Nory Ryan's Song

Nory Ryan s Song When a terrible blight attacks Ireland s potato crop in year old Nory Ryan s courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbours survive

  • Title: Nory Ryan's Song
  • Author: Patricia Reilly Giff
  • ISBN: 9780385321419
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When a terrible blight attacks Ireland s potato crop in 1845, 12 year old Nory Ryan s courage and ingenuity help her family and neighbours survive.

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    One thought on “Nory Ryan's Song”

    1. Prachtig, aangrijpend verhaal over Nory Ryan. Zij weet het gezin op het Ierse platteland in leven te houden tijdens de vreselijke jaren 1845-1851, de jaren van An Gorta Mor, De Grote Hongersnood. Ik heb het verhaal in één ruk uitgelezen!!

    2. In Ireland, 1845, life is brutal for those lacking in resources. The potato famine occurred, destroying a crop that sustained the poor. This is a small, but mighty book, and analogous to the character, it becomes a wonderful YA book that teaches the plight of the poor in Ireland and their desire to find a way out of their country to the land of plenty. Families dreamed of affording the price of tickets to come to America, and Nory Ryan's family is no exception.The main character is young and res [...]

    3. I was disappointed with this historical fiction book. The premise was interesting enough - Ireland's Potato Famine of 1845-1852 and the indifference of England during that period. I also enjoyed reading that the author, Patricia Reilly Giff, has 6 great grandparents who lived through the famine. However, the story dragged on too long. 12 year old protagonist Nory is responsible for her family (Grandfather, 3 year old brother and 14 year old sister) when her oldest sister leaves for America with [...]

    4. Read aloud 12/13 year contender. Searing. A little too much for the younger kids in my audience, but should be read by anyone over, let's randomly say 10 or 11? Especially kids who turn up noses at good food placed consistently before them?!! Beautifully, gorgeously written. The passage of time was a little obscure, but I wonder if that's what it would be like if one was truly starving? A little fuzzy around the edges? Nory is a beautiful character. Actually, they all were. Giff did a great job [...]

    5. Being an American Irishman, I knew little to nothing about the Irish Potato Famine that started in 1845. But after reading Nory Ryan's Song, I feel I know quite a great deal about the subject now. In the story, Lord Cunningham is a brutal Lord who cares absolutely about the people under his care. The poor Irish farmers can barely scrape by with a meager existence living off of the land.Nory Ryan is a wonderful character who does anything to survive starvation. Patricia Reilly Giff does a brillia [...]

    6. I stayed up all night crying with this one. Giff is an award winning author who gives us a strong, complex heroine to love and cheer. Nory is a 12 year old girl living in Ireland at the time of the potato famine. Like most 12 year olds, she is a mix of innocence and maturity; she is full of the optimism and idealism of her youth.As the story unfolds,we watch as Nory must face the often harsh reality of her situation. We see her courage, and her spirit, her compassion and her determination shine [...]

    7. In Ireland in 1800’s the land is owned by a few wealthy landowners who exact their rent in potatoes. Would rather run the people off and have sheep grazingNory’s father is at sea trying to earn money to take the family away from Ireland. Nory’s sister, Maggie, has immigrated to New York. Nory and her siblings are living with their Granda. As they wait a terrible blight comes on the potatoes. Now they have no potatoes for rent and no potatoes for food. Then word comes there is a package at [...]

    8. 1. Nory's family lives in Ireland on a small farm. Her father goes away every year and returns with enough rent money for the year. However, one year, the potatoes they rely on for food aren't growing, and Nory has to try and find food and help her family survive the famine.2. Grades 4-73. History, Literature Circle4. Students who like historical fiction will enjoy this.5/6. This could be a great book to use in a historical literature circle to compare historical fiction and actual accounts of h [...]

    9. Seriously, have you ever been truly hungry? I thought I was hungry, the one day I had to fast before surgery. Reading This YA book will make you see the potato famine in Ireland, through the eyes of young Nory Ryan. You will realize how cozy we live, compared to our Irish ancestors, many who starved to death. This book is for the young reader in all of us It will make you realize how we take a full stomach for granted

    10. I gave this book four stars because it is slow starting at first but in the middle of the book it gets really really good. It makes you not want you to put it down. Like when Nory was walking back from town with a package in her hand, and then some man was following her and then he pushed her to the ground and then took the package from her.To me that is very interesting.This book makes you feel like you are one of the main charaters.

    11. Does a marvelous job of capturing the Irish potato famine from the eyes of a young woman. Like all of Giff's heroines, Nory Ryan has courage and inner strength.While the ending was fairly satisfactory, I would have liked another chapter or two continuing the story.

    12. This book haunted my dreams - how did my ancestors survive this horrible time in history? I would love to know their personal stories.

    13. Nory Ryan's Song is a great historical fiction book. This book took place in Ireland where Nory and her family lived in a small house together in a very close community. The book starts with Nory's older sister getting married and moving to America with her new husband. They all want to go to America as well one day, but they do not have the money to do so yet. Nory still has a younger brother and sister at home. She also has her "granda" at home. Her father is away trying to earn some money for [...]

    14. Well-written and compelling story of the impact of overbearing English rule along with the Irish potato famine on a young girl, her family, and town. Extremely well researched by the author who has a very personal connection which she explains in an afternote. Some of my ancestors, and all of my husband's, are Irish, though as far as I know not as personally affected by the famine, yet it's still fascinating and shocking. The blight spread surprisingly quickly, and the English landowners were me [...]

    15. In Ireland in 1849, the Ryan family struggles to keep their land out of the hand of the English Lord Cunningham. Da has been working on a ship to earn money, while the rest of the family maintains the family farm. But it is a daily struggle and what keeps them all going is the dream of going to America. Maggie is the first to go, marrying her sweetheart and sailing away. Then, the worst thing imaginable happens: the potato crop dies.

    16. A young girl must persevere with her family during the beginning of the potato famine in Ireland. An unfair landlord is another obstacle Nory must face. She must grow up a little faster and help her family during this tough time. This book provides a new view of the Irish potato famine, from those who couldn't afford to come to the states.

    17. For the first quarter of the book, I kept going back and forth about whether or not I'd keep reading. It was a slow start, but by 26% in, I was hooked and I'm so glad I stuck with it. This is historical fiction and it's terrible and wonderful and awful and everything a historical fiction should be. I'm already reading the sequel.

    18. This story of the tyranny of England against the people of Ireland, and their devastating losses, is heart wrenching. Although the people prayed, they were steeped in folklore of banshees and evil spirits that came to steal and destroy.

    19. Although the potatoes spoil and the great famine is upon Nory Ryan, she and her family hold on. Nory Ryan's family does not fall apart even through the many trials. This book is an amazing book about hard times and the strength of hope and love. This book is definitely worth reading.

    20. Recently returned from a family history trip to Ireland so this really touched me. My husband's great great grandparents were famine immigrants. Really brought to light our family's history. Very moving and sweet.

    21. Love that it's based on things that actually happened. However, I hate that it's so sad! And that the ending doesn't really resolve things.

    22. Awesome book. It was sad through and through but always kept you interested and waiting for those brief happy moment for you to cherish them for as long as possible.

    23. Heart-breaking story with a hopeful ending. Beautiful picture of family love, and coming to extend that to others in hard times.

    24. I adore this author's writing. This story is an excellent, middle-grade work of fiction that sheds light on the desperation that comes with being a refugee. A little too sentimental, but still relevant and recommended.

    25. Nory Ryan and her family have always been poor. Especially because of the English imperialists which have been ruling their country while taking away homes and anything they could possibly find if somebody didn't pay their monthly rent on time. But life wasn't so bad for Nory, there were her older sisters that she always looked up to, a boy called Sean and the songs she sang. But one day, her sister, Maggy and her fiance decide to move to America while her dad is on a trip to earn money for rent [...]

    26. The most recent book I read was Nory Ryan’s Song by Patricia Reilly Giff. I’ll be honest, I only picked this book up at a used bookstore this summer because I remembered reading it when I was younger and I loved it. Granted I had originally read this book when I was about 9, so my memories of it have had 9 years to be romanticized in my head. In particular I remember listening to one album repeatedly while I was reading this book and its sequels. Now whenever I hear those songs I can’t hel [...]

    27. The book is about a girl named Nory Ryan and her family who live in Ireland. Her oldest sister Maggie and her husband leave for America in the begining of the book. Her family makes most of their money off growing potatoes and the money her father makes working on a fishing boat.Midway through the beginning of the book the potato famine happens. This is where all the potatos have gone bad and cannot be eaten. This causes many people to starve throughout Ireland. The book made me feel mixed emoti [...]

    28. It was one of the first historical fiction books I ever read, and it made a lasting impression, over at leastx or seven years. probably nine years. I've forgotten most of the books that I've just read over a month ago. Maybe it was just the idea of the great depression, or that I was obsessed with country living, and being poor. (I was one of those children that liked role playing. I yearned to be an orphan. Not really, it seemed like such an interesting thing. Carrying on.)But over the years, I [...]

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