• Title: Възвръщане
  • Author: Sarah Zettel Сара Зетел
  • ISBN: 9545856300
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
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      368 Sarah Zettel Сара Зетел
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    One thought on “Възвръщане”

    1. I am in love with author Sarah Zettal's books. 'Reclamation' is the second of her novels I have read, but it is her debut novel, for which she won the Locus Award for the Best First Novel (1997).I am going to tell it like it is. Her writing is complex. I think it works best for science-educated readers as well as those who find politics (especially that of organized religions and the creation of myths) fascinating. Dune fans should try one of Zettal's novels. I also think her stories are an inte [...]

    2. I have now finished Reclamation and it gets a good solid three stars. Sarah Zettel has a good feel for creating future socities.This is her very first novel, which shows. It is why it only gets three stars not four. The characters rate a four but the story is a bit uneven. The ending was a bit rushed I felt. It is not nearly as compact as her other book I have read--Fools War.Still, a very well done job for a first novel and as I said the characterization is good. Sarah Zettel is well worth a tr [...]

    3. Reclamation starts off in what appears to a futuristic society with what appear to be smugglers and large empires in what is described as being set in what is known as the quarter galaxy! :D Reclamation starts with the seizure of Aria Stone by the Vitae who are the kind of 'bad guys' that you love to hate! :D Lol Though the Vitae do not see themselves in this light and as you would expect of a self righteous society and go about doing whatever they want with an ends justify the means kind of pol [...]

    4. Humans, both natural and descendants of constructed ones, clash on various planets and finally go head to head on an old, nearly uninhabitable one with a few surprises in its history. Very good world and culture building, the two lead characters are well worth cheering on, many of the others are understandably motivated, and both the nonhuman aliens and the noncorporeal ones in the supporting cast are terrific. I think there are a few too many POV characters to give this a top rating, but a fine [...]

    5. I picked up Reclamation and immediately wished I could just sit and read it all the way through.It is an interesting, engaging, and well written book. There are a "cast of thousands" of species, names, and planets that does take some work when reading the book as Zettel jumps around between people and places.While I would love a little more "hard science" in her books, her writing, interesting characters, unusual situations, and new slants and points of view make up for this to a large degree.So [...]

    6. The Realm of the Nameless Powers was hidden away thousands of years ago and had no contact with the rest of the Quarter Galaxy. The same power that hid them was also responsible for there strangely shortened DNA that has no redundancy. Eric Born left the Realm 10 years ago. For a few years he worked with the people who took him from the Realm. When he learned what Tasa Ad and Kessa were doing was more like slave trading than saving refugees he rebelled against them. For the past six years he has [...]

    7. What I liked most about this book is the alien cultures and diverging agency of even the minor characters. I like depth to the characters and the world they live in and Zettel definitely delivered there. I would love to read another book set in the same world.I will say this, however. This book was not particularly science fiction-y. Zettel could have set it in a fantasy setting and it would have worked just as well because nothing really seemed to rely on it being sci-fi unless you count the al [...]

    8. I'd been planning to get back to Sarah Zettel and picked up her first published novel. The cover doesn't have too much to do with the story which was complex and exciting. Eric Sar Born is some kind of freelance hacker who had escaped a fundamentalist upbringing on a backwater planet. Two powerful groups have been looking for this planet and are ready to kidnap any of its inhabitants. Space travel, hacking, genetic manipulation and slavery are all touched upon - It's one of the better SF stories [...]

    9. This suffers from the many usual flaws of a debut novel. Zettel uses the typical tropes cold opening, alienation of main characters, epic quest, protagonist against the world, etc. Really nothing new here at all. Mostly, there is a lack of experience in how to allow a story to unfold.Then add the pedestrian writing, and this is a novel with good world-building but nothing to hold you in place.I quit after 60 pages.

    10. After finishing Fool's War I decided to go back and re-read her first novel - Reclamation. And yes, it still stands the test of time. Great world and culture building and all the characters interesting - human and non. Lots going on and the ending not quite as satisfying as I remember on reading it 20 years ago. But a fine adventure story in a rich alien world. I shall have to remember to read it again in another 20!

    11. An interesting space opera. However, the number of characters to follow became burdensome after a bit. Some simply faded from view. Others took on more importance than expected. The main protagonists, Arla and Eric were well drawn, but their interactions often seemed forced. The overall "search for origins" arc of the story was fine, but perhaps overly elaborate. Still, not a bad read.

    12. Overly long and convoluted. The style was patchy but not awful it just felt a bit amateur (perhaps because this was the author's first book). I wouldn't say the story exactly sucked me in but it did at least get me curious enough about the outcome to keep reading. I didn't enjoy it though so would have been better off just reading a quick plot summary somewhere to satisfy my curiosity. :)

    13. A strong debut novel by Zettel ("excellent name for a science fiction author, since it means the author whose books are put next to Zelazny's") who will publish four more quality science fiction novels before turning over to the dark side.

    14. It's reach exceeds it's grasp. There's a ton going on in this book. So many societies, plans, and perspectives. All really well done. The conclusion is a little weak though.

    15. it's a complicated book with a lot of secret plots and POV characters to keep track of, which detracted a little from enjoying it. I really liked the universe and the story though!

    16. Eh. I never really go into this book. I'm not sure why, I just never really got my head around the different characters or the groups they belonged to. Nor the places.

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