Fashion Frenzy

Fashion Frenzy Katani and Maeve head to New York City to experience a teen fashion show Meanwhile back in Boston the seventh grade class goes to the Museum of Fine Art to explore the Egyptian mummies Katani and Ma

  • Title: Fashion Frenzy
  • Author: Annie Bryant
  • ISBN: 9781933566023
  • Page: 352
  • Format: Paperback
  • Katani and Maeve head to New York City to experience a teen fashion show Meanwhile, back in Boston, the seventh grade class goes to the Museum of Fine Art to explore the Egyptian mummies Katani and Maeve learn the hard way that fashion is all about self expression and being true to one s self.

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      352 Annie Bryant
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    One thought on “Fashion Frenzy”

    1. Katherine Greene 235 PagesKatani Summers and Maeve Kaplan-Taylor hit the Big Apple! Katani and Maeve stayin New York with Katani's cousin Michelle to go behind the scenes of a real-live fashion show. Katani was destined to be in the fashion industry and was so excited to be at the fashion show. Maeve is an aspiring actress so she was thrilled to be backstage with real famous models. Maeve woke up late on the day of the fashion show and Katani was furious! This was the most important day of her l [...]

    2. 3.5 starsWait; did I just actually ENJOY this? I did! In fact, I believe this is the best book since Lake Rescue. Well, didn't see that coming!After reading Lucky Charm, I wrote this series off as finally dead. But I decided to read this one when I had nothing else to do. I'm glad I did!Fashion Frenzy actually has an enjoyable and (mostly) non preachy plot. Yes, there is some stuff about not bullying, and yes, it is extremely corny, but it's not over-the-top overdone. It was a fun read, in other [...]

    3. I am giving most of these BSG books all 5 stars and to be honest, they deserve every single one. This book was fantastic. It was a feel-good and happy story, just like the ones I love the most. Fashion is a great deal to many girls like myself so a book about it including our favourite characters is just perfect.Oh, and this is off topic but if you flip to page 215 the editor made a mistake. It is suppose to say 'chance' but instead it says 'cance'!

    4. I loved this book as I love most of the BSG books. Katani and Maeve have adventures in the Big Apple at the same time as the rest of the BSG, Charlotte, Isabel, and Avery are having their own adventures back at home. What it says about models and what I learned about models and modeling in this book will help me for when I learn it, which is soon. ;] . I rate this book 5 stars. ***** . -Signing off, Emma XoXo

    5. When Katani finds a great fashion oppurtunity to go to New York to attend and assist with a Teen Beat fashion show she's pysched. But there's only one downer: SHE HAS TO CHOOSE ONLY ONE OF THE BSG TO GO WITH HER! That's not a problem anymore when the trips canceled. Everything turns out okay when one lucky BSG finds a way to fix the problem! I LOVE THIS BOOK!

    6. I loved the book! I had soooo much fun reading it! hope everyone who reads it liked it as much as I did1Have Fun!

    7. This is a girly book that is just plain fun to read! I only recommend this series to girls who like girly stuff! :)

    8. Katani is going to New York to be part of a real, live fashion show! But in New York, she has to pick one, and only one friend, how will the BSG come through to save the day?

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