Double Coverage

Double Coverage This edition is no longer available ________Molten Silver titleMaybe it was the sand or the Gulf breeze It could have been the three appletinis But when former quarterback Trigger Morgan makes a pass

  • Title: Double Coverage
  • Author: Mercy Celeste
  • ISBN: 9781595788030
  • Page: 321
  • Format: ebook
  • This edition is no longer available ________Molten Silver titleMaybe it was the sand or the Gulf breeze It could have been the three appletinis But when former quarterback Trigger Morgan makes a pass, Kailey Whit decides to throw caution to the wind and take him up on his offer.A one night stand at the fifteen year reunion how clich Unless Trigger has plans fo This edition is no longer available ________Molten Silver titleMaybe it was the sand or the Gulf breeze It could have been the three appletinis But when former quarterback Trigger Morgan makes a pass, Kailey Whit decides to throw caution to the wind and take him up on his offer.A one night stand at the fifteen year reunion how clich Unless Trigger has plans for than just one night.But Trigger s best friend, star NFL wide receiver Bullet Brady, has ideas of his own And those ideas include making Kailey part of his fantasy team That is if Trigger is still game for a little Double Coverage.Contains M F M m nage, double penetration, public sex

    • Unlimited [Romance Book] ☆ Double Coverage - by Mercy Celeste À
      321 Mercy Celeste
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    1. REVISED EDITION WHICH WAS RELEASED MAR. 18, 2014Overall Rating: 4 starsPlot: 3.5 starsHero 1 rating: 4 stars Trig aka Trigger Hero 2 rating: 4 stars Bobby Brady aka BulletHeroine rating: 3.5 stars KaileyErotic tension/buildup rating: 4 starsErotic descriptiveness: 5 stars (ménage, MMF, no BDSM)Erotic scenes frequency: 5 starsWriting style/ flow/ grammar: 4Denouement: 5 stars I picked this book to read for a group reading challenge. I don't usually read ménage books.The author apparently revise [...]

    2. This is an official Romance Reviews review:This erotic novella was hot, hot, and did I mention, hot? With tons of steamy sex, great dialogue and a cute story, I absolutely could not put it down!Kailey came to her fifteen year high school reunion to try to forget her life. Recently living through a very bitter, very public divorce, she wants to escape her troubles. So, when high school quarterback and Kailey's long time crush, Trigger, comes up to talk to her, they end up hooking up. Kailey's not [...]

    3. The Bottom LineDear. Sweet. JeebusF romance with lots o’dirty, smutty sex. Plot? Well, did I mention the dirty, smutty sex? Because the plot has holes bigger than [insert crude joke here] and the characters go from lust to love pretty instantly. But really, it’s about the sex. And it’s hot.Yeah, that’s all I got.Oh, and it’s a KU book, so there’s a plus.

    4. This was cute. I thought they made a cute trio, even if I don't buy the 'I'm in love after one day' thing. Sex was pretty darn hot. :-) And I really liked the quarterback who lusted after the nerd who lusted after the quarterback but neither of them ever acted on it. So why not 15 years after high school? Lol!

    5. I like my kink to have a plot with good character development, and this particular story seemed kind of pointless to me. I just didn't see it as very interesting, and I didn't find it to be particularly hot erotica. Not my cuppa, but you may like it.

    6. I didn't like the heroine or one of the hero's for most of the book. It had a nice ending and that's the only reason I gave it a 3 star instead of a 2 star.

    7. Personally, I don't get the need for high school reunions. I don't give a shit about the past, nor do I care about people I knew from school. I'm also not into jocks, so I don't much care for jock related stories either. So why would I buy this when the basic premise didn't fit me? Well, it's by Mercy Celeste and I do like her writing, so I thought - why not.This book has a bitter undercurrent for the first half. What-ifs ruled. What if I fit in more and had more fun at school? What if I took a [...]

    8. This review was posted at Under The CoversIf you are looking for something sinful to fill a short gap then look no further than list little gem. This short story is as hot as they get.What more can a girl ask for than after a divorce and going to her high school reunion she gets hit on by the hot stud that used to be the football quarterback? Ohhh I know! You could get him plus his best friend who is now an NFL star!Trigger and Kailey were neighbors growing up and he's always had a crush on the [...]

    9. WHOA! Hot. Sassy. Different. This was a short story, so the sexy gets started right away and never stops. Kailey returns to go to her 15 year high school reunion. She was the Valedictorian back in the day and has done well for herself. Unfortunately, her time was wasted on a no good husband, so she is recently divorced. Trigger spots Kailey at the reunion and can't resist going up to her. He had a crush on her in high school but was afraid to say anything. Seeing his chance, he doesn't want to l [...]

    10. I am a greedy reader. I want to know all about my MCs, both male and female and I didn't get that. Kailey, Bullet and Trig went to school together and connect at a high school reunion. Trig has always had a thing for Kailey but never acted on it. Bullet and Trig are close friends with a little something in the air between them. Something went down 11 years ago that they've never quite addressed. Now perhaps my opinion is colored by the fact that I have been reading straight mm for the last sever [...]

    11. HOLY MOTHER FLAMING FLYING SHIT BALLS! I don't know where to start or what to even say was hot, it was dirty, it was steamy, it was dirty (wait, I said that already) & it was Kailey's ultimate fantasy she never knew she had! & it deprived me of some much needed sleep coz I just couldn't put it down!Trigger & Bullet were the popular guys at school that every girl wanted, 15 years later nothing's changed. only now, Kailey learns the truth about their desires, and hers. the truth is, sh [...]

    12. A sexy story with interesting characters and a plot. What more could a reader ask for in this short novel? Kailey is very intellegent, funny and hurt. Trig is a successful doctor, ex-jock and has wanted her forever. Bullet is a successful football player, Trig's best friend and loud-mouthed in a funny sexy way. When these three connect it is an explosion of heat but also of emotion and of caring. They each compliment the other two. The writer created a cocoon for the reader of true feeling and h [...]

    13. I don't often read this genre and now I remember why - I'm just not that into sharing, being the selfish person that I am, I would have to kick major ass if anyone played with my toys. I also don't see how the mechanics of one of these situations worked from a physiological stand point - someone is going to end up with big time loss of muscle tone (I mean some of those babies probably just fell out of that uterus) LMAO. Ah - what do I know! It was well scripted and the characters were good.

    14. I had a hard time buying into this one. I find it hard to believe that Trigger had a crush on geeky Kailey back in the day and did nothing about it. I also had a hard time believing that Trigger would just drop his friendship with Bullet like he did. I also had a hard time believing that once Trigger got his hands on Kailey he would then allow his friend to join in.The only redeeming part of this one for me was the epilogue. I loved how Bullet laid his claim in front of everyone!

    15. This was a fairly good menage story with a sweet HEA. I wish it had been a bit longer. I would have liked to see the trio's relationship explored a bit more before they were ready to say yes to forever. Despite the high school connection, I needed more. Still, the love scenes were pretty hot and well done. Worth reading.

    16. I love this short story. I mean, come on, who doesn't appreciate the high school reunion where the dorky nerd girl ends up with the captain of the football team who says he always liked her but was afraid of her? The greatest fantasy ever!And, then, she gets the second football star, too. Talk about fantasy overload!! This is a well written hot story that I have enjoyed reading over and over.

    17. This book's premise started out a little cliche` but turned into a pages-on-fire good read. The author even makes fun of the cliche` nerdy girl hooking up with the star of the football team. It was funny, emotional, and HOT! Thank you, Mercy, for such a terrific story that will feed my fantasies for a long time.

    18. Hot, steamy, threesome. A high school reunion starts things they thought never would happen. A quick, smutty read.

    19. A short, erotic story about acceptance.I received an ARC from the publisher.My TakeThere are two levels of belief in this story: the willing suspension thereof which allows the reader to fantasize oneself into the story and the depth of writing which pulls one in.Now, I'm always willing to believe in a romance and I do enjoy an erotic one, however unbelievable a threesome may be in real lifegh…*collapsing into giggles*, however, I also expect the writer to develop a story, to lead me into a sc [...]

    20. Not for meI've read a lot of similar books like this and some are done extremely well. This is not one of them, but it wasn't the most horrible thing I've read in this genre. Usually if I don't like the names of characters I can just make up my own but Bullet and Trigger was too much for me. Not that big of a deal though. My main problem was that Trigger was very judgmental and seemed to shame Kailey for wanting Bullet too. Second issue, please don't create characters that are supposed to be int [...]

    21. NetGalley free read4.5 Stars. Okay, this is a novella so there isn't much back story, but what there is is sufficient enough for me to give me the needed information of relationships, connections or lack there of. I actually wish there was more story development just to add more layers to the story because I thought it was good. I just wanted more which is why it's not five full stars.But all that to say that when Kailey finally gets together with both Trigger and Bullet (interesting and sublimi [...]

    22. Varbūt tās bija smiltis vai Jūras līča vējš. Bet kad bijušais piespēles vadītājs Trigers Morgans dara gājienu Keilija Vitmore izlemj mest pie malas piesardzību un pieņemt viņa piedāvājumu.Vienas nakts sakars piecpadsmit gadu salidojumā – cik klišejiski. Ja vien Trigeram ir plānos kas vairāk par vienu nakti.Bet Trigera labākajam draugam, NFL zvaigznei un augsto piespēļu pārtvērējam Buletam Breidijam ir savas idejas. Un šīs idejas ietver padarīt Keiliju daļu no vi [...]

    23. Cute story. I love those stories where the two guys are too straight to be in love with each other. Not in a sexual wayough there is nothing wrong with that but as Kialey says they're soul mates. A friendship that is too strong that they need to be together. and since they both are straight they need a girl.The story starts off at the high school reunion. Kailey had just gotten screwed over by her husband of 11years and she was ready for a change.Being the valedictorian in school Kailey couldn't [...]

    24. Okayr me this could have been SO much better. I think for the most part the ONLY reason it was not as good as I was hoping would be is becuase it was so short. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a quick read but I just wanted more. We don't get much of a back story. This could have been so good if we got more of a story with it. It's these people all meet up for a high school reunion and then she sleeps with the jock who she had the biggest crush on back then. Which wasn't all that far fetched because I [...]

    25. Highschool quarterback Trigger Morgan cannot believe the girl he crushed hard on in highschool is the beauty in front of him. Kailey Whitmore went through a disastrous and humiliating divorce and now has decided to face the kids she went to school with who always treated her like a geek. She was of course, but she still has a chip on her shoulder about it and when Trigger approaches her she is conflicted with the desire she feels and the thought this maybe a joke. Jock vs geek and all. Enter int [...]

    26. I loved the way this book started out but then it jumped into double drive. Going from long lost crushes between Kailey and Trigger was completely believable. Then Bullet enters, having never had any type of friendship with Kailey and they are all completely in love within two days. That was too much. The story needed a couple more chapters/weeks in the story to get to the forever between the trio. I was easily convinced of the feelings between Bullet and Trigger as well but again Bullet and Kai [...]

    27. This is a well written story with vivid characters, an interesting story line, and some of the hottest love scenes I have enjoyed in a long time. I liked the reunion theme; the author captured the atmosphere at one of them perfectly. Trigger and Bullet have some issues that have to be resolved and Kailey is still a bit tender from a bitter divorce adding tension and conflict to make things even more interesting. Football fans will really enjoy this story and root for a happy ending for three ver [...]

    28. 3.5 Stars. Since I've been reading exclusively m/m for months now, it came as a shock even to myself that I was suddenly craving a female to be thrown in the mix. I wasn't stupid enough to stray from the m/m entirely, so Double Coverage seemed the perfect compromise. It was fun. It's short. Things happen quickly and everyone's in love before you know it, but it's difficult not to enjoy the thought of being sandwiched between a professional football player and a hot pediatrician. And the fact tha [...]

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