De welwillenden

De welwillenden In De welwillenden geeft Max Aue een minutieus verslag van alles wat hij tijdens de oorlog als functionaris van de dood heeft meegemaakt Aue schrijft om na te gaan of hij nog iets kan voelen of hij n

  • Title: De welwillenden
  • Author: Jonathan Littell Jeanne Holierhoek Janneke van der Meulen
  • ISBN: 9789029566544
  • Page: 314
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In De welwillenden geeft Max Aue een minutieus verslag van alles wat hij tijdens de oorlog als functionaris van de dood heeft meegemaakt Aue schrijft om na te gaan of hij nog iets kan voelen, of hij nog kan lijden na alles wat hij, als gezagsgetrouwe onderdaan, in opdracht van zijn land heeft moeten doorstaan In De welwillenden worden de gruwelen van de Tweede WereldIn De welwillenden geeft Max Aue een minutieus verslag van alles wat hij tijdens de oorlog als functionaris van de dood heeft meegemaakt Aue schrijft om na te gaan of hij nog iets kan voelen, of hij nog kan lijden na alles wat hij, als gezagsgetrouwe onderdaan, in opdracht van zijn land heeft moeten doorstaan In De welwillenden worden de gruwelen van de Tweede Wereldoorlog beschreven vanuit het perspectief van de dader dat gegeven, gecombineerd met een duizelingwekkende kennis van details, maakt dit boek tot een zeldzaam literair monument.

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    1. “Please, mein Herr, shoot the children cleanly.”― Jonathan Littell, The Kindly OnesSuch a fiercely compelling novel, one of the most evil stories ever told. I had to listen to the audio book while taking my walks and let all the evil from the novel run down my legs and out the bottom of my feet; so much evil, thus my initial reluctance to write a review and highly recommend. However, the writing is excellent and the insights on human nature, history and culture numerous.The first-person na [...]

    2. Lugging this gigantic book around, from Omaha to Minneapolis to Dubai to Chicago back to Omaha, I began to question why I was reading it. It's nearly a thousand pages long; it's poorly translated; it was apparently edited by a monkey dying of Ebola; it has paragraphs that run on for pages, and pages, and pages; for some reason, there is no indentation for dialogue, so you're left guessing which indistinguishable character is saying which facile/stilted/cliched/boring thing; the translation is im [...]

    3. It Begins and Ends in Bad PoliticsIt is possible for human beings to justify all behaviour, no matter how irrational and cruel. Because this is so, some philosophers justify their view that moral norms must lie outside of human control, that there must be a God who knows what good behaviour is. This justification is also irrational and frequently just as cruel. As for example when the philosophers and theologians of Nazism preached radical anti-Semitism based on universal genetic imperatives of [...]

    4. "I live, I do what can be done, it's the same for everyone, I am a man like other men, I am a man like you. I tell you I am just like you!"-- Jonathan Littell, The Kindly Ones This is a hard book to review. It is like walking out of a David Lynch movie and feeling brain raped by the artist. How exactly to you attempt to explore the depths of Nazi Germany without feeling dark, abused, and sick afterwards? From conversations I've had with those who've hated this novel (and British critics I've rea [...]

    5. So . . . the war. The Second one. Or is that the Second One? Do we capitalise all Things Pertaining to the War? I think it’s appropriate to capitalise when referring to the Greatest Atrocity in All of Mankind . . . or if not appropriate, respectful. And people, well, people keep writing books about It. That War. That Pesky War! This near-1000-page novel is the rambling testament of SS officer Dr. Max Aue, devoted Hauptsturmführer (Captain), later Standartenführer (Major), semi-repentant mons [...]

    6. Rating: 3* of fiveThe Publisher Says: "Oh my human brothers, let me tell you how it happened." So begins the chilling fictional memoir of Dr. Maximilien Aue, a former Nazi officer who has reinvented himself, many years after the war, as a middle-class family man and factory owner in France.Max is an intellectual steeped in philosophy, literature, and classical music. He is also a cold-blooded assassin and the consummate bureaucrat. Through the eyes of this cultivated yet monstrous man, we experi [...]

    7. Eu até tinha isto mais ou menos alinhavado na minha cabeça. Até chegar às últimas páginas e perder o chão e a pouca paz que ainda me restava.Ao longo de mais de 800 páginas, em que Max Aue se atormentou e me atormentou, fui-lhe dando o benefício da dúvida; fui tentando justificar o seu comportamento pelo sofrimento que carregava desde a infância; pela dor atroz que um amor incestuoso, impossível, o condenou a viver. Subestimei as afirmações em que negava arrependimento ou remorsos, [...]

    8. Priorità Quest'estate, durante le mie vacanze estive, mi sono trovata a visitare il memorial site di Dachau. Giornata torrida, il campo scarsamente visitato, il silenzio imperante , la voce della testimonianza dei sopravvissuti nelle orecchie, non ho potuto fare a meno di pensare, al di là di qualsiasi considerazione etica: "Ma se l'obiettivo principale della guerra è vincere la guerra, come hanno potuto disperdere così tante energie e risorse nello sterminio?"Per comprendere come effettivam [...]

    9. "A new War and Peace Never, in the recent history of French literature, has an early work been so ambitious, so masterfully written, so meticulous in its detail or so serenely horrifying."-Le Nouvel Observateur, taken from the back cover“What is this shit?”-A former French resistance fighter on this book, as quoted by Laurent Binet in The MillionsThis is a book that could have been. There were brief flashes of fascination, tantalizing ideas, lost in an interminable sea of dreck.The opening [...]

    10. "que triste é isto que encontro!Se não te interpretasse bem estaria surdo e cego,E embora entenda o que dizes ensombra-me o pensamento."Robert Browning, "A Toccata of Galuppi's"1. Toccata Jonathan Littell escreve um romance monumental sobre a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Embora seja filho de judeus, fá-lo sobre o ponto de vista dos nazis o que torna esta obra uma peça original e fascinante, quer pelo conteúdo histórico e humano, quer por abalar a consciência do leitor, obrigando-o a questionar [...]

    11. In tempo di guerra il cittadino perde il diritto di non uccidereLa curiosità personale mi ha portato nel corso degli anni a leggere, tra le altre cose, molti libri sulla seconda guerra mondiale, sul nazismo e sull'olocausto. Ho purtroppo trovato la maggior parte di questi incompleti, perché si limitavano alla descrizione dell'effetto senza addentrarsi nella comprensione delle cause. Forse solo "Le origini culturali del Terzo Reich" di Mosse ha soddisfatto parzialmente la mia curiosità di capi [...]

    12. Reading “The Kindly Ones” is like roaming around a dilapidated mansion – it begs you to explore; it is both fascinating and repulsive. The book is very ambitious, and it’s a pleasure to read literature that takes on a serious if uncomfortable subject, and literature that takes itself seriously. I would have given this five stars, and I do find it largely successful, but there are some snags in the subplot that don’t quite work.The overarching historical plot works well. The protagonist [...]

    13. Este livro é uma obra e tanto! É também, seguramente, um dos romances mais pesados e violentos que já li. As descrições muito gráficas e a enorme componente de facto histórico dão à violência retratada grande vividez e tangibilidade. Trata-se de um relato de acontecimentos da Segunda Guerra Mundial pela voz de um ex-oficial SS, Maximilien Aue, alemão de ascendência francesa, jurista de formação, sobrevivente da guerra e que, numa idade mais avançada, nos conta as suas memórias - [...]

    14. The English translation of les Bienveillantes is a travesti. All the sardonic irony and the disgust of the author for his protagonist is lost; imagine taking seriously the Blagojevich defence (I am being punished for doing the right thing for the people who voted for me)!It starts with the double-entendres (the word 'bienveillant' means 'kind' of course, but it can also denote watchfulness, or paternalism or 'meaning well', depending on the context) when ambiguity is the book's medium; then it m [...]

    15. Dragi Gudridz čitaoče!U trenutku kada Progres Nacionalizma besramno defiluje tvojim ekranima, čeka na tvojim autobuskim stanicama i diže svoje prljave čizme na tvoj kuhinjski sto, da se podsetimo malo evropske istorije. Back to basics, kako bi to sročili anglofoni. Roman “Les Bienveillantes” je masivan. 903 stranice. Poglavlja skoro i da ne postoje; možda sam na svakih tridesetak stranica naletela na nešto što liči na paragraf: to su ogromni monoliti gusto iskucanog teksta, crne se [...]

    16. Madness. Despicably disgustingly amazingly crafted madness. The ability of authors to write out these scenarios, diving into and drowning in the minds of the most horrific human beings imaginable, without completely losing their minds astounds me sometimes. Maximilian Aue is just a byproduct of this whole history, if you can believe it. He starts out with horrific tendencies, to be sure (view spoiler)[: incest from an extremely young age, coprophilia, murderous inclinations (hide spoiler)]. And [...]

    17. You're given a free trip to Europe, time-travelling back to world war two. Your vehicle is one of the two characters you are free to choose from: one, a Jew who hid for many months, was caught by the Germans, placed in a concentration camp, then died before the war was over; the other a Nazi officer who had been everywhere, practically met everyone of consequence in the German military, and survived the war. You will be like the character's shadow. You will be with him wherever he goes, 24/7. Yo [...]

    18. В началото се чудех има ли смисъл да я чета след толкова книги/филми за Втората световна война, за Холокоста… Но бързо стана ясно, че това няма да е книга за 1-5-20 милиона жертви – руснаци, поляци, евреи или германци. Тук става въпрос за нещо по-глобално – човечеството; и същев [...]

    19. Most of what has been said in criticism of this book has deeply misrepresented it: yes, there is horrible brutality well beyond simple war narration (which you will find in almost every post-WWI novel or non-fiction book). This brutality will disturb every reader (or should). Yes, some of the main character's sexual obsessions will make most readers squirm a bit even if they aren't exactly squeamish. But to read these elements as the basic character and most memorable aspects of the book is cher [...]

    20. Δε συνηθίζω να γράφω για βιβλία, αλλά το συγκεκριμένο όντως δεν έτυχε απήχησης στο ελληνικό κοινό, απορίας άξιο γιατί. Στο βιβλιοπωλείο μού είπαν πως το βρήκαν με δυσκολία. Με περίμενε κάποιους μήνες στο ράφι της βιβλιοθήκης: μόλις το πήρα στα χέρια μου ξεφύλλισα τις πρώτες [...]

    21. I read this book in its French original version - which is important, because many American reviews are harsh with the author's writing style, and that may be due to the translation: Littell's French is actually quite beautiful - he writes in a direct, precise, elegantly classic way, and it does perfectly serve his story as well as it fits the narrator's voice. This story is, of course, at the center of the huge controversy the novel is creating - a controversy that has exploded in every country [...]

    22. Mé rozhodnutí přečíst si mne dosud neznámou knihu Jonathana Littella se dostavilo ihned poté, co jsem se o ní dozvěděl z jedné recenze. Ono odhodlání padlo na základě recenzentovy výtky, že autor jaksi zapomněl na „morální rámec“. Jenže přesně tohle bych od knihy čekal. Ať samozvaní moralisté táhnout třeba i na Sibiř. Ať si lidé toužící po servírovaném a jasně okomentovaném dobru a zlu zalezou do dřevníku a čtou si zjednodušené pohádky pro mentá [...]

    23. Finally finished Jonathan Littell's THE KINDLY ONES last night, and at 1 a.m (but needed to be in bed by 11 - often happens). Only taken me 8 years to get to this novel. It received a controversial reception at the time of publication, but I agree with the critics that hailed the novel a masterpiece, though one filled with such belief-defying horror, I often found that reading 50 pages in one sitting was enough. 1000 pages of tiny font on royal hardback pages too: took me a month to read it with [...]

    24. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter:]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)Middle-aged French intellectual Jonathan Littell caused a sensation in 2006 with his infamous The Kindly Ones (finally published in the US for the first time in 2008), a thousand-page historical novel which attempts to take the most complicated look ever at what turned a bunch of otherwise boring, middle-clas [...]

    25. O melhor livro da década. O primeiro livro de um americano que escreve em francês. No ano em que saiu, ganhou tudo e vendeu 750 000 exemplares em França. É absolutamente avassalador. Acompanhamos a ascensão de um oficial SS, executante do holocausto, do início da carreira até ao fim que já conhecemos. Personagem odiosa mas brutalmente magnética por magia do talento de Littell. Uma odisseia épica com um enorme grau de detalhe histórico. O Who's Who da hierarquia nazi da II Guerra desfi [...]

    26. Assigning a star rating to this book is impossible. I can see why it was necessary for it to be written - to remind us of what we are capable - but that doesn't make this book readable. Personally, I couldn't get beyond page 120 or thereabouts. My difficulty lay in reconciling the chilling, dispassionate voice of the narrator with the brutal and horrifying scenes he was witnessing. I became paralysed by the awful, stomach churning fear of what he would recount next. I have never experienced such [...]

    27. When the The Kindly Ones came out a few years ago in France it sold millions and won some of Europe's most prestigious literary awards . I was surprised therefore, to read so many negative reviews when it was recently released here in the U.S. It seems people either loved it or hated it. Well add me to the list of those who loved it ! Yes, its dark, depressing, and in places, deranged to the point of perversion. But that's what makes it so fascinating. And I have no doubt, that in the future, th [...]

    28. Un esorcismo lungo novecentoquarantatré paginedurante il quale Max Aube, ufficiale delle SS, omosessuale, incestuoso, coprofilo, disturbato psichicamente, ma sorprendentemente psichicamente glaciale, ci prende per mano e come un novello Virgilio ci accompagna lungo un terrificante giro all'Inferno, dove li incontreremo proprio tutti i dannati: dagli ignavi agli accidiosi, dagli eretici ai violenti contro il prossimo e contro se stessi, dai bestemmiatori ai sodomiti, dai ladri ai traditori per l [...]

    29. This may not be evident, but I tend to avoid historical fiction set during World War II. I'm not sure why: it's an obvious (perhaps too obvious) source of material for exploring the human condition. I'm not squeamish about the details of the Holocaust. Maybe it's just that a lot of World War II fiction focuses on the battles, the military strategy and tactics, and it's military fiction that I'm avoiding. In the last month, however, I read Time's Arrow and The Kindly Ones, both of which are memoi [...]

    30. Μπαίνοντας το 2018, είχα υποσχεθεί στον εαυτό μου πως είχε έρθει η ώρα να αδειάσω τη βιβλιοθήκη μου. Βιβλία μέχρι 300 σελίδες. Μόνο. Και τέλος. Ούτε Εκκρεμές του Φουκώ, με τίποτα Μόμπι Ντικ, και εκτός ύλης το Πόλεμος κ Ειρήνη. Μόνο μικράκια.Και τότε έπεσαν στα χέρια μου οι Ευμενίδε [...]

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