Il predicatore

Il predicatore Da pi di vent anni una dolorosa faida lacera la famiglia Hult Ephraim il predicatore che infi ammava le folle promettendo guarigione e salvezza ha lasciato ai suoi discendenti un eredit molto contro

  • Title: Il predicatore
  • Author: Camilla Läckberg Laura Cangemi
  • ISBN: 9788831706810
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback
  • Da pi di vent anni una dolorosa faida lacera la famiglia Hult Ephraim, il predicatore che infi ammava le folle promettendo guarigione e salvezza, ha lasciato ai suoi discendenti un eredit molto controversa Il peso del sospetto continua a gravare su un ramo del clan, coinvolto suo malgrado nella sparizione di due ragazze risalente a molti anni prima Una vicenda che nelDa pi di vent anni una dolorosa faida lacera la famiglia Hult Ephraim, il predicatore che infi ammava le folle promettendo guarigione e salvezza, ha lasciato ai suoi discendenti un eredit molto controversa Il peso del sospetto continua a gravare su un ramo del clan, coinvolto suo malgrado nella sparizione di due ragazze risalente a molti anni prima Una vicenda che nel delizioso paesino di Fjallb cka, sulla costa occidentale della Svezia invasa dai turisti per la bella stagione, torna a essere sulla bocca di tutti dopo l omicidio di una giovane donna, quando in una splendida gola naturale, sotto quel corpo martoriato, la polizia scopre anche i resti di due scheletri La calda estate di Erica Falck e Patrik Hedstr m, che presto avranno un bambino, viene cos sconvolta da un indagine che, in un angosciosa lotta contro il tempo, cerca di sviscerare i meccanismi della seduzione del potere, sfidando la malevolenza di una piccola comunit di provincia carica di segreti In questo secondo episodio della serie di Erica Falck, Camilla L ckberg si conferma maestra nel tessere gli intrighi di una societ chiusa, dove l apparenza conta sopra ogni cosa e scoprire cosa accade realmente nella vita degli altri si rivela un impresa alquanto complessa.

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      357 Camilla Läckberg Laura Cangemi
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    One thought on “Il predicatore”

    1. A great detective story from the Queen of Nordic noir, translated from Swedish. The author has also been called Sweden’s Agatha Christie. The book is free-standing but it’s #2 in her 10-volume series featuring detective Patrick Hedstrom.The focus is on a crazy feuding family, descendants of a now-deceased charismatic preacher who passed his “healing ability” on to his two sons. The members of the family range from a wealthy accountant living on a big estate to “trailer trash” – a m [...]

    2. Άμα εξαιρέσω το άσχετο και κακό εξώφυλλο -ναι, πείτε με επιφανειακό άτομο αλλά δίνω σημασία στα εξώφυλλα- το οποίο δείχνει ένα παιδάκι, φτυστό η Βjork σύμφωνα με έναν φίλο μου, (μα που κολλάει αυτό το παιδάκι;) το περιεχόμενο το βρήκα πολύ πολύ καλό. Ωραίοι ήρωες, υπέροχη ατμόσφα [...]

    3. This is the second book in this series by Swedish author Camilla Läckberg. She seems to be one of those love her or hate her authors as her ratings veer between one and five stars at random! Nevertheless I enjoyed this offering as much as the first book The Ice Princess. Our main characters, Patrik and Erica, are back and this time it is Patrik's turn to take centre stage as Erica sits at home heavily pregnant during a heat wave. I felt for her! The story was excellent although I got a little l [...]

    4. This is the first book I read from this author and gave me the best impressions!!!I will definately read more books of Mrs Lackberg!!

    5. This is a follow up to the Ice Princess. This is really more like 3.5 stars, I marked it down from 4 stars because of the lack of Erica. This character that took center stage in the last book was relegated to the pregnant girlfriend role and I hated it. Her big story was having to deal with uninvited guests! Ridiculous! She seemed like part of the scenery. I also didn't like how Anna was relegated to a few pages, it seemed like the author just didn't know what to do with her after her big drama [...]

    6. The Preacher starts with a six-year-old boy finds the body of a woman. Underneath it there are two skeletons, presumingly belonging to two young women who disappeared twenty years before. Evil has returned to Fjällbacka (maybe it has never left) and Detective Patrik Hedström leads the investigation to find out who the perpetrator is. Everything seems to point out to the Hults, family of religious fanatics and criminals, with an ongoing feud. Then, another girl goes missing, and Patrik finds it [...]

    7. The bottom line: the novel's premise is interesting, but I did not enjoy the book because of the sloppy writing (a translation problem?), the unsympathetic characters, and the shame-on-you dirty writers' tricks Lackberg uses to keep readers from seeing or knowing what the characters see and know.I wrote a much longer version of this review for my blog, but the gist remains the same. While the plot was interesting (I did read all the way through to the end), it wasn't enough to overcome how annoy [...]

    8. This is a solid Scandinavian crime novel,which weaves together scenes of domesticity and scenes of horror, in a social democratic context that manages to have its fair share of religious fanatics. I would have rated it higher, but I felt that the use of the "omniscient" narrator sometimes got in the way of the story. I prefer to have everything necessary to the final understanding of the plot emerge from the story, rather than have the omniscient narrator come up with a lot of extra, missing mat [...]

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    11. Erica and Patrik are expecting their first child when a body is found on top of two skeletons that could be the bones after two women that disappeared twenty years ago. Could it be that the same killer is starting again?I love cold cases and this book was just as the first book thrilling to listening to. Besides the present story do we also get flashbacks back to when the first two women were taken. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, like who is behind the new killing? Is it [...]

    12. Goed boek! De personages zijn goed uitgewerkt en het blijft tot het laatste moment spannend. Als je deel 1 goed vond, moet je dit deel ook zeker lezen.

    13. Το δεύτερο βιβλίο της σειράς που διαβάζω (το πρώτο δεν ήταν το πρώτο) και η εντύπωση είναι άκρως θετική. Η αφήγηση είναι καταπληκτική, ανεβάζοντας την αγωνία σε κάποιες σελίδες, ενώ σε άλλες κωμικά περιστατικά που συνέβαιναν έκαναν την κατάσταση πιο χαλαρή, περιστατικά που [...]

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    15. كتابي الخامس عشر لعام 2018.في الجزء الثاني من سلسلة الروايات البوليسية (فيالباكا) للكاتبة كاميلا لاكبيرغ يتسلم الشرطي باتريك هيدشتروم قضية مقتل فتاة بطريقة وحشية مع وجود عظام تعود لجثتين وجدتا بجانبها في فجوة الملك، ليبدأ التحقيق على مستوى واسع دون التوصل إلى أي شيء وفجأة، يت [...]

    16. To δεύτερο βιβλίο της Camilla Lackberg με τις περιπέτειες του Πάτρικ και της Ερίκα με γοήτευσε όσο και το πρώτο,η "Παγωμένη Πριγκίπισσα"Ατμοσφαιρικό,άψογα δομημένο,δε σε αφήνει να το αφήσεις από τα χέρια σου. Οι εξελίξεις τρέχουν και σε κρατούν σε εγρήγορση,οι σελίδες φεύγουν χωρίς [...]

    17. This is my 3rd book in the Patrick Hedstorm series, and the worst among rhose.A very insipid tale told of young women found dead or missing in the 70s as well as in 2004 and connection sought for these different timelines of crimes. The side story of Erica, Patrick's pregnant partner and her sister Anne who is forever attracting the wrong kind of man, too wasn't thAt convincing. Would continue with the series as I have invested in the private lives of the investigators and their respective famil [...]

    18. This is a crazy good creepy dark Swedish crime series "The Preacher" is the second in the series and for me, it was even better in some ways than the first (which I loved - "The Ice Princess"). In this novel, the focus is mostly on Patrik, the police detective, rather than his partner, Erica, the writer. Much more focus on Erica in her first novel.Most of the action takes place with Patrik's leading an investigation into crimes of tortured and murdered young girls - two cold cases from 20+ years [...]

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    20. Nou, met dit tweede deel uit de serie Patrik Hedström heeft Camilla Läckberg zich al behoorlijk overtroffen. Wat een geweldig plot, echt een goed verhaal. Het zat verdomd goed in elkaar, goed uitgewerkt en boeiend tot de laatste bladzijde. Het privéleven van Patrik en zijn vriendin Erica zijn er weer in opgenomen, al is het niet zoveel als in het eerste deel. Patrik is nu echt de hoofdpersoon, zijn chef Mellberg is sterk naar de achtergrond verdrongen ten opzichte van het eerste deel. En ook [...]

    21. Εκτός το ότι ήταν αρκετά "σκληρό" για εμένα θέλω να ρωτήσω, ήμουν η μοναδική που μπερδεύτηκα με τόσα πρόσωπα; Έκανα πολύ κόπο και διάβασα πολλές σελίδες μέχρι να καταφέρω να κατατοπιστώ με τόσα ονόματα και να καταλάβω τι σχέσεις είχαν μεταξύ τουςΠολύ δυνατή ιστορία, αλλά με [...]

    22. So we continue with our two main characters, Ericka Falck and Patrik Hedström. Now, however, Ericka is pregnant and physically unable to contribute much to the investigation. In fact, she is almost entirely sidelined. So what does she do in this book, apart from being heavily pregnant and uncomfortable in the heat? She reluctantly looks after two sets of visitors who invite themselves to the summer house. The first lot are relatives (with dreadful children) to whom she has never been close, and [...]

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    24. Urgh. These books have so much potential. I am persisting, as I am sure the author must wake up at some stage and realise that potential. Until then, I just feel a bit frustrated.I picked the twists hundreds of pages before they were revealed. The first major one particularly as there was so much clunky and heavy handed foreshadowing. I was like "I bet it's that" and 120pp later, they worked it out. I should be a Swedish policeman apparently. Crime rate would be right down. As long as everyone w [...]

    25. Las novelas negras nórdicas son mi debilidad porque estos escritores tienen la capacidad única de escribir crímenes retorcidos con desenlaces impactantes y con personajes psicológicamente inestables. Así es señores, cuando más retorcida es la trama más me llama la atención.Las novelas de Camila en cambio tienen su toque creepy pero muy escondido, hasta la resolución no terminás de darte cuenta lo sutil que era. Su narrativa es muy, muy llevadera, con un ritmo constante, dinámico y co [...]

    26. Aftur tekst Camillu að gefa mér undir meðaltals glæpaupplifun.Í þessari bók fer athyglin alveg yfir á Patrik frá Eriku sem spilaði stóra rullu í Ísprinsessunni. Erika er hér orðin ólétt húsmóðir, algjör aukapersóna, sem hefði þannig séð verið hægt að sleppa. Sama má segja með systur hennar, hennar hlutar í sögunni voru fáir, smáir og illa unnið með þá en þeir eru greinilega hluti af einhvers konar "long game" seríunnar. Til þess að það virki verður a [...]

    27. The novel takes place in Sweden. Police Investigator Patrik Englund is enjoying a vacation with his very pregnant wife, Erica, when he learns that a six-year-old boy has discovered the dead body of a young girl while out playing. Beneath the young girls body are the skeletons of two more women who disappeared in 1979. Autopsies prove that all three had been slowly tortured over the course of many days before dying. The story is told through flashbacks to 1979 (when the first 2 women were murdere [...]

    28. Ένα αρκετά καλό βιβλίο μυστηρίου, ατμοσφαιρικό, γεμάτο με εικασίες και αμφιβολίες. Όμως δεν είναι ένα από εκείνα τα αστυνομικά μυθιστορήματα που σου μένουν, που φτάνεις στο τέλος και μένεις άφωνος. Όχι! Όπως είπα και για τη «παγωμένη πριγκίπισσα» η συγγραφέας εστιάζει περι [...]

    29. I didn't enjoy this one as much as the first one, but it was still a pretty solid book.The writing was still engaging and the characters interesting, but the plot was lacking. I don't think the situation with The Preacher and the Hult cult was taken to it's true potential. We barely knew the Hults, except that there was some serious bad blood right there and that every single one of them had something to hide.I would like to know more about what drove them to do the things they did.Also, Anna's [...]

    30. A nova Agatha Christie vem do frio e, tal como os livros desta, não são obras primas, mas entretêm e fazem-nos passar um bom bocado. Gostei e vou querer ler mais alguma coisa desta senhora.

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