Malory Towers Boxset (6 Books)

Malory Towers Boxset Books First term At Malory Towers Second form At Malory Tower Third year At Malory Tower Upper fourth At Malory Tower In the fifth At Malory Tower Last term At Malory Tower

  • Title: Malory Towers Boxset (6 Books)
  • Author: Enid Blyton
  • ISBN: 9781405229142
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Paperback
  • First term At Malory Towers Second form At Malory Tower Third year At Malory Tower Upper fourth At Malory Tower In the fifth At Malory Tower Last term At Malory Tower

    • Unlimited [Graphic Novels Book] ä Malory Towers Boxset (6 Books) - by Enid Blyton ✓
      329 Enid Blyton
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Graphic Novels Book] ä Malory Towers Boxset (6 Books) - by Enid Blyton ✓
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    One thought on “Malory Towers Boxset (6 Books)”

    1. my childhood books that kept me occupied for hours on end fantasising about going to Malory Towers , being friends with Darell and Sally , riding horses with Bill and playing tricks with Alicia and Betty.

    2. I really don’t know why Enid Blyton novels remain so popular, but they do. I wanted so desperately to go to boarding school because of these books. Little did I know about class boundaries back then! The food sounds amazing and the swimming pool built into the sea rocks sounds like a dream. Reading these back, there is so much moralising to young girls - some I’m not sure I would agree with, but it is definitely an insight into the crazy unspoken rules of boarding school in the 1940s. Intere [...]

    3. I read the series when I was about 8 or 9 and I thought they were the best thing I had ever read. Now they are still one of my favourite series and I think that if you are ever looking for something light hearted and fun then this is a good series to try.

    4. Must read for little girls. Loved them when I was a kid and it was fun reading them again a few years back when I bought the set for my kid.

    5. This set of books made me want to be independent and live a hostel life. British food, girls, scandals. Must haves for every 10 year old.

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    8. Enter Contest here: thetbrpile.weebly/1/post/2What a great idea! This sounded delightfully naughty and a must read. Ms Jans added touches from the fairytale story and twisted them beautifully. Then there’s weremates, too funny! As soon as our ‘Goldilocks’, Honey, meets our were’bear’, Cruz, they have sex. That’s so fast. They only know each other’s name but because they’re in ‘heat’ it’s okay. By the way, Cruz thinks she is sent there as a spy but he continues to sleep with [...]

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    10. when I first started reading it, I started to fall in love with the story. At first, I borrowed it from the public library. After rereading the books for too many times, I finally gave uo and bought the whole series of books. This series really attracts my attention, because I have akways wanted to go to boarding school and live in a dorm with friends. It also has an element of filling in a young girl's mind of the idea of 'school', and from this series, it is easy to see why some people love go [...]

    11. Black Badge is an exciting and action packed book from start to finish. The book was originally published as a 12 part weekly episodic fiction on hallbrosentertainment. The word I found myself continually coming back to while reading this book was "Intense". The characters are what really sold me on this story. By the time the entire thing wraps up I found myself saddened to say goodbye but very happy to know there would be another "season" of the episodic story coming back that would be turned [...]

    12. Op koningsdag kocht ik uit nostalgie de hele serie. Heerlijk om weer te lezen maar het verhaal is toch wel duidelijk gedateerd. De 'goeierikken' in het verhaal zijn vaak toch wel erg hard en naar, op het pesterige af. (iemand collectief lelijk vinden omdat ze een bril en een beugel heeft?) Een sociaal onhandig meisje als Eline dreigt duidelijk buiten de boot te vallen, maar ze laten haar 6 jaar zwemmen ook al heeft ze totaal geen sociale contacten Maar als je je 21-ste eeuwse bril gewoon even af [...]

    13. I just couldn't help myself. I got the Torrid newsletter and saw this cover and title. I was compelled to click and check it out. After reading the excerpt I was hooked. This was a great twist on a classic story. I loved how anything went in this world and had no problem believing in Weres and magic.This was a super quick, greatly entertaining read. I would have loved for it to keep on going. I think I may have found a new author to read.

    14. I loved these books and so wished I could go to boarding school,but my parents wouldn't let me!! The girls seemed to be so close and the characters were well formed. A bit like Harry Potter without all the magic!


    16. I got this box set for christmas one year and I read them non stop until the end of January (I wasn't a very fast reader) now I would get through all six of these books in about a week but I still love them, even if I am too old. I remember the stories and they are great stories for little girls.

    17. I normally like books about boarding schools because they always get up to fun and mischief and I like how in Malory Towers the school is by the sea.(Review by Maya, age 8, Rebecca's daughter)

    18. Tidak diragukan lg karya2 enid blyton seru, ringan dibaca. Penuh misteri dan melegendaMenceritakan kehidupan seorang remaja yang akan bersekolah asrama kt akan dibawa berpetualangan kedalam buku ini ^^

    19. Reading this when i was in junior high school, that time it was very interesting story about the boarding school students and their life. But when i re-read this book some time ago, it was not that interesting anymore. Maybe because i'm older now hahahaP.s : currently i am college student now :p

    20. If you have read Blyton and her mischievously amazing characters, YOUR CHILDHOOD WAS WELL SPENT! i cant stress enough on how much every parent needs to give these to their children because these books are what initially opened the eyes of my imagination to worlds unseen.

    21. It was a delight reading these as a girl. Adventure, adventure.Most definitely will be rereading some time soon, God willing.

    22. Oh how I longed to go to boarding school after reading these (despite the fact they were written 30 years or so before my time)!

    23. Love these books! And I always kept dreaming about going to Malory towers!! And being friends with Darrel and Sally and going horse riding with Bill!❤️ these books bring back so much memories:')

    24. The stories I grew up with. I read these under my blanket with a flashlight all night while and my parents thought I was sound asleep.

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