston. Little did he know that Bulger was a FBI informant and Shea was hung out to dry and was sent to prison. He never ratted out anyone and served his full term. I would have like to have read more about what Bulger ordered him to do, especially since Bulger was on the run.

    23. This book is as real as it gets, from the rough language used to the first hand accounts of underworld dealings. A true glimpse into the Boston Irish Mob and Whitey Bulgar's crew. The title is fitting too, as the so-called "loyalty" of this gang crumbles and the ones who preached about never "ratting" were doing it all along

    24. The book is over all good. It gives great insight into that time period of South Boston and of Boston's criminal underworld. However the writing and flow of the book can at times bedish. I understand that this is written/dictated by a former Irish mobster who grew up in the slums of Boston, and spent a good portion of his life behind bars, but it makes it some what of a hard read.

    25. This book is very remarkable. this book thought me,when a rule is sent it must not be broken, this book shows a greate deal of honor,integrity, and loyalty one can show.This book showed me don't matter how close you and a person is they can and most would betray to.

    26. An interesting story that opened a whole new set of reads to me. This also opened my eyes to the tight knit community of south Boston. Once you read this one you will see the many references to "Southie" in many movies and books.

    27. i read a book by another south boston dude about the irish mafia during this era, and the dude's family was featured in this book a bit too. lots of overlap, so i probably could have lived having only read one of them, but whatever. this was an easy read.

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