The White Negro

The White Negro None

  • Title: The White Negro
  • Author: Norman Mailer
  • ISBN: 9780872860315
  • Page: 201
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “The White Negro”

    1. This has to be the stupidest book I have read in a long time. I thought it might be a colorful look into the world of whites who immersed themselves into the black jazz scene in the 1940s and 50s. What I got was Norman Mailer doing some very weird and typically Jewish projecting psychoanalysis of these whites. Everything revolves around sex, tearing down society, criminal behaviour and psychopathology to these people in Mailers mind. While more often than not the white Jazz hipsters were complet [...]

    2. the fragments from this essay which had the biggest impact on me. i can do nothing but quote them :)the whole text is very sharply and masterfully written. if only philosophers could write like that - not just writers who like philosophy (with a few exceptions)."To be an existentialist, one must be able to feel oneself—one must know one’s desires, one’s rages, one’s anguish, one must be aware of the character of one’s frustration and know what would satisfy it. The over-civilized man c [...]

    3. Norman Mailer can get a bittangential, and with a title like The White Negro this essay definitely had the potential to get "out there" but it was actually pretty easy to follow, minus a few trips to the dictionary for words like 'senescence' 'parvenu' and 'miscegenation'.The White Negro is basically a sociological study of Hip and Hipsters (more the Birth of Cool era jazz cats and small time hoods featured in the Beat Writings, but this essay is surprisingly relevant to the tight-jeaned aviator [...]

    4. Mostly a lot of bopster jive about ineffable frissons and apocalyptic orgasms, "The White Negro" occasionally displays Mailer's gift for crystalline syntheses: the fear of negro superiority as "the underground drama of domestic politics [circa 1957:];" Marxism as psychology for "a collective body of humans whose life-energy is wasted, displaced, and procedurally stolen as it passes from one of us to another;" materialism as "scientific narcissism," "the rational mania that consciousness could st [...]

    5. Only 17 pages. The introduction was beautiful, such wonderful quotes "the always insoluble contradictions of injustice", "our collective condition is to live with instant death by atomic war", "his mysticism was a response to despair". And then he tried to say something meaningful, something about how we're all psychopaths in need of sex and how Negroes are like animals, this was meant to be a compliment. Apparently, America must be desegregated because Negroes have a right to "mate with" whites [...]

    6. It's a bit dated, in that it contains some material that today would be considered offensive and borderline racist; but it's thesis is stunningly prescient, and Mailer's analysis of the discontents of middle-class life in the US is absolutely dead-on.

    7. Норман Мейлер, блестящий журналист, лауреат и титан политической мысли, обремененный идеей нового романа, как раз отходил от наркотической зависимости вдали от городской суеты, когда его навестил старый приятель. А приятель - издатель, говорит Мейлеру, мол, могу напечатать [...]

    8. An interesting essay ranging from discussion of postmodernism and deconstruction to race, psychology, hipsters and the beat generation. A truly strange but remarkable synthesis of topics.

    9. Norman Mailer, pace the other reviews, is not a one-sided racist. Mailer's description makes the Negro out to be "hated from outside and therefore hating himself." Thus, "the Negro was forced into the position of exploring those moral wildernesses of civilized life which the Square automatically condemns as delinquent or evil or immature or morbid or self-destructive or corrupt." So he makes them out to be a demeaned, forsaken group who, with nothing else to turn to, created a counter culture. T [...]

    10. What a joke. This book was saved for the end letters from people commenting on how wrong mailer was in writing this essay. I could see some truth in some of his comments, but overall not to be taken seriously. Or maybe it is very true and don't understand it.

    11. Meh. Good writing. A lot of the racial commentary reeks of the uninformed. Not surprising given the time period. A few good quotes though.

    12. After years of my fascination with Sartre's philosophy, Mailer really makes me wonder. existence precede essence after all?

    13. A relic of its time. Psychopath writing on psychopathy, shrouded in inane pseudo-sociological conjecture. All over the place and, most damningly, boring as hell.

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