Touching Earth

Touching Earth THE BALINESE TWINS Beautiful and exotic they exchange an island paradise for the shabby squalor of London and innocence for corruptionE SICILIAN Ricky Delgado strikes a devil s bargain with a blood

  • Title: Touching Earth
  • Author: Rani Manicka
  • ISBN: 9780340823859
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE BALINESE TWINS Beautiful and exotic, they exchange an island paradise for the shabby squalor of London, and innocence for corruptionE SICILIAN Ricky Delgado strikes a devil s bargain with a blood goddess Build my temple and bring me the souls of damaged people, and you will see what rewards I giveE COURTESAN Elizabeth makes her living from men s desireTHE BALINESE TWINS Beautiful and exotic, they exchange an island paradise for the shabby squalor of London, and innocence for corruptionE SICILIAN Ricky Delgado strikes a devil s bargain with a blood goddess Build my temple and bring me the souls of damaged people, and you will see what rewards I giveE COURTESAN Elizabeth makes her living from men s desire With a flick of the switch in her head, she feels nothing no pain, no hate, no sorrow, no joyE ARTIST Anis takes to painting as an outlet for his rage His artist s eye knows his subjects before they know themselves, and he paints them all, a gallery of broken people.Can they escape the deadly web of decadence and sin

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    One thought on “Touching Earth”

    1. I loved 'Rice Mother' and was really looking forward to reading 'Touching Earth,' especially after spending 2 weeks in Bali last year. The images of Bali are authentic and intoxicating. They transport the reader elsewhere. I remember watching the Balinese make offering to their spirits all through the day, well into the night, mysteriously following an invisible path and rituals unbeknownst to meNenek does the same. Reportedly a witch, she's tied to the earth, feeding herbal combinations to the [...]

    2. A capa deste livro é linda, idílica. Mas pela sinopse compreendemos que não vai ser uma história cor de rosa. Muito pelo contrário, levamos do paraíso ao inferno, é uma história pesada, dramática mas que gostei de ler. Por isso se o lerem não se deixem enganar pelas lindas cores da capa e leiam com atenção a ação que se inicia a acaba em Bali, sendo a restante em Londres. Ah e o livro chama-se "As flores do TEMPLO" e não do "Tempo". Alguém que tenha permissões para tal que faça [...]

    3. I'm not sure how I actually feel about this book. The whole drugs scene has passed me by and I find that I don't really empathise with the need for a high having said that, I was completely intrigued by each character portrayal and how they deal with what comes in their lives. I like the beginning where the scene is set with the twins in Bali and find that when they make their way to England, I am not surprised about their eventual situation. It wasn't just the twins though, each character had s [...]

    4. Hands down one of my new favourite novels of all time.Pros: Characters that are as engaging as they are flawed, hypnotic prose, fantastic evocation of the light and dark sides of her locations, gripping to the end and never once flags in paceCons: The scenes in which the author cameos within her novel. They feel like a cheesy attempt at selling the novel's events as real, but have the opposite effect by reminding us that we're reading a book rather than viewing people's lives.

    5. I'd heard a lot of good reviews about the book 'Rice Mother' by Rani Manicka, but never actually got around to reading it. So when I accidentally came across her second book 'Touching Earth' at a re-sale old books shop, I was pleasantly happy and picked it up almost instantly. Can you imagine how much I got if for? Just for INR 25, which less than 1USD !!!!Here are the book details:Title: Touching EarthAuthor: Rani ManickaPublishers: SceptreNo. of Pages: 432Before I go for the review, a brief lo [...]

    6. “The rats ate an island, but we’ll eat a whole planet. Think about it. We really are like rats. We give nothing to any other creature on this earth. We don’t make honey, our milk is only for our own, our flesh, which is supposed to be sweet, we consider too precious to be eaten by another. We don’t know how to make nests out of our saliva. Even after we are dead we won’t allow out skin to be used for leather. We just know how to shit and fuck.”This book was nothing that I expected it [...]

    7. Fabulous book. Accurate account of a journey into drugs and the sordid underworld it reveals. I think teenagers should read this book as a warning of how easily a glamourous world can just be the outer layer of a grotesque world within. I think the analogy of the spider weaving it's sticky web is a good visual.The only criticsm I have is that although throughout most of the book her prose is wonderful at times towards the end the writing and plot becomes clumsy and a bit too romantic.

    8. Spoilers below:I really enjoyed this right up to the point where the author inserted herself into the book. Up until this point, I loved her gritty writing which never shied away from the ugly as she gave an insight into the world of drugs and addiction; however, to me, inserting herself into the book seemed like an intellectual conceit and detracted from the beauty of the book which had, ironically perhaps, been in the ugly reality it showed.

    9. Um retrato fiel e quase sempre duro sobre a iniciação no mundo da droga. Sobre a destruição gradual dos próprios e de quem os rodeia. Este livro é o exemplo de como um titulo pode estar tão longe da verdadeira mensagem do livro. Esta autora tem um livro anterior, o seu primeiro, que teve um enorme reconhecimento internacional, que se chama " A guardiã dos Sonhos". Ainda não o li mas, estranho como este, pelo que tenho lido, não teve tanto. Trata-se de um livro muito bom mesmo.

    10. Књига ме је својом горчином подсетила на домаћу серију Горки плодови. Идиличан, рајски почетак. Весели људи и лепе судбине. А онда се сваки сегмент завршава обневиделошћу и ударањем главом о зид. Трауме првих живих сећања воде оштећене људе из различитих делова планете у ки [...]

    11. Brilliant multi faceted narrative of the mayhem drugs will wreak in people's lives and how those drugs take hold and keep you and kill you while doing the same to those around you. I loved the way the writer brought in the stories of the characters from such diverse backrounds. The writer brilliantly wove her story around the reader so that each piece came together and gripped you into reading more.This enchantment however was shattered by the writers jarring entrance into the story (why oh why [...]

    12. I expected more from this author after having read her first book. The author says in her introduction that this book is nothing like her first book, however it was not just different it was just not well put together. She tried to tell the story from the perspective of different characters which other authors have done and been successful at telling a story and developing the characters. In this book the story continually shifts from one character to another so frequently that the reader never [...]

    13. I cannot describe, nor do I want to describe this book. It took me by surprise and I was hooked. Discover it yourself. All I will say about it is, this world that we live is filled with so much cynisism, darkness, unthoughtfullness, games and indeed self discovery. One really has to know what it is they want out of this life, what their purpose is, before they are engulfed into dark corners that sometimes hold you in.

    14. One of my most-loaned books to date-- I think there's something in this story that grips one viscerally. It's been several years since I revisited it, and I remember certain passages with a vivid detailing that takes me rather by surprise, since I wouldn't necessarily list this as one of my overwhelming favourites. You know, I'm tempted to reread it, so I can review it at Novel Niche. It'd be bound to be one of the more colourful pieces featured there.

    15. Knocked a point off due to the author's literal self-insert. It left a hugely bitter taste in my mouth. Otherwise? Lyrical writing, gritty portrayal of people, along with harsh life lessons about drug abuse and sheer survival. It's hard to feel any empathy for some characters, but others you cannot help but end up rooting for. An interesting read to say the least.

    16. Another 3.5 stars.(ok I admit this is getting silly). Quite different from "The Rice Mother".It starts and ends in Bali, but in between moves to London and the story is told by a number of unrelated but interconnected and seriously flawed characters who document the "innocence corrupted" mentioned on the cover. The author even puts herself into the plot.

    17. It took me a little bit to really get in touch with this book. The Rice Mother hit me on such a deep and personal level so when Touching Earth didn't, I had a hard time reading it. After a while though I connected with the characters and I have to say this book is very magical. You truly fall in love with the characters. Grieve for them, laugh with them. It is amazing. Ms. Manicka is amazing.

    18. Its hard to like this book. It first this book really "did" get my attention but after that it was just words. I personally liked the first half of the book instead of the players POV. It had way too much about drug addict addiction and it made the book difficult to read. It was a one of a kind fiction

    19. Balinese twins leave behind their tribal village life for the seedy depths of London in this well written drama. They encounter drugs, prostitution and despair as they meet a diverse collection of interesting characters created by RM. I thoroughly enjoyed this readable tale, and would rate it between 3 and 4 stars.

    20. Touching Earth was interesting. I didn't like the numerous characters in the book and the constant switch of the first person. Overall, it was interesting to see the different culturals of people from Balinese, Italian, Polish etc come together to socialize through the influence of alcohol and drugs.

    21. Interesting book, love the way how the author wrote about the characters. Flipping back to the previous pages helps to refresh the things that happened to individual characters. (It can be quite confusing in that department.) Otherwise, quite a good story. Conflicting message: I'd say there were plenty of things happen to the characters, but at the same time, nothing much.

    22. Interesting book, love the way she writes but about the charactersmetimes i just forget what happened to either one of the characters, thus, have to flip back to previous pages. Hmmquite confusing in that department at times. But either than that, it was quite good but storyline wise one can say that lot's of things happen revolving the characters but at the same time, nothing much.

    23. I was expecting the book to be along similar lines with Rice Mother but I was wrong. Still, a very engaging book and an eye opener about the life and experiences of druggies. Rani weaves her magic yet again.

    24. Though I lost between the lines for its lyrical writing, I do understand the story after finished it. Rani did her magic in telling the story of filthiness of devil in a very beautiful way. how every human, with their sins will be back yobthe ground of earth, seeking basic surface of life.

    25. I loved the rice mother and looked forward to this book very much. The beginning where each character was introduced was as enticing as ever, then gets a bit dark but I was pleasantly surprised by the ending. Being a fan of how Rani writes I found this easy to read.

    26. At first I wasn't very impressed with this book, the writing seemed a bit clumsy somehow. However, as it went on I got more and more into it. Quite different to her other book The Rice Mother but still enjoyable.

    27. Not something I would read for a second time's not that bad, it's just a little hard to understand.The end is quite happy ending, which is a relief.

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